Classic Fail, part 2

Aloha Friends. Part two of two.

Readers’ Comments – Election Wrap – Quick Hits – Town Talk

-January 3 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting

-February 6 Reagan Dinner w/ Carol Tobias Nat’l Right to Life at Reagan Dinner (Ask HRP to tell members about conservative speakers.)


-February 7 Kauai Life Talk Story w NRLC

-February 7 East Oahu Republican caucus meeting

-February 26-28 CPAC, Washington DC


Johanson’s closet. His cheerleaders Saiki and Hellreich didn’t see this coming. Not just a legislator, the caucus made this closet-D the minority leader. What a hit to HRP & Saiki. No surprise, you were warned, but it is a disappointment. His excuse is that minority politics is too tough. Explains why he didn’t support R house candidates this cycle. Poor Janice Pechaur.

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. Election comments continued from December. “If a tourist flew into Hawaii and saw the TV ads, they’d have difficulty telling which is the conservative and which is the liberal.“ District chair to Ready & Hellreich “No mention about republican candidates, district chairs, resolutions on our HRP website, not even promised state wide HRP mailing campaign with the advisory ballots showing the OHANA of Republican candidates.“ “Obama is narcissistic and progressive with no moral compass. RP here is no better. Just a bunch of power mad shallow people.” “I had several personal experiences involving Fukumoto, which have repeatedly shown her extremely dishonest, disingenuous, and aggressive.“ “The R-Party could soon become as electorally viable in Hawaii as the Libertarians or the Greens.“ “Isn’t this “Reach Across The Aisle” baloney the first step in becoming a RINO?“ District chair “[HRP] will continue to lie, and blame someone else for their own inaction on many issues!“ “The candidates did very little to make their case. I am totally disgusted.“ “That Blake Parsons is an idiot.“

Comments about Special report: “This situation is really bad.“ “a bunch of dingbat old women in charge.“ “We both know the folks [at HQ] don’t have it in them or it is not in their interests to [fix HRP].“ “Incredibly frustrating to see such vacuous ineptitude not only celebrated, but repeated year after year.“ “Makes no sense to support an organization this incompetent.“ “As screwed up as the HRP leadership is, how are voters supposed to believe GOP candidates will be credible in government leadership if they can’t even run their own party organization? I’m not impressed by the consultant-run, last minute fly by the seat of their pants disorganized culture at HRP.” “I won’t give directly to GOP anymore.“ About state meeting “Sadly, it’s really not funny, because it’s real.  But, dang if that’s not what makes it so awful entertaining!“ “An audit by the same people who do GOP’s books? Ridiculous!“ HRP member, major donor: “Is it even worth it to go to a caucus, presuming we get informed about when and where in a decent amount of time? Should I bother to go to the convention? Do I even bother to stay a member of the HRP?“ “Absolutely disgusting! Can we not get the RNC to disown HRP?“

Comments anew: Readers care enough to comment, others quit. “to say I am disgusted with the efforts and actions of the Saiki mob is a gross understatement. The more I see the more I am convinced that Saiki is a democrat mole with orders to keep the HRP in disarray.“ District chair about Synopsis: How HRP got in this fiscal hole “Painful to read, but true!“ “makes the poor performance of the HRP leadership crystal clear.“ “get these limpets out of office so we can replace them with folks that are truly dedicated to building the HRP.“ “Djou gave my money to HRP? I’ll never contribute to him again.“ “the RINO’s that run the party are really Democrats.“ “It is embarrassing that some Democrats have better 2nd Amendment ratings than some Republicans.“ “Pat Saiki’s got to go. Vitality needed.“ “Those running the GOP are a bit bonkers. I knew they were silly.“ Maui’s most optimistic “Maui’s dead. Everyone just went away. No one cares.” Big Island: “There is no one here who wants to participate.” “[Johanson] is now showing his true colors….“ Saiki new year eblast shout out to HIRA “slanderous, false and misleading.“ If you’re reading this, you know who is lying.

Djou running. Few responded to HRP’s post-disaster survey (they’ll say, watch for it, ‘hundreds’) so Djou and Aiona send the link to their respective e-lists. Reader “WTFO?? Are they that desperate!!!“ Aiona punted with a barely readable email confirming he and HRP Saiki are not simpatico. Saiki’s pupil Djou, however, sent a fully formatted eblast with this takeaway “help the Hawaii GOP, and myself, plan for the future.  I am not currently making any plans to run for office in the near future…“

Budget and Financials, briefly.

