Empire Strikes Back, part 1

Aloha Friends. Welcome back to part one of two.

Missing. Five months into the election cycle and HRP has yet to fill 45% district chair positions. Saiki musters only 47/76 State Cmte members for her quarterly meeting, and Thomason has but 14/51 districts represented at the Rules Cmte meeting. Three months into the legislative session – HRP has yet to speak for or against ANY bill or issue; Saiki’s only initiative is a reso against conservatives.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better. Read on.

Meetings – HRP finances – By The Numbers

-April 10-12 NRA Annual Meeting, Nashville www.NRA.org

-April 24 Family, Faith & Freedom March, State Capitol.

-June 20-21 HRA Shooting Sports Fair, Kokohead Range HGHAWAII@GMAIL.COM, 306-7194.

-June 26-28 Western Conservative Summit Denver WesternConservativeSummit

-July 9-11 National Right to Life Convention New Orleans http://nrlconvention.com

-August 28-30 NFRA Presidential Endorsing Convention, Nashville www.nfraconvention2015.com

District Meeting. As Saiki demands her integrity not be challenged, she provides less-than-truthful talking points. Marumoto “the whole blame is on HIRA for the distress in the Party.“ Attendee “Marumoto was praising Pat Saiki at meeting, telling lies that she has swallowed about how Saiki paid off a debt of $150,000. (Debt was never $150k, Saiki inherited only $17,897.) I guess that the more Barbara tries to criticize HIRA, the higher she climbs in the power structure at HQ, and that’s all she has left!“ About HRP’s candidate for the HD18 election do-over “he should begin by showing up to the meetings.“ Members were chastised by HRP surrogates for supporting Sutton in the LG Primary rather than the HRP anointed Ahu, referring to the new ‘Purity Pledge’ which prohibits disagreement with HRP ‘leaders.’

State Meeting. HIRA “[Saiki] and [Rohlfing] did not unveil any bold or extremely ambitious two-year plan to transform Hawaii’s shrinking and routinely defeated Republican Party into the majority political party in Hawaii.“ Still no HRP platform, message, organization, Victory plan or budget. Saiki refuses to provide an agenda until the day before, and refused to provide past meeting minutes. She has 47 officers for “The first official meeting of the newly constituted State Committee“ i.e. missing 38%. Only 7/16 NI district chairs, 0 from BI. In two minutes, past minutes are approved though newbies have never seen party minutes and no one saw these in advance. Dem-like Saiki holds no one accountable but Yim accepts responsibility (that’s good) for failing as Coalitions Vice Chair; Saiki replaces her – without an election – with a Hellreich loyalist new to the state who has never held any level of party leadership, never worked with Hawaii coalitions, and is now a state vice chair. Klompus actually attends, with no documentation to back her quickly read finance numbers, and promises a 3-5 year plan. Saiki has continued difficulty understanding parliamentary procedure – District chair “Fritz agreed with me about her lack of correct procedure and he knows the rules but he said nothing. His county convention will have a better use of rules he says.” (It didn’t.) Mensch, Fontaine, Hickling floundering as Saiki pays no attention to NI; no county chair gives progress in membership, voter reg, or filling district/precinct positions. Six weeks post-caucus, Parsons still can’t produce a list of district chairs.

Saiki/Hellreich/Liu, S/H/L, propose plan to make the party smaller. HIRA “Rather than to figure out a way to go after Democrats, the state committee put all its effort into fighting fellow Republicans. The “Party Member Compliance Plan” has a multi-tiered list of severe punishments which will help them to purge the party officer structure of conservatives regardless of the fact that they were elected by their district constituency.“ 35 vote in favor, ie less than half the 76-member state cmte. More in part two.

HD50 do-over. Conservative Hood beat the Hellreich/Theilen surrogate. So, Saiki/Rohlfing called for another election. Establishment Attacks Conservatives. HIRA “Conservative party leaders elected in last month’s party caucuses … received notice that he or she is targeted for removal by [Saiki, Hellreich, Rohlfing].” Theilens’s phone script “We can’t have a conservative Christian woman as district chair,” implying Hellreich, Theilen and winner Waterhouse are not conservative, or Christian, and stating HRP’s position towards conservatives. Hellreich, paid staffer Parsons and re-installed Rules guy Thomason showed with county Rohlfing to run the event …. no one had the room keys, and the janitor didn’t trust them and wouldn’t unlock the door. People left. A volunteer ends 20 minutes of confusion with keys to a smaller room. “The room was small so people had to stand outside,” more left. “There was no prior announcement to bring ID,” people left. “There weren’t enough ballots,” people left. “A bunch of white people older than me,” a 63 year-old attendee said. Paid staff Parsons had “trouble getting to the party database to look up names,” people left. “They want us to run for neighborhood board but then Parsons recognized everyone but ignored board members.” Hood declined nomination (that’s pretty odd) so Morgan ran. “Theilen stayed awake, she fell asleep during the last two neighborhood board meetings.” Rohlfing and paid staff Parsons prohibited observers from ballot counting, tally was not announced, Thomason “We don’t have to tell you the vote count.” Later the county gave numbers which no one believes to be accurate, or true. “This was like a vote from a third world country.” Story not over: several members show up a day late – HRP March 17 calendar lists wrong date.


