Trumpified, part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome to part 2 of 2.  Trumpified.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank you.

Writing to conservatives and Republicans, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi-) private discussion. These reports chronicle HRP’s story. My perspective is that of conservative, former State Party Chairman and RNC member.  I am not here writing for any of my current conservative organizations, nationally or in Hawaii. Hawaii conservatives need to know that they are not alone. Please forward this to conservatives or let me know to be removed.

– August 28 HRA Annual Meeting, Kokohead Range

Readers’ Comments – Quick Hits – HRP & Campaigns

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “Walden is biased in this and is incapable of making a fair and impartial decision.“  “the HRP is offering No real anything.“  “we are aware what we have with Beth using HRP for her own gains. . . wouldn’t trust her with anything.“  From NV “The real problem is the dominance inside the GOP of RINOs like Miriam Hellreich, who have squandered more than one chance to strengthen the HRP by pushing Conservative values within the party and recruiting Conservative candidates. They prefer to play the middle, which turns into Dem Lite.“  “(Djou) Helped reveal” massive cost overruns? Is he serious? That’s rich claiming credit for that. The media was already talking about this for years now. Al Gore invented the Internet too I suppose.“  “Want to help Charles?  Just let all your Democrat friends know he hates Trump.“  About Rohlfing email appeal “Since when is HRP going to do any GOTV??   People have already been voting for a week.  What a douche!“

Independence Day.  Reader “Fritz sent out an email with the Declaration of Independence and the HRP LLIFE non-platform on the same page.  How embarrassing.”  “Djou writes a touching story of a 1LT who gets hit in combat, then shows a photo of ….. Djou.

-State of the Hawaii Republican Party.  Reader “I can’t do it. I have the absentee ballot all bubbled in for Republican Party, signed, and sealed in the envelopes but they’re still sitting in my car for several days now. I haven’t worked up the nerve to actually drop it in a mailbox.“

Quick Hits:

– With HQ phone bank inactivated and unfunded, televisions removed, and an overpriced Saiki copier, HQ is a daycare center for paid staff.

– State of our fledgling candidates CB/State Republicans Suck at Fundraising Djou raises $233k, and Caldwell has 1.3M CoH.  Scroll down to see R legislators’ fund raising woes at the bottom of the list.

– Rail shadow over 2016 HIRA: Shall Oahu Voters Demand Another Vote On Rail?   SA OpEd: “[The FTA] knew very early on that city officials were neither competent nor honest.“

McDermott‘s ACU 57 lifetime rating = liberal Republican, and ACU is the easiest rating.

– CB on Fukumoto “Fukumoto Chang isn’t ruling out the possibility that she’ll eventually become a Democrat herself, but said that’s not a move she’d make immediately after getting re-elected.“

– SA “Thielen’s liberal streak is well known.”

– Confirmation:  HRP Candidate info omits Pine as R candidate.

– Ertl, about the Republican establishment “When an organization’s corruption is exposed and trust is lost, it is difficult for them to recover loyalty.“  HIRA exposed HRP under Rohlfing, Hellreich, Liu, Saiki.

– With instructions to pick up national convention materials at GOP HQ, feckless Trump ‘leader’ Wharton warns “The door is locked at headquarters so knock hard or call first.“

– Trump leader on being dismissed by Paikai as a delegate to Cleveland “Nathan prophesied against him (no, really) by saying God told him “he is not to go to Cleveland.”“

No effort, messaging, voter ID, phone calls, mail, email, nor recruiting for Trump Hawaii the past month, including the valuable time of Trump’s nominating convention.

– RNC tell the Rs from real Rs, or fake Rs from the Ds. Redstate/RNC Slams Trump

– Dems caught showing disrespect to our flag  GOPUSA/No Flags on Dem Stage, the Hawaii R delegation went through their entire first meeting with the flag on the wrong side of the podium.

ACU releases 2015 Hawaii Legislator ratings. 2015 Hawaii Legislative Ratings.  2016 coming.

– Make a difference using the NRA-ILA action tracker. NRA Legislative Action Tracker

– RNC list of 100+ Trump bundlers by state, not a one in Hawaii.  Paikai?  Hellreich?  Ward?  Bueller?

