“Thrilled”, part two

Aloha Friends. Welcome to part 2 of 2.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank you.

Writing to conservatives and Republicans, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi-) private discussion. These reports chronicle HRP’s story. My perspective is that of conservative, former State Party Chairman and RNC member.  I am not here writing for any of my current conservative organizations, nationally or in Hawaii. Hawaii conservatives need to know that they are not alone. Please forward this to conservatives or let me know to be removed.

Another editor’s note:  At least monthly I’ve offered to apologize for anything untrue or inaccurate.  About six years, four challenges, and twice I made the correction.  Report-haters say no one reads these, so they shouldn’t complain.  Simultaneously, rather than fixing R corruption and incompetence, the haters prefer to complain because we tell members about incompetence and corruption.  Read and let me know of faulty reporting.  I’ll make the fix.  We want ‘leaders’ to start doing their jobs.

– July 7-10 National Right to Life Convention, Virginia www.nrlc.org

– July 18-21 Republican National Convention, Cleveland.


Readers’ Comments – Quick Hits – Presidential Campaign

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “Aiona said that HRP needed more than “just a voice.” Except, he doesn’t even provide a voice.“  “Please call asap.  Want your advice on my running for US Senate.“  “Are you a candidate for Congressional district 1?“  “Marumoto’s son works for candidate running against Sam.  So who gets her Poisonous endorsement?“  “Rego, the district chair running for Clinton delegate?  She worked for Djou at Council.”  “Anyone who has observed Ward knows that he is there for his own status and no other reason.“  District Chairman Kulbis to Rohlfing about his new HQ ‘censorship policy “We followed your email policy, however, at the time of this email we have not received any response, or even an acknowledgment that you received our request.  If you’re not going to send the email at least have the courtesy to let us know.“  Candidate “Thank you Brett. This is exactly what I found after [James] promised to get back to all who emailed.”  Reader “I was a GOP candidate in 2012 and ‘14.  Our party promised to support me both times but that didn’t happen. I never received a single dime from our party, never received the lists promised, and not one Republican made a campaign contribution.  I had no support from my party.“  Campaign “we had no expectations that there would be any support from HRP.“  “They used to carry the list of District Chairs, but now there is no such list on the GOP website.“  “No list because they have gotten rid of every chair that was a pain to them, not bothered to fill in because they don’t want to stir the hornets’ nest of people that might make waves.  Those spots will be filled in with friendly appointees if needed.“  “Our last House District caucus was held way out in Waialua, out of our district.  I suspect that Fritz Rohlfing was up to his usual tricks and arranged the caucus to be held there.“  “Our district caucuses are put way out of the district in places where nobody will find them. The state party arranges that.“  “Hellreich and her puppets are deliberately driving the party into a ditch and keeping it there.“  “Oh my! Rod Tam is now a Republican? Djou running for Mayor?  Now I know that Republicans are completely irrelevant.“  “Donald Trump should FIRE Paikai!  He looks like BAD NEWS!“  Comments on Cheape “I appreciate your piece on Matsumoto.  The nonchalance with which she approaches elected office makes the head spin.  She needs to take up shift work at the family egg farm.“  “If you’re still young and learning, get the f*ck out of Room 303 at the Capitol.“  “Next opening day, everyone bring a cardboard box to Rep. Matsumoto and tell her what to do with it as she won’t have a clue close to her 30s.“  Challenging Theilen (the D) filing papers “Rohlfing is insane!“

Quick Hits:

– With HQ phone bank inactivated and unfunded, televisions removed, and an overpriced Saiki copier, HQ is a daycare center for paid staff.  Exec Cmte looking for new (less expensive) property.

– Candidate recruitment Marumoto, to potential candidate “just pull papers just to get your name on the ballot.  You’ll get visibility.”

– HRP has a five, some say seven, step process for district chairs to be able to send an email to their district members.  It takes HQ 6-8 days to get an email out.  Vice chair for Censorship must approve.

– HQ does press release for Tam, Ostrov.  Not Slom, Djou, Ward.  Saiki is running Rohlfing’s party.

– Fukumoto mail appeal reader comment “Typical “woe is me” from Beth. . . is she ready to cry yet?“

– Kainoa Rego, longtime stealth district chair (HQ used her as voting Hilo district chair when she lived on Oahu), Djou staffer, and Nonaka’s fundraiser consultant is running to be a Clinton delegate.