Kauai Convention. From multiple attendees: Hickling promised 100; 30 show, an indication of HRP’s inflated numbers. Older crowd with a few young (being 50’s-60’s) members. Hickling out, Yoder is new chair. Maui was worse, and BI even worse.

Rules Cmte. From several attendees: Only 14 attend of only 22 reps i.e. only 22 districts organized enough to have even a Rules rep. Only 2/16 NI. Members (not guests) must sign gag order which prohibits discussing the meeting with district members. Saiki “Rules are just guidelines,” sounds of Obama with the Constitution, and criminals with the law. Only Saiki-proposed changes move forward 1. to allow mortgage-dedicated Capital Campaign funds for MUCH more than only mortgage (now includes area maintenance, property tax, building improvement … and other expenses as the State Committee may determine. 2. Audit requirement to become “Two people picked by party chair to ‘review’ party finances” instead of an audit to confirm that ‘leaders’ spend funds as authorized by the State Cmte. Dumped are member proposals 1. Written reports for State meetings, Saiki “requiring leaders to submit written reports in advance of a meeting is onerous.” 2. Require an agenda in advance of a meeting, Moses “We can’t expect [HQ] to know an agenda a week before a meeting.”

Honolulu Convention. 102 delegates, many left, about 65 by election time = only two/district average. Proceedings were so canned that several members asked Saiki why anyone should bother to attend state convention for $75. Surprised by many candidates opposing the HRP-approved slate, Rohlfing recessed multiple times with rules guy Thomason to beat back the ‘uprising.’ Rohlfing won election (chair), as did his HRP-approved slate, though with a third of votes in opposition. Reader “it’s clear Fritz is just a peon with no upward mobility in the Hellreich operation.“ Rohlfing & Saiki’s speeches went so long they ran out of cafeteria rental time and adjourned without addressing the prepared resolutions. Rohlfing “The Honolulu County Executive Committee supervises the District Committees” resulting in 2014 election results, and less than 1/3 of districts at Rules mtg.

-National Assembly (NFRA) BoD. Phone meeting (during county convention). Received update for August Nashville Presidential Endorsing Convention. Pacific Region (I’m Pacific VP): AKRA involved in Anchorage Mayor’s race. Leadership changes in CRA. Hawaii conservatives moved to Nevada are increasing NVRA membership. HIRA kudos for 1. Legislative info to members, 2. holding elected officials accountable, and 3. conservative progress, evidenced by S/H/L mea culpa email to RNC.

-HRP FEC. End of February report has LDD $. February is in the black, first time this cycle. Receipts were $80,135 = $78,788 contributions + 959 state account transfer + ZERO (again) from RNC charity fund. Disbursements = $42,500, includes $1499 mortgage+2715 building maint, 945 IMS accounting, Parsons’ salary 3750 +1907 payroll tax+1618 insurance+679 health insurance, 786 Flake’s Turtle Bay lodging, 525 buttons, 6128 mail appeal, 1605 six computers, 21000 or so in LDD expenses. CoH up to 70k (+26k mortgage, 4.7k counties’). HRP CY now in the black by 35k. HRP in the red 16 of past 26 reports, 6/11 reports since Hellreich crowned Saiki. HIRA “2015 LDD fell well short of past LDD — hundreds of thousands of dollars LESS.  LDD 1998 (like 2015, a year where Hawaii Republicans held no federal offices) netted $250k; 2015 is ~27% of that.“ Marumoto “We are struggling to keep the doors open” as LDD revenue allows nothing for political activity or 2016 prep. Zero 10k donors. 5k D Lundquist. 3k H Chong. 2.5k Q Kawananakoa, E Lum, J Shidler, C Kaneshiro, J Radcliffe, A Sutton. 2k S Wainwright. 1.5k T Liu, S Anderson, E Ahu, H King, K Williamson, A Moy, M Hellreich. ‘Soft money’ may show in July CSC report.

