Embarrassed, Again. Part one

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank youThe Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

Writing to conservatives & Republicans, mostly in Hawaii. These reports chronicle HRP’s story with enormous amounts data and solutions. My perspective is that of conservative, Republican, former State Party Chairman & RNC member. I am not here writing for any of my current conservative organizations, nationally or in Hawaii. These reports augment what you should hear from HRP, or what you need to research. Ask party leaders to act, or continue to lose. We won’t always agree but we should be informed. Hawaii conservatives should know they are not alone. Please forward this to conservatives or ask to be removed.

– September 7-10 NRA Board of Directors, N VA.  Another NRA election.

– September 9-11 Values Voter Summit, Washington DC www.valuesvotersummit.org

– September 16-18 Eagle Council St Louis www.eaglecouncil.com

– September 23 CWA meeting Lihue http://hi.cwfa.org

– October 14 CWA meeting Aiea http://hi.cwfa.org


Finances – By the Numbers – Election – Convention

-HRP FEC www.fec.gov  You want to give them the benefit of the doubt, then: July is RED, AGAIN.  Rohlfing won’t make donor calls, Ward hasn’t produced as promised, they leave almost 3500 in bills for next month, and RNC finally stops wasting $ in Hawaii.  Receipts $12,939= 7,564 contributions + 0 RNC + 5,375 nearly empties state account (see below).  FEC Sustaining Donors: 4/14 Exec Cmte, 3/51 District chairs, 2 party members.  When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so.  Disbursements $14,870 = $3345 Tagavilla salary+1445 payroll tax+348 health insurance, 1476 mortgage, 3853 property tax, 1524 new compliance company is taking HQ for a ride, 405 cable, 734 copier rental, 150 Mailchimp, 293 printing, and 1000 refund of an illegal donation.  Building maintenance, accounting, office supplies held for a double hammer next month.  Zero for electioneering, and no communication or candidate support or staff hiresCoH for operations about 12k + CSC 5k soft money + 5k counties. 31k mortgage account for 97k remaining mortgage. 14/21 months this election cycle in the RED.  Since January 1, 2015 HRP is RED 24.5k.  For the election cycle, HRP is 28k in the RED i.e. living off the RNC funds Saiki did NOT use to elect Rs last election.  No funds or plans for 2016 campaigns & elections.  HRP red 27/43 past reports.  13 Rohlfing months even with $25k from Presidential campaigns, CC event, and LDD show Rohlfing/Hellreich/Liu team shortfall of 35.8k. HRP red 8/14 months under R/H/L and now 1/1 under R/H/W (Rohlfing/Hellreich/Ward).

I am wrong:  HRP sadly must continue $1500/month for ‘compliance consulting’.  Treasurer Smart touts being formally trained – she could save us 18k+/year.  HRP is no longer big money, R/H/W (Rohlfing/ Hellreich/Ward) raise less than some council campaigns.  Then, we read the Hawaii National Federation of Republican Women finance reports.  Smart oversees the reborn Hawaii chapter.  Read part two to see how suspect is their reporting.

Coincidence: soon as Rohlfing heard HRP is to be sued for stealing national convention credentials from HIRA President Ryan, HRP announces a no-notice ‘meet your chairman’ raiser.  $125 for a light lunch and ‘an update’ of how HRP wins in 2016.

-HRP CSC Hawaii Campaign Spending  First report for this year.  1. HQ doesn’t know how to use the soft money state account, 2. no support to candidates, and 3. IMS took HRP to the cleaners as Thomason slinked out the door.  For the first half of this year, receipts = 42,661, disbursements = 48,086, CoH drops to 10,469 (minus the 5,375 to FEC account). Should be a place for soft money, e.g. PACs & corporations, and specifically NOT individual donor hard money. Candidates waste your contributions by laundering $ to HRP.  To buy an event table, candidates use your contribution to eat free = Aiona $10,100, McDermott 3485, Ward 3000, Agustin 1823, Tagavilla laundered her campaign of 2500 to pay her salary (perhaps against the law to use campaign funds for personal expenses), Fukumoto 1527, Ching 1500, Cheape 1092, Tupola 550, and Moses emptied his from six years ago 300. When candidates use campaign $ to attend a party, donors should give elsewhere.  Donors should question candidates’ judgement – what is the ROI on their HQ investment?  Other donors include A&B PAC 2500, HEI 5000, BankoH 1000, and HNFRW 1500.  A few sustaining donors (hard money, bad idea) = 2 Exec Cmte, 2 district chair, 2 party members.  Most funds went to FEC account 29300, state convention food 14862, website design 625, Kailua parade 450, and 300 to ‘volunteer’ Camailleri 300 as parliamentarian.

