Already Voting, part 1

Aloha Friends. Welcome back. Part 1 of 2.  Already voting

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank youThe Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

Writing to conservatives & Republicans, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi) private discussion. These reports chronicle HRP’s story with enormous amounts data and solutions. My perspective is that of conservative, Republican, former State Party Chairman & RNC member. I am not here writing for any of my current conservative organizations, nationally or in Hawaii. These reports augment what you should hear from HRP, or what you need to research. Ask party leaders to act, or continue to lose. We won’t always agree but we should be informed. Hawaii conservatives should know they are not alone. Please forward this to conservatives or ask to be removed.


– October 1-2 Gun Show Blaisdell

– October 9 Presidential Debate St Louis

– October 14 CWA meeting Aiea

– October 19 Presidential Debate Las Vegas

– October 22 Trump National Sign wave  Hint: make phone calls instead.

– November 13 Hawaii FNRA Banquet w/ NRA President Cors


Meetings – Finances – By the Numbers – Elections

NRA Board of Directors Northern Virginia.  Committees met, mine are Military & Veterans Affairs Committee led by Ollie North, and Outreach Committee with Sheriff David Clark.  Hosted several Texas guests focused on 2A minority outreach.  Three committee days before Saturday Board meeting.  General Operations does more than imaginable – ranges, collectors, competition, historians, training, safety, conservation are just a few.  There is the NRA Foundation and legal actions.  However, 2016 focus is on ILA with a month until election.  Political Victory Fund endorsements NRA Political Victory Fund Grades.  Collecting signatures to run for NRA Board by petition – signees include Wayne LaPierre, ILA Chris Cox, Gen Ops Kyle Weaver, President Allan Cors (Hawaii in November), 1VP Pete Brownell, 2VP Richard Childress, HRA President Harvey Gerwig, Ollie North, Dave Butz, R Lee Ermey.  NRA does much more than politics but the political message is clear: vote for Trump and hold the US Senate.

-HRP FEC  You want to give them the benefit of the doubt, then: August is RED, AGAIN.  Hellreich’s invisible, Rohlfing won’t make donor calls, Ward hasn’t produced what he promised, but RNC stops wasting money on HRP.  Receipts $10,719= 5,467 contributions + 0 RNC + 5,215 CSC empties state account.  FEC Sustaining Donors: 4/14 Exec Cmte (no Ward, no county chair), 3/51 District chairs, 2 party members.  When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so.  Disbursements $14,474 = $3345 Tagavilla salary+1446 payroll tax+348 health insurance, 1476 mortgage, new category 213 office utilities, 2515 building maintenance, outrageous 1525 FEC compliance, 405 cable, 734 copier rental, 386 more equipment rental, 150 Mailchimp, 94 office supplies, 879 email list rental for Ostrov, 791 to PClub for Chairman event.  Zero for electioneering, staff hires, candidate support, communicationsCoH for operations about 9k + empty CSC + 5k counties. 30k mortgage account for 96k remaining mortgage.

No funds for 2016 campaigns & elections.  HRP red 28/44 past reports.  This cycle 15/22 months in the RED.  Since January 1, 2015 HRP is RED 28.9k i.e. living off the RNC funds Saiki did NOT use to elect 2014 Rs.  14 Rohlfing months, even with $30k from Presidential campaigns, CC event, LDD and National Convention, leave Rohlfing/Hellreich/Ward (R/H/W) shortfall of 39.5k.  HRP is RED 8 of past 10 months.  HRP red 8/14 months under R/H/L, and now 2/2 under R/H/W.

-Cycle’s CSC state account top donors.  Aiona campaign 10,100, Aston Hotel 7500, HEI CEG 5,000, Outrigger 5,000, Redmont LLC 3500, McDermott campaign 3,485, Ward campaign 3000, Tagavilla campaign 2500, Aston Hotel 2500, Stanford Carr 2500, Island Insurance 2500, A&B 2500, Agustin campaign 1,823, Fukumoto campaign 1,526, Eric Ching campaign1500, HFRW 1500, HK construction 1250, Cheape campaign 1,092.  Your donor contributions are laundered directly to HRP.

-Expect Rohlfing to use mortgage $ to pay bills.  Before breaking Hellreich’s absolute guarantee that mortgage funds are for ONLY mortgage, the 14-member Exec Cmte should pony up.  Most organizations expect/ require, board members to contribute.  $1000 or even $500 is not unreasonable for a state party ‘leader’; that gets HRP through October.  Most Exec Cmte members have contributed ZERO this election cycle, the exception is a few event tickets.

