HRP Surrenders, Part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome back, to Part two of two.

Readers’ Comments – Caucus Meetings – Quick Hits – Town Talk


-February 6 Reagan Dinner w/ Carol Tobias HIRA Announces and Hawaii Reporter

-February 7 Kauai Life Talk Story w NRLC Kauai Tickets

-February 7 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting

-February 26-28 CPAC, Washington DC

-March 7 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting

NRLC to Kauai Life Talk Story. It’s expensive to attend Oahu events. NRLC Tobias follows her Oahu event with a Lihue talk story. Last year, HIRA & TEA Maui brought ACU Chairman Cardenas to Maui. Year before, former ACU & NRA President Keene included Kona & Hilo. Ask HRP to begin taking care of NI members. Reader “[Tobias] is a much better choice than HRP’s selection of Flake!“

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “Surprising about Johanson – especially since he was Minority Leader.“ “Why didn’t Johansen switch before the election?“ “Super duper disappointed. Ashamed for the party.” “Don’t be too hard on Beth and Aaron; they’re just kids – hopefully, they will grow up.“ About Aiona’s radio show “Will Aiona over-use his hand gestures when he is on the radio?“ About caucuses “HRP obfuscation and shenanigans stinks to high heaven and it must be stopped.“ “Member participation has not been welcome by Hawaii’s oldsters for years now. [S/H/L] decided it is better to be a small fish in a very tiny pond, than to be nothing.“ Berish “Heck … at [member] level we can’t even find out when and where [caucuses] are hidden this year.“ Age issue again “Has anyone ever seen a sick old tree grow young again?“ “Why not completely forget HRP and go with HIRA? Attend Ronald Reagan dinner and forego anything with HRP. Boycott all HRP.“ “HRP is too far down the road to irrelevancy to reverse its course – they are done.“ “By design Hawaii’s Republican Party stands for nothing.“

-Saiki lashes out – at Republicans – in New Year email, calling HIRA “slanderous, false and misleading,“ without any evidence. Saiki sets the tone for 2015. A day after her ‘youth movement’ leader goes D and a week after the D governor announced a state budget increase, S/H/L send the first message of the new year, new legislative session and new election cycle not to decry democrats or apathetic party members but .. to attack conservatives. And, Saiki congratulates Johanson on his November election.

Evidence? HIRA Sets the Record Straight S/H/L spent national campaign money for admin expenses and party debt, rather than support candidates. They promised “a massive GOTV effort on all islands,” after their failed promise “to register 25,500 new voters.” That came because she “needs more time” to fulfill her May promise to ‘get back to basics’ and clean up Chang’s mess.

HRP surrenders. HRP says there is no grassroots effort, or motivation. Legislator “They’re scared as s**t.” S/H/L & Rohlfing secretly recast the caucus process to restrict participation. Rohlfing “the State Executive Committee voted to hold the 2015 precinct and district election meetings on one day for each county at locations secured by the county chairs.“ Only 4/14 exec members attend the meeting. Instead of districts organizing caucus meetings in a two-week window based on the best time and place for the respective district (per HRP rules), Rohlfing chose the day/date from downtown Honolulu … similar to Obamacare and Common Core out of Washington. Reader “heard complaints about McDermott’s district having to meet in an outside location .. coincidence? No such thing. Same old tactics.“ Rs used to believe in local control and last cycle Saiki had no party message in order to “leave it up to the candidates in their own districts.“ While Saiki & Hellreich say RNC decentralized to win in 2014, they did not learn the lesson. Instead of two months’ notice as in past years, your Exec Cmte “RESOLVED, the HRP Executive Director shall make reasonable efforts to give at least seven days’ notice of all precinct and district meetings.”

HQ paralyzed, while at the San Diego parties. District chairs “my distress is with lack of action from HRP in assisting HD or Precinct Chairs. In my history with the Party, our packets are handed out end of December. One third of January is gone and calls to HQ go to voicemail, with no return phone call. Emails are ignored.“ “The young guy at HQ is gone and could be re-hired part time, but they don’t have a plan, so it is pointless to have another body who won’t know what to do.” “District Chairs feel ignored by HRP who has made an Executive Decision to take the caucus meetings out of HD Chairs hands and run them all on one day without any discussion with Chairs.“ “the GOP web site is totally silent on [caucus meetings].  That guarantees the Caucuses will be manipulated by insiders who decide who gets to know when and where they will occur, and who is left out.“ “And they wonder why no one participates.“

Why attend? Fmr HRP leader “Is it even worth it to go to a caucus?” Reader “Should I bother to go to convention?” District chair “Our district meeting will be way out of the district. I ain’t a going there.“ Reader “Boycott all HRP.“ Not for 25 years have Republicans been so impotent.

