Credibility. None. Part Two

Aloha Friends. Welcome to part 2 of 2.  Credibility, None

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank you.

Writing to conservatives and Republicans, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi-) private discussion. These reports chronicle HRP’s story. My perspective is that of conservative, former State Party Chairman and RNC member. I am not here writing for any of my current conservative organizations, nationally or in Hawaii. Hawaii conservatives need to know that they are not alone. Please forward this to conservatives or let me know to be removed.

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– March 18-19 Honolulu Gun Show

– April 27-29 NRA Annual meeting, Atlanta

– June 29-July 1 Nat’l Right to Life Convention, Milwaukee

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Readers’ Comments – Quick Hits – Politics

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “She should join the liberal party. We have to get the party moving forward, & start cleaning up the swamp here like President Trump is doing.“  “Rail is the biggest crime in Hawaii history of record that RINO Lingle helped to carry out…. Rail is the Hawaii Democrat Party’s Super Bowl of Corruption!!!“  “I said it before….boot the bitch crook Pine!“  “(Fukumoto) has become a sideshow, only due to our failure to act.“  “Hawaii GOP is actually a social club not a political party. Think about it.  Every now and then they sponsor a money making event and have a wonderful time. Lots of speeches and feeling good.  Cash goes to pay office expenses but no other activity–no positions, no recruiting, no candidate support.  Attend national meetings and return enthusiastic but again no action. It’s all an ego booster for the officers and that’s all.”

Reader Democrats from across the nation are sending Fukumoto postcards asking her to stay in the Republican party.

Reader Some of us Mililani people were polled if we’re ok with Fukumoto turning Democrat.  I said no. It’s dishonest doing it right after an election and that she was only doing it because Joe Souki gave her a taste of vice chairmanship and she likes it.

Reader It’s hard to say which is more nauseating: watching Fukumoto turn her back on the voters who elected her as a Republican or listening to her spew that infantile line of anti-Trump rhetoric.

Reader it is so dishonest of Beth Fukumoto to take advantage of Republicans in Mililani by running as the Republican candidate then after the Legislature starts go and switch parties!!  From your emails, I knew, but the rest of Mililani who thought they were voting for a Republican — it’s a breach of trust!  They could have gone with Marilyn Lee if they wanted a Democrat, not someone who’d lie and pretend to be a Republican just to get a vote!

Reader the most recent gossip going around about Beth’s divorce was that David was gay and she’s bonking Rep. Lee. So, that would explain her hate for Trump since she doesn’t understand a normal, heterosexual alpha male.

Reader I was told that the Democrats deliberately recruit people like Beth to infiltrate the GOP…Eric’s reasoning seemed to be that Miriam seeks puppets, but maybe it’s a combo of the 2 things?

Quick Hits:

– HQ said they’d announce LDD speaker at Anti-Trump Lingle dinner, still haven’t given a speaker or date for the February (apparently, HQ thinks Lincoln’s birthday is in April) dinner.

Hellreich whines about cost of State Cmte going to Maui, followed by state convention on Kauai. With Rohlfing/Music Man planning April LDD, Helreich can whine about a third expense in a very short window.

– With HQ phone bank inactivated and unfunded, televisions removed, and an overpriced Saiki copier, HQ is a daycare center for paid staff.

– HQ falsified minutes from the past state meeting to omit any discussion or motions in opposition to HQ agenda, which included Pine removal from HRP, hiring of a second executive director

Micro Caucus. Dazed and Confused. House Facebook page taken down “unavailable” during the exact time when they should be providing hope for new, conservative opposition to progressive policy.

Fukumoto explains why she is a Democrat.

– No comment. HIRA: Divorce, GOP Style. “Former party chair Chang and former party chair turned house RINO leader Fukumoto filing for divorce after four short yearsWedding Registry

Ward sends his periodic newsletter with 90% WH talking points (literally, cut and paste), 10% junk (his urinating bill wasn’t heard in cmte, go figure).

McDermott announced that he is trying to keep his third start (he never actually ran) run for Governor quiet. Seriously? McDermott? Governor?

– Not even close to conservative. R House micro-caucus average ACU rank is 29; lower than, well, low.

Saiki won’t let Rohlfing oust Pine. Abortion Barbie told Chair Rohlfing he will NOT oust Pine, though the State Cmte voted to do so and Pine is already a Democrat.

