Stumbling, part one

Aloha Friends. Welcome back to part one of two.

Told you about Scott Walker five months ago. Now, everyone knows him.

Meetings & Events – HRP finances – By The Numbers

-March 7 East Oahu Republican monthly meeting

-March 7 Maui Friends of NRA

-March 21-22 Honolulu Gun Show, Blaisdell Center

-March 29 40 Days for Life (began Feb 18) 40 Days website

-April 10-12 NRA Annual Meeting, Nashville

-June 26-28 West Conservative Summit Denver

-July 9-11 National Right to Life Convention New Orleans

-August 28-30 NFRA Presidential Endorsing Convention, Nashville


Reagan Dinner with National Right to Life. Flew to Louisville last summer to invite President Tobias to keynote our celebration of life. This national leader did not disappoint. Tobias on radio HIRA FB Tobias Radio and FB HIRA FB Tobias and MidWeek news announcement. Many friends and new faces, and new HIRA members. Aloha Life Advocates leaders add to the event. Reader “last evening’s Ronald Reagan Freedom & Liberty Dinner with Carol Tobias was a big success, which I utterly enjoyed. I tell people that people that HIRA is the conservative arm of the HRP.“   HIRA’s Press Release. Not one R self-identified pro-life legislator or any of the HRP Exec Cmte attended this pro-life event.

Kauai life Talk Story. Took Tobias to Kauai for an exceptional talk story meeting to engage Kauai pro-life leaders, resulting in a pledge to coordinate efforts of Kauai’s three strongest life organizations (they’ve already begun). HIRA’s Kauai Press Release and FB NRLC Kauai. Not one Kauai HRP self-identified pro-life county or district leader attended.

-CPAC, DC. TWT for the best coverage. Lede up front: Straw poll – Paul (again) slightly ahead of Walker, with Cruz, Carson, Bush following. ACU and ACUF (my board) hosts the largest conservative event. AP “The conference, which usually attracts around 10,000 people, is known for its all-star lineup of Republican politicians delivering speeches. This year is no exception, with nearly every likely 2016 Republican presidential hopeful in attendance. Organizers added a new twist: speeches centered on policy.“ Final count is 11,344. ACU says we’re moving right Breitbart – CPAC More Conservative. Speakers include Walker, Palin, Bush, Bolton, Laura Ingraham, Fiorina, Trump, Tim Scott, Pence as Reagan dinner keynote, Mia Love, Cruz, Paul, Gingrich, Cotton, Brent Bozell, Carson, Rick Perry, Diane Black, Hannity, Jindal, Steve King, Mercedes Schlapp, Kucinich (a D view), Phil Robertson, Mark Levin, KT McFarland, Santorum … BoD meetings with Sasse and Imhofe. New 1½ day of candidate/campaign/ activist training. Training and breakout sessions include Blackburn, Barrasso, Heritage’s Carafano (West Point classmate), American Majority Ned Ryun, Leadership Institute, Citizens United, Brownback, Tony Perkins,, many congressmen, National Right to Life, Susan B. Anthony, Grover Norquist, Eagle Forum, Dana Loesch and way more. There are so many simultaneous events that you cannot get to everything. NRA reception with Ollie North and Medal of Honor Dakota Meyer NRA Good Guys Videos. Big vendor/exhibit/book signing area, folks with bags stuffed of swag. Media Row with live and taped radio and TV. A few at Reagan banquet were here when Reagan addressed CPAC, Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke received the NRA Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award. Late evening business dinners and meetings that were above my pay grade. Thursday was snow, Friday was 15 degrees, wind felt like 8. ACU Chair Schlapp “Republican Presidential nomination starts here.” Daily Signal summary 25 CPAC Takeaways. Get speeches on YouTube or ACU Site. Never know who you’ll see – ran into Plebe year roommate. You MUST scroll Kulbis’ entries at HIRA FB. Kulbis was the most active tweeter on the CPAC App with over 250 entries in four days. Three attend from Hawaii, two are HIRA officers, no HRP reps at this conservative event.

