Already Voting, part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome to part 2 of 2.  Already Voting


– October 1-2 Gun Show Blaisdell (i.e. stop reading, go now)

– October 9 Presidential Debate St Louis

– October 14 CWA meeting Aiea

– October 19 Presidential Debate Las Vegas

– October 22 Trump National Sign wave  Hint:Hawaii – make phone calls instead.


Readers’ Comments – Quick Hits – Campaigns

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “What is the point of even being a Republican in Hawaii? This is so discouraging half of the party is Rhinos the other half sends out constant criticisms of the Rhinos.“  “I have tried to contact Fritz a couple times, but never an answer.  I can’t say it matters because I would expect nothing more than lip service from these guys.“  “it seems whenever self-professing “Republicans” are mad these days and are in a pissing contest, they feel the need to recite their DD-214 or academic CV as if that makes a difference.“  “I cannot campaign for a candidate because there is no one qualified running in Hawaii.“  “The best part is that Trump is loved by all these Hawaii Republicans who used to complain that HIRA, Lee and Ryan were too hard-hitting!!“

Degracia “there is ALWAYS the same pattern to self-declared political alignment when one is a RINO. When first called out for voting the wrong way, they call themselves “moderates.”  When called out over another vote, they call themselves “bipartisan.”  When they persist in voting with Democrats they become “independents” though still carrying an (R) for ballot access, and, if conservative outcry persists, they finish the evolution by doing a press conference to announce they have become Democrats.“

Quick Hits:

McDermott‘s ACU 57 lifetime rating = liberal Republican, or what some call ‘moderate’.

Fukumoto tells why she is a Dem.

– HI-2 candidate Kaaihue “did you know that some hindu’s practice cannibalism? Hawaii congresswoman tulsi gabbard is the 1st hindu “

– With HQ phone bank inactivated and unfunded, televisions removed, and an overpriced Saiki copier, HQ is a daycare center for paid staff.

– Next time whiners think only Rs have squabbles  SA: Dems Flip Each Other Off

Divide us after the election. GOPUSA:  Priebus May Punish Non-Endorsers.  Deace CR: take-this-party-and-shove-it.

– Would have been wheels up, gone.  GOPUSA: China Embarrasses Obama, and he doesn’t see it

– Personnel is policy.  First the NRA endorsement, now Trump makes SBA list Dannenfelser his pro-life counselor.  Blaze: Trump’s Pro-Life Coalition

– Trump appears right on homeschoolingTrump Homeschooling With Values Voter. “It is encouraging to see a presidential candidate speak out in favor of homeschool freedom.“

– Ola.  “There is not much evidence to suggest that Trump is faring any worse among Hispanics than did Romney.“  Hill: Trump Doing Better Thank MSM Tells

– Pro-life Republicans are just too soft, on Ds and Rs.  Redstate: Soft On Life?

– Gohmert says Rs are sissies. GOPUSA: What’s The Point Of A Majority If You Don’t Use It?

– Not amusing … to some.  GOPUSA: Black Rifles Matter

– Go get funding from the country they support GOPUSA: Schools Crack Down On “USA” Chants

– Educators out of control. Blaze: students-forced-to-change-AMERICAN-bbq-themed-campus-event-after-school-says-name-is-offensive

NFL KISS this.  Redstate:  KISS Patriotism

– D Senator Murphy accepts responsibility for unarmed homicide victims. Redstate:  Murphy Gun Lies

– Make a difference using the NRA-ILA action tracker. NRA Legislative Action Tracker

– Liberals are ‘all in’ pushing for increased on-line and mail in voter registration and voting when they were doing the cheating. The spectre of someone doing it to them has them back peddling.

Vetting.  If celebrities’ children were stabbed in the mall …. CNBC:  Now Liberals Will Want To Ban Malls.  Liberals with armed security don’t go to the mall, and think we don’t deserve to protect ourselves.

– Bennie Sanders rolling in his grave.  Hill “Democrats once described super PACs as the plague of modern politics.  This cycle, Clinton enjoys an unprecedented super PAC advantage.“

– As NFRA President signed coalition letter to congress to oppose ExIm in CR, memo to movement to stop foreign control if the internet.

No organization does more to destroy the Republican brand than the Hawaii Republican Party. A pro-life national Platform; HRP elects pro-abortion Saiki.  A record-setting RNC fundraising cycle; Rohlfing owns the two lowest raising months of the last decade.  A historic majority in the US House & majority in the Senate; HRP has 1/25 senators and 7/51 reps.  RNC fights tax increases; ‘leader’ Fukumoto and McDermott support tax increases.  SA Borreca declares HRP “microscopic”, “irrelevant”.  Republican Assemblies formed in 1934, once led by Reagan en route to the Governorship and Presidency, are the solution to an establishment without principles.  HRP per Milner “Death is not too strong a word to use here.  Influence-wise, the Republicans here are gone, and there is no resurrection on the horizon.  So it is safe to see one-party control as a given.”  Republican Party is Dead  Assemblies are the Republican Wing of the Republican Party.  