In addition to the gross amounts from the FEC account, IMS received an average 1438/month from CSC account September to March, knowing the public wouldn’t see it until after the IMS contract was done.  It was never presented to the State Cmte.

Wasting your contributions.  The previous period Aiona gave HQ 7600, McDermott 1800 (he gave HQ more than he raised that period).  The period before Aiona gave 6600, McDermott 1500, Cheape 900.  They don’t need your $, and you should be thanked for (indirectly) contributing to HRP.

-Not all Rs are incompetent “(RNC) announced it raised $199.5 million this cycle, including $27.2 million in July.  The Party currently has $34.5 million cash on hand.“  .. even after many of us quit contributing.

By the numbers

1. of 2 races we won in Delaware on August 6.

2. Hawaii on Kiplinger: Worst Tax States. “Hawaii has the highest effective income tax rate.“

4. Chicago ABC: 4-dead-35-wounded. One weekend, and Sunday wasn’t finished.

5. HRP lacks integrity to address Rs – Thielen (ACU 24), Carroll, McDermott (ACU 57), Pine, Fenton – who endorsed 2012 Ds against Rs. Add, 2014 Cheape (15), Fukumoto (43), Egge, and Hanneman’s ‘Rohlfing Rs.’  2016 Kaaihue, Pine, Combs.

6. R legislators endorsed by HSTA teacher’s union: Ward (ACU 38), Fukumoto, Cheape, Pouha (ACU 18), Thielen (ACU 24). Not? Slom (ACU 100), Ds Kong (ACU 45), Oshiro (ACU 29).

10. percent drop in Hawaii Primary AB mail but Ds use record low turnout to again cry for all mail voting.

34. R House micro-caucus ACU average rating. Slom = 100, Cheape = 9. ACU Ratings Hawaii 2015

41. Months since Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives to Increase our chances of winning.” 17 since she again said “We need voter registration drives.”  Embarrassing.

45. Months since the ’12 required HRP financial audit was to be conducted. 33 since the ’13 audit was due. 22 since HRP chair promised. Donors don’t give when finances are in question.

48. CATO: Ranking Freedom. “Hawaii’s fiscal policy is decidedly tax and spend.“  One recommendation “Adopt a shall-issue concealed-carry license .. Federal courts are almost certain to strike down the state’s de facto ban on carrying firearms in public.“

65. Chicagoans shot dead in July, on pace to blow through the 490 for all of last year. Chicago Tribune: Dead Everywhere. Deadliest July since 2006, still lower than June’s 72 homicides

68. Days (as of September 1) to the Presidential election.

90. % of Hawaii public school students who took the ACT are not ready for college. Despite years of STEM emphasis, DoE’s excuse is they do better in other than Reading, English, Math, Science.


Primary Election

-You want to give them a break, then this: HRP asked (too-late) for people to make GOTV phone calls (didn’t occur), and sent three Djou GOTV email.  (Not) success is KHNL reporting only 43k GOP voters.  Maybe why Djou doesn’t mention HRP support or the Oahu Rs endorsement.

-The story is that no one cares that no one cares.  SA “Hawaii set a record low (they meant ‘high’) for voter apathy in a primary election, when only 34.7 percent of registered voters bothered to cast ballots.  251,959 people voted.“   CB “The voter turnout for Hawaii’s primary election of 34.7 percent was the lowest since statehood in 1959“  “Polling places were often empty“  “there was virtually no sign of Trump supporters“.  Don’t blame the voter, blame crappy or lack of credible candidates for low turnout.  Shapiro SA: Voter Turnout Shameful  “1,600 absentee ballots weren’t counted because they were mailed too late. At least some people put effort into not voting.“

Results.  Djou enjoyed pre-election polls showing him up by ten, until he lost by one; an 11-point drop.  He is now 16 points behind Cayatano’s ’12 loss.  Not even a hint of fight from HRP.  US Senate and both House races are done.  HRP fields two state senate candidates for 13 races – Slom, and their “thrilled” Tam.  R House incumbents did fine.  R challengers such as Agustin and Ching got hosed, only Jeremiah showed some fight.  Most challengers receive 100-400 votes, hardly family and friends.  Jordan goes as Souki consolidates power – the gay legislator voted better than most Rs, glad Kong survived – he votes more conservatively than all but one R House member.

-You give HQ the benefit of the doubt, then: KHON “[HRP] says it’s happy with the outcome of the primary election.“  “Rohlfing … feels the results from Saturday’s primary are promising.“   Majority of races unchallenged, 43k voters, no message, no funds for campaigning, and Rohlfing is “happy”?  “The party’s main goal for the next 12 weeks is getting Republican voters to the polls.“   Not to win elections, not his original ‘win 12 house and six senate seats’, or his hedged two house and one senate or even his hope to hold what we have.  His goal is simply to get people to vote.

