Embarrassed, Again. Part two

Aloha Friends. Welcome to part 2 of 2.  Embarrassed, Again.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank you.

– September 7-10 NRA Board of Directors, N VA.

– September 9-11 Values Voter Summit, Washington DC www.valuesvotersummit.org

– September 16-18 Eagle Council St Louis www.eaglecouncil.com

– September 23 CWA meeting Lihue http://hi.cwfa.org

– October 14 CWA meeting Aiea http://hi.cwfa.org


Readers’ Comments – Quick Hits – HRP & Campaigns

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “I cancelled my RNC membership.“  “No Primary poll watchers.  Another missed opportunity by the incompetent cabal at GOP headquarters to hold the Office of Elections accountable.“  “Seems like they have their heads in the sand!  What a bunch of clowns!“  “Who knew a chairman could be less effective than Kaauwai or Chang.”  “D Union insiders told me that rail will get done all the way to Ala Moana…so these mayoral candidates promising no more Oahu taxes are full of crap!“  “All the people I’ve been talking to hate rail!  They want to stop construction.”  “I would never vote Djou.  He can’t be bought?  BS: he WAS bought by Lingle and fired loyal good staff in Chico and Stan“  “the Party endorses someone who is Anti-Trump.“  “Charles turned traitor and doesn’t deserve my vote“  “I’m no longer sure what Charles wants for the rail, that changes daily.“  “many of my friends have pulled back from the support of Charles Djou, although the liberal regime at HQ has smiled upon him.“  Voting for Djou “I think I’m washing my hair that day.“  Email to HIRA “I am very grateful to HIRA for exposing the corruption that has plagued the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP) for decades!  I refuse to support the HRP financially because of your excellent investigative reporting!“

Fenton FB post: Bob McDermott informed me at [state convention] that he went down on his knees to George Paris at the ironworkers (to get the endorsement).  Sounds like McDermott-speak.

Quick Hits:

Fledgling candidates CB/State Republicans Suck at Fundraising.  Poor R legislators are at the bottom.

– With HQ phone bank inactivated and unfunded, televisions removed, and an overpriced Saiki copier, HQ is a daycare center for paid staff.

– Pleased to watch Slom destroy Chang on Island Insights. R candidates should watch and learn.

McDermott‘s ACU 57 lifetime rating = liberal Republican, or what they call ‘moderate’.

Fukumoto tells why she is a Dem.  https://www.facebook.com/HIRA808

– SA Pang writes that opportunist “Pine has been a staunch supporter of the city’s rail transit line as well as the 11,750-unit Hoopili project being developed on agricultural lands between East Kapolei and Ewa.“

– D techniqueHNN: Ds Use TRO To Win Elections. Not surprised Rs throw an R under the bus, instead of calling out the Ds. LoPresti failed several times to get a TRO against leading R candidate Jeremiah.

Hamada calls for “a wholesale housecleaning for HRP leadership.”  Can’t recall an election he won.

– CA makes GOPUSA: Muslim Appreciation Month.  Reader reminds us of 2009 Rs who voted for Hawaii’s Islam Day “The cowardly seven:  Awana, Ching, Finnegan, Marumoto, Pine, Thielen, Ward “ Two are now Ds, three others not in office.

No messaging, voter ID, phone calls, mail, email, nor recruiting for Trump Hawaii the past month, though they held a 10-person sign wave.  They are ‘organizing’ (with small rallies in September).

ACU releases 2015 Hawaii Legislator ratings. 2015 Hawaii Legislative Ratings.  2016 coming.

BLM take themselves too seriously.  foxnews.com/restaurant-under-fire-for-black-olives-matter

– Make a difference using the NRA-ILA action tracker. NRA Legislative Action Tracker

– No one in uniform has the ‘guts’ to make a stand Malkin Not All Muslim Soldiers Are Equal

– The enemy is already here. GOPUSA: US Flags Ordered Off Firetrucks

Shakeup.  Serve with Trump Campaign Manager Conway on ACU board.  She is sharp.

Clinton must not be President.  RedState/yes-trump-need-conservative-votes.

– Your PopeGOPUSA: “it’s not right to identify Islam with violence. It’s not right and it’s not true.”

Dangerous on so many levels.  Obama pays Iran $400M ransom.