– Pine ‘Oh, we didn’t think about that.’ KHON: Lax Security at Rail Sites

– Rohlfing BADLY wanted to be on national Platform cmte but doesn’t care to have a Hawaii platform.

– Glad to not be from Indiana.  Some say Trump is racist against judges, or people from Indiana.

– Good news about inconsistency.  Maybe Trump IS serious about repealing OCare. But, maybe not.  TheHill: Trump Healthcare Inconsistency

DumpTrump movement is getting louder.  Hawaii delegates contacted by no less than six groups, and we’ve seen coverage of more (Romney, Kristol, for example).

– Downside for delegates Politico:  No One Wants to Speak at Convention

– Election consequences.  SCOTUS favors abortion on demand and limited gun rights.  November isn’t about Trump vs Clinton, it is about SCOTUS continuing down the path of progressive destruction. Cruz FB on SCOTUS

Statistics.  38,000 new jobs in May, US unemployment rate falls .3 to 4.7.  Talk about a rigged system.

– New, news site.  Look at  http://www.saulsnewsstand.com/ and see if it meets your needs.

ACU releases 2015 Hawaii Legislator ratings. 2015 Hawaii Legislative Ratings

– Make a difference using the NRA-ILA action tracker. NRA Legislative Action Tracker

– As NFRA President signed coalition letter to congress supporting bill to prevent IRS abuse.


Hawaii Presidential Campaigns

-Every four years, new people come out of the woodwork and think they know more, should be in charge, or need to change everything.  Maybe there is a reason the Dole people, the McCain people, the Romney people don’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t.  Trump novices are here this year. 2020?  Just saying.

-Trump Hawaii and Paikai endorsed Hellreich for NCW.  Trumper responds “This is an obvious traitor’s move by this phony unelected “chairman” of our Trump team.  Need HIRA’s “Traitor ALERT”.“

Oops.  Hellreich, should know the rules after so many years with RNC.  You’d think she would have read Rule 28 before making her motion.  Most embarrassed: Hellreich or the Trumpers fooled to follow her?   HIRA: RNC Smacks (figuratively) Hellreich AGAIN  Party chair Rohlfing, NCM Liu, or new NCM Ward should know the national rules.  Not her, not them.  Combs, a brand spanking new-comer who has never met Ryan, and Clark an old veteran who disappeared the past four years, seconded (yes, Paikai accepted TWO seconds) Hellreich’s motion, without ever reading the rules.  With one email to the RNC General Counsel and (you see where this is going?), the RNC General Counsel wrote back to Hellreich, Liu, and Rohlfing “We received the attached inquiry from Willes Lee dated June 9, 2016. The inquiry correctly states the language of Rule 28(c), which provides that each delegate and alternate delegate shall receive one guest pass for each session of the convention. There is no restriction on the persons to whom the delegate or alternate delegate may give the guest pass.  Guest passes, generally, are not subject to control by the state delegation. The guest passes awarded under Rule 28(c) are controlled by the individual delegate or alternate.“  HIRA made public Hellreich’s screw up.  She and Frenzel are still trying to steal guest passes.  Trump blind followers were set up by Hellreich and Paikai, and it worked.

-Safety first.  Trump co-leader DiRocco instructions to delegation “Since we are not allowed to bring in knives to the convention, you may wish to purchase one or two but leave them on the bus so long as we get to ride the same bus to and from the event. Eye glass lenses removed from frames can be excellent cutting tools, not that you would, but just saying.“  Trump guest Hamman forwarded Trump delegate McClary suggestions for respirators, goggles, and ballistic armor.  Dirocco brings two-way radio for when electricity fails and cells (phone) can be shut down.

