Embarrassing GOP, part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome to part 2 of 2.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank you.

Writing to conservatives and Republicans, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi-) private discussion. These reports chronicle HRP’s story. My perspective is that of conservative, former State Party Chairman and RNC member.  I am not here writing for any of my current conservative organizations, nationally or in Hawaii. Hawaii conservatives need to know that they are not alone. Please forward this to conservatives or let me know to be removed.

Have to know where you’ve been.  Not my site, but past reports at www.hawaiideservesbetter.com

– June 18-19 Sports Shooting Fair www.Hawaiirifleassociation.com

– July 7-10 National Right to Life Convention, Virginia www.nrlc.org

– July 18-21 Republican National Convention, Cleveland.


Readers’ Comments – Quick Hits – Presidential Campaigns

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “Thanks for the info on HRP.  It’s not very encouraging, but it is interesting.“  “I cover my eyes in fear because the picture is so bad.“  “I am a district captain for Convention of States here on the Big Island.“  From a guy who has been in our party four months “You seem passionate.  I recommend getting out there and pressing a little flesh. Getting to know your subject matter does wonders for your perspective.“  Big Island reader “In 2007-2008 I met Dylan Nonaka and volunteered to help him build a more or less conservative element on the Big Island.  We had one small “caucus” that was supposed to have Honolulu HRP representatives give us advice.  What arrived were clueless teenagers!  What a fiasco – and things just got worse.  My wife and I sent out hundreds of letters to the out-of-date list Dylan gave me.“  “What advice would you give to one who was interested in getting involved but not get wrapped up with these folks?“  Potential candidate “I’m really not sure how the party is going to keep the lights on down at the HQ.  Thoughts like why anyone would want to be a republican in this state cross the mind.  I’m frustrated.“  “The motions in the HRP is simply Rigor Mortis.“  “The HRP is just a Club and not a political party.“  “The party is rotting from the head and desperately needs reform“ “Rolfing is slippery.  My senses tingled and not in a good way when I first saw him.“  “I was shocked when only 15,000 Republicans voted in the caucus, and that was a 50% increase over 2012.  What!?  In a state of 1.4 million people?“  “I agree that the HI GOP is weak.“  To HIRA “So how can we get rid of this slimy bit*h and the rest of her ilk and get real conservatives in office?  Can’t the republican party just throw her out along with her counterparts since they are and want to be dems?  This is frigging disgusting.“ “problem is current regime has very few that know how to run much of anything,“  “Fritz has nothing to offer but a fake smile.  Never saw him do anything at Party in all my years of volunteer work.“

-HIRA exposes Trump haters.  Reader “HIRA is doing a masterful job of exposing the scurrilous #NeverTrump ppl in the HRP.  Fukumoto, Saiki & Djou.  I have despised Djou since his brief term in office he joined Hirono to push for the repeal of DADT.  I castigated Dylan Nonaka, that he as Djou’s campaign mgr should dissuade Djou from such an ill-advised and unpopular with the troops issue.  Dylan waffled and covered for Djou.  Later I watched with some satisfaction as he totally bombed as HRP exec sec. (or whatever his role was w/ Jonah).“

-Walden’s blog shills for HRP “Hawaii Republicans – Political Kingmakers? by Andrew Walden. Over 30,000 Hawaii registered voters are now card-carrying members of the Hawaii Republican Party—an average of 600 per State House District.  More than two-thirds of these joined via the 2012 and 2016 Hawaii Republican Presidential caucuses–15,672 voted in the 2016 caucus and 10,228 voted in 2012. Republican membership is more than double that of the HSTA or UPW.“  That is more messaging than Mukk provides.  If 30k members, 600/district, why did only 6/district (1%) attend state convention?  Why are only 60% of district chairs filled, why only 51% House races contested, why are there more than 70% of the precincts without leaders?  Out of 30k, only nine districts were represented on the faux rules committee.  Walden’s numbers don’t add up.  HSTA & UPW aren’t quaking in their boots (or slippers).