-Budget. Don’t have it, no one does. It was quickly scrolled on a screen at Q-meeting. Saiki passed a $446,000 budget which is dependent on 110,000 from RNC, increasing by 77% Sustaining dollars and telemarketing net increase by 38%. RNC continues to pay for staff until, presumably, HRP can pull their weight. Expecting to gross 125k from LD after only 41k last year, with similar questions about two other (unplanned & undefined) events. No funds for Convention, or anything political, but Parsons gets a pay raise. Expenditures are $366,000, ZERO for electioneering. HRP has new fundraising logo, implying Saiki now will raise funds “to elect Republicans,“ but didn’t put anything in the budget. Hmmm. You decide.

-End of November. $79,000 in the bank (after bills, fenced 4.7k county and 29k mortgage money), leaving all our candidates who received NO support to wonder “Why?” Mortgage left = $130,483. Governor’s Ball expense though HRP hasn’t had one since Lingle 2010. Paid 1,700 for parking. Shows LDD14 net as 28k, but was less because of expenses hidden in Professional Fees, Mail, and Equipment Rental. Last March, we estimated LD only broke even and that appears correct.

-Parsons touts HRP website for $4,500 in kind (free); HRP got what they paid for. Calendar is blank, latest News is October, “Register To Vote” won’t fully open. Neutral LLIFE ‘platform’ is gone but HRP’s statements which no one voted is dishonest. Chairman’s Message, Saiki uses ‘my’ & ‘I’ ten times in seven sentences. County chairs, two years, ‘no photo.’ Parsons, four months, ‘interim.’ Sick gone two months, still field director. No district chair list or contact info, no contact info for county officers, one vice chair position STILL vacant & not listed, one twenty year-old headshot. Still holding on to Fale (and Johanson). Reader “I joined the HIRA and looked for the membership option on the HRP page. Not there.“

HRP conceals contact information for the few district chairs they have. Misunderstanding the concept of decentralization, HRP floated the idea of a state-wide caucus day. Still has not announced the 5 Ws for the 51 district caucus meetings held this month. Come participate anyway. If you read this report, attend your caucus meeting and become a delegate. It does not commit you to anything but it makes you eligible to vote at your county & state convention and participate on Rules and Platform Cmtes, should you choose. At least, attend your caucus and elect a conservative district chair who cares. You have to be a HRP member at least ten days prior to your caucus.

More District meeting. Slom “We have no state party.” Slom is the Economic Development deputy, our only R leader after Souki booted the Johanson-Fukumoto get-along crew. Ward “Johanson asked Souki for help to resolve the R house leadership fight.” Ward made us guess the ‘sides’ in the house leadership fight were Johanson for leader, Fukumoto, Theilen, Cheape (note the faux-R trend) vs McDermott, Ward, Pouha with Tupola as leader. As HRP works to dissolve the Hawaii Kai monthly meeting, Slom reminded that Hawaii Kai Republicans have met monthly for 25 years. Since HRP made HD17 & 19 split from the others, neither district has held a meeting.

-Follow closely: At the December State mtg, the minutes from the July meeting were read. They note that there were no April minutes (Secretary skipped so no one took notes) so the July meeting approved that the April minutes be (made up and) read at the December meeting. Not. Still not faked, still not read.

Corruption. In informing Saiki of the State Cmte rules violation, one person who HRP uses for an establishment vote in state meetings asked to be removed from the email chain. Hellreich had Cortez-Camero vote for Saiki for chair so it seemed odd when she was ask her if she were, in fact, a district chair. More odd was her immediate response, “No.”

HOW FAR WE’VE COME – HRP RULES. Kaauwai broke party rules because he didn’t know any better. Having never participated in politics or a political party, he was ignorant. Kaauwai, at least, cared. Hellreich-Lingle ousted him. Chang broke party rules because he is arrogant and believes rules are beneath him. An entitled Chang cares only about himself but was up front about his corruption. Hellreich-Saiki ousted him. Saiki breaks the rules because she thinks she is smarter than everyone (Dem-like) and deserves obedience. She believes rules allow her to do what she wants. Saiki neither cares, nor has guts, she has one last shot of recognition.

