Implosion – HRP Style, part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome to part 2 of 2.  Implosion, HRP-Style

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank you.

Writing to conservatives and Republicans, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi-) private discussion. These reports chronicle HRP’s story. My perspective is that of conservative, former State Party Chairman and RNC member. I am not here writing for any of my current conservative organizations, nationally or in Hawaii. Hawaii conservatives need to know that they are not alone. Please forward to conservatives or let me know to be removed.  Not my site, but past reports at

– April 27-29 NRA Annual meeting, Atlanta

– June 29-July 1 Nat’l Right to Life Convention, Milwaukee


Readers’ Comments – Quick Hits – Politics

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “We can’t ignore the problems within our comatose party and pathetic state leadership.“  “Mystified why anyone would want Pine or Fukumoto to remain a R?  it’s like having a double agent in the Party. For gawd sakes, let them go!  Their absence would not make a bit of difference in the Legislature!”  “So, who is the better of two evils, Rohlfing or Ostrov?  who do you think should run HRP?“  “I continue to shake my head in disgust.  Ostrov, NCW’s congressional lame duck, is making a move to oust Rohlfing at the next convention.  The NCW is a virus that must be removed.  You should run as chair.“  “A near constant barrage of criticism from Rick Hamada on KHVH of late has been dealt with similarly – no effort to defend of redefine whatsoever.“  “What a way to begin a new week. Listening to the Rick Hamada show!  He tore into Fukumoto. That led to the HRP’s silent leadership … which makes many of us cringe!“  “Hiding cowardly, dishonestly, and arrogantly on Maui during our recent, rare, SHORT state committee meeting doesn’t help our party to get from the dire straits it is in.“  “Hawaii GOP is a wasteland of people like Frenzel who obsess over titles and puff up their chests for having accomplished very little. Frenzel’s real legacy is that of being Miriam Hellreich’s puppet and Nathan “The Prophet” Paikai’s enabler.“  “Anyone that wants to see thru the smoke and mirrors of Hawaii Republican Party/HRP politics here in the Islands, one should SUBSCRIBE to the HIRA e-newsletters.“

-Broken clock is right twice a day. Garry Smith says “The Republican party is dead, not just from Fritz but from the last 4 or 5 chairs who have contributed to its demise“ but naively stumps for an inexperienced establishment Ostrov who won’t give positions on anything except to not sell the HQ space.

-District chair Noltie to Music Man “Having learned about your effort to suppress turnout at our State committee meeting last weekend, and more importantly your utter failure to comply with the explicit terms of your employment contract, why don’t you spare us the drama and resign immediately?“

-Reader “OLRW has worked to keep our party on the sidelines, officially neutral and silent on issues and refusing to fight Democrats. 100% of the party’s income goes to overhead.  0% goes to advertising, lobbying, canvassing, voter registration, etc.  Wasted time. Wasted money.  It appears OLRW is happiest when the mortgage is being paid and HRP remains silent and ineffective and under the control of the Oahu League.”

-Harlor “Yes, we want to make The Republican Party Great again.  We’ve seen party bickering, the group of Good Ole Boys ram things thru to include their votes and leaders.  We are saddened by it all.  No transparency, just good ole Chicago politics.  We keep getting the same ole, same ole crap out of the conventions. When you have all these Good Ole Boys running and the Rinos, never-Trumpers, etc., nothing will change. Used to think the Bob McDermot was a good GOPer, but he has so much disdain for HIRA, not open, loves Rail and taxes.  I gave up on Kymberly, supporting Lopresti and not Bryan, has her eye on the big prize (Mayor) and will do whatever it takes for that position. We need someone to step up like Trump and try to make Hawaii Great for Once, maybe Willes Lee.”

Quick Hits:

– With HQ phone bank inactivated and unfunded, televisions removed, and an overpriced Saiki copier, HQ is a daycare center for paid staff.

– Music Man may try Paikai Go Fund Me. Guy who calls himself The Prophet led the Trump Hawaii team through the national convention fiasco and was replaced when the actual campaigning began.

– Smart to Rohlfing “it is a betrayal if you take money and use it for something different”, applies also to Hellreich, Saiki, the faux-mortgage fund, and every dollar ever collected ‘for candidates and campaigns’.

McDermott, from his email “Hey Dickheads, get your facts straight“ as he hopes to be your Governor.

– Not even close to conservative. R House micro-caucus average ACU rank is 29; lower than, well, low.