No organization does more to destroy the Republican brand than the Hawaii Republican Party. A pro-life national Platform; HRP elects pro-abortion Saiki.  A record-setting RNC fundraising cycle; Rohlfing owns the two lowest raising months of the last decade.  A historic majority in the US House & majority in the Senate; HRP has 1/25 senators and 7/51 reps.  RNC fights tax increases; ‘leader’ Fukumoto supports tax increases.  SA declares HRP “irrelevant”; conservatives flock to HIRA’s conservative message. Republican Assemblies formed 1934, once led by Reagan en route to the Governorship and Presidency, are the solution to the establishment without principles.  HRP epitomizes what Milner writes “Death is not too strong a word to use here.  Influence-wise, the Republicans here are gone, and there is no resurrection on the horizon.  So it is safe to see one-party control as a given.” Republican Party is Dead The Assemblies remain the Republican Wing of the Republican Party.  

-There are no HRP funds, or plan, for 2016 elections.  Fukumoto won’t change party before the election, Cheape’s ACU rating of 9 is more liberal than Souki, McDermott votes for rail tax extensions.  Reader “I look forward to your recommendations on what a conservative in Hawaii should do with their time and money to support conservative candidates.“  First recommendation is for you to do your own research.  Off the top of head, consider these investments.  Hawaii Citizens’ Rights PAC (Hawaii Rifle Assn), HIRA, NRA, Heritage Action, Nat’l Right to LifeTed Cruz, Mike Lee, Ben Sasse, Ken Buck, Gary Palmer, Dave Brat, John Ratcliffe.  Donate and sign up to make calls for them.  Use scorecards Conservative Review, Heritage Action, American Conservative Union.  Join NRA, attend CPAC (disclaimer, I am with both).  If you can’t support Trump, at least oppose Clinton.

-SA Borreca:  I Don’t Understand The Party In-Fighting.  Borreca calls Hawaii Republicans (he says ‘right wing’.  Ha. Hardly.) “microscopic” – better than his previous “irrelevant”.  He mistakes who is Republican (conservatives) and HRP ‘leaders’ (‘moderate’ establishment who call themselves conservative) who ruin the brand.  His HIRA “splinter group” has more principles, more messaging, more active members, and as many FB followers as HRP (not that the bar is set high).  One third of the National delegates are HIRA members, several more are HIRA supporters.  If 1/3 doesn’t impress, he can try living on a 2/3 paycheck.  HIRA’s performance helped Lee (disclaimer, that’s me) become NFRA President; President’s do not come from “splinter group” programs.  D factions have less impact on the D machine than HIRA has on HRP.  Though Borreca and the liberal media attempt to normalize Djou, much as Hollywood & Obama attempt to normalize gay behavior, Djou is not a mainstream Republican.  He is Republican if convenient but considered ‘moderate’, as if to average liberal & conservative.  Djou is in sync with the D platform more than the strong Platform Republicans confirmed in Cleveland.  He is, at best, a liberal Republican.

-Candidate recruitment.  HQ doesn’t run half the races. Rohlfing, Saiki, Marumoto support liberal Thielen, are “thrilled” with disgraced Tam, but their HI-2 candidate is worse than Cheape, Fukumoto, or Tam. Daily Kos: GOP Nominates Despicable Human. Rohlfing urged support for his Mormon ’12 Romney, but draws the red line in HI-2.  SA quotes her “I most certainly don’t want to or need to affiliate myself with this local dumb mentality. Go vote for your HINDU and your BUDDA leaders, I’ll drop out TULSI and COLLEEN, and I’ll stop mudslinging your campaign. Just have GOV. IGE, my neighbors leave our lands alone and compensate me for my losses. Angela Aulani Kaaihue. Rohlfing “disavows her, and her actions” and a reader comments “As opposed to Tam, who’s illegal and immoral actions represent the best of the Republican party.  Or, maybe, Lauren Cheape, who votes with the Democrats more than the Democrats vote with the Democrats.  Or Fale, convicted by CSC of purposely falsifying finance reports.“   Who Rohlfing & Hellreich wanted for HI-2 SA: Eric Hafner (Google if SA doesn’t open).

-More,  Hawaii Tribune: Rohlfing Gives Kaaihue Earned (Free) Media  “Kaaihue called for Rohlfing’s ouster.  “I’m taking a stand for God, and we’ve been overtaken by Buddhist politicians who dominate our political, economic and social welfare system.”  “He needs to be replaced with someone who knows how to lead a successful party, and it certainly ain’t him.“

-HIRA eblast exposes HRP, and that they declined to take act about Kaaihue months ago (not saying they should, just saying HQ purposely did not).  When April discussion was proposed before the outside pressure, Rohlfing & Hellreich were not interested.  When the media made an issue, Rohlfing got caught flatfooted.  Ds did not make the same mistake – soon as Kaaihue filed as a D for the Special, they acted to block her (Ds already have a failed, lying candidate … for President).  Failed Kauai county Yoder, instead of helping fix HRP’s incompetence, he defends HQ inaction and writes HIRA crediting Lee (would like to take credit, but can’t) for outing HRP’s incompetence, promising retribution “I can always photo shop it.”  Yoder’s feelings are hurt because last month’s report exposed his lack of Kauai R leadership.  If he photoshops a story, it’ll be his only third email to Kauai Rs in 18 months as chair.  Kaaihue 43 beat Hafner 25 on Kauai.  FYI, Yoder – I sign my work.

