HRP Surrenders, Part 1

Aloha Friends. Welcome back for part one of two.


THANK YOU for staying informed and providing comments, opinions and perspectives. If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t invest time and energy to save the Hawaii Republican Party from itself. Thank you.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better. Read on.

R House ‘leader’Johanson says conservatives’ pressure was so much, he switched party. He has more in common with Souki, Pelosi, Reid and Obama than with Saiki’s principle-less state party which stands for nothing. Johanson’s personal weakness is his ONLY explanation. For other R potential switchers – Don’t go. You can’t represent less than today’s HRP.

Meetings & Events – HRP finances – House Leaders – By The Numbers


-February 6 HIRA Reagan Dinner National Right to Life President. Hawaii Reporter announcement

-February 7 Kauai Life Talk Story w NRLC Kauai -Tobias

-February 7 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting

-February 26-28 CPAC, Washington DC

-March 7 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting

-March 7 Maui Friends of NRA

-March 21-22 Honolulu Gun Show, Blaisdell Center

-April 10-12 NRA Annual Meeting, Nashville


RNC Meeting. The RNC team that set fundraising records and won 2014, and won re-election. Unopposed Chairman Priebus still received two ‘nay’ votes. Co-chair Day over Demonte (who dared conduct a training here in Hellreich territory = all three HRP voted against her). Saiki and Liu finally attend with Hellreich, and brought Parsons i.e no one minding the store so district chairs couldn’t get caucus questions answered and unprepared district packets lay on HQ’s tables – a San Diego RNC meeting incapacitated HRP. Mililani’s Smart has now attended as many RNC meetings as Saiki. RNC passed a $80M budget: 168 RNC members across the nation got an advance copy and a hard copy on location but HRP can’t provide their too-few few districts chairs the state budget in advance or at their meeting. Carson, Walker, Romney, Perry spoke. Liberty faction friends met the HRP clique, and said the HRP ‘leaders’ top-of-mind after their 2014 disaster and necessary 2016 re-invention was …. the mean HIRA guys and how terrible a person is Willes Lee (that got me an offer from a Pres campaign). Everyone has an opinion about the nine Pres debates with three backups. Saiki reports that she enjoyed her first RNC meeting, though conspicuously absent from the Chairman’s meeting. Priebus told her that RNC money this cycle goes to the Presidential effort, not failed state parties. She saw campaign technology which HRP couldn’t make work and now knows it works everywhere else. She says that she’d like to have a 2015 strategy, plan, & candidate recruitment effort, and the only reason she provides a report is to ask for money. Hellreich’s report touts the RNC’s 50 (except Hawaii) state community engagement program and reminds people to join the party before January 25 to participate in caucuses… her email is dated January 27. Liu… no report.

Life March. Last year, we marched in DC in 25 degree weather. This year, 76 degrees on Beretania Street with Aloha Life Advocates. About 400 marched, many young people. Not one member of the HRP ‘leadership’ showed during the five hour event. Planned Parenthood Kills More Blacks

-While HRP is suppressing access to Convention, haven’t heard of anyone planning to attend state or county conventions. Too irrelevant to matter. Too liberal to show any difference from Ds. Too expensive from a NI (or Oahu) for a half-day of pre-determined voting. Too stodgy to have fun.

If we all work together, we can accomplish so much. HRP believes if Rs cooperate on taxes, wealth distribution, gun control, comprehensive immigration, marriage, life, marijuana and gambling .. the Ds will be happy. If only Rs simply accepted less national security, more government intrusion into your private life, and… man-made climate change. Wouldn’t everything be better? Of course not.

That’s the point. Your ‘leadership’ believe that if conservatives, TEA, gun rights, religious liberty and life supporters would shut up and get on their liberal, get-along wagon, everyone would be happy. The base, they think, should follow an abortion leader with no message, less than 60% of volunteer positions filled, months of financial RED, and an ineffective national committeewoman and absent national committeeman. They believe Rs should blindly obey corrupt vice & county chairs. They think that if people stop writing about them, well, then HRP would flourish. Wouldn’t everything be better?