– Make a difference using the NRA-ILA action tracker. NRA Legislative Action Tracker

– As NFRA President signed several coalition letters: Coalition letter to congress protecting free markets from China: Coalition letter to congress Principles to Repeal Obamacare. Check Republican Wing of the Republican Party

Conservative pulse: website, Facebook, Twitter.  

-Trump Rally.  Sutton initiative, 200 reported, media (HPR, CB), NOT one from HQ crew – Rohlfing and Hellreich skipped, Ward showed late to speak as legislator, NOT party leader.  HIRA’s messaging got the people there.  Smart was a shill for missing HRP leaders (two weeks later she blew them up at State meeting). Thomas represented Thomas’ desire to keep the wasteful HQ space. Kulbis spoke for veterans, Kerns for Trump grassroots, Welch blew up HQ and HRP leaders.

Embarrassing the Trump-Hawaii team, state leader Frenzel “Are we going to worry about being democrat-lite (as HIRA calls it) or “Republican More Inclusive” as I would call it?“ Kulbis responds “Would you please elaborate by specifying precisely which ‘left-of-center’ Progressive Democrat policies that HRP should embrace in your proposed extreme makeover so that we might appeal to the majority of voters?   Are you proposing that embracing higher taxes, bigger government, and progressive social policies are the key to our success?“ To which Frenzel … crickets. No response.

Surprise? Fukumoto-chang bolts to Dems, lying that Trump sent her over the edge, while for two years planning her departure. HIRA: Fukumoto-chang Jumps Ship. Using her office and staffers to plan the betrayal – think a Dem becoming an R would get away with this? HIRA: Fukumoto, like McDermott, Uses State Resources for Personal Politics

-Leftover from national convention. Eric Ryan, as promised, slaps HQ and individual party leaders with a 76k lawsuit. More to come on this. District chair Hinton “It’s one thing to sit idly by and do nothing while the party fades into oblivion and yet another to enable its inevitable collapse.  Regardless of one’s position on HIRA or opinion of Eric Ryan, it is plain that petty, ego-driven actions surrounding these events overruled rational thought and reasonable conduct.  For RNC to have to have stepped in to correct the record is evidence enough. We have been shamefully and publicly embarrassed in being called out on both television and in radio in Hawaii for our impotence and insignificance.  We are in dire straits and in drastic need of a totally new direction with entirely new leadership.“

District chair Svrcina “Is this true? After all these years of being criticized for your ineffective leadership of this party, separating yourselves from the grassroots and most of the candidates, leaving districts and precincts disorganized, and after disposing candidates like consumables (some forever) election after election sending them to battle with NO support and NO distinct = clearly pro American Republican Brand? After all of that now you have decided to break our own rules again and cause quantifiable financial damage and provoke one of our most active and knowledgeable Republicans?”

No organization does more to destroy the Republican brand than the Hawaii Republican Party. A pro-life national Platform; HRP elects pro-abortion Saiki.  A record-setting RNC fundraising cycle; Rohlfing owns the three lowest raising months of the last decade.  Holding the majority in the US House & the Senate; HRP has 0/25 senators and 5/51 reps.  RNC fights tax increases; McDermott supports tax increases.  SA Borreca declares HRP “microscopic”, “irrelevant”.  Milner writes “Death is not too strong a word to use here.”  Republican Party is Dead  

Island Insights focused on HRP divide (per Fukumoto-chang bashing Trump at progressive Women’s’ rally).  No one from HQ had the ‘guts’ to speak for Republicans. Fukumoto-chang accepted on behalf of liberals, then heard Slom was coming to represent Republicans and conservatives and she suddenly declined the appearance.  Music Man swears he (because no one volunteers at HQ) gave Hellreich the message about appearing on Island Insights. Hellreich, maybe ducking because she was afraid to defend R liberals against Slom, says Music Man lied about notifying her. Island Insights says Hellreich declined to show. Who do you believe?  McDermott offered after-the-fact to appear, but neither HQ nor Island Insights has any use for him.  District chair Kama-Kimura “What is going on with this party? Lack of communication, lack of leadership, lack of directions and now there is absolutely no one willing to appear on this PBS Hawaii show?“

-Rohlfing, Hellreich, Ward (R/H/W) presided over the loss of the R Senate and House leaders, wow. Lingering question: Because R/H/W made this a “candidate-centric” party, do all Republicans have to switch to the Democrat Party? Way to go GOP “leaders”.

District meetings. Your Exec Cmte had a year to organize district meetings, instead met and gave after-the-fact approval for districts which broke rules and held meetings outside the allowed window. Losers.

