Broken Party, part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome to part 2 of 2.  Broken Party

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank you.

Writing to conservatives and Republicans, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi-) private discussion. These reports chronicle HRP’s story. My perspective is that of conservative, former State Party Chairman and RNC member. I am not here writing for any of my current conservative organizations, nationally or in Hawaii. Hawaii conservatives need to know that they are not alone. Please forward this to conservatives or let me know to be removed.

– February 4-12 GAOS, Harrisburg.

– February 22-25 CPAC, National Harbor

– February 23-25 CNP, Orlando

– April 27-29 NRA Annual meeting, Atlanta


Running for NRA Board of Directors at and  

Readers’ Comments – Quick Hits – Campaigns

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “Hawaii gop is a joke. The only solution is to abandon Hawaii and move put pf state asap.“  “The first time you mention a name, could you put the first name as well?“ (YES)  “HRP is tacitly providing you with the golden opportunity to constructively share your sentiments with us.“  Former candidate after reading last report of HRP corruption “Whew. Sure glad I answered you honestly before.“ “Interesting insight about the former Rs in office. Could have added those who ran as R but didn’t get elected until ran as D (former Rep Sonson, Sen Espero, etc — both are not local born so they didn’t know to run as D originally).“ “Your detailed descriptions of  problems within the HRP reveal the pettiness which comes from folks who never experienced real fear and therefor concoct all sorts of irrelevant complications because they have lived in luxurious freedom and plenty so long they simply have no concept of what is truly important in this world and this country.“

Reader: Fukumoto’s “difficult to get a job”– she could have gotten work if she had been willing to apply for or take job that required hard work or didn’t have status. Moving here in 2002 from mainland without connections, I had to take jobs as transcriptionist and program coordinator to support my children, for example, because jobs I was trained for with a MS and doctorate weren’t available. My neighbor, an immigrant from Hungary, with a PhD in cellular biology, had to work selling Primerica and as security guard to support her son. We humbled ourselves to take jobs we were overqualified for but we did honest labor and are self-sufficient. Beth just didn’t want to really work?

Reader: My grandfather was a European champion in free pistol and an excellent shot in WWII. Mom as a kid made his bullets and he ordered some of his guns from Smith and Wesson….guns were his entire life; everyday! My mom and I just couldn’t stop laughing at the Mattis quotes.

Reader: Do you know why Gene Ward only served as a Trustee of the East West Center for a year rather than a full term?  The President’s office had explained that he thought it was an honor (you know, his status obsession since he is a failure) and didn’t think he had to contribute to the center financially like all the other Trustees on the Board, so was given the boot.

Reader: The one toilet in HQ is not dirty!  I clean it and the sink regularly. Please retract that remark!  It reflects on me as several people know I clean it. My response: Thank you for helping at HQ, it is important.  Seriously?  Of all the issues for this corrupt HRP, this is what you choose to send me?

Quick Hits:

– HQ said they’d announce LDD speaker at Anti-Trump Lingle dinner, still haven’t.

– HQ embarrassed. Three months, HQ has yet to tell you that Tagavilla is gone (or, why). Nor tell that they hired Music Man James, without a search.  HIRA: Rohlfing/Hellreich/Ward Trade Down.

– With HQ phone bank inactivated and unfunded, televisions removed, and an overpriced Saiki copier, HQ is a daycare center for paid staff. Anyone hear that Wi-Fi may be back?

Fukumoto explains why she is a Democrat.

– No comment. HIRA: Divorce, GOP Style. “Former party chair Chang and former party chair turned house RINO leader Fukumoto filing for divorce after four short years

– Whaaaaat? Lack of support, lack of effort, weak campaign manager (same Music Man), Jaci Agustin left the state.  Not just politics, She. Left. The. State.

– Losing Pouha does not change the ACU average for our liberal R house caucus.  Not low-conservative at 80. Not even liberal at 60. Your R house average at 29 is lower than, well, it is low.

– District Chairman Kulbis, Jeremiah campaign manager, is Convention of States Grassroots Leader.

– Make a difference using the NRA-ILA action tracker. NRA Legislative Action Tracker

– As NFRA President signed. Coalition letter to PE Trump supporting Pruitt for EPA; CEI coalition letter to PE Trump to keep the deregulation of credit union business lending; CAP coalition letter to congress “Stop the Return of Earmarks’; Coalition letter to congress No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act: AFP coalition letter to congress to use CRA to overturn Obama regulations. Check the Republican Wing of the Republican Party


Conservative pulse: website, Facebook, Twitter.  