-HRP FEC. Marumoto on HRP “We are struggling to keep the doors open.” End of January report similar to the loss incurred the month prior, even with LDD funds padding revenue. January in the RED again, as Saiki again spends 10k more than raised. Receipts drop to $9,597 = $8,636 contributions + 960 state account transfer + ZERO from RNC charity fund so that dried up. LDD considerably off-pace with few tables purchased in FEC report, though ‘soft money’ tables may be in CSC account. Disbursements = $19,841, includes $1499 mortgage+2700 building maint, 1279 IMS accounting, Parsons’ salary 3746 +1824 payroll tax+1498 unemployment insurance, 1056 Flake’s airfare, mail (probably LDD) 1600, mail appeal 1650, new copier 239, VOIP phones 218, and paying for parking at HQ 283, while still using liberal PIRYX. CoH drops further to 31k operational (+27k mortgage and 4.7k counties’). HRP is in the RED for CY15 (two months). HRP in the red 16 of past 25 reports, 6/10 reports since Hellreich crowned Saiki. Reader to Hellriech “Why does the HRP spend money from the RNC for candidates to instead pay down debt incurred by bad management and leadership in the [HRP]?“ Parsons “you can’t raise money in December,” but “RNC Raised $6.1M Nov 25-Dec 31“ With Parsons as also finance director, he should start raising money, and we expect his pay to halve when a real director is hired (though now he doesn’t have much incentive).

-When Kaauai/Nonaka had Gingrich to LDD’10, they simply never paid for his flight. An embarrassment that kept giving, lingering through Gingrich’s 2012 Presidential Primary. Kauuwai/Nonaka & Fukumoto came and went before HRP finally paid off three years after. One other note about YOUR donations, Flake’s airfare from AZ is almost three times what HIRA paid for Tobias to fly from NM.

-Hellreich gave a condescending response to a member asking why Flake was invited to LDD. Excerpts back to Hellreich “You cannot sway me with your words when I have observed your actions. Massive voter registration drives? New members? Fundraising? Not. What effective action has the HRP had in giving push-back to the money wasted on the Health Care Connector? NONE! Your “Inclusive, welcoming, unified” are fibs to put it nicely. If you are conservative, you don’t personally lead the charge to bring the abortion queen of Hawaii out of retirement to lead the party. Even a political novice knows you don’t pay off debt 2 months BEFORE an election where races are at stake. As far as outreach to the neighbor islands, I haven’t seen it. When you, Saiki, Fukumoto & Thielen (& Jeff Flake) quit acting like RINOs, I’ll stop calling you RINOs.“

-Reader’s constructive input for HQ “Hi Blake: Unfortunately, the present Hawaii GOP is branded as lacking any reliable affirmation of principles. It is a self-inflicted wound. Examples include: allowing Thielen to stay on her committee and cast the deciding vote that got [SSM] pushed down our throats w/o a referendum. And, never rebuked for it. The party switch of “leader” Johanson. The inability of Lingle to oppose the Jones Act. The refusal of the state GOP to take a position on anything, deferring to candidates. And now, bringing to Hawaii as a champion example of what the party endorses and aspires to imitate, Jeff Flake one of the weakest RINOs in the senate.   The image you portray and seek is clear, which is why the party is nowhere and losing members. Without both principle and courage, you get neither respect nor members, and deservedly so.“

LDD. HRP’s (only) fundraiser. NO media coverage but some attendees enjoyed the hoopla. Missed goal of 450 attendees by a couple hundred though HQ said 450, 460, and even 500. Saiki scurried for attendees as Flake’s Creds got challenged, extending payment deadlines and providing comp tickets. 270 attendees is better than last year. Last year grossed 25k and almost broke even. Don’t expect much better this year (record is ’06 about $550k net). Saiki said she had a big host committee (good) of HRP get-along candidates (not so good). Rs question why HRP raises funds when they’re Not Supporting Candidates. Marumoto says Saiki’s goal is to “make sure party is in good hands” when she moves on, hoping to coronate Djou. Reader “They have no candidates and no money and no one votes for them.“ A better $ estimate after the next FEC report, more with the July CSC report. Attendees complained about the registration line snaking out the front door. Some said the lists were so confusing that no one knew who had paid or had assigned seats and, without volunteers, Parsons scrambled for attendees to man the desk. The usual registration crew is fed up with Parsons/Saiki unorganized HQ effort.

Can’t help themselves in breaking rules. No one really cares what this organization is called but Saiki made a big deal of showing a new logo and new name for the party, the only name she knows from two generations ago. We are again the Republican Party of Hawaii, regardless that our rules (the IRS, CSC and FEC) call us Hawaii Republican Party after a convention vote 17 years ago when Saiki was taking time off from politics. Then, there is this from the document titled Hawaii Republican Party State Rules, the title page labeled Rules of the Hawaii Republican Party sends you to page 4 which gives the state law for establishment of this political party The Hawaii Republican Party is established as a political party under Hawaii Revised Statutes, Chapter 11, Part V. Can’t make up this stuff. They just don’t get it.  Republicans should follow the rules, or change them.