-Can’t make up this stuff.  Both sides of the establishment are doing all they can to lie, cheat. One side wants to appoint delegates who support only Rohlfing, the other for Ostrov.  Meanwhile, party members are caught in the middle of this stupidity.

Hickling is afraid to ‘respond to all’ the State Cmte. Rohlfing and Ready are plain ole afraid to respond. District chair Kama-Kimura “If I may, Bob please respond to all, so that we will know what your opinion is on this issue. However, since Brett’s email was directed to Fritz the party chair and Boyd, why don’t we let them respond for themselves!“ Crickets.

-Admitting defeat. A month after the Rules mandated window for district caucus meetings, and a week after the last one scheduled way out of bounds, HQ took the caucus info off their website. After all their ‘rebuilding’ effort, with Music Man James and Ready’s ‘focus’ on these critical meetings – EIGHT districts were never even scheduled.

-Reader “Maui Rs had their caucus meeting in Feb. & at least 50 showed up (6 districts). Rohlfing was guest speaker. Greg Lussier asked for written questions. I submitted two. One about the failed leadership of the current leadership, & the second one about what HRP is doing to help Make America Great Again? Greg left out my questions. Hee. hee. Talked with Jeff King the treasurer that current leadership is a failure. He said that HIRA is trashing HRP (but didn’t say any of HIRA message was not true).”  According to conservative Tim Means, Lussiers’ kicked out Republicans who were not RINOs.

-Ready, trying to take the mantle of RINO, lazy leadership, is embarrassed that the shouting at the State meeting embarrassed the entire Exec Cmte in front of our own embarrassing district chairs. Clearly, we know Ready does NOT favor transparency. He may instead be rightly embarrassed of, say, that HQ has no funds, no volunteers, no precinct chairs, no candidates, no message, no Platform, breaks their own rules, can’t account for the funds they have, have a silent micro-caucus in the House, have Abortion Barbie Saiki as their defacto leader, liberal leader Hellreich as their ‘mother’, and a finger-in-the-wind Ward as NCM – all on his watch or by his (in)action. Yes. He should be embarrassed.

-After being criticized for not scheduling county conventions, HNL proposed to hold theirs in April until reminded the Rules requires March. Then, HQ announced the HNL Convention for the end of March, on a weekday, with no time of day announced, on the farthest southeast corner of the island possible. Not to be outdone, Maui brainiacs schedule Maui County convention in conjunction with the Maui-held state committee meeting. You can’t make up this stuff.

-Word spread that Ready got Slom’s endorsement, uh, sort of, maybe without mentioning that anyone (conservative Kulbis) was running against him for county chair. THAT’s the honesty we’ve come to expect from the establishment. Ready also claimed Djou, Aiona endorsements. All skipped his convention.

-Ready exposed. Ready votes to sue Oahu League to sell building. HIRA: Secrets From Ready Files.   Ready, who Peter-principled himself from district chair to party vice for coordinated campaign (circa 2014, recall how that turned out), got fired to party secretary for 2016 (how’d that turn out?), runs for County chair for two more years of nothing. HIRA: Ready In Trouble “longtime executive party officers like Boyd Ready provide so much mismanagement and failed leadership that they are actually helping Democrats.“ And, we keep losing, go figure.

Another fail. McDermott used his oh-so-considerable weight and influence and endorsed Ready, stumped for Ready, introduced Ready at convention. Ready lost, big.

-“a conservative with years of local political campaign management and GOP organizational experience got elected.” HIRA: Meet HNL County Chairman Brett Kulbis. Anyone notice that HQ has not told the public about new county officers? HIRA did. Hmmmm.

-Sore losers. Hickling, Ward, Ready and generally all Rohlfing’s folks tried to discredit and delegitimatize the county election (sounds like democrats) which THEY organized with Ward as convention chair.

-A hoot, or “What is the extent of Saiki’s hypocrisy?” Saiki, upset that Rohlfing wants to sell HQ, now calls for openness and transparency in party affairs. Ha. Ha ha.

-Rohlfing decided his odds of election were better with the State Convention on Kauai (broke the Rules with that late decision) without informing the Exec Cmte. Hellreich and Saiki protest, thinking their (Ostrov’s) odds are better on Oahu to save the HQ expensive property. Without a change from Rohlfing, the Ostrov supporters are offering free airfare to Kauai for their delegates.