-Wonderful Inauguration, wonderful appointments, wonderful first days. President Trump. Gorsuch is a great pick, 2016 was all about SCOTUS.

-RNC changed with Ronna McDaniels taking chair. 2/4 officers stay the same, most senior staff gone to the administration.  Good news: many folks you and I want on the Reso and the Rules committees (i.e. conservatives) were reelected.

-Before Gorsuch finished with his introductory speech Tuesday night, I had WH talking points from the conservative liaison in my inbox. Damn, no confusion in WH on this.

-As much as we don’t want our ‘spokesmen’ playing into the hands of the MSM, sometimes you’re caught on tape saying stupid things as a crying Paikai gives credit to “white people” with “For me to be even there, in that arena, coming from one Hawaiian, coming from thinking that nothing going come out of, good, from those who are supposedly are white,” HNN: Trump Supporters Attend Inaugural

No organization does more to destroy the Republican brand than the Hawaii Republican Party. A pro-life national Platform; HRP elects pro-abortion Saiki.  A record-setting RNC fundraising cycle; Rohlfing owns the two lowest raising months of the last decade.  Holding the majority in the US House & the Senate; HRP has 0/25 senators and 6/51 reps.  RNC fights tax increases; ‘leader’ Fukumoto and McDermott support tax increases.  SA Borreca declares HRP “microscopic”, “irrelevant”.  HRP per Milner “Death is not too strong a word to use here.  Influence-wise, the Republicans here are gone, and there is no resurrection on the horizon.  So, it is safe to see one-party control as a given.”  Republican Party is Dead  

Hypocrisy reaching new heights. OL Thomas uses her newsletter to chastise “RINO” Thielen (her word) and call out Fukumoto for “the height of hypocrisy” (her quote). Correct on both accounts. But, Thomas as the messenger?  She leads what HIRA deems “The Oahu League of RINO Women” supporting Hellriech, Djou, and the 29-average ACU-rated R House caucus. She personally voted for the party budget which allocated zero funds for campaigning, She personally voted, multiple times, to support the LLIFE so-called platform. If Thomas opened her eyes, we are glad. Because she stands next to “RINO” Thielen (her word), along with Fukumoto at the “height of hypocrisy” (her words), it is doubtful. Conservative, President Trump-supporting, action would speak louder than Thomas’ empty words. OLRW Letter

-Rohlfing, Hellreich, Ward declared HRP to be candidate-centric. Candidates Fukumoto & Thielen took to the Trump protest rally media to hit President Trump. HIRA and a miniscule group of Trump supporters have defended our President from Fukumoto and Thielen’s Republican attacks.  Anyone notice the absence of Trump state campaign chair Frenzel (bought a table at Lingle event to support candidate-centric attacks)?, Or co-chair Sutton (asked to speak up and refused to support President Trump)? Or, party so-called chair Rohlfing? NCM Ward? NCW Hellreich? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Saiki won’t let Rohlfing oust Pine. Abortion-Barbie Saiki told Chair Rohlfing he will NOT oust Pine, though the State Cmte voted to do so and Pine is already a Democrat.

-Again, we have more Hawaii former R legislators in office than there are Rs in office. Even with D primary defeats and retirements, there are more Republicans in office NOT as Rs, then there are as Rs. Kobayashi, Riviere, Kong, Gabbard, Tokioka, Johanson, Arakawa, Pine, Harry Kim are all former Rs. More noted in the readers’ comments above.

McDermott (2016 ACU 35) lied when he signed the Taxpayers Protection Pledge. He voted to extend the rail tax. Reader “McDermott wants taxpayers to BOHICA (bend over here it comes again) for the rail cartel while saying he opposes using the anus as a sex organ.” and “Similar to Obama and democrats refusing to name radical Islamic terrorists, McDermott and Tupola refuse to call HRP corruption and incompetence what it is.“ Conservatives do NOT vote for more taxes, nor do they elect liberal Fukumoto to lead the liberal (ACU average 29) R house caucus.

-Proof that House Rs are as liberal as Ds. ACU 2016 ratings, and ACU is generous compared to Heritage Action and CR. 80+ is conservative, below 60 is absolute failing. 22 Ds are more conservative than Ward (ACU 24). 14 Ds voted more conservatively than Cheape & Fukumoto at ACU 26. Thielen is ACU 29, Tupola only a 33 and McDermott an embarrassing 35. Souki had the same 24 score as Ward. For context, Cruz and Lee scored ACU 100, Rand Paul 96. Even Paul Ryan 78 and McConnell 75 scored better than any Hawaii R.