– Not news.  “News Alert: FBI recommends no charges against Clinton

Honolulu county reconvenes July 4 weekend to unbotch the failed Djou endorsement from a week earlier.  Forced to do so, the county sends a survey – all of two questions – to candidates.  Only two – Djou, Svrcina – respond.  Djou won’t answer the questions because he neither follows nor accepts Republican positions.  Svrcina says HRP’s platform sucks.  HIRA shows the stupidity of Walden’s proposal to endorse Dem Kobayashi.  Not sure whether Pine is still a R, she is not considered.

-Honolulu County endorses Djou.  Having to make up district chairs to fill the seats (some who had never participated and several no one knows whether they are party members), liberal Trump-hating Djou gets the endorsement.  Conservative, pro-Trump Svrcina does not.  District chair “Jack [James] being Djou’s surrogate at this County event and being an HRP officer AND being Agustin’s campaign manager is going too far down the conflict of interest slope.“   Djou’s press release three days later mentions endorsements by D politicians, five unions, but does NOT mention Honolulu County REPUBLICANs.

Test case.  Rohlfing allowed NO debate.  Three conservatives voted against Djou’s endorsement.  HIRA/SIX-REASONS-DJOU-IS-A-DEMOCRAT.  Voting for the more liberal Djou and NOT for the conservative Svrcina:  Rohlfing, James, McDermott, Tupola’s rep, Cheape’s rep.  While the endorsement by any HRP body is worthless, voters get a look at conservative creds by the people HRP endorses – Djou, Tam, Ostrov.  Not the conservatives Svrcina, Slom.

-HQ breaking their own rules, again.  District chair “Rule 303 Party Endorsements states, “Any such endorsement requires approval by a majority [not 50%] of all the committee members entitled to vote, and does not address removing/eliminating vacant or dual seated members from the total number of members entitled to vote.“  Neither Djou nor Svrcina received the 30 votes required.  Reader “Is there a reason you endorsed Djou and did NOT endorse Sam Slom?”

No organization does more to destroy the Republican brand than the Hawaii Republican Party. A pro-life national Platform; HRP elects pro-abortion Saiki.  A record-setting RNC fundraising cycle; Rohlfing owns the two lowest raising months of the last decade.  A historic majority in the US House & majority in the Senate; HRP has 1/25 senators and 7/51 reps.  RNC fights tax increases; ‘leader’ Fukumoto supports tax increases.  SA declares HRP “irrelevant”; conservatives flock to HIRA’s conservative message. Republican Assemblies formed 1934, once led by Reagan enroute to the Governorship and Presidency, are the solution to the establishment without principles.  HRP epitomizes what Milner writes “Death is not too strong a word to use here.  Influence-wise, the Republicans here are gone, and there is no resurrection on the horizon.  So it is safe to see one-party control as a given.” Republican Party is Dead The Assemblies remain the Republican Wing of the Republican Party.  

-Rohlfing anointed Fale his successor as County Chair.  When Fale failed, Rohlfing made his buddy the state convention chair.  Now, CB “[AG Chin] said in a statement, “Former Representative Fale recklessly filed candidate committee reports that were not complete and accurate.” (legalese for ‘lied and cheated’)  CB/former-rep-fale-fined-1500  Reader comment “The question is whether he turned state’s evidence against Democrat consultant Dylan Nonaka whose political consulting company Kahua Group and SuperPAC Hawaii Solutions both went down in flames after working on Fale’s 2014 election campaign.  Nonaka’s very last transaction recorded by the CSC was several thousand dollars to hire a law firm.

Kauai GOP webpage is why HRP doesn’t list district chairs.  All white, not that there’s anything wrong with that.  All old, not that there is anything wrong with that.  Four vice chairs for the smallest county, but only one of three district chairs (and only because the county chair doubles), only two of 14 precinct chairs.  HRP won’t post their chairs; they say some chairs don’t want to be publicly known as Rs(!?).

-HQ new email Censorship program held their largest county organization, Honolulu, four days to get out an email announcing their support for Djou.  The Djou email couldn’t get through Rohlfing and Mukk’s censorship wickets at HQ.  This is better, however, than the 51 district chairs who have yet to get theirs through the censorship program, some waiting for three weeks to hear whether HQ will send out email.