-Reader “Should I bother to go to convention?” Saiki offers her elite to pay $10.47 less than ‘regular’ early registrants. Regular cost for members is even more. Member “What can possibly be achieved by this elevation of some over others?  It won’t be seen as a reward for leaders, but as taxation or punishment for party members. What about candidates and campaign organizations, party donors and supporters, office workers and volunteers? We’ve never had to pay an additional fee on top of registration.  Why tax us like this? It’s more than GET!“ Rohlfing directs chairs to appoint Romney-campaign members as delegates …. and members aren’t interested. Too irrelevant to matter. Too liberal to differentiate from Ds. Too expensive from a NI for a half-day of pre-determined voting. Too stodgy to have fun.

-Response to HQ convention email “Dear [paid staff Parsons], Dozens of manipulators, sycophants and useful idiots will attend, pretending that there is a role to participate meaningfully in a real political party. No meaningful participation will be tolerated, as usual. A pathetic waste of time. No principles, no ethics and no courage of convictions. Let me know when a real political party shows up. Aloha Ed Gutteling“

By the numbers:

  1. HRP Leadership providing testimony at legislative session.
  2. Key headline “Netanyahu Wins.“
  3. RNC Gold Medal ads. Humor Obamacare and US Senate hits Compare and Contrast

2½. Million CPAC budget. We’re planning a bigger event next year.

  1. Your House supports raising taxes, Fukumoto, McDermott, Pouha, Cheape.
  2. Months this cycle and twenty-three after Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives to Increase our chances of winning.”
  3. HRP lacks integrity to address Rs -Thielen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine, Fenton– who endorsed Ds against Rs in 2012. Add 2014 Cheape, Fukumoto, district chair Egge, and Hanneman’s Rs.
  4. Years without a HRP strategic plan, finance plan, campaign (Victory) plan.
  5. Months since the 2012 required HRP financial audit was to be conducted. 15 since the ’13 audit was due. Four months since Saiki last promised. Donors don’t give when finances are in question.
  6. State legislators. Scorecard tells why you aren’t heard. Legislator Scores.
  7. Days (as of April 1) to the Presidential election.

Fighting Rs, not Ds. HRP clique lost several district elections. A’la The Empire Strikes Back, HRP goes after three (turns out, two) of the winners. District chair “They are changing the rules to fit themselves!“  HQs invents reasons for a do-over, though, per district rep, “we had a vote and it was administered by a party representative (County vice Monahan).“   Having failed to fill 45% district chair seats, five months into the election cycle haggling over the seat they did fill, not allowing ballot-counting observers raises questions about the veracity of Presidential Caucus results. No one trusts HRP to properly administer or honestly report.

Review the S/H/L crew Broken Promises Part 1 – State Officers, Part 2 – Vice Chairs, Part 3 – County with It’s Time To Go Petition. HIRA “Much went wrong and you deserve to know the truth.“

Arrogant. Obama got huffy when Giuliani challenged his patriotism and love for America. Saiki arrogantly writes “I have served the Party for more than 40 years … My commitment – my loyalty and integrity should not be questioned.“   If there weren’t questions, she wouldn’t write about it. That Saiki must address her commitment, loyalty, and integrity tells the story.

If we all work together, we can accomplish so much. HRP believes if Rs cooperate on taxes, wealth distribution, gun control, comprehensive immigration, marriage, life, marijuana and gambling .. the Ds will be happy. If only Rs simply accepted less national security, more government intrusion into your private life, and man-made climate change. Wouldn’t everything be better? Of course not.

That’s the point. HRP ‘leadership’ believe that if conservatives, TEA, life and gun and religious rights supporters would get on their liberal, get-along wagon, everyone would be happy. The base, they think, should follow an abortion leader with no message, less than 60% of volunteer positions filled, months of financial RED, and an ineffective national committee team. They believe Rs should blindly obey corrupt vice & county chairs. They think that if people stop writing about them, well, then HRP would flourish. Wouldn’t everything be better?

-Duffy “Planned Parenthood Hawaii is behind the push to get Sex Ed mandated for all public elementary, middle and high schools. HB459 is not about health and it is not about the “keiki.” The ultimate goal of these comprehensive sexuality programs is to change the sexual and gender norms of society.“ No HRP leadership testified.

-CB “The AG’s office cautions that, “Despite the decrease in 2014, firearm registration activity increased dramatically over the course of the 14 years for which these data have been reported. From 2000 through 2014, the number of statewide permit applications climbed 298.4 percent, the number of firearms registered rose 354.9 percent, and the number of firearms imported surged 356.6 percent.”

-Sports shooting. Try it. WaPo: Surge in Sports Shooting. Disclosure: I’m on the NRA of America Urban Affairs Committee. Larry Potterfield is an NRA Board Member.

-Best reality show. March Madness. First weekend, 48 games in 100 hours. Duke to Final Four.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Forward this – people need to know, you need to act. Part 2 coming.



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