Ward reached out when he saw “Lee becomes an NRA Director”. His snarky email says I should start to work for 2A rights and should support local/national R candidates. He forgot he signed McDermott’s caucus letter to NRA lying about the 2A. Maybe he forgot that his caucus has an average ACU 29, and that he is as conservative as Souki (24). Maybe he forgot that he supports Muslim Day and illegals with driver’s licenses. I don’t support flakes, nor ACU 24 legislators, nor unprincipled men/women i.e. until Ward fixes himself as a legislator & NCM, he has to seek support from Democrats & liberal Republicans.

Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights. HIRA: Lee For NRA Board. Running for NRA Board of Directors at You can help by Liking .  

HIRA holds liberals, Republicans and Democrats accountable. HIRA’s message, January:

HIRA: Hawaii-Republicans-Have-Really-GREAT-News-for-President-Obama Survey to determine what to name for Obama. Top five+1. 25% – A Sewage Treatment Plant, 13% – Nothing, 8% – Port-a-Potties at public beaches, 7% – Welfare Office, 6% – Nanakuli Landfill, 5% – Something in Kenya.

Jeremiah editorial. Republican Party in Hawaii is seriously ill-equipped and ill-prepared to manage even one successful campaign against any Democratic incumbent / challenger and our party leaders appear to lean more towards support of the Democratic Party than it does its own. HIRA: It-s-Time-for-a-Change–GOP-Candidate-Bryan-Jeremiah-Guest-Editorial

Dem super-donor Sanford Carr buys Hellreich HIRA: Infiltration-Alert–HAWAII-GOP-SILENCE-FOR-SALE-by-Team-Hellreich

Jeremiah wants HQ DTS. HIRA: Making-the-Case-to-FIX-the-Hawaii-Republican-Party

Dems payoff of HQ, pays off.  HIRA: QUID-PRO-WHOA–Democrat–Bailout-of-HI-GOP-Leads-to-Official-Gag-Order-by-Fritz-Rohlfing  In the aftermath of Democrats paying off the party’s debt and current overhead expenses, there appears to be some sort of secret agreement for state Republican leaders to muzzle the party and its members.

Hold on to your wallets. Zero R opposition voice. HIRA: CONSEQUENCES-ARE-REAL—Tomorrow–the-Chickens-Come-Home-to-Roost

Holding MSM accountable. Newspaper lies, or is that redundant?  HIRA: FAKE-NEWS-ALERT–Local-Newspaper-Deceives-Readers-to-Push-for-Higher-Minimum-Wage

Fukumoto publicly craps on President Trump and HQ and R caucus like it. HIRA: DEEP-TROUBLE—-With-Frenemies-Like-Fukumoto–Who-Needs-Democrats

If HQ and R caucus are afraid to take action, HIRA calls for Fukumoto to go. HIRA: CALL-TO-ACTION—Time-to-FIRE-Closet-Democrat-Beth-Fukumoto-from-GOP-Leadership

Hours before releasing this email, HIRA tells us that HQ refused to schedule district caucus elections & meetings HIRA: HQ Cheating Transparent

Breaking. Fukumoto follows her mentor Johanson to D party. HIRA: Bash Trump – “You’re Fired”

-Sissy.  Cheape got a heads-up that the media and HIRA were announcing Fukumoto’s ouster. She snuck out of the caucus room so she wouldn’t have to vote. Afraid of the backlash, before she got home, she cancelled her attendance at this weekend’s district caucus meeting citing a ‘family personal “thing”. That’s the sort of strong-will we’ve come to expect from House Rs.

-The non-Republican that HQ supported for OHA turns around and hammers HQ and the feckless R Caucus. ‘So, after accepting our volunteers and money, tell us what you really think of us.’ GRIH: No Competition When There Are No Republicans

-Our NRLC friend Carol Tobias “The great social movement of our age has seen another great success! The most comprehensive report of abortion numbers reports another big drop in abortions in the most recent reported year. That number, once as high as 1.6 million per year in the U.S., has now fallen to 926,190 (2014 data)“  Good, but more work to be done. Tobias was keynote at HIRA’s Reagan Banquet.

Running for NRA Board of Directors. Serving on NRA Military & Veterans Affairs Committee and Outreach Committee. Endorsed by Ollie North, Pete Brownell, Carolyn Meadows. Most of Board and all NRA leadership signed petition including President Allan Cors, 1VP Pete Brownell, 2VP Richard Childress, former NRA Presidents Jim Porter, David Keene and Ollie North, Allan West, Dave Butz, plus HRA President Harvey Gerwig, Congressmen Matt Salmon AZ-5, Rob Wittman VA-1. Check www.WillesLee.comI appreciate your support and vote.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.


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