-Dems missed a party rule that would have allowed them to keep incumbent Jordan.  CB “Many anticipated similar party shenanigans in 2014, when [Johanson] announced his switch to the Democratic Party two months after his re-election.  Johanson’s successor as minority leader, [Fukumoto], is widely rumored to be considering switching parties.“



-Best thing is that the two conventions didn’t overlap the OlympicsUS athletes were GREAT. However, ‘everything is political’ and NBC highlights lesbian Brazilian volleyball couple and Muslim US fencer.  Bozell tells us She Hates America.  No NBC coverage of our great winners in the shooting sports including The Blaze:  Kim Rhode – 6-time-medalist-says-gun-control-is-killing-our-sport.

-Readers “my disdain for delegation “leader” Paikai increased exponentially and I regard him with utter contempt.  No wonder there is such corruption, malfeasance and lack of unity (and impotence) in HRP.  Were it not for the leadership of the Cruz and Rubio folks, the convention would have been a total loss.  For future convention goers, don’t look to HRP for guidance or assistance.  You’re on your own.“  and “Our own Linda Lingle didn’t take the time to visit the Hawaii delegation, or give an update at the daily morning meeting.  Hawaii is meaningless to her and Hellreich has no sway.“ and “Someone should suggest Lingle take up golf like Saiki.  From Governor to the gutter – how sad.“  The heavily promised Gingrich was a no-show for the Hawaii delegation.

-Hellreich, our supposed RNC expert, was embarrassed by HIRA when the RNC smacked her down (again) for violating Rule 28 (convention guests).  She got ignorant Paikai and his Trumpers to vote HIRA President Ryan off the delegation.  Ryan lost his sponsorship.  Hellreich admitted wrongdoing by having her position reversed by RNC.  HIRA: RNC Smacks Hellreich AGAIN.  HRP ‘leaders’ did not respond to a settlement offer for Ryan’s loss of sponsorship.  No apology from Trump people to Cruz people, but they expect campaign support going forward.  Significant is that Treasurer Smart unilaterally canceled the HRP director’s insurance so members of the Exec Cmte are personally liable for stupid things such as purposely and arbitrarily violating rules.  Hellreich, Paikai, and the party is about to be sued by Ryan.  

-Coming out of convention “Hawaii delegate Willis (sic) Lee said legal and technical reasoning aside, by “attempting to make a federal case out of the pledge, you only create more disunity rather than help unify the party behind Trump.”  TWT: Priebus Deciding On Pledge.

Paikai lost his temper with the national delegation at the state convention, exploded at a passenger (just some person) on the way to Cleveland, went off at convention on his team vice chair Wharton, verbally assaulted Lee (yup, me) in the hotel lobby, and screamed at the MD rep during the RNC organizing meeting.  Read part 2 to see what happens to Paikai.

HRP is unable to challenge Democrats’ and liberals’ ideology until we solve our internal and administrative issues.  We need a conservative, competent, organized, manned, and funded HRP with committed leaders. Republicans must first fix their house.  Shapiro SA “The GOP brand is shot in Hawaii, and the party won’t recover as a relevant political force anytime soon.”  

-Palcic emails Rohlfing “Why is there no mention or promotion of our candidates for federal offices on our website?  And why, during the height of this election season, does no one answer or return telephone calls made to our headquarters?“  Rohlfing has Vice chair Monahan defend the indefensible by calling Palcic names, asks why Trump should be on the HRP website if her ’12 Mormon Romney wasn’t, says “Unfortunately, all our money goes to a building“, and, with 60 days to go, writes “As far as no one answering his calls…who cares? Marcia deserves a few days off“.

-D leaders Souki & Saiki’s campaigns are major contributors to candidates they want elected, giving tens of thousands in campaign contributions.  Rohlfing does not support candidates, nor Fukumoto, nor House Emeritus Ward.  Cheape & Thielen, who vote D more than Ds vote D, should ask Souki for a contribution.

-Opportunist, pro-rail Pine changes party. HRP drops her from the list of R officials. Pine helps Women for Caldwell event, going with rail-loving/tax-increasing Caldwell instead of rail-liking/HART-maker Djou.  HIRA: Pine is A Dem.  Pine “and [Caldwell] have been helping each other raise money in recent months for each other’s campaigns.“  She already won but not wasting time – already a raiser for her 2018 race.

Stop rail now.  The only difference in mayoral candidates is that Djou wants to spend to Middle Street & Ala Moana, and Caldwell wants to spend even more.  Slater “We would have about $3.5 billion in it now if we stopped it cold around Pearl Ridge, settled the outstanding contracts, sold the trains, and sold off the rails that have been rusting this past six years. The next decision is whether it is worth spending $3.2 billion more to get the train to Middle Street. Or $6.5 billion more to get to Ala Moana Center.“ (Breaking SA: Feds Flip HNL and HART The Bird.  We pay 5B MORE to Ala Moana or repay the Feds 1.5B for a very large concrete planter.  STOP RAIL NOW.)