– What are your children doing? Newsmax: bush-planned-parenthood-fundraiser

– Make a difference using the NRA-ILA action tracker. NRA Legislative Action Tracker

– As NFRA President signed several coalition letters: thanking President for Gorsuch nomination; CNP letter to President thanking for support for Religious Liberty; coalition letter to congress supporting tax code reform; Concerned Women for America coalition letter to support Gorsuch confirmation. Check Republican Wing of the Republican Party

Conservative pulse: website, Facebook, Twitter.  

-Jon Carter from “The unholy trinity. At the right hand of Trump sitteth the minister of propaganda, Steve Bannon. At the left hand sitteth National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre“  Carter means to scare folks, but I’m comfortable.

-Refreshing.  Trump on his messaging “Maybe that’s my fault, Trump said. He later awarded himself a grade of “C” or “C-Plus” on communicating, saying “My messaging isn’t good.“  WTH? A politician taking responsibility? A politician holding himself accountable? POTUS blaming himself instead of like Obama, blaming us for “not able to understand”.#AppreciatingThisGuyMoreEveryDay

President Trump is doing just fine, thank you. Administration is getting filled and better. Haters still can’t embrace him, evidenced by statements such as Mark Torreano’s “Although the president is far from perfect, I believe he is doing his best to reorient our government to better serve Americans.“ Torreano probably has many friends who are perfect. Self-described Trump leader Sutton won’t help Trump beat back critics but will try to organize a rally to show support.

-A national movement to send Valentine’s postcards to President Trump is embarrassing, but Sutton as “state” coordinator (if the state is Oahu) tried to organize a pro-Trump rally. HRP provided no support, planning or logistics or messaging, nothing. The Hawaii Trump team is non-existent. Gigi Jones is laying low and hopes to get a position, Frenzel speaks for the Trump-bashing party loyalists, Sutton is trying to lead but isn’t particularly adept and no one is following.

-My FB post from Trump Rally planning meeting “Life in a deep blue state. Way-too-short four days of Hawaii meetings & NRA campaigning. This meeting: One Trump leader floundering to organize a pro-Trump rally and four HIRA conservatives show to help; no local Republican Party leader, nor any other Trumpers care to show. Uh huh. This is Hawaii, a lot of work to do.“  All you folks SAY you support POTUS, and Sutton can’t get even one, not one, NI rep to step up.  No one attends his planning meeting except conservatives from HIRA. Just like HQ skipping the Island Insights show. #Disgusted

No organization does more to destroy the Republican brand than the Hawaii Republican Party. A pro-life national Platform; HRP elects pro-abortion Saiki.  A record-setting RNC fundraising cycle; Rohlfing owns the two lowest raising months of the last decade.  Holding the majority in the US House & the Senate; HRP has 0/25 senators and 6/51 reps.  RNC fights tax increases; ‘leader’ Fukumoto and McDermott support tax increases.  SA Borreca declares HRP “microscopic”, “irrelevant”.  HRP per Milner “Death is not too strong a word to use here.  Influence-wise, the Republicans here are gone, and there is no resurrection on the horizon.  So, it is safe to see one-party control as a given.”  Republican Party is Dead  

-One example of what’s wrong with Rohlfing, Ward and Hellriech’s “candidate-centric” party, from a Fukumoto interview. The divorced grandchild of a NY union organizer has no conservative values, no values at all.  She says she is R because there were too many Ds. Fukumoto-chang “In Hawaii, Democrats have a super-majority. As a moderate, I believed I could find a place in either party, and I wanted to be an alternative voice for the state. I chose the Republican Party.“

-In Rohlfing’s absolute silence, party officers tried to defend Rohlfing, and defend the lack of HRP activity. Responses to Ready include “Almost every day Fritz Rohlfing is getting pounded and criticized by Rick Hamada …it’s pretty embarrassing to hear those demoralizing words… we can no longer stomach the inefficient and stupidity the way the HRP is being run!“ and “Fritz gotta go… he needs to resign as soon as possible !  Fritz has no balls!“ and “[Ready],  you are certainly not Akina. Akina has to make OHA great again, we have to make GOP great again.  Not being everything to everybody and use the word UNITY as excuse for suicidal unprincipled stupidity and con game. Do you think Jesus wanted unity with money changers in the temple? A Fish rots from the head down. Division in HI GOP starts from the ideologically rotten neutral lukewarm devious leadership which includes you.“

-Vice chair Hickling to District chair Kama-Kimura “We’re at war (with HIRA, not the Ds) and I don’t trust you.”  Hickling “I wish I could trust the gang, but if I can’t trust the WHOLE gang, I can’t give email addresses to ANYone.  It’s that asymmetrical warfare thing.  So, you’re right.  I don’t trust, but that’s because it has been proven that I can’t.“  Kama-Kimura submitted four email for HQ approval – zero have gone to her district.