-Rohlfing on HPR “Over the next three months I think we ought to be raising at least $50,000 to keep us on track and to build out our support for our candidates.”  That’s better than 38.5k the previous three months; but won’t/didn’t cover expenditures of 56.6k that same period, and not a dime went to candidate support. Rohlfing’s Chairman lunch designated 97% for Federal races.  (Event lost money.)

-Hawaii Republican convention delegates snowed again by electing Hellreich, Ward.  No evidence of either in our again upside-down finance report.

By the numbers

1.  CB: Highest Rent in Nation

1.1.  Billion zika bill “Democrats unanimously voted to block the funding bill. “

3rd.  from the bottom (that’s good) Hawaii obesity ranking. But, take a drive around any island and see if you agree Healthy Americans: Hawaii Not Obese

3:24.  HRP announces to their limited email list the Trump rally more than 3 hours, 24 minutes AFTER HIRA.  Imitation is the best form of flattery.

5.  HRP lacks integrity to address Rs – Thielen (ACU 24), Carroll, McDermott (ACU 57), Pine, Fenton – who endorsed 2012 Ds against Rs. Add, 2014 Cheape (15), Fukumoto (43), Egge, and Hanneman’s ‘Rohlfing Rs.’  2016 Kaaihue, Pine, Combs.

6.  R legislators endorsed by HSTA teacher’s union: Ward (ACU 38), Fukumoto, Cheape, Pouha (ACU 18), Thielen (ACU 24). Not? Slom (ACU 100), Ds Kong (ACU 45), Oshiro (ACU 29).

8.  Battleground. OH, FL, NC, PA, CO, MI, NV, NH.

10.  September was GOP seventh National Day of Action. RNC “Republicans all over your state will be knocking on doors and making phone calls.“  Uh, apparently not HRP, not Hawaii.

24th. September. “[RNC] announced its eighth National Day of Action.  Except, apparently, again, Hawaii.

34.  R House micro-caucus ACU average rating. Slom = 100, Cheape = 9. ACU Ratings Hawaii 2015.  2016 ratings next week.

42.  Months since Hellreich wrote “use massive voter registration drives to Increase our chances of winning.” 18 since she said “We need voter registration drives.”  No HRP voter reg drive in five+ years.

46.  Months since the ’12 required HRP financial audit was to be conducted. 34 since the ’13 audit was due. 23 since HRP chair again promised. Donors don’t give when finances are in question.

38.  Days (as of October 1) to the Presidential election.

80%. = 2014 R turnout, says Hickling.  Love to see his documentation on that made-up number.

284.  Ebola supposedly under control, zika being pushed back, Ige not so good. SA “Hepatitis A cases now at 284 as outbreak continues.”

569M.  Feds rail loan to HNL so far, NOT $1.5B payback Caldwell & Djou cite.  Stop Rail Now.

858.  to-be-deported immigrants “mistakenly” given citizenship WaPo: Year’s Biggest Screw Up. In VA, Daily Signal: hundreds-of-noncitizens-on-voting-rolls.


Election News

-Borreca jests there are no problems – economy, homelessness, cost of living, rail, taxes, healthcare costs, and more – that’s why there are no races.  SA “There are 51 members of the state House, but there are just 30 contested House races.  There are nine Senate races, but in four of them, the Democrat is battling a Libertarian, not a Republican.“

-Nine months ago Rohlfing said he would recruit only quality candidates.  Seven months ago, Marumoto & Saiki said they were in charge and they took all-comers.  Neither succeeded.  Rs left more than half the races open.  Only 5/13 in the senate, with names such as Favella, ‘thrilled’ Tam, Nagamine.  Federal races with Carroll, Ostrov, Kaaihue?  House with only 27/51 races including the 7 R incumbents.  Most you have never heard of, and never will, some make news, Fenton’s TRO for example.  Council races are worse – no Oahu R, sort of one on Maui, one on BI.  You can count the candidates who are working on two fingers and the credible challengers with one.

-Hellreich says HRP won’t help candidates, Rohlfing raised no money, Ward promised funds but instead has a (wait for it) newsletter, HRP has no platform, Mukk produces no messaging.  All that is left is to select and recruit candidates.  Or, not.  Rohlfing bows to D & media pressure and says he threw Kaaihue out of the party.  Her infraction under Rule 107 Termination, however, is specifically determined by the State Cmte, and they have not discussed Kaaihue.  Rohlfing doesn’t know his own rules or, again, they simply break them.  Regardless, he is impotent.  She is still on the ballot.  Even if State Cmte heaves her out of HRP, that doesn’t make her not a Republican.  Dem party doesn’t like her and she is still on the ballot for the Special, as a D.  HIRA: Kaaihue Has HRP Over A Barrel

2018, HIRA: Partying Since ’14, the ’16 Blame Game Begins “leaders like Fritz Rohlfing and Miriam Hellreich wasted so much time enjoying the perks of being party leaders (receptions, conventions, conferences, VIP events, selfies with celebrities, jet-setting), that they forgot to do the work.“

HRP is unable to challenge Democrats until we solve our internal administrative and ideological issues.  Republicans must first fix their house.  We need a conservative, competent, organized, manned, and funded HRP with committed leaders.  Shapiro SA “The GOP brand is shot in Hawaii, and the party won’t recover as a relevant political force anytime soon.”