Renaming the party to what we were called in her day, Saiki’s long-term memory reaches 20 but contends “We are emerging as an agile, modern political party for the battles of 2016 and beyond.” That’s as entertaining as Hellreich’s comment that bringing Saiki out of retirement brought credibility to HRP. CB reader comments “The old one seems fresher and more forward looking. The new logo seems very old school.“ “Mrs. Saiki must be taking a nip to believe that a new logo will “rally members”. What members?“

New logo. Lipstick on a pig. Readers “Hopefully didn’t cost too much money to implement this.“ “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear…they can change the outward appearance but the inside is dead. WHO designed this ugly thing? It could be the logo for New Mexico or Arizona w nothing to differentiate it from other states. Nothing says Hawaii.“ “I liked the logo from two cycles ago without all the lines running through the map.“ District chair “Wonder how much was spent on the new one?“ HIRA FB “A NEW LOGO! That’s why we haven’t been winning. Way to go, Pat Saiki. Woo-hoo!“

Saiki gave LDD attendees pins of the new logo. Not an ad, not a mailer, not a walk piece, not supporting a candidate or Republican principle, not training, not criticizing Democrats or liberal principle. She spent your donations on a pin.

-The Saiki/Hellreich/Liu crew Broken Promises Part 1 – State Officers, Part 2 – Vice Chairs, Part 3 – County with It’s Time To Go Petition. HIRA “Much went wrong and you deserve to know the truth.“

-HRP can’t fight Ds when they are fighting Rs. Part two has caucus details as Saiki tried to oust chairs she doesn’t like while unsuccessfully trying to “get back to basics.”

-While HRP suppresses access to Convention, haven’t heard of anyone planning to attend state or county conventions. Saiki’s attempt to suppress Oahu caucus turnout failed, her district chair candidates lost.  They are still trying to overturn election results by executive fiat. Delegates question why to even attend county or state convention. Reader “Should I bother to go to convention?” Too irrelevant to matter. Too liberal to differentiate from Ds. Too expensive from a NI (or Oahu) for a half-day of pre-determined voting. Too stodgy to have fun. Legislator “They’re scared as s**t.” Not expecting a competent Rules cmte (though the less-than-competent Rules chair Konoho quit on caucus night as discouraging results came in for Saiki/Hellreich/Liu. Saiki is not ready to leave but sees Djou (embracing the party he says he doesn’t represent, or want to represent) and Rohlfing (having no record after a cycle with HNL county) holding the door open for her. Nameless and faceless State vice chairs bring similar hope.

By the numbers:

-$1.3. Million. “A federal oversight committee is blasting Honolulu’s rail project, calling it “alarming” and “not sufficient.” Its effort to contain costs has been minimal and is alarming.” CB “Large Rail Contractors Dump $1.3M into Local Campaign Coffers”

-Four. Months this cycle and twenty-two after Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives to Increase our chances of winning..” Not yet. HRP can’t even fill district seats.

-Fourth. CB Blair recognizing D obstructionists “For the fourth time in several weeks, Democrats in the U.S. Senate stopped majority Republicans from passing a bill that funds the Department of Homeland Security but dismantles the president’s executive action on immigration.“

-Five. HRP lacks integrity to address Rs -Thielen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine, Fenton– who endorsed Ds against Rs in 2012. Add 2014 Cheape, Fukumoto, district chair Egge, and Hanneman’s Rs.

-Six. Years without a HRP strategic plan, finance plan, campaign (Victory) plan.

-8. News page, buried beneath the fold. No federal charges in Trayvon Martin case.

-14. Days after Romney drops out that HD17 Giles asks FB friends to “Draft Romney.”

-20. Say’s HD, maybe where he lives. HRP refuses to speak out, as Fukumoto likes him.

-27. Months since the 2012 required HRP financial audit was to be conducted. 15 since the ’13 audit was due. Three months since Saiki last promised. Donors don’t give when finances are in question.

-52%. Deep blue Hawaii Obama approval. Usually near 70%, we’ve never seen below 63%. Hawaii’s waking to this disaster of a President.

-$75. Reported registration for a six hour state convention in a cheaper venue.

-617. Days (as of March 2) to the Presidential election.

-$75,000. HRP left funds in the bank instead of supporting candidates HIRA RINO Alert

-Priceless. SA [Sen] “Luke said that city and rail officials are likely clueless about the ultimate price tag.”

-Milner CB: The system doesn’t work because of “the fundamental weakness of the state’s Republican legislators. By now that weakness seems permanent and fundamental enough to be a given.“ Milner – Republicans Fail

-What’s up with HIRA? We count on HIRA to bring conservatives back to the table (HRP won’t), hold liberals and liberal actions from both sides accountable (HRP can’t), and present conservative solutions (HRP doesn’t) to Hawaii’s problems. Need to step it up.

-CPAC attendees are not pleased with our new congressional majorities. Softball leadership, softball votes, softball accomplishments.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Forward this – people need to know, you need to act. Part 2 coming.



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