-Hickling “We need to find a way to send the right people the amount and kind of material they want to receive.“  His solution is to do nothing. These guys have had three years and two horrendous election cycles to figure out how to transmit a message. They are trying to figure out how to message, they aren’t even to the point of having a message. Music Man on radio says it’ll take another 2-4 years to figure out.

-Here’s why not providing districts their list of members screws us in 2020. HQ didn’t want Trump, they don’t like Trump, they aren’t helping Trump. Districts worked to get folks to participate in the 2016 Pres caucus, expecting to share the increased contact info and email addresses to help organize their districts. But, HQ won’t share, even with the chairs who input ALL of it into the Dbase. District chairs have no incentive to GOTV for the 2020 caucus. You can’t make up this stuff.

-Affects candidate recruiting. Allen manager Palcic “Hickling has done an exceedingly poor job: emails not sent or delayed; multiple requests before a batch is processed; unwanted editing or change of format.  Our messages looked like they came from HRP instead of from our campaign.  Our message may differ from that of HQ. No censorship is required. There is no point in trying to limit what anyone but you, yourself, receives via email.  It is paranoid and subversive to deprive the districts of resources because “not everyone can be trusted.” We are adults.  We signed an agreement.  Not everyone should be kept after class because one kid blew a spit wad.“ Democrats = punish all for transgressions of few.  If you didn’t believe when HIRA told you Dems were running this party, you should now.

-Saiki caught in (another) lie Kulbis “[Saiki] You are wrong, this decision was not voted on at any State Committee, this was a decision made exclusively by the Executive Committee. So either you’ve forgotten, or you’re deliberately providing misleading information.  I also doubt that a majority of the State Committee would vote to limit their ability to communicate with their district.“

-Out of the blue, HQ opts for a MAUI March State Cmte meeting. Kulbis, then Saiki, Hellreich howled which allowed lemmings such as Thomas find guts and complain. Hellreich “I did not receive notification of the State Committee Meeting planned for Maui on March 18th nor was the Executive Committee consulted on this most unusual scheduling.“ Saiki “As a member of the Executive Committee, I was not informed nor made aware of such a meeting.  I hope this was not designed to limit participation.“ Duh.

Caucus meetings. Nine people attend the mighty HD18. HQ and district did nothing to increase attendance. Caucus meetings that were held had an average of six members show, not even an average of two/precinct. Many districts didn’t hold a meeting. HIRA tells us that HQ refused to schedule district caucus elections & meetings HIRA: HQ Cheating Transparent

-Trying to suppress participation. HQ so far has five district meetings called with little or no notice (not just short notice, but not telling anyone i.e. no notice) outside the rules window which they extended this year because they screwed it up last year. HQ has Music Man going to each to make up rules to anoint the HQ-approved place-holder district chair. And … you … wonder…. why  …we…. keep ….losing.

-They’re afraid and don’t want you. Caucus meetings were moved a week last year because HQ cannot get their act together, essentially giving up more of the year before establishing grassroots leadership. Scheduled in Rules for the first two weeks of February, Windward does not hold caucus meetings then surprises folks with H48,50, 51 on Feb 21, out of the window.

-After being criticized for not scheduling county conventions, HNL proposed to hold theirs in April until they were reminded that violates Rules which required March. Then, HQ announced the HNL Convention for the end of March, on a weekday, with no time of day announced, on the farthest southeast corner of the island possible.

-Kulbis We are in a battle for the soul of the Party!  Everything they’re doing is to suppress attendance by anyone in opposition – State Convention on Kauai, State Committee meeting on Maui, withholding email information from District Chairs and cheating on the caucuses.  The one chance they had to prove me wrong, not one of them could find the time to participate in the Insights show on PBS.

-McDermott has launched another of his ‘stealth’ campaigns for Governor. This is the 3-4 cycle, of the ones I know, that he brought it up, then fades or makes an excuse why to not run. Be better if he had a message, a reason to run, and would be something different than the other tax-raising democrats.