-HQ is ‘thrilled” about Tam, doesn’t like their congressional candidate, got in an altercation at HQ for their Senate candidate, and hasn’t mentioned their other Senate candidate.“  US Senate candidate on BI “I can debate Schatz if I can win the primary but with the felons running and the has-been hacks running I need exposure and I will be courageous, honest and with extreme integrity!  Yes, I am a transsexual since 1974 who is vehemently against the LGBT lies.“  Nice recruiting Marumoto, Saiki, Rohlfing, Hellreich.

-Fukumoto’s opponent complaining that Fukumoto votes like a Dem so it is hard to distinguish “The dominant two-party system has showed that we can have both liberals and conservatives in the Democratic Party – we can also have a Republican Party that harshly criticizes the minority leader for being a Republican In Name Only because that legislator tends to vote like a Democrat.“

-It is over.  At the July quarterly state committee meeting “state and county party leaders officially announced that they have thrown in the towel on 2016 and that they hope to pull it together in time for the 2018 elections — two and a half years from now.“ HIRA/Warning to GOP Candidates

-Look to 2018, HIRA/Partying Since ’14, let the ’16 Blame Game Begin “top leaders like Fritz Rohlfing and Miriam Hellreich wasted so much time enjoying the perks of being party leaders (receptions, conventions, conferences, VIP events, selfies with celebrities, jet-setting), that they forgot to do the work expected and required of party leaders.“


Hawaii Presidential Campaigns

Uh oh.  Last month’s report had Hellreich, our supposed RNC expert, embarrassed by HIRA when the RNC smacked her down (again) for violating Rule 28 (convention guests).  She foolishly got ignorant Paikai and his Trumpers to vote HIRA President Ryan off the delegation.  Ryan lost his sponsorship.  Purposely keeping Ryan uninformed, Hellreich admitted wrongdoing by having her position reversed by RNC.  HIRA: RNC Smacks Hellreich AGAIN.  HRP leaders departing to Cleveland, and Hellreich & Paikai personally, were provided a demand to settle for his loss of sponsorship.  They didn’t.  Significant is that Treasurer Smart unilaterally canceled the HRP director’s insurance so members of the Exec Cmte are personally liable for stupid things such as purposely and arbitrarily violating rules.  Unlike Rohlfing’s toothless threat to sue HIRA, Hellreich, Paikai, and the party is about to be sued by Ryan.

HIRA: GOP Leaders Hate Trump Fukumoto and Saiki attack Trump and conservatives. HNN: GOP Leaders Thump Trump.  Your Djou, Saiki and Fukumoto say they have a right to do so, they do.  And, HRP has the responsibility to hold them to their own made up Purity Pledge.

-After a week of party time with Trump Hawaii team in Cleveland, and being the head of the Trump Hawaii effort on Kauai, a not-so-serious state House candidate Combs (CB says she is a D) asks “I met someone at the airport who wants to join our campaign.  Who should she talk to?”



Vote your conscience.  2016 is all about SCOTUS.

-No Trump in Trump Hawaii.  I get why the GOP leaders are afraid to speak for Trump, they’re just afraid sort of people.  But, the Trump Hawaii people failing to speak for or defend their candidate?  CB Fawcett “In Hawaii, No Talk Stink Means No Talk Trump.  Hawaii’s GOP has nothing to say on Donald Trump. “ Hard to imagine Paikai is more embarrassed of Trump than Trump is of Paikai.  No phones, no door to door, no mailer, no HQ, no … nothing. Milner hits again “It shows how down in the dumps the Hawaii GOP is.” The party has no presence. They are so used to being losers.“  Hellreich’s “been a top leader in the Hawaii GOP for more than 15 years and ranks as the second-highest woman leader on the Republican National Committee.“    Typical Hellreich “I hope Hawaii voters will have more political courage to support our nominee.“  She always Dem-like blames someone else, this time the voters.  Some would expect the leader of the Hawaii GOP to have the courage to speak out. has Clinton Hawaii at +30.7, +5 since Paikai and Hellreich began this Trump journey to the convention.

-Trump Hawaii “We are working on having a telephone campaign to contact our 33,000 republicans in the data base in a get out to vote campaign for the primary – this will benefit the party and our GOP candidates and we will have a telephone campaign in support of the general election to call the 721,000 registered Hawaii voters.“  Having seen them in (in)action and confusion prior to and in Cleveland, all I can say is, well, uh, don’t bet on it.

HIRA’s exposure of Saiki and R/H/L corruption shows that HRP needs cleansing.  Fearful R legislators are as culpable as the State Cmte is incompetent.  

County trouble. HIRA/Party Merger Alert – Honolulu Rs Join Dem Party “If you think things are in disarray at the state GOP with the election only four short months away, the Honolulu county GOP is also going off the rails, probably since they don’t make training wheels for political parties.“

Exposed by HIRA as a D, then county secretary resigns in two days (and your State Cmte approved Monohan’s reso of appreciation for her service).  More Ds are placed in HRP leadership positions HIRA/Hawaii-GOP-Infiltrated-by-Democrat-Party-Officers

-Rohlfing “thrilled” about Tam doesn’t help.  CB “Democratic candidates raised and spent substantial sums for their primary bids.  Rhoads raised $35,485 and spent $54,770.  Contributors have given Iwamoto $38,745, of which she spent $22,067.  She also spent $26,141 of her own money.  Keone Nakoa raised $33,850 and spent $13,278.  Tam listed three donors who contributed a total of $2,656. His campaign spent $1,230 on signs, campaign literature, office supplies and meals for volunteers.“

Lingle earned media.  SA/lingle-runs-from-high-profile-illinois-post  Paid 198k/year, plus perks.  Fails.  Quits.  “In January 2015, the newly elected Republican governor called Lingle “a superstar,” the highest-profile member of his “Turnaround Team.”  But on Thursday Rauner – locked in a stalemate with a Democratic-majority Legislature – signed a six-month stopgap state budget that included none of his “Turnaround Agenda” reforms.”  chicago.suntimes/Bye-bye-Lingle  “Rauner said Lingle would not be replaced. Instead, her duties would be taken over by the only remaining member of the Turnaround Team.”  Booted by Illinois, Lingle attends national convention as HRP guest.

-Trump won’t lose the Senate, NRSC will.  CO Senate conservative Glenn beat out the establishment choice.  CNN “A Senate Republican aide said it is “very unlikely” the National Republican Senatorial Committee — which has long been at odds with Cruz and his allies — will spend money in the race now.”

-You met your US Senate candidate at State Convention “Andrew Waldron to Barbara Marumoto know of my “special circumstances” and are afraid to say anything.  Barbara signed my nomination papers and all the signatures came from delegates at the May 21 convention.  I am a transsexual since 1974.“

Conservative pulse: website, Facebook, Twitter.  

-HIRA says ‘Djou punks Cayetano’.  With Cayetano’s endorsement in trade of promising to end the rail line at Middle Street, Djou ‘evolves’ Djou Rail Ad.  “Cayetano’s assurances about Djou turned out to be pure SHIBAI.“Djou wants to blow $25 billion on the rail project by building from Costco in Kapolei to UH Manoa.

-HRP throws Svrcina under the bus.  Kailua parade organizers levied a $550 fine against conservative Svrcina for participating.  Svrcina asked HRP to intervene because HRP had invited Svrcina to join the GOP group; HRP denied their invitation.  When Svrcina confronted HRP with written proof of HRP’s invitation, all of a sudden Kailua organizers dropped their complaint against Svrcina.  Reader “I wouldn’t trust current regime with anything.“  HRP, Rohlfing, Tagavilla, Hellreich, Liu = no integrity.

-The No-Fly list is a handy tool, perhaps.  But, no one reading this trusts government to protect their civil rights.  If, however, we play along and take the bureaucrats’ and politicians’ word that the list is accurate,  Korwin:  Then isn’t it insane to let people on the no-fly list travel?   Isn’t it insane to let people on the no-fly list keep all the guns they have?  (People added to the no-fly list can’t buy new guns but are not banned from guns in any other way.)  That’s because people on the no-fly list aren’t charged with anything, haven’t been convicted of anything, and can’t be locked up because they haven’t violated anything.  If people on the no-fly list are that dangerous why are they out walking around?  What’s to stop them from driving to Orlando, or taking Amtrak or a bus?  (Hint: nothing.)  Don’t the TSA airport checkpoints work on these people?  They work on us — or don’t they?  And how do you get on the list if you aren’t charged with anything? (It’s a secret.)

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.


Last five: “Thrilled”/ Embarrassing/ No Candidates/ Spanked/ Game On.