-You try to cut HRP some slack, then:  A month to AB voting, Rohlfing had vice chair Monahan announce that Tagavilla’s 60k+/year cost to our donors isn’t enough to have her (or anyone) answer or return calls, and that Tagavilla ‘deserves’ time off.  This again raises questions of why she was hired, received overly generous pay & benefits, and is still here.  We need a chairman who understands how to select & compensate staff, and need professional staff.

-HRP does nothing, and HIRA picks up much slack.  Only HIRA is announcing candidates sign waving, meeting and rally schedules.  Only HIRA announces candidates’ fundraisers – even for unknown or crappy Rs.  Only HIRA contributed to candidates’ campaigns, HRP has no funds.

Hellreich, our 20-year RNC supposed-expert, was embarrassed when the RNC smacked her down (again) for violating Rule 28 (convention guests).  She got an ignorant Paikai and his Trumpers to vote HIRA President Ryan off the delegation.  HIRA: RNC Smacks Hellreich AGAIN.  HRP ‘leaders’ did not respond to a settlement offer for Ryan’s loss of sponsorship.  Several Trumpers personally apologized but are too afraid of Hellreich &Paikai to make a public admission.  A twist: Treasurer Smart canceled HRP director’s insurance so Exec Cmte members are personally liable for stupid things such as purposely and arbitrarily violating rules.  We’re still waiting for Ryan’s lawsuit against Hellreich and Paikai to hit.

-Ward’s first action as NCM is … start a survey.  First, thank you for doing anything, already more than your predecessor.  Second, instead of a BS survey, raise funds for HRP and our candidates.  You promised to do so.  Rohlfing won’t.  Hellreich doesn’t.  Saiki even lied before she quit HIRA: Saiki Has Money For 2016.   Stop with the ‘survey’ stuff, start with some work.

-Honolulu County Exec Cmte calls meeting to appoint district chairs, and no one attends.  Organizing, voter ID, voter reg delayed a month.  These ‘leaders’ just do not care.  One reason why the County is irrelevant & nonexistent; chair Manutai is focused on one, unknown candidate rather than making the county whole for all Rs.  Her ‘special’ candidate CSC:  Coakley Raiser.

-You want to give them a break, then:  Reader “Combs said she’d vote for Gabbard and didn’t get defrocked?  I’m shocked (Music Man) Jack James isn’t Johnny-on-the-spot to file a motion to terminate membership. Talk about double standards!  Kaaihue is a candidate right out of a comedy movie, but if she was so bad, they should have helped her opponent during the Primary the way they lobby so enthusiastically with internal party officer elections.  I’m still not voting Democrat on CD2.  GOP should have said was they denounce the statements and what Kaaihue said didn’t represent the GOP, but that they still support Republican victory in CD2 and all other contested races.  I’m voting for Republican control of the seat, not Kaaihue as a personality, just like I’m voting for a Republican control of the White House, not Trump as a celebrity.“ Stand For God.

Revelations of HQ money hanky-panky coincide with Rohlfing/Hellreich/Liu (R/H/L) hiring a lawyer to silence HIRA. Had HIRA succumbed, we’d never know of HRP HQ corruption.  HIRA still waiting for our impotent HQ to initiate their lawsuit.  HQ is feckless, as always.

-No one from state or county GOP called any poll watcher to thank them for assisting on election day.  Rohlfing/Hellreich/Ward did not call any candidate – losing or winning – to thank them for running.

-BI candidate never contacted by HRP, never thanked by anyone for running. …. you decide:

1) The state and party did nothing to recruit, prepare or assist my campaign despite requests;

2) I would not consider running with the current Republican Party leadership which is no leadership or worse-no integrity and failing all Republicans in Hawaii;

3) The party should help us support each other who are running – should have encouraged newcomers and old faces to get to know each other.  The Republican Party is toast as far as I can see for being so blatantly lame in supporting anyone (but gutting the party finances for their junket to the RNC);

4) No one should expect anything from the Hawai’i Republican Party if they decide to offer themselves in public service. And, let us not speak of building coalitions – every candidate for themselves!