-Kauai opines.  Combs, who had a screaming fit at a Hawaii delegate on the Cleveland convention floor says Kaaihue should be “reaching out and loving the people” and “I will vote for Tulsi Gabbard over her.”  Garden Island: Kauai GOP in Disarray, Supports Dems

-Even when Rohlfing tries, he’s wrong.  Rohlfing bows to D & media pressure and says he threw Kaaihue out of the party.  Her infraction under Rule 107 Termination, however, is specifically determined by the State Cmte, and they have not discussed Kaaihue.  Either Rohlfing doesn’t know his own rules or, again, they simply break them.  Regardless, he is impotent. Even if they throw her out of the Hawaii party, that doesn’t make her not a Republican.  Office of Elections allows anyone to run if they say they are an R.


Hawaii Presidential Campaign

-Remember, last month? -Trump Hawaii, Frenzel “We are working on having a telephone campaign to contact our 33,000 republicans in the data base in a get out to vote campaign for the primary – this will benefit the party and our GOP candidates and we will have a telephone campaign in support of the general election to call the 721,000 registered Hawaii voters.“  Didn’t happen.

-What does Hellreich & Paikai team-destroying convention animosity lead to?  Paikai is again “filled with rage” as he is passed over and Trump hires an unknown for Hawaii.  The new staffer declared she is in charge, which infuriated Paikai and his Primary team.  They are now “Oahu volunteer assistants”, Kauai’s Combs fired and, in a conflict of interest, the HRP county chair is also Trump Kauai leader.  None are experienced enough to understand campaign structure.  They’ll figure it out.

-Less than 60 days to early voting, you want to give them a break, then:  New boss, same as the old.  Short-notice, no prep, no volunteers.  Sunday night, Jones calls a Monday meeting.  Not connected to politics, HRP, or Trump Hawaii, Jones’ GOP HQ meeting drew 13 people; attendee “The room was like a ghost town”.  Previous Trump ‘leaders’ – Paikai, DiRocco, Wharton, King – did not attend.  Self-described on FB “A thinker, an advocate, a producer, and a dreamer”, Jones is trying: 808 427 3300 to volunteer.

-Mostly, they quit and go away after the General election.  Every four years, some ‘FoxNews experts’ think they know what they’re doing, cause a ruckus, then disappear.  Many are leaving BEFORE the election (only two Trump national delegates attended the Trump meeting).

-Falling apart would imply it had been together.  There is so much anger in the campaign and towards the local party that we received two email and two phone calls about a single recent meeting.  Comments about Rohlfing, Hellreich “these two should resign they’re bunch of crooks”.  Hellreich left ten minutes into the meeting, Rohlfing showed at the end.  HRP refuses to release email addresses to Trump Hawaii – even of the Trump primary voters.  HQ is setting up Trump Hawaii for failure. Trump Hawaii is considering asking HIRA to launch emails because HRP can’t and won’t.  With many HIRA folks from the Cruz & Rubio campaigns, Trump team may want to begin with an apology and restitution.

-IDing Trumpers is important, but not to mistakenly think they’ll win Hawaii.  Wasting resources (more even than paid staff) if they do anything other than get volunteers to make calls (or deploy) & donors to send money to battleground states.  Reader They are “begging to me to help them to bring volunteers to make calls to potential voters…phone work that the party should have done long ago.“

Vote your conscience.  2016 is all about SCOTUS.

HIRA: GOP Leaders Hate Trump Fukumoto and Saiki attack Trump and conservatives. HNN: GOP Leaders Thump Trump.  Your Djou, Saiki and Fukumoto say they have a right to do so, they do.  And, HRP has the responsibility to hold them to their own made up Purity Pledge.

Do R legislators endorse Trump?  Milner Where is the GOP and Republican Legislators?

HIRA’s exposure of Saiki and R/H/L corruption shows that HRP needs cleansing.  Fearful R legislators are as culpable as the State Cmte is incompetent.  

-Rohlfing & HQ continue to tout Slom as a targeted race. Only senator, only conservative, only legislator to play nice with GOP officials who can’t seem to get anything right.  Yet, no party leader has contacted this ‘targeted’ campaign.  Not Rohlfing, Secretary Ready, Coordinated Campaign Hickling, Tagavilla, Communications Mukk., Coalitions Jensen, nor County chair Manutai.  Neither house district chair, Giles nor Burton, organized their district and nary a district meeting since selecting state delegates six months ago.  Disclaimer: As campaign Treasurer, if Slom knew about this paragraph, he would ask to NOT use his campaign as another example of HQ not caring.