-The Word. “Pakai told the Oahu League of RINO Women how God told him to be head of the delegation!“  “Does he know who will win the local elections on November 8th?“  “I am disgusted with Nathan invoking “God told me to be head of the delegation,” which is not only offensive and ridiculous, it is blasphemous.“

-HIRA’s describes Paikai. Sutton writes “Not only an as*hole without Meds but he is also incompetent and uneducated.“

Trump Hawaii helps democrats.  NBC: Trump Squanders Head Start.  With a 40 day head start on Clinton, they don’t do anything.  Trumper “Trump Hawaii leaders – nowhere to be found – they are now silent after crazy Prophet finished cooking and burned his convention delegation goulash.“

-Response to a query “Don’t excuse Paikai’s bad behavior as passion.  Since winning the primary, there isn’t a peep from Trump Hawaii.  Paikai said he’d mobilize volunteers and donors.  Where is the sign waving, door knocking, phone banks?   Trump becomes the presumptive nominee – nothing.  Trump ties Clinton in national polls – silence.  Trump presents his national security policy – not a peep.  Heck, the trump press release didn’t receive any earned media.  How about voter registration, Trump district chairs, Trump county meetings, a campaign HQ?  Hellreich is taking Paikai for a ride.  I don’t get how your campaign can be so unprepared.   Paikai can’t even host a delegation meeting.  Even if Paikai thought he’d lose the caucus and the delegation chair, he should have been prepared to win.“

-Makes 2008 McCain chair Coffee and 2012 Romney chair Rohlfing appear competent. Hawaii Trump Campaign in Trouble “Calling himself “The Prophet”, Nathan Paikai’s own website claims that he “has been mandated by the Lord God Almighty to be a mouthpiece for the Kingdom of heaven, here on earth.  When God speaks, this man of God is faithful to deliver the message.

-Creating division, Trump leader DiRocco emails a blog bashing OR NCM Yue for not supporting Trump.  It contrasts with TWT: A Conservative GOP Platform which says Yue is writing the draft National Platform.  Priebus’ wants a conservative platform.  Yue and Bopp are the founders (I am a co-founder) of the RNCC, the 20 most conservative RNC members.  Walker was a longtime FreedomWorks VP, on leave as Senator Lee’s national political director to be Carson’s political director.  Bopp is Counsel for National Right to Life.  Barasso, Fallon, Foxx are committee chairs.  This is good, regardless of the candidate.  National Platform 2012GOPPlatform.pdf.

-With friends like Carson “according to Ben Carson, a top advisor ‘[Trump] fully recognizes that that was not the right thing to say.”

-Asked TWT’s Hallow about the two Romney RNC members to lead the Convention Rules committee.  TWT: Dump Trump Conspiracy?  Even RNC Rules Chairman questioned these appointments.

HIRA’s exposure of Saiki and R/H/L corruption shows that HRP needs cleansing.  Fearful R legislators are as culpable as the State Cmte is incompetent.  

-CB “Brian Schatz was facing 11 challengers .. political also-rans .. or they are first-time contenders. None currently holds office, let alone much of a campaign fund .. pundits are predicting Schatz should be a shoo-in for re-election.“

-Aiona pulls papers for Mayor, CD1, and State Senate.  Reader “Aiona pulled for three races.  All about Aiona and his ego.  Keeps other Rs out of the race.  Demonstrates that even under the pressure of less than a week to filing, he can’t make a decision.  Shows that he thinks he can do equally well for any and all constituencies and that he has no commitment to any of those constituencies.“

-Djou was against rail, before he is now for rail to middle street, and in between is responsible for HART.  McDermott, Fukumoto, Cheape, Pouha voted to extend your tax for rail.  They can’t do math, or they are sleazy politicians, or both.  Stop rail now or bankrupt our children. HIRA: Rail = Corruption

-Bad is worse than none.  Rohlfing said the party would seek quality candidates, not just fill spots.  Throwing Rohlfing under the bus, candidate recruitment Marumoto “The more candidates we have, the more spread-out the opposition of Brand X Party will be.“  Lacking candidates the month before deadline, Rohlfing begs for anyone to run, even then many pull papers for multiple parties to hedge their bet.  The week before filing one potential candidate received no less than seven phone calls and email from party people he knew will never provide support – Marumoto, Rohlfing, McDermott, Saiki and so forth – he declined.  They lost their best looking (on paper) Oahu guy who decided to instead run as a D.  Tying Dems down works only if you have quality candidates; weak candidates simply suck up resources, volunteers and donors who could help a potential winning candidate.