-Kauai  I live on Kauai, there isn’t much that goes on with the Republican party.  I’m voting for Trump, and I plan to donate to his campaign.  His ground probably needs a lot of help.

-Maui R (excerpts) I have been a Republican from my vote for Ronald Reagan to my trip to the National Convention.  I am a conservative.  I am a Patriot.  I am an American that adores the Constitution.  I’m very disappointed with the Republican party.  Especially in Maui.  We have no clue what we are doing.  It’s disgusting.  It’s sad.  It’s the very reason why year after year we lose.  Maui county republican party is in full speed reverse.  And that is why my wife and I are getting off.  We are quitting the Republican party.  We are committing to fight for conservative ideas.  And support Trump as individuals.  Shame on the members of the Maui party. Shame on the members of the state party.

-Unopposed Cheape responded to reader “She suggested that instead we work together toward the galvanization of district volunteers into a solid base for 2018.“  Narcissistic, not willing to help 2016 Rs, even those running in the same district such as Trump, Carroll, Djou.

-HCRPAC.  2A PAC rates candidates’ responses, and voting if they have a record.  There are differences in what some say and how they vote e.g. HD22 Brower survey is B, but votes D, i.e. liar, and Djou survey is B but he votes C.  Slom (R), Har (D) and Ito (D) are the only A+ rated legislators.  A includes McKelvey(D), Tokioka(D), Say(D), Choy(D), Kong(D), Yamane(D), Aquino(D), Cullen(D), McDermott, Tupola, Oshiro(D).  B is Carroll, Fukumoto, Cheape, and Ward.  Pouha is C.  Thielen is D.  Ostrov, Kaaihue and many Rs didn’t do the survey exposing a flaw in their 2A support.  Donate to Hawaii Citizens Rights PAC HRA/hcr-pac. Ratings at HRA FB

Conservative pulse: website, Facebook, Twitter.

-Giant.  Becky Norton Dunlop: The Incredible Phyllis SchlaflyThose of us involved in today’s fights for family, life, marriage, religion owe Schlafly of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s.  I last spoke to Phyllis on the convention floor.  First night, she was dozing, son watching over.  Next night, I paid my respects.  We miss her.

-Congressional R majorities get it wrong, or, why we don’t trust McConnell & Ryan, with liberals such as Collins (Heritage action 17), Flake, Graham, McCain, Murkowski, Kirk (Heritage Action 15), Daily Signal: Rs Help Obama Stack The CourtsBernie Sanders votes more conservatively than Kirk.

-Kasich’s Ohio Republican Party is not supporting Trump, so RNC works with a parallel Victory Ohio, similar to Nevada Victory when Ron Paul took over the NV Party.  Heard same from Arizona.

-Dems, like HRP, want to shoot the messenger instead of fix the problem, because the DNC and Clinton have an email problem. Blaze:  Info Is More Damning Than The Hack.  Even Putin understands “The important thing is the content that was given to the public.”

-NBA, NCAA and NFL join liberal politics. NCGOP strong response Redstate: NCGOP Has Guts which you never see from HRP.  NC LG Forest The NCAA’s action sends a message to every female athlete and female fan attending their events that their privacy and security in a bathroom, shower, or locker room isn’t worth the price of a ticket to a ballgame… North Carolina will not play that game. We value our women too much to put a price tag on their heads.”  “A sovereign state is being blackmailed by a private business (NBA) who is being threatened by a national LGBT lobbying effort, all to force North Carolina to open female restrooms, showers and locker rooms up to men. Take your business elsewhere, and I have no apologies about saying that and never will.”

-Very Conservative.  Facebook Labels You.  Facebook determines your political leanings.  Go to  Under “Interests”, click “Lifestyle and Culture” tab.  Then a box titled “US Politics.”  In parentheses, it will describe how Facebook has categorized you.  (If the “US Politics” box does not show, click “See more”.) from info

Honored to be appointed to the National Rifle Association of America Military and Veterans Affairs Committee and the Outreach Committee for 2016-2017.  NEW Freedom’s Safest Place ads featuring several NRA friends  NRA: Freedom’s Safest Place Series.

-Accepted request to serve on Trump’s 2A advisory board, waiting to hear.  We know Clinton is a disaster for 2A, conservatives, and for America.

-Join Hawaii Rifle Association to protect our gun (civil) rights. $5M on this ad alone. NRA understands the gravity of the race.  Blaze: Home Alone NRA Ad

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Forward this – people need to know, you need to act. Part 2 coming.


Last five: Again/ Trumpified/ “Thrilled”/ Embarrassing/ No Candidates.