-Asked on air by Music Man James “What is important at the capitol?”, Ward stepped into his ‘public urination’ bill.  Not assisted suicide, not tax increases, not gun control, not teacher salary increases, not rail fund skim. Ward thinks the most important bill is urination.

McDermott (2016 ACU 35) lied when he signed the Taxpayers Protection Pledge. He voted to extend the rail tax, again. Conservatives do NOT vote for more taxes, nor do they endorse liberal Fukumoto-chang to lead the liberal (ACU average 29) R house caucus (he did).

-Speaking of, where is Tupola? She got what she wanted, she is House micro caucus leader. She was invisible before, now she is non-existent.

-Reports from four people of Music Man trolling HIRA’s Ryan. Extended phone calls – he doth protest too much – trying to argue that HIRA is bad, HQ is good. In a week of anti-HIRA phone calls, Music Man has not recruited a single district chair, nor candidate, nor raised funds. Music needs to spend less time on Mukk’s FB and more time doing his job.

Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights. HIRA: Lee For NRA Board. Running for NRA Board of Directors at You can help by Liking .  

-Again, we have more Hawaii former R legislators in office than there are Rs in office. Even with D primary defeats and retirements, there are more Republicans in office NOT as Rs, then there are as Rs. Kobayashi, Riviere, Kong, Gabbard, Tokioka, Johanson, Arakawa, Pine, Harry Kim are all former Rs. Include Sonson, Espero, Kim who ran as R but got elected as D.

-Proof that House Rs are as liberal as Ds. ACU 2016 ratings, and ACU is generous compared to Heritage Action and CR. 80+ is conservative, below 60 is absolute failing. 22 Ds are more conservative than Ward (ACU 24). 14 Ds voted more conservatively than Cheape & Fukumoto at ACU 26. Thielen is ACU 29, Tupola only a 33 and McDermott an embarrassing 35. Souki had the same 24 score as Ward. For context, Cruz and Lee scored ACU 100, Rand Paul 96. Even Paul Ryan 78 and McConnell 75 scored better than any Hawaii R.

-Late breaking. Eric Ryan, as promised, slaps HQ and individual party leaders with a 76k lawsuit. More to come on this.

-Just now. McDermott unhinged, fake, foul-mouthed, hate towards gunners. Eric, You are sad and pathetic…20k for pain and suffering. You dumbshit, political parties set their own rules and are a private organization (ask the democrats). Seeing you at a Republican Party gathering is like seeing a turd in my Ceasar Salad.  Too bad big brother Willes could not spew some hate your way and open a door or in Cleveland.  He was too busy jerking off his M-16! LOL Put on the Tin foil hat! Bob McDermott


HIRA holds liberals, Republicans and Democrats accountable. HIRA’s message, January:

Fukumoto follows her mentor Johanson to D party. HIRA: Bash Trump – “You’re Fired”

“Honestly, neither Johanson nor his successor Fukumoto should have been leading Republicans in the first place.“  HIRA: UNILATERAL-SURRENDER—How-Fukumoto-Smothered-GOP-Policy-Aspirations

HIRA: WHY-DOESN-T-THE-HAWAII-G-O-P–FIGHT  “According to former state senator Sam Slom, posted on his Facebook page that “no one from the HRP agreed to be on” on the live TV show.“

“Fukumoto has been threatening to switch parties for over two years, long before Donald Trump ever ran for office. But you don’t see that reported.“  HIRA: Only-real-Republicans–not-RINOS–can-turn-Hawaii-around

You need to watch this seven minute synopsis of Island Insights. HIRA: Slom-and-Hemmings-Diagnose–Nonexistent–Hawaii-GOP


-Fun 2:18 video from the campaign trail. produced, thank you, by Eric Ryan. Running for NRA Board of Directors. Serving on NRA Military & Veterans Affairs Committee and Outreach Committee. Endorsed by Ollie North, Pete Brownell, Carolyn Meadows. Most of Board and all NRA leadership signed petition including President Allan Cors, 1VP Pete Brownell, 2VP Richard Childress, former NRA Presidents Jim Porter, David Keene and Ollie North, Allan West, Dave Butz, plus HRA President Harvey Gerwig, Congressmen Matt Salmon AZ-5, Rob Wittman VA-1. Check www.WillesLee.comI appreciate your support and vote.




ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.


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