-No one MUST volunteer for any of the many campaigns & issues, Hawaii & mainland.  Candidates & campaigns must be compelling enough to attract volunteers and donors.  If you are volunteering or contributing to a compelling campaign, let us know and we’ll inform others.

-Long ago committed to voting for Mr Trump.  Some conservatives and Republicans still waffle.  If you read this report you must vote for Trump, that’s a no-brainer.  His message, policies, or campaign are not necessarily on track, and less so Trump Hawaii.  We don’t KNOW what we get with Trump, but we KNOW we won’t like Clinton.  Reader “I am most encouraged that you say Trump will win the election.  From your mouth to God’s ear!“

-Debate.  Winner: TV ratings.  Loser:  Lester Holt.  Candidates: neither won or lost, benefit Trump.


Hawaii Presidential Campaign

Mistake to spend ANY resources – paid staff, signs – in Hawaii. Trump Hawaii co-chair “We just had 6,000 signs come in from national.“  “We have a paid Trump staffer here and many signs.  We will get county chairs on neighbor island soon.“  A few small sign waving events on Oahu & BI, a sad rally on Maui.  They can’t deploy 6000 signs, shouldn’t waste funds to send to NI, SHOULD send them to a battleground state.  The campaign is failing its volunteers.  Using resources in Hawaii and no calls to the 8-11 battleground states = losing.

No calls.  Trump Hawaii decided to call Hawaii before calling battleground states. Trump Hawaii chair “We still have 2000+ Hawaii self-identified Trump volunteers to call and get on board; then we will transition to battle ground states that we can’t even call yet until the current lists we have are exhausted.”  They only last week finished calling Hawaii, no one from Hawaii has deployed to a battle ground or joined the national Strike Force. Originally, they naively set a goal of “a telephone campaign in support of the general election to call the 721,000 registered Hawaii voters.“

Rally for…Trump? Trump Hawaii vice-chair Sutton “The hall we had was over filled! Huge rally of support.“ Attendee “nicely organized.” About 200 attend; beat expectations because attendee “room was too full to be comfortable.”  Attendee “Good mix – older men, and women, lots of Asians.  Few HRP loyalists, a sprinkle of OL like Carol Thomas.  Merriam (sic) said “I don’t know most of you.  Like duh, of course not she is not a real Trump supporter.“  Hellreich arrived late, took credit for Jones/Sutton/Frenzel work and “rushed around trying to be near Ostrov.”.  Rohlfing showed after it was over.  Turned into more of a select HRP candidate rally with no focus – Carroll, Slom, Ostrov;  Svrcina recognized, Allen not.  No other HRP candidates (perhaps at the competing Djou sign wave).  Ready was “only party officer to attend was outside greeting people like it was his event.” . Sheepish Paikai, loud-mouth turned fired-Trump boss, attended but attendee writes “Not a word from Prophet, who was sitting restlessly on the side.”  Attendee “Not that impressed.  Not very organized.  OK event but no positive result.  It’s all over the place speeches but 50% Trump.  Some people DID sign up to volunteer and donate money but no one made effort to get volunteers or to solicit donations.”

-Readers “The Maui Trump event was a “confusion”.  It was an event for a local candidate and someone … added… the note about Trump.  The Maui Trump coordinator is someone named Cindy Clark.“  “I am a STRONG HIRA SURPORTER. I am STRONG TRUMP SUPORTER.“

-Primary election/Convention Trump team who treated everyone like crap convinced new Trump staffer Jones to call me to ask for assistance.  Not telling her of Paikai’s psychotic behavior at state convention meeting, nor of each of them supporting Hellreich’s aborted attempt to oust convention guest Ryan, nor Hellreich & Paikai abuse in Cleveland, they set her up for failure.

-Though the state chair acknowledges the effort SHOULD be aimed towards the battleground states, the campaign wasted much time organizing for and manning the Senior Fair booth.  They don’t get ‘it’ – call and deploy to battleground states!  Stop this Hawaii nonsense.

Touched a nerve “(your report) puts you clearly in the Rolfing camp of not supporting the Republican candidate.“   That would hurt except, 1. I am not a party official.  Rohlfing is. I don’t HAVE to support anyone.  2. If Trump Hawaii wants my support, they have to earn it.  3. I am voting Trump, you should too.

