Lee Report: Status Quo, part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome to part 2 of 2.  Status Quo

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank you.

Writing to conservatives and Republicans, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi-) private discussion. These reports chronicle HRP’s story. My perspective is that of conservative, former State Party Chairman and RNC member. I am not here writing for any of my current conservative organizations, nationally or in Hawaii. Hawaii conservatives need to know that they are not alone. Please forward to conservatives or let me know to be removed.

Not my site, but past reports at Everything Political www.willeslee.hawaiideservesbetter.com.


To our committed contributors:  Thank you.  We collaborated because we know conservatism solves Hawaii’s many problems.  Your comments, responses, input, and assistance makes “The Lee Report” what it is – a voice of conservatives wanting a better Hawaii Republican Party, and a better Hawaii. With nearly seven years of at least monthly reports focusing on HRP, it is time to move on.  Our Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) keeps us current and holds liberals – Republican and Democrat – accountable. In the future, we’ll cover point topics as a HIRA guest writer. www.HawaiiRepublicanAssembly.com and Facebook @HIRA_808. Thank you.

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Readers’ Comments – Quick Hits – County & State

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “(McDermott) gets the prize-winning ass award.“  “Great job of writing and informing others of the dysfunction within the party. Thank you Mr. Lee.“  “When I met Ostrov she seemed very nice but totally controlled by Saiki.“  “I hope Trump can get a FBI director who wants to hang Hillary, Obama and Kerry, and put a bounty on all the illegal aliens.“  “Considering that the Party is in shambles and that neither slate of candidates is worth voting for and that it will cost me a good amount of money to fly to Kauai I’ve decided to skip this year’s convention.“  “Being in Florida, these HI clowns would be eaten alive here. This kind of mess would never fly for even a nanosecond here. HRP should just wrap it up but then again, it is ‘adult day care’, right?  I love reading your ‘reality show’ emails.“

-District chair Hinton, SA May 16 “Republicans currently have a micro-caucus of five elected members who opt to vote in favor of the majority agenda than to propose sensible alternatives.  Party leadership has enjoyed a tenure virtually vacant of any semblance of substance.  To suggest that the Hawaii Republican Party is anywhere near capable of fulfilling the role of an opposing minority would be akin to have given Custer’s 7th Cavalry any odds whatsoever at Little Big Horn.“

Quick Hits:

– Having the Rohlfing/Romney team gone is good, for the damage they’ve done.

Music Man James was granted a pay raise (go figure) but his firing ends that expense, and opens office space he was using as living quarters.

– Not even close to conservative.  R House micro-caucus average ACU rank is 29/100.

– After years of complaining that HIRA is “mean”, Thomas and Oahu League showed they are divisive and ugly with their hit pieces against Tupola.  They should do the same to Democrats.

– Put these together – Ds booted the leaders who don’t support raising taxes for rail.  McDermott voted for taxes.  Hint: he may primary Ige.

– Make a difference using the NRA-ILA action tracker. NRA Legislative Action Tracker

– As NFRA President signed several coalition letters: Memo to Movement for Military Readiness; ATR memo to congress requiring open competition for infrastructure projects. Check the Republican Wing of the Republican Party www.nationalrepublicanassemblies.com.

Conservative pulse: website, Facebook, Twitter  

-Rohlfing/James still with us. HQ has a list to use for their eblasts, broken down by district (and probably county).  Those 15,000 Pres caucus email addresses entered into the party Dbase by Kama-Kimura and team are not being provided to county and district chairs.  Rohlfing/James provided lists of party members’ names and address ONLY.  This month, those lists are available with phone numbers. The lists are inaccurate, as always, and missing email addresses, but it is more than Rohlfing/Hickling provided…. they say they are afraid Eric Ryan and HIRA will get the list. This is paralyzing paranoia.