-Several candidates did well on election day. Aiona came from 20 down to lose by 12. Djou was eight down and closed to four. Pouha won on the last printout. Good: Rs came from behind on election day. Not: Rs got destroyed AB.

Union endorses BI R. Nonaka, working for more Ds than Rs, says she got to the General by avoiding the D Primary. Beating a conservative in the R Primary, “Valenzuela was named winner of the Endorsement of the IBEW Local 1186. [Advisor] Nonaka said “Kelly Valenzuela has worked hard to inspire trust and to support issues facing families of IBEW Hawaii.” She, he, and IBEW lost by 24 to a real Democrat.

Aiona disappeared in 2010. He spent last year purposely waffling to keep others from running. Reader “people like Aiona and Djou are “running” for show, not that they really are trying to win.“ S-A “Aiona said he and Ahu did not hide their Christian values during the campaign.” Fact check: Aiona said the SSM issue is “not a priority with me“ & “Aiona essentially said it is time to move past the culture wars,“ & on HNN offered to do homosexual marriages. At a post-election rally, Aiona said he may run again. If Aiona remains involved, he’ll need to do it from the outside. Aiona “I am a part of the Republican Party because the fundamental values I have are the fundamental values the party has. But I am not a party person.”

-RNC’s Priebus says Republicans succeeded because of a 24 month effort to find and turn out voters. Ask how Saiki, Ready, Liu, Hellreich, Rohlfing, Nonaka, Parsons lost SO badly with all that RNC and outside $, technology and staffers. 22 months left this cycle and still no action or plan.

Quick Hits:

-In one year, HIRA helps HRP by hosting leaders of ACU, NRA of America, and now National Right to Life Committee. All conservative, none announced by HRP. HRP hosts … ???

-Hellreich-fired HRP chair Chang is Inspire Church Political Director. “Second time the Republican party chair has been given free rein. How the heck does this happen to our church?“

-Saiki email says Rs should ‘fight for the values we hold dear.” Same Saiki said ‘The party should not take a stand on issues,” & “should not have a platform,” leaving both to candidates such as Johanson.

-District chair at State mtg “After this fiasco of a meeting, I can make a better investment by giving time and money to some random small business. At least I could trust them.”

-Ige proposes $25B state budget, 1.5B in more spending. “The trend of the state spending more money than it’s taking in is expected to continue through 2018.”

-Common Core/Pono Choices is THE grassroots issue. McDermott is fighting for you. Where is HRP?

-Familiar? Bopp in TWT “When Republicans run from their own party’s principles, they come off like make-believe Democrats, and voters decide they might as well vote for the real thing.”


How YOUR legislator voted. Hawaii Legislative Scorecard

-Not news. “Oahu’s [rail] is on track to cost at least half a billion dollars more than originally budgeted.” Pine supports rail.

-Price of gas dropping, way down…. Why isn’t the price of everything shipped to Hawaii dropping?

Liberals say Abstinence is Hate Speech

CDC Abortion Report. Significant declining numbers. Staggering demographic differences.

-Lost this war. Lowrey: “After waiting out 10 U.S. presidents, the Castro’s hit the jackpot in Obama.“

-Cheney “I’d do it again in a minute.” Asked if we’d prosecute ISIS for water boarding, Cheney said an American “is not going to be water boarded, he is going to have his head cut off.“ If you’re military, torture isn’t what the Justice Dept defines, it is a reality of life.

-Military woes. Chaplain Punished for Mentioning Bible

-Kate Middleton and abortion Barbies. Liberal’s Obsession with Kate’s Bump, vs Abortion

Crystal Ball First tier: empty. Second: Bush, Paul, Walker, Christie. Third: Cruz, Carson. Fourth: Romney, Rubio, Kasich, Snyder. Hit the link for the rest. Bush – CoC’s Waterboy

-New House R leader Fukumoto. A crying shame. They just don’t learn.

NRA protects your civil (gun) rights only if you support NRA. Join NRA. Civil rights making a comeback Support of Gun Rights Grows. Come to the Nashville Annual Meeting, April 2015.

-If you are attending February CPAC, please let me know. CPAC

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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