-Actor/model “Crazy Eddie” stumps for Trump “As a TRUE Republican, I’M VOTING FOR DONALD J TRUMP. ? Anyone who suggests to vote “INDEPENDENT” is sabotaging our party, and our nation’s security because all it does, is put that psycho pathological lying BITCH Clinton, in the White House. I suggest you open your eyes and get your head out of your ass.  Because, as a proud Colombian Italian ex NAVY man who was raised on the streets of Honolulu, Boston, and Chicago, if you came to ME in person, talking this bullshit, I WOULD HAVE PLACED YOU IN ICU. GO FUCK YOURSELF ANARCHIST LOSER. TEAM TRUMP!“.  Reader “[‘Crazy’] sounds like one of our many candidates for confinement for their own safety and to get more trash off the internet.“   Told that Marines have better vocabulary and comprehension skills, Crazy Eddies aka “Guardian Archangel Michael” tried again “You’re quite welcome there nutjob!  Spoken like the true COWARD liberal pansy hippie BITCH you are.  You obviously never served a day in your life.  Do all of us REAL AMERICANS and your poor pathetic family a favor.  Tie a bloody tuna around your neck, hop in the ocean, and swim towards the horizon.  Fuck you, Commander (of some non-profit) Edward Odquina“  Trump staffer Jones won’t say if this is the Trump Hawaii position.

-Trump Hawaii chair “I do not know [Crazy Eddie].  Some guy who signed up on the web.   Few members from the old team are on the new team; Kimo, Adrienne, Ralph, me.  I apologize for voting against Eric Ryan at the famous meeting – we shouldn’t have excluded or attempted to exclude anyone.  We need HIRA’s help and support; our current team wants HIRA’s support; HIRA is excellent at communication and the Trump campaign needs your organization’s support and endorsement.“

-Previously critical of Presidential top-of-ticket chair Frenzel working on another (Carroll) campaign.  Noted also that every Trumper who went to Convention should participate in the campaign and the 80% who are not should be embarrassed.  Now question why Trump vice co-chair Anderson has a email address.  Can’t do 100% for both.  Volunteers can tell when there is a lack of commitment.

-Example of why Trump Hawaii doesn’t produce, and how it helps HRP fail.  Trump Hawaii Kauai chair Yoder is the GOP county chair, supposed to be winning the county for all Rs.  The two Trump Hawaii Kauai contacts:  Party vice chair Hickling is supposed to be coordinating R campaigns across the state, and candidate Combs is supposedly trying to get elected.

-Debate watch party hindered by 1. HQ got rid of their TVs and cancelled TV cable!  Campaign needed a work-around and 2. Lack of enthusiasm when only eight people showed up (less than in Hilo)

-Media and HRP afraid to ask:  Do R legislators endorse Trump?  Milner Where is the GOP and Republican Legislators?  Reader “we have NEVER had two such unqualified candidates.“  HIRA: GOP Leaders Hate Trump Fukumoto & Saiki attack Trump and conservatives. HNN: GOP Leaders Thump Trump.  Your Djou, Saiki and Fukumoto say they have a right to do so, they do.  And, HRP has the responsibility to hold them to their own made up Purity Pledge.

Vote your conscience.  2016 is all about SCOTUS.  

-SA Shapiro After ten years of deceit, mismanagement and failure, little has changed; Honolulu rail is being built on politics and melodrama instead of sound engineering and honest accounting.  ..billions squandered on rail cost overruns are billions lost for addressing homelessness, massive pension debt, decaying infrastructure and climate change. Stop rail now.

Djou should have run for HI-1, left Mayor for Aiona. Readers “Have him speak on why he supports Hillary!“  “Djou is campaigner for himself – again. Taxpayers LOST already big time. We are so screwed.“

-More taxes. CB “An earlier version of this story quoted Djou-accurately- as saying a tax extension should be considered.”  Slapped by FTA, Djou does a 180:  SA “Djou said he is now willing to consider asking the State Legislature for an extension of Oahu’s 0.5 percent surcharge on the [GET].”  CB Milner “The election is no longer a referendum on rail because both candidates are saying the same thing: We need to build the whole thing, and we need to find new money from, well, we don’t know but we are working on it.“  He doesn’t have the guts to STOP RAIL NOW.