-HQ hosts campaign training. Only EIGHT campaigns show up.  Marumoto introduces James as a ‘campaign veteran’.  Uh huh, of what?  James tells the campaigns that not one will win.  Marumoto adds “[HQ] will not be providing you money or mailers into your districts, because we don’t have the money.” Same week, Rohlfing announces “We are on the verge of a Republican revolution.”  James “I’m working on a phone App for HRP for 2018 and we are working to roll this out 1 Sep 17.” 2017!  Attendee “Jack stated “If [you have a job and] can’t walk you shouldn’t run.” Then doubled down with something to this effect – You’re not going to win this time, but its great experience and you will be prepared for 2018.“  With Ben Carson-like savvy, James “wants to elevate the character of the party and elected officials,“ acknowledging that – Rohlfing, Hellreich, Liu, Fukumoto, Cheape, Theielen have low character and should not represent Hawaii Republicans.

-Children at work. Reader ”Stopped by Rep. Lauren Cheape Matsumoto’s office. There are 2 main reasons her rating (ACU 9) is low: she doesn’t do anything because 1) she has no real experience in anything and 2) she is busy working on a degree.  As her Chief of Staff said, “Her pageant money goes a long way”…I suspect along with the taxpayers’ too?  I asked for an appointment to speak with her, e-mailed her Chief of Staff (Vaillancourt) and received no reply.  On the Art evening she said she has a 10-page paper to write…I had a flashback from when I was in college and thought to myself, “What is this – advanced kindergarten?”  It seems there is no shame in taking up a governmental seat by an empty-suit bimbo.  Are the sole qualifications for office jump-roping?“  Reader “Matsumoto is pathetic and should be exposed. I called her office after the Marine tragedy in Haleiwa to notify her that flags should be lowered and they informed me that it was a decision made only at the federal level, which we know is hogwash.“

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] HIRA’s exposure of Saiki and R/H/L corruption shows that HRP needs cleansing.  Fearful R legislators are as culpable as the State Cmte is incompetent.   [/pullquote]

-Rohlfing announces Mukk, who never got a grip on vice chair for Communications, is now HRP vice chair for Censorship.  District chairs must receive HQ approval to send an email to their members.  HQ sends all district chair email, and Mukk is responsible to censor email that Rohlfing/Hellreich/Liu deem improper.

-Another vice bites the dust.  Six months to elections and Rohlfing’s vice for community service quits citing “my grandchildren miss me.”  Not because of her vice chair responsibilities; in her term Monahan accomplished ZERO service events.  Rohlfing is on his THIRD Treasurer.  Last year, his vice chair for Coalitions resigned.  We haven’t seen a thing from communication vice Mukk.  Slom’s ‘targeted’ campaign has yet to be contacted by coordinated campaign Hickling.  The Office of Elections candidate report establishes that candidate vice Marumoto and Saiki didn’t take candidate recruitment seriously.

-A good looking (on paper) potential candidate walks in HQ and says he’ll run for office.  Saiki and Marumoto woo him to run for US Senate against Schatz.  He knows nothing, has no experience, no team, no money, no contacts.  He writes “Many of my friends have suggested I contact you.”  I suggest the party is dishonest for leading him astray, he agrees to run against HD 19 Kobayashi.  A week later he has a political awakening.  He is not going to run for a little house seat, or even as a Republican.  He decides to run in the D Primary against Stanley Chang.  When he wins, he’ll face Slom.  Winning that he will be a closet R in office as a D, or he’ll let Slom win.  I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t write this for two days.

-HRP ‘Action Plan’.  HQ cares so little, they refuse to do their even absolute minimum self-determined objectives.  FB posts twice a week (it is hard to post only twice/week) but, as example, from April 22 to May 14 – three weeks – Mukk posted once – “Happy Mother’s Day”.  Delegates from each house district? No.  Maintain 51 active district chairs?  HQ can count less than 15 active chairs.  Train all district and precinct chairs on GOP Datacenter?  Can’t train what you don’t have.  And, GOP Datacenter proved too difficult for Hickling and Tagavilla to figure out so they dumped it for a homemade app they think is better than the RNC integrated platform used nationwide by RNC and candidate campaigns.  Weekly press release?  Quarterly, at best. Quarterly community service event?  We’ve done ZERO.  Quarterly fundraising event?  Not yet – but the bigger issue is defining your fundraising by number of events and mailers rather than funds raised.  This crew can’t meet their own low standards.