-You elected her:  Fukumoto Exposed As DemocratFukumoto (ACU 50%)  joins democrats, ‘big spending is fiscally conservative’, “I’ll raise taxes because I am no Gene Ward’, women deserve more, ‘I support ACLU and NORML.’

McDermott signed the ATR Taxpayers Protection Pledge.  Another lie to constituents & supporters: he voted to extend the rail tax.  He should withdraw his TPP (or vote against taxes).  www.atr.org

-Rohlfing dumps Ostrov.  On May 25, Rohlfing declared only Djou could run for HI-1 on such short notice.  Rohlfing, per the reporter, agreed it was “too late” without Djou’s name recognition, experience and fundraising.  Two weeks past “too late”, Ostrov announces though Rohlfing already dismissed her.

-HI-1 Ostrov mentor, pro-choice/pro-union/former party chair Saiki, doesn’t contribute to Ostrov.  Few have.  Ostrov raised 15291, has 8344 CoH.  Hanabusa raised = 395k, has 380k CoH.  Neither Saiki, Marumoto, Rohlfing, nor ANY party leader contributed.  Ostrov has no professional staff, same as Djou’ congressional races, and it shows.  Ostrov lost conservatives when she told SA she “will ensure Native Hawaiians get the same recognition as American Indians and Alaskan natives.“

-Ostrov’s reason, same Djou only-reason, to be elected is ‘we should have both parties in DC’.  A corollary is ‘we need a two party system’.  Instead, please tell us why you are the better candidate, that you can do the job better, that you bring more to the table.

-Fawcett in CB reminds “Djou said he wants the train to go all the way to Ala Moana,“ and “Djou is a moderate Republican. He points out support from Democrats such as Cayetano and former [D chair] Walter Heen.“ and Djou expects Rs’ support because he has an R next to his name, but he won’t support Trump.  “Never mind that Djou publicly disavowed Trump.  In an open letter to Hawaii Republicans, Djou said that he will not support the GOP nominee this election.  I cannot in good conscience vote for him.“  Fawcett replies to a comment “Just to be sure about Djou’s position on rail, I texted him. He said his first choice is to have rail transit go all the way to Ala Moana.“

Blank vote.  Djou’s hate for Trump leads to question whether he’ll vote.  Djou supporter “He has publicly said he will not vote for Hillary“.  Reader says a former Djou volunteer “told me she isn’t even voting for Mayor, but will vote for Trump“.  Djou’s blank vote for President may be what he gets from conservatives.  Reader “Our district’s priority is to elect people flagged R, not implied R.“

Fale endorsed Djou.  Not even Djou would ask a disgraced, CSC-fined, ethics commission-investigated, failed legislator and candidate to endorse him.  Djou has not disavowed Fale’s endorsement.

-Not so veiled.  Djou insider “After being a success as mayor, he should have no trouble being elected governor, congressman or senator.  We need to help him now to prepare for the future.“

Revelations of HQ money hanky-panky coincide with Rohlfing/Hellreich/Liu (R/H/L) hiring a lawyer to silence HIRA. Had HIRA succumbed, we’d never know of HRP HQ corruption.  HIRA still waiting for our impotent HQ to initiate their lawsuit.  HQ is feckless, as always.  

-With party treasurer Smart oversight, Hawaii NFRW submitted virtually the same report to the FEC as CSC.  They either double reported, confused whether they are a federal or state PAC, or they got twice as many contributions and made twice as many payments on the exact same days. Inconsistencies:  in February, Roger Smart contributed to FEC account and Scott Smart contributed the same amount on the same day to CSC account.  Mary Smart contributed several times to both accounts the exact same day and amount.  HFRW gave their person in DC $4k as the Liaison from the FEC account, and the exact same day gave her 4k for ‘scholarship’ from the CSC account.

-Dems want to make as if there is no need for voters to show ID, and anything done to secure an election is discriminatory and racist.  Then there is the Heritage database (which includes Hawaii) Heritage Voter Fraud Database.  Four most recent cases Daily Signal/voter-fraud-is-real.

Conceal carry makes the difference.  Look at numbers of permits in these battle ground states which collect data by gender, and realize that you are probably the only conservative without a permit.  Daily Signal: carry-permits-could-play-role-in-battleground-states.

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.


Last five: Trumpified/ “Thrilled”/ Embarrassing/ No Candidates/ Spanked. www.hawaiideservesbetter.com