Empire Strikes Back, part 1

Aloha Friends. Welcome back to part one of two.

Missing. Five months into the election cycle and HRP has yet to fill 45% district chair positions. Saiki musters only 47/76 State Cmte members for her quarterly meeting, and Thomason has but 14/51 districts represented at the Rules Cmte meeting. Three months into the legislative session – HRP has yet to speak for or against ANY bill or issue; Saiki’s only initiative is a reso against conservatives.

HRP Surrenders, Part 1

Aloha Friends. Welcome back for part one of two.


THANK YOU for staying informed and providing comments, opinions and perspectives. If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t invest time and energy to save the Hawaii Republican Party from itself. Thank you.

Classic Fail, part 1

Aloha Friends. Part one of two.


You receive this report because you expressed an interest in Hawaii conservatives or Republicans. Reports have information and opinions from local and national sources, and a tad of personal opinion. Reports are absolutely not in coordination with any candidate or organization.

HRP adds to November’s failure – Hours after Djou & Aiona emails ask people to support Saiki’s HRP, Johanson switches to Dem. Saiki, Hellreich, Fukumoto, Finnegan said he is HRP’s future. I told you this guy is a principle-challenged, weak leader. You decide who is truthful.

Accountability 1/2

Aloha Friends. Part one of two. Election – Meetings & Events – HRP finances – By The Numbers

Thank you Republican candidates. Glad to have some winners. Many worked hard, learned, and lost. Having courage to be the candidate or volunteer campaigner is just that, courage. Please, read on.

Election day, second best reality show. Embrace the moment. Republicans don’t often have days such as November 4. 13 hours, 25 big races. Hispanics, women, African-Americans – all elected, all Republican. Win after win, Senate, Governor, House, some unexpected because polling was inaccurate. Every half-hour we’d win another, and losses were oh-so-close. Red & blue states, east, Midwest, south, west. As of the morning after, Rs won 8 Senate & 13 House, 3 Governorships.