Dunce, squared. Hickling explains why the Rules can be ignored “And does it make sense for a neighbor island to have to decide 15 months in advance that it will or won’t host a convention?  I don’t think planning for any Convention has ever started that far in advance.“

My response “This is why Hickling is ignorant (doesn’t know) and corrupt (breaks the rules). Makes absolute sense to have a county accept the convention in Feb the year before, at least it did when we had an actual party.”  I had the rule changed in 2007-‘08. Our conventions were so big, we booked our venue (on Oahu, Sheraton or HHV) more than a year in advance because real venues require real contracts. Back then, we had $ to pluck down hefty deposits to lock them in.

Hickling doesn’t know about major event planning. He hasn’t been here long enough to know much of anything and he has never planned anything big. Nowadays, they can wait until the week before because they could do a state convention in a small cafeteria.  But, all is moot because the rules say February the year before. Last I looked, we are Republicans and Rs follow rules or change them, we don’t break them.

-Exposed for leading the HQ effort to sell the GOP office space, Ready is now sucking up to Oahu League. His out-of-line email, ‘magnanimously granting’ Kulbis the county victory as if Kulbis hadn’t soundly beat him at the ballot box, showed his hurt ego. His hit against Rohlfing shows his lack of loyalty to the party – Ready, who organized Rohlfing’s shenanigans going into the State Cmte meeting, now throws Rohlfing under the bus. This lack of integrity is why our members won’t anymore participate.

Unanswered. What are Ostrov’s positions on life, guns, taxes, religious freedom, rail? How does she raise funds after only $42k for her failed congressional bid?  All we have are her congressional surveys which paint her as quite liberal. How does she unite a party when she has been a party member for only 18 months, never held a leadership position? Who is she? The only thing we know is not selling the wasteful HQ space. Reader “what concerns me(us) have with Ostrof – zero experience and zero political record of achievement.  I asked if she is going to be willing to reach out to groups like HIRA  A plan or people to bring in, because if not and the same tired people like Mukk, Hickling and Ready remain it’s just going to be the status quo.  I asked if (Ostrov) was going to be an independent voice or be beholden to Miriam and Pat.  She couldn’t provide any assurances.”

-Got what she wanted, House micro leader. She was invisible, now non-existent. What makes anyone think she will be more a voice for the party than silent chairs Kaauwai, Chang, Saiki, or Rohlfing. Tupola, Ward, Bueller?  WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MICRO-LEADER TUPOLA, and our micro-caucus?

-Reader: Remember McDermott for Congress? In 2002? I do. After that failed attempt, he became a Democrat party member. He ran for Board of Education and City Council, both unsuccessful.  When he decided to run for a second tenure in the state house, he became a Republican again. McDermott (2016 ACU 35) lied when he signed the Taxpayers Protection Pledge. He voted to extend the rail tax, again. Conservatives do NOT vote for more taxes (he did), nor do they endorse liberal (now Dem) Fukumoto-chang to lead the liberal (ACU average 29) R house caucus (he did).

-Proof that House Rs are as liberal as Ds. ACU 2016 ratings, and ACU is generous compared to Heritage Action and Conservative Review. 80+ is conservative, below 60 is absolute failing. 22 Ds are more conservative than Ward (ACU 24). Souki had the same 24 score as Ward. 14 Ds voted more conservatively than Cheape ACU 26. Thielen is ACU 29, ‘conservative’ Tupola only a 33 and McDermott an embarrassing 35. For context, Cruz and Lee scored ACU 100, Rand Paul 96. Even Paul Ryan 78 and McConnell 75 scored better than any Hawaii R.


HIRA holds liberals, Republicans and Democrats accountable. HIRA’s message, March:

Bob McDermott, Gene Ward, and the entire minority caucus of Republicans in the State House of Representatives UNANIMOUSLY supported Beth Fukumoto to be the leader of all elected Republicans in Hawaii.”  HIRA: Closet-Democrat-Fukumoto-Continues-Mocking-Republicans

We must pressure the Hawaii GOP to get off the sidelines before we are all taxed to death by Democrats.   HIRA: RINO-Party-Leaders-are-Silent-Partners-of-the-Democrat-Rail-Cartel

Thanks to the closet Democrats and RINO’s who control the Hawaii GOP, it’s no wonder local voters don’t think Republicans offer anything different than Democrats   HIRA: HIRA-Calls-On-Ige-to-Fire-AG-Chin. Where Is HRP?  HIRA: HIRA-Denounces-Democrat-Doug-Chin-s-Phony-Cries-of–Racism

-Fun video from the campaign trail. Vote Lee for NRA Board produced, thank you, by Eric Ryan. Check for the second vid.

Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights.  

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.


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