-It gets better.  Kulbis took the reins of Honolulu County with a bang.  Wonderful website, Facebook page, sign up rosters, principles, a plan.  The way it is supposed to be.  THEN, fearful that only Ryan (and no one at HQ) could produce such effective and functional material, the Exec Cmte had Kulbis take the site offline “for review”.  It is still off line.  Paralyzing paranoia.  Who cares where it came from?  If it is Ryan, offer ‘thanks’ after these years of complaining he doesn’t ‘help’ the party, then hire him to do the entire party.  HQ air or drinking water must make people into inept political operatives, or maybe that’s who we elect in the first place.

-Kauai county faux elections held by Yoder still under protest.  Complainants ask that HRP follow their own rules.  Kauai’s Hamman, referring to Ostrov’s state victory “This was a great victory over the corrupt establishment, the past corrupt chair (Rohlfing) and CEO (Music Man James), the failed minority caucus leader (Tupola), and the KRP chair (Yoder) who went along with and supported all their deceitful charades.“  Now, Hamman finds Ostrov is just like Rohlfing and Yoder

-HIRA Open Letter to Ostrov calls for Ready to be removed from an office which doesn’t exist; there is no county vice chair in the Rules.  Ostrov can boot Ready, or continue to break party Rules, as did her predecessors Rohlfing and Saiki.  Ostrov response: took down HRP website to hide the Party Rules.

Not writing for any of my current conservative organizations, nationally or in Hawaii (in RED so that even integrity-deficient McDermott can understand).

-Since his invisible roll out (69 seconds on HNN), no one has heard from McDermott.  No media, no rally, no campaign.  If a foul-mouthed, tax-loving legislator falls in the forest and no one hears …

McDermott shoots both feet.  He says he a combat veteran and can be a state governor.  At a county meeting with Rs and not Ds, he absolutely loses it, calling the County Chairman a liar, screaming the f-bomb, being booed out of HQ. HIRA: McDermott Fried.  HIRA on McDermott nuking himself HIRA: Rohlfing/McDermott Blow The Party

-Ostrov went to DC to tell the RNC how HRP is under new management.  Her trip was facilitated by the HRP ‘ole boys “new” Hellreich and Saiki, and her dowry is some guy who wants to raise taxes just declared for Governor, and she already lost one house seat.  (Just kidding, she was too embarrassed to tell that McDermott wants to be governor).

-Two separate sources report that McDermott says he is running for Governor because he is bored with Ewa and is eligible for a state pension.  He publicly stated that he knows he can’t win.  Reader “Has the prospect of a cozy relationship with PRP jaded his view so much that he can’t see his course as one leading to political suicide?“

-He lied when he signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. HIRA: McD demands Ds Raise Taxes NOW. McDermott’s CB commentary demanding we raise taxes (like a D, yes?) to finish rail got him more attention than his public cussing.  Reader “McDermott- I am thinking of moving into your district to run against you.  Your support for the rail has proven you unfit.  Just look at the sample of how you are being made a laughing stock on Facebook!“  Note that the ridiculous “candidate centric” HQ has not addressed the candidate’s call for more taxes.

-McDermott, you do not get a pass for voting again for more rail tax, lying on your ATR Taxpayers Protection Pledge www.atr.org.  Your disgusting language does not get a pass.  No pass for endorsing (now Dem) Fukumoto-chang to lead your liberal R micro caucus. You do not get a pass for voting a liberal 35 ACU rating.  You do not get a pass for those non-work videos shot in your government office.

Not here writing for any of my current conservative organizations. Figured it out, yet, Bob? Change your voting if you expect folks to come to your rescue.

-Ostrov isn’t ready, but Tupola would be worse.  Tupola became invisible, silent, when she became micro caucus chair, and we predicted here the same as party chair.  She lost, and can now focus on being a micro-leader.  Yet, we have not heard a peep – about rail, taxes, her caucus member McDermott (who endorsed her opponent) declaring for Governor or raising taxes, not about anything.  Invisible Tupola.