-HRP FEC. End of December, in the in the RED, again. Receipts of $10,254 = only $1,742 contributions + 3750 from RNC and 4760 state account transfer i.e. RNC charity is double what S/H/L raise! Sustaining donors on FEC report: up to 4/14 Exec Cmte, down to 2/51 District chairs, up to 19 members for a way-below-budgeted $1000/month. When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so. Disbursements = $19,455, includes $1499 mortgage+2886 building maint, 1659 IMS accounting, Parson raise 3390+4795 payroll tax+164 insurance, 850 telemarketing, 435 phone service+388 VOIP service, while still using liberal PIRYX. CoH drops to 40k (+28k mortgage and 4.7k counties’). HRP in the red 15 of last 24 reports, 5/9 reports since Hellreich crowned Saiki. HRP provided nothing to candidates. Reader to Hellriech “Why does the HRP spend money from the RNC for candidates to instead pay down debt incurred by bad management and leadership in the [HRP]?“ Parsons says “you can’t raise money in December,” but “RNC Raised $6.1M Nov 25-Dec 31“

-State CSC account. End 2014 report, in the RED. HRP receipts of $636 = 450 C&C refund & candidates’ copier use (six HUNDRED?!). NO contributions. Disbursements = 5,133 to fed account. CoH down to 25,220. So little revenue, it was filed a month early. Djou paraphrased “We lost the Governor race, US Senate, both congressional, all the state senate races, had the R minority leader switch to D, won no council seats anywhere, can’t fill half the HRP district leader spots or the state executive cmte …for only $10 contribution, you can help HRP lose more in 2016.

-There are more Republicans in office NOT as Rs, then there are as Rs. Kobayashi, Riviere, Kong, Gabbard, Tokioka, Johanson. Add Arakawa, Couch, Pine. Then there’s Awana, Berg (L), Bukoski.

District meeting, second hand. Discussing Johanson’s defection to the D (dark, or Dem) side, it was noted that he tried to take Fukumoto with him but at the last minute she got cold feet and declined.

-Johanson makes history – first sitting legislative caucus leader of any party in the history of history to change party. KHON2 Party Switcher HIRA reports HIRA – Johanson Outs Himself. CB “You know it’s a sorry state of affairs when you can’t keep party leadership from bolting out the front door.“ Nonaka-client Johanson’s excuses are cover for his lack of character. CB “Souki said Johanson will be a great fit to the team. Kim said she’s worked well with Johanson for years.” Tough comments “Republicans are slow to warm to gays and other people with various non traditional sexual orientations.“ “Aaron probably knew he couldn’t come out of the closet and survive the caucus and his constituents.“ HIRA warned about him and his 38 legislative rating for several years. Readers “At least the Republican Caucus no longer has a Democrat as their “leader.” (Says who?) “His parents are shamed by his character failing.” “Pechaur is rolling in her grave.“ “And they wonder why voter turnout is so low in Hawaii… “

Fukumoto tells Buck that Johanson talked about defecting for years, still, she voted twice for him to be leader and supported him after he bolted “He’s still a Republican.” Husband Chang is happy – he was Lingle’s 2010 favorite (Johanson’s still bitter). Johanson won election, Chang got hammered by Rhodes.

Saiki embarrassed, surprised, lashes out. Hellreich, Liu, and other ambivalent party leaders are mum. Reader “you would think the procedure would be resign first from Minority Leader, and then defect gracefully to save face.“ Johanson intended to hurt Saiki, Hellreich and HRP as much as possible

Two days after Johanson bails, the caucus made his deputy their leader. Weird, right? New guy Pouha causes the initial logjam by switching from Johanson/Fukumoto to Tupola for a 4-4 tie, then went back to Fukumoto. Fractious, Fukumoto gets four votes (Cheape, Theilen, Pouha), Tupola three (McDermott, Ward). Readers “We have no reason to trust a guy who keeps switching.“ “Pouha hired Johansson’s office manager (perennial hanger-on Malia Gray) when she got fired with his switch. This is on top of voting for Fukumoto as leader. Hmmm.”