-NFRW, National Federation of Republican Women, is trying to salvage the Hawaii chapter. A small group tries to revive it after suicide-by-Wharton four years ago.  Their FEC report says they raised $6k on the back of Smarts’ $5,500. Their single expenditure is $4,000 to Bonifacio, their DC “research liaison”.


Quick Hits:

– Sam Aiona, former legislator and party chair response to Marumoto’s half-hearted attempt to recruit him “As long as Miriam Hellreich is involved with the party I refuse to do anything with the Hawaii party.“

-The Music Man, FB post describing …. James “I am suspect of snake oil salesmen offering personal motives shrouded in the name of truth.

– With HQ phone bank inactivated and unfunded, televisions removed, and an overpriced Saiki copier, HQ is a daycare center for paid staff. Exec Cmte looking for new (less expensive) property.

– Unlike HRP and Rohlfing, Hellreich, Liu: Ds care and are not afraid Politico: Dems Ask For Input For 2016 Party Platform

– McDermott & Tupola are hot on the candidate recruitment trail.  Problem is candidates don’t trust them to cover their back.

– Fukumoto is a Democrat Fukumoto Is A Democrat And HIRA Proves It

– Cheape (ACU 9/100) tells constituent “I’m still young and just learning. Please give me a break.”

ACU releases 2015 Hawaii Legislator ratings. 2015 Hawaii Legislative Ratings

– Kainoa Rego, longtime stealth district chair (HQ used her as voting Hilo district chair when she lived on Oahu) and Nonaka’s fundraiser consultant is running to be a Clinton delegate to D convention.

– Takai not running for CD1, and the Republicans have …. Nothing.

– Make a difference using the NRA-ILA action tracker. NRA Legislative Action Tracker

-Two gun wins in liberal land. CA based 9th (the 9th!) Circuit Gun Stores Protected by the Second Amendment.  Liberal Arlington Rules in Favor of Gun Store.

– Suspending campaigns. Walker $1M+ debt, Gingrich 4.6M from 2012.

Hypocrites. Local party leaders whine when HIRA holds them accountable ‘why can’t we work together’ ‘why are they so mean’ but waste no time to criticize Trump. HIRA: GOP HQ Hypocrites Hate Trump

– Trump, presumptive R nominee, stated in April he “absolutely” wants to change the pro-life platform. WJ: Trump to Change Conservative Life Platform

– With friends like Carson, Trump doesn’t need Clinton CNR: Carson Fired AGAIN? “Ben Carson said he thinks Donald Trump is starting to believe in “a greater power” and is praying more often.”

– Lefty ends his fight against the Washington REDSKINS. Political figures “evolved” away from their protest when Owner Snyder vowed to NOT build a new stadium where Redskins were not wanted.


Hawaii Presidential Campaigns

Trump 43% is 11 delegates (including Hellreich, Liu), Cruz 32% is 7 (including Rohlfing), Rubio 13% is one delegate, and Kasich is 10% resulting in zero delegates.  Trump wins, Cruz second and drops out. HRP goes … anti-Trump?  HIRA: GOP Leaders Hate Trump “party leaders have chosen “We’re not Trump supporters” as the GOP’s 2016 political message for voters.“

SA: Fukumoto Hates Trump as she again uses Clinton talking points against OUR nominee. “The GOP House leader, Rep. Beth Fukumoto Chang, said she doesn’t think Trump is a good candidate and doesn’t represent the values of the GOP.”  Borreca left out my assessment that 2016 is all about SCOTUS. Comments “Fukumoto has done nothing to promote Republicanism, look at her voting record and that she supports the progressive Souki.“  “Hawaii GOP, what GOP? The Hawaii GOP is a joke.“

-Hater. Djou hits Trump “Trump is somebody who is extraordinarily dangerous, he is a demagogue, he is offensive, and he really does not have the qualifications or fitness to be our nation’s next president,” said Republican and former U.S. Congressman Charles Djou.“ HNN: Djou Hates Trump.

Djou’s anti-Trump rant on the news brought the most responses on