-Criticizing Rs would be disappointing.  However, we don’t have Rs.  Tupola’s micro caucus is as liberal as Ds.  ACU ratings www.conservaive.org.  R average 29, only three points above D’s 26. 0/76 Hawaii legislators are conservative i.e. zero scored 80% or above.  Every Hawaii R failed.  D Maui’s DeCoite 36 is more conservative than any R.  22 Ds are more conservative than Ward (ACU 24), who you elected NCM.  Several Ds voted better than your micro-leader Tupola’s 33.  Souki and Ward both score 24. 14 Ds are more conservative than Cheape ACU 26.  Thielen is ACU 29, Tupola only 33 and McDermott an embarrassing 35.  For context, Cruz and Lee scored ACU 100, Rand Paul 96.  Paul Ryan 78 and McConnell 75 are better than any Hawaii R.

Dems DeCoite 36, Har 33, Kong 33, Yamine 33, Aquino 32, Choy 32, Cullen 32, Jordan 32, McKelvey 32, Ohno 32, Tokioka 31, Say 30, Ito 29, and Oshiro 27 are more conservative than Cheape and Ward.

R 2016/lifetime: McDermott 35/50, Tupola 33/39, Thielen 29/25, Cheape 26/18, Ward 24/33. ANY R alleging to be conservative is PROVEN a liar.

More proof Hawaii R legislators are Ds HIRA: If You Vote Like A Dem, Then You Must Be A Dem  “One of the most dangerous bills passed during the 2017 Hawaii State Legislature was adopted unanimously by Democrats and Republicans.  Yes, unanimously by both parties.”

There are more Hawaii former R legislators in office than there are Rs in office. There are more Republicans in office NOT as Rs, then there are as Rs. Kobayashi, Riviere, Kong, Gabbard, Tokioka, Johanson, Arakawa, Pine, Harry Kim, Fukumoto-chang. Include Sonson and Espero who ran as R but got elected as D.


HIRA holds liberals, Republicans and Democrats, accountable. HIRA mail runs from Woman’s League Garry Smith “No one listens to (HIRA)” to McDermott’s constant whining that HIRA is mean.  If no one listens, why whine about the message?  HIRA’s May messages:

“According to the American Conservative Union’s scorecard for Hawaii legislators, the average voting record of Republicans in the State House was JUST AS BAD AS DEMOCRATS.”  HIRA: Hawaii:  Elephants = Donkeys

“CONGRATULATIONS to HIRA’s National Director Willes Lee in his election to the National Rifle Association (NRA) Board of Directors.” HIRA: Breaking – HIRA’s Lee Wins NRA Seat

“More money for rail is DEAD, for now.” HIRA: Rail Is Dead

HIRA: Follow HRP Rules & Boot Phony Boyd Ready “take all action necessary to stop Boyd Ready from improperly pretending to occupy the non-existent position of “Vice-Chair” of the Honolulu County Republican Party.“

Yes, Haters, HIRA also calls out D liberals. HIRA: Hawaii = Puerto Rico “with six months having evaporated into thin air since the November 2016 General Election, it is our sincere hope that today’s new GOP leaders in Hawaii will seize the opportunity over the next 18 months and beyond to wage a REAL war against the failed, destructive and completely unsustainable policies of Hawaii’s Democrat Machine. “

As HQ digs deeper into the fraud and waste of the past four years, the incoming crew is finding “it is worse than anyone thought”. As the new guy, so new she doesn’t yet know party rules or personnel, Ostrov is in the position to look longtime holdovers Hellreich, Saiki, Ward, Ready, and the State Committee in the eye, shake her head, and ask “Where were YOU? Why did YOU let this happen?”

Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights.  

That’s it.  Thank you.  Aloha.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.


Last five: Change?/ Implosion/ Credibility/ Broken/ Insanity. www.hawaiideservesbetter.com