-PBN:  Grabauskus resigns. “HART is over budget and behind schedule.  The estimated cost has soared from $5.1 billion to about $8 billion and work is not expected to be completed now until late 2021.“  He gets the rest of this year’ salary and his $282K for next year, while we’re paying someone else.

-Rohlfing is embarrassed, or afraid, to represent HRP.  Instead of appearing on Island Insights across the brand new D chair, Rohlfing didn’t send a party vice chair, nor either national committee member.  Rohlfing sent disgraced former party chair Chang.  Chang ran party debt to >100k before getting fired.  He had nothing good to say about the party, wouldn’t say Trump’s name, and was a shill for ‘”my beautiful wife” Fukumoto.  The guests mostly ignored his substance-less comments.

Coalitions Vice tries, sort of.  HRP has no coalitions so they call affiliates – YRs, OLRW and so forth – a ‘coalition’.  Coalitions teamed with the 6-member Kapuna Group.  Candidate rally locations picked in Aiea & Waialae for September & October and, symptomatic of HRP, they canceled.

-Look to 2018, HIRA/Partying Since ’14, let the ’16 Blame Game Begin “top leaders like Fritz Rohlfing and Miriam Hellreich wasted so much time enjoying the perks of being party leaders (receptions, conventions, conferences, VIP events, selfies with celebrities, jet-setting), that they forgot to do the work.“

-HCRPAC.  2A PAC rates candidates’ responses, and voting if they have a record.  There are differences in what some say and how they vote e.g. HD22 Brower survey is B, but votes D, i.e. liar, and Djou survey is B but he votes C.  Slom, Har and Ito are the only A+ rated legislators – only one in the senate, and the House two are Dems.  A includes McKelvey(D), Tokioka(D), Say(D), Choy(D), Kong(D), Yamane(D), Aquino(D), Cullen(D), McDermott(R), Tupola(R), Oshiro(D).  B is Carroll, Fukumoto, Cheape, and Ward.  Pouha is C.  Thielen is D.  Ostrov, Kaaihue and many Rs didn’t do the survey exposing a flaw in their 2A support.  Donate to Hawaii Citizens Rights PAC HRA/hcr-pac.

Milner’s probably voting D.  HNL Magazine: GOP Name Calling, Swearing, and Welcoming Tam.  “If you haven’t been following state Republicans, you’ve been missing out on some juicy infighting and gaffes.“

-Honolulu County Exec Cmte calls meeting to appoint district chairs, and no one attends.  Organizing, voter ID, voter reg delayed a month because, well, it’s not as if there is an election coming.  Reader “the individual volunteering to chair HD45 notified the County Chair of the intent of an in-kind contribution to organize a town Hall in Haleiwa for all NS and Central Oahu district candidates.  Crickets.“

Conservative pulse: website, Facebook, Twitter.

-As more insurers drop out/scale back, Ds want single payer OCare.  R house caucus has time to send a letter to the NRA about me but not time to send Ige a letter about the Connector failure.  Thielen, Ward, Pine, Marumoto, Ching, Fontaine, Johanson, and Riviere voted for the failed $200M Health Connector.

-David Lane “Wasn’t it [Bush] in 1992, [Dole] in 1996, [Bush] in 2000 and 2004, [McCain] in 2008, and [Romney] in 2012 that championed of the “Big Tent” theory?  Let me get this straight–they are sitting out the 2016 election this fall?  Are you kidding me?  Evidently the “Big Tent” principle applies only if Establishment Moderates: 1) define the philosophy of the GOP and 2) control the Big Tent.“

-The Hill: The next president could be dealing with an ObamaCare insurer meltdown in their first month. The incoming administration takes office as the latest ObamaCare enrollment tally comes in, delivering a crucial verdict about the still-shaky healthcare marketplaces. The fourth ObamaCare signup period begins about one week before Election Day, and it will end about one week before inauguration on Jan. 20.

Honored to be appointed to the National Rifle Association of America Military and Veterans Affairs Committee and the Outreach Committee for 2016-2017.  NEW Freedom’s Safest Place ads featuring several NRA friends  NRA: Freedom’s Safest Place Series.  NRA Board meeting next week.

-We need MORE conceal carry permit holders. Daily Signal/gun-owners-are-least-likely-criminals.

-Join Hawaii Rifle Association to protect our gun (civil) rights.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.


Last five: Trumpified/ “Thrilled”/ Embarrassing/ No Candidates/ Spanked. www.hawaiideservesbetter.com