-Djou turned on advisors when he agreed to raise taxes & build the whole thing.  Prevedouros & Roth respond Stop Rail Now. writing that a Mayor Djou is powerless.  Their conclusion, as has been mine, STOP RAIL NOW.  But, his tax plan gets D support.  Reader “Martin and Ozawa supported the last tax hike a few months ago.  Both expect Djou to “support rail” and he will.”  HIRA: Djou Principles Disappear

Pine’s campaign says she hasn’t yet changed party, CB “The race for mayor is nonpartisan, but is distinguished by top Democrats supporting Djou, a Republican, and Republicans like Pine supporting Caldwell, a Democrat.”  Dem complaint to D party “Mayor Caldwell hosted a fundraiser for [Pine].“  Readers “Pine says her district wanted [rail], and now they must live with it, look at it, PAY for it, and then RIDE IT!  They must stare at a concrete monstrosity every day and live with the fact the union boys needed it for their jobs and the rest of us can cry at how ‘they paved paradise’!  No sympathy!“  “Do you know if Kym is still considering herself as a Republican?  I doubt it.“  Pine campaign refuses to answer.  HIRA: Pine Endorsing Dem Caldwell

-Rohlfing & HQ say that Slom is a targeted race.  Another month passed and no party leader has contacted Slom’s campaign.  Not Rohlfing, Ready, Hickling, Mukk, Tagavilla, Jensen, nor County chair Manutai.  Neither district chair, Giles nor Burton, organized their district and nary a district meeting since selecting state delegates seven months ago.

McDermott ad in HIRA eblast.  “Contact office manager Keith Rollman at 586-9730 or for more information.“  Not the first time McDermott is accused of using government office & manpower for his personal/campaign.

-HI-1 Ostrov mentor, pro-choice/pro-union Saiki, hasn’t contributed to Ostrov.  Few have.  Ostrov raised $15k.  Hanabusa raised 395k.  Neither Marumoto, Rohlfing, nor ANY party leader contributed.

-Saiki writes Ostrov “is a retired Air Force Colonel who has earned the Bronze Star for valor in combat.“   Without documentation, that “V” (for valor) violates the Stolen Valor Act of 2013.  Plus: A fan response to Saiki “Dear Ms. Saiki, It would be wonderful to win one of Hawaii’s two Congressional seats but I haven’t seen a single ad, on TV, radio, or print.  How do you expect this to happen when the Hawaii Republican Party has been virtually silent and non-existent this election cycle? ..I also hope that you will encourage them to vote for Donald Trump and not pull a backstabbing move like George HW Bush pulled.  I realize that you are a lot more liberal than I am but a Clinton presidency will be the last nail in the coffin of the United States.“  Saiki response includes “I agree that the lack of [HRP ads] does not help our candidates.“

HIRA’s exposure of Saiki and R/H/L corruption shows that HRP needs cleansing.  Fearful R legislators are as culpable as the State Cmte is incompetent.  

-D County vice chair has “guts”, HRP has none.  CB “The officer and committee level party membership has become less focused on helping Democrats beat Republicans, and too focused on rules, discipline and policing member behavior,” wrote Rich Halverson. “The OCC style has become less transparent, more dictatorial, and for me, more stressful.”  He quit.

-As more insurers drop out/scale back, Ds want single payer OCare.  R house caucus has time to send a letter to the NRA about me but not time to send Ige a letter about the Connector failure.  Thielen, Ward, Pine, Marumoto, Ching, Fontaine, Johanson, and Riviere voted for the failed $200M Health Connector.

Not Hawaii.  September2: (RNC) announced an additional 392 staff and 98 new offices for its nationwide field organization, bringing the total number of paid RNC field staff across the country to over 1,000.  The increase will be added in CO, FL, IA, MI, NC, NH, NV, OH, PA, VA, and WI.

-West Point Plebes take boxing as essential to leading under stress (of getting beat to a pulp, or worse, embarrassing yourself in front of your peers).  When women arrived in 1977, standards were changed, they took ‘self-defense’.  With women allowed in combat arms, USMA requires ALL beanheads to box.  Now, a softening America criticizes USMA (and it’s first female Commandant) for women getting their nose bloodied and again asks whether after hundreds of years, the standards (i.e. eliminate boxing) need to change.  WaPo: West Point Girlie-Men.  Next?  Man up: of course the young women should fight the young men unless our congressional social engineers figure out how to have all-women Infantry fire fights.  Personally, there is no pain that can exceed that first punch Chris Wright landed in Plebe boxing.  That memory sustained me through myriad Combat Arms challenges.

-Minnesota good guy with a gun stops bad guy.  Off-duty police officer in a gun-free zone.  NRA 1, Radical Islamist 0.  Blaze: hero-off-duty-cop-is-a-nra-member

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.


Last five: Again/ Trumpified/ “Thrilled”/ Embarrassing/ No Candidates.