Candidate’s campaign “The Party is running scared.” HRP fires district chairs and assigns a “community organizer,” but they didn’t tell the ‘organizers,’ catching them unprepared. HRP pays chairs who already had rented facilities … and paid again for a new venue. Future candidates won’t have to wonder why HRP ran out of money to support them. Chairs: “donations to HRP were not intended to be used foolishly.“ Kulbis “though some Chairs properly planned and scheduled their District’s caucus for a date, time and location that is best for their District, you’re not going to allow us to conduct them as we scheduled?“ Svrcina “your HRP “leadership” is now openly helping the “demon”crats making sure HRP remains disorganized.“ Grey “I had my meeting planned and notified people, and now the power people in the Party are pulling my caucus meeting out from under me.“ Breaking: ‘organizers’ get 10 hours’ notice to drive downtown on Friday to get packets during a two hour window, less than a week before the meetings. District chair “The person before me was upset because she had to take off work.“ Only 5/35 Oahu packets picked up.

Reader “Why is it being held on a Thursday when the outer islands are on a weekend? Especially at 6pm? Traffic alone leaving Downtown takes 2 hours minimum to get home outside of the City core.“ Saiki, Hellreich, Rohlfing, Parsons are doing everything they can to suppress participation and get rid of district chairs they don’t like. They can’t simply get out their people, they have none. NI don’t matter because there is no one, evidence the election vote totals, but BI with only two locations is embarrassing. Reader “what gain occurs when they force people on the other side of the world (Kapolei, Waianae) to be at a meeting when, most likely, they are still in traffic?“

-Better than LDD14. Djou got Flake for LDD speaker, they’re linked by their votes with the Ds to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. 71 ACU rating, Heritage Action 78 lifetime rating, FreedomWorks 77. HIRA “[Flake] votes in direct opposition to Conservative and Republican interests.“ Readers “I am appalled that you would present [Flake], an amnesty supporting RINO at the Lincoln Dinner. [Flake] had his hands on the Benghazi report that found “no intelligence failure prior to the attack”. [Flake] flipped-flopped on gun control. Freedom Works reports [Flake] voted for cloture on the Internet tax. [Flake] voted to increase government intrusion in our private matters; warrant less wiretaps, etc. ConservativeReview rates [Flake] with an F: I will not be attending the Lincoln Dinner.“ “Flake is coming at Pat Saki’s request to be keynote speaker Lincoln Dinner. Which is another reason there is no Hawaii GOP any more. Disgusting.“ “Flake is a RINO. Why should we come to the Lincoln Dinner to hear more of the same?“ Hosts: Marumoto, Lingle, Aiona, Djou, Ahu, Felix Reader “Is listing these RINOs supposed to inspire people to waste their hard earned dollars to see the ultimate RINO?”

Quick Hits:

-Testify against bad gun bills. for guidance.

-Com vice chair Mukk switches. Last month, he stammers through justification for the state party taking over district meetings – opposite his preaching as the Ron Paul ’12 coordinator.

HIRA helps HRP by hosting Presidents of American Conservative Union, NRA of America, and now National Right to Life Committee. All shunned by HRP. Saiki says “everyone else tried,” Flake was the best she could get.

-HRP reinforces ‘typical Republican’ perception by skipping the MLK Parade, again. They were all in San Diego … meeting.

-February: no county or state convention announcement. (Breaking: state is May 2 at Salvation Army.)

-Hochberg out, Aiona in. Following SSM loss, Hawaii Family Forum and Advocates makes a change.

-Scary moment. Slom at Legislature Opening

-CB “What nobody knows is how much money has been spent since the first rail contract 10 years ago, or the details of what is being spent today.”

Christie, no less “The notion that our party must abandon our belief in the sanctity of life to be competitive in blue states is simply not true.”

-Maybe just stupid Republicans Gruber Republicans

-US House R leaders botched the 20-week abortion ban bill but Abortion Clinics are Closing

-Before you write off conservatives and TEA. Needham, Heritage

-Still NOT in the news. Racial Cop Stories Buried

-Imitating SSM, gun controllers embrace What You Can’t do Federally, Do State-by-State.

-Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Iran, Cuba… lost another war in Yemen.

-Obama afraid to attend Paris rally. Compare to 2001 Bush Throws the First Pitch. CNN Tapper “I’m ashamed by U.S. leaders’ absence in Paris”

-George Will characterizes the “militarized assault” in Paris. No US complaints lately about police force militarization. Europe Rearming Police Forces

-Not terrorism, but if it were? DC Metro Incompetence

-2016 candidates. Conservative? Pres Rankings. Scratch Romney (for now).


-Libertarian-conservative investigative reporter and publisher Zimmerman is national investigative reporter. FB “Hawaii Reporter will continue on as it has for the last 12 years but we need a new bureau chief.“ Applicants begging: Walden, Akina, aren’t journalists or investigators, but want the grant money. Classy CB praises rival reporter Zimmerman Aloha

Lingle promoted from HI gov to bigger state COO. Perfect fit: New IL Gov Rauner is also a pro-abortion, questionable R executive building a BI-partisan cabinet. Lingle raised taxes, grew government of cronyism and some scandal, and left a deficit. She, like Obama, will be in Illinois “from Hawaii.”

-HRP’s free website. Lists losing legislators, no events, no news. Reader “Soon they’ll fit the entire site on one page.” Calendar is blank, latest News is October, “Register To Vote” won’t fully open. Neutral LLIFE ‘platform’ is replaced by some statements which no one voted. County chairs, two years, ‘no photo.’ Parsons still ‘interim,’ Sick still field director. No district chair list or contact info, no contact info for county officers, vice chair position STILL vacant & not listed. Saiki’s message uses ‘my’ & ‘I’ ten times in seven sentences and a twenty year-old headshot.

-2012 HRP ‘leaders’ directly participated in Pres campaigns, lying about party fairness in selecting national delegates. Iowa, which actually counts, fixes their corruption by “each member of its central committee pledged to stay neutral during the 2016 nominating process, part of a broader effort to restore credibility.” Committee members cannot be on the payroll or volunteer for a candidate.

-Not Hawaii. Rs control the most state legislative chambers in party history: 68 of 98, up from 59 last year. 23 states have an R governor AND legislatures compared to seven D.  Rs have 31 governorships, including deep-blue MA, MD, IL and control legislative bodies in NV, ME, MN, NM & NH. Rs gained 290 House and Senate seats = 4,100 of 7,383 state legislative seats. HI net zero.

OCare/Health Connector. Ds want single-payer. S-A “Connector projects $2.5 million deficit for 2015 .. beset by delays, computer malfunctions and low enrollment since its inception in late 2013.“ S-A: State suspends online Medicaid eligibility system as technology problems are set to cost taxpayers $144M. “DHS said that as of December it had spent $96M.” S-A Jan 29 “Audit Blasts” Connector management. Theilen, Ward, Fontaine voted FOR Connector.

-Chuck Norris. NLEOMF & FBI’s Crime Reports: About “1.2 million violent crimes occurred nationwide in 2011. On average, over the last decade, there have been 58,261 assaults against law enforcement officers each year, resulting in 15,658 injuries. Since the first recorded police death in 1791, there have been over 20,000 officers killed in the line of duty. 1,501 officers died in the line of duty during the past 10 years, an average of one death every 58 hours or 150 per year. 100 officers were killed in 2013.”

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights. Attend the April Nashville Annual Meeting. Bloomberg said he would spend $50M to beat the NRA and 90% of NRA endorsed federal candidates won including 9/10 top Senate races (AR, KS, CO, IA, GA, KY, LA, NC, WV). OPERATION CHOKEPOINT controls you.

-Maybe you heard this one: You walk in a store. Owner Hellreich approaches with a new chair & pal, Kaauwai & Nonaka, if you give her your money and volunteer time. Darn, 2010 was HRP fail and now we’re in debt. Back to that store. This time Liu is at the register (yes, this is make-believe, Liu doesn’t do anything constructive). Hellreich offers you another chair, two of them. Fukumoto & Chang, they’re interchangeable. “Give me your money and time and …” Darn, again. The twins blow 2012 and they increase party debt. So, it’s January 2014 and you don’t know why you go back to that store. Hellreich approaches “This is Saiki who gave abortion to Hawaii. Give me your money and time and…” Ooopps on 2014. Ready to go back to Hellreich’s store?

-If attending February CPAC, please let me know. So far, doubled the number from Hawaii. CPAC

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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