Aiona lashes out but must be cautious. He ‘advised’ Lingle on the GET increase, supports racial benefits, won’t sign the Taxpayers Protection Pledge. Losing in 2010, he gave no support to ANY R or HRP in 2011-12. He hid in 2013 during SSM. He surfaced in 2014 because Hannemann was about to take his place. Yet, he wrote about Johanson “It is this kind of insincerity, transparency, and lack of integrity which perpetuates the disrespect that voters continue to receive from politicians“ and “the biggest disappointment of Johanson’s [switch] is his hypocrisy.“ But, Aiona said ‘the culture wars are over,’ and offered to perform SSM. Aiona “A significant portion of the 300,000 registered voters who did not cast a ballot this past election is a result of their lack of trust in the character, integrity, and motives of the candidates and incumbents.“ The non-voters don’t know Johanson, but know Aiona. And, they didn’t vote. Reader to Aiona “what are you going to do to prevent another defection or the total demise of the Republican Party in Hawaii?”

Credit. Souki for the historic coup. HIRA for calling for resignations last year and S-A blog – Johanson scoots. New House R leader Fukumoto. A crying shame. Reader “HGOP needs to get its house in order to field real candidates and win elections. That ain’t happening with people bailing after the fact.“

-The next weekend, Saiki was surprised that Thielen …. will stay Republican! In a whiny, woe-is-me letter to the editor (S-A used in place of liberal Borreca’s vacation column), Theilen says conservatives took over the miniscule caucus even though Johanson (now a Dem) was leader and he’s replaced by his liberal deputy. While HRP has no platform, the national platform is clear and Thielen argues that she opposes Rs ON EVERY ISSUE, then complains the Republican party is wrong and she is right.

-Can’t assume Fukumoto will switch before Theilen or Cheape. Reader comments “Fukumoto supports everything in the Democrat platform as her legislative votes clearly attest. She should get along with Souki’s gang.“ “Fukumoto’s qualifications? She has a beautiful smile and good set of chompers.“ “Hawaii Republicans are irrelevant.“ “How does Johansen’s statement of party narrowness jive with Fukumoto becoming leader? Fukumoto declared at the candidates’ forum that her proudest accomplishment was being bipartisan. If the minority is more narrow (says Johansen) why put a proud bipartisan as leader?” “I’m always amazed how politicians are “public servants” when in campaign mode, but become royalty (in their minds) after elections.“

Conservative caucus? They placed Theilen back on JUD. Had she voted in cmte against SSM last fall, we wouldn’t have SSM today.

Old- By the numbers:

-Zero. R House caucus credibility with Fukumoto as leader.

-Zero. Caucus packets, for districts. Only one week before meetings. Usually issued in December.

-One. Flake is the only R US Senator to oppose stricter sanctions on Iran.

-First. Ever from Hawaii. PBN: Fmr HRP Treasurer Reg Baker, appointed to US SBA Regulatory Fairness Board.

-First Tier = Bush. Second = Romney, Paul, Walker, Christie. Sabato Crystal Ball. Scratch Romney.

-Three. Months this cycle and twenty-one after Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives .. to increase our chances of winning..” Not yet.

-Five. HRP lack of integrity to address Rs -Thielen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine, Fenton– who endorsed Ds against Rs in 2012. Add 2014 Cheape, Fukumoto, district chair Egge, and Hanneman’s Rs.

-Six. Years without a HRP strategic plan, finance plan, campaign (Victory) plan.

-7.5. % BSA 2014 membership decrease, follows 6% down in 2013. BSA allows gays in 2013.

-20. % Hawaii’s physician shortage grew in 2014. Need 3,690 doctors, has 2,800. CB “We have a true emergency here.”

-26. Months since the 2012 required HRP financial audit was to be conducted. 14 since the ’13 audit was due. Donors don’t give when finances are in question.

-37. Bush conservative score from Silver Surprise “most conservative.” Presidential candidates scores

-76. State legislators back to work this month. Scorecard tells why you aren’t heard. Legislator Scores.

-206 Hawaii students join Sugar Daddy. UH is 44th fastest growing on 63 joined in 2014, a 37% increase from 2013.

-645. Days (as of February 2) to the Presidential election.

-327,653. 2013 abortions you paid $528M+. PP Abortions & Federal Dollars. Since Saiki introduced abortion-on-demand in the 70’s, Hawaii is one of the worst (for Saiki, best) Pro Life State Map

What’s up with HIRA? More next month.

-There are several good candidates. I’m with Scott Walker, if he gets in. Walker Wins Iowa Summit, Walker at Iowa Summit, 22 min.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Forward this – people need to know, people need to act. Part 2 coming.



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