-Rohlfing, Marumoto, Saiki candidate recruitment report card. SA Editorial “Republicans are making even fewer than usual knocks at the door, with the GOP waving off roughly half the legislative races. Party officials said they want to concentrate on defending the seven seats the minority holds in the House and the one in the Senate.  It’s unfortunate that the only significant opposition party to the Democrats believes that’s the best it can do.“  Surely the GOP can’t be counting [Rod Tam] as a recruitment victory.“

-HQ couldn’t recruit candidates.  SA Kevin Dayton Sixteen sitting members are effectively re-elected outright as no one filed to run against them.  Those seats amount to about one-fourth of the Legislature.  Rohlfing said the party this year tried to identify the most promising districts to target.  Rohlfing said the main goal of his party this year is to protect those incumbents. As if to underscore the challenges facing the Republican Party in Hawaii, Rohlfing and party activist Michael Palcic engaged in a brief, heated exchange Tuesday during a news conference at the GOP headquarters in which each told the other to “shut the (expletive) up.”  The exchange included some shoving.

-Having few candidates, Rohlfing and Hochberg challenge to eliminate Thielen (young one, not the old) because people signed her papers with their middle initial instead of name.  Dumb and frivolous; worst was Rohlfing and Hochberg lost and got more embarrassing media coverage because these two lawyers improperly filed the paperwork.  Thielen “The judge’s order detailed how Mr. Rohlfing’s complaint was not filed in accordance with court rules, that the ‘return of service’ was not filed properly, that Rohlfing misspelled one of the nominating parties’ names in his complaint, and that he failed to timely correct his errors with the court.”  This legal failure follows Rohlfing + Exec Cmte wasting $3k in a failed threatened lawsuit against conservatives.

Conservative pulse: website, Facebook, Twitter.  

-‘Any press is good press.’  Shapiro state-gop-lacks-leadership-and-maturity HIRA reported  HIRA: HAWAII-GOP-IN-CRISIS-Hellreich, Rohlfing Must Resign, Borreca, Engle, Fawcett, Fawcett again, Hamada, and Buck.  Maybe “bad press is just bad press.”

-SA Shapiro is confused between holding elected officials, public and party, accountable for their records and personal attacks.  That Rohlfing broke party rules and the law when he illegally stole funds to pay a lawyer is not personal.  That Hellreich has been committee woman when HRP went into $100k+ debt and continues through their financial woes is not personal.  That Cheape has a ACU rating or 9 is not personal.  Fukumoto is a tax-raising legislator is not personal.

-CB Fawcett political hit on HIRA article gets Westside96706 comment  All hail Dylan Nonaka and Rep Chang…neither has done anything to promote Republican values. Nonaka accumulated massive debt for the party and would have continued if he wasn’t ousted in 2011. Since then he’s done nothing to promote Republicans. He did nothing as ED to establish the party grassroots and maintain that in the off election years. WRT Rep Fukumoto-Chang, just because she finally took a stand on the wrong issue doesn’t make her brave. She has been as silent as the HawaiiGOP on issues that oppose Republican values, extending the GET Tax, allowing illegal immigrants driver licenses, supporting changing age of consent, etc. She has done nothing to support Republican candidates, going as far as to say I support Republicans that can make good legislation….REALLY!! If her voters used that theory she would have never been elected. I agree with Mr. Ryan this is a hatchet job!! “  CB: GOP Youngsters Are Not Conservative

Fawcett followed with CB: Liberal Republicans Tearing Apart GOP.  Instead of correcting inaccuracies in her first article, she tried a nice piece on Slom.  Milner’s “The local GOP is not moving in any ideological directionIt is constipated. Its strategies over the last 10 years have not worked.“  While McDermott, Slom, Palcic, Fawcett, Cataluna, Shapiro, Borreca, Blair use what they call personal attacks, McDermott uses this opportunity to refute HIRA’s characterization of him as a RINO (similar to Djou hiding his actual record on DADT, guns, and HART).  If you (honest-I-am-not-a-RINO) voted to extend the rail tax, take one step forward … McDermott.

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights. NRA BoD election results announced at NRA Annual meeting in Louisville. Didn’t win but 69K+ votes is close and good enough to run for next year.  Thank you for your support and vote.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.


Last five: No Candidates/ Spanked/ Game On/ 2016/ Threatening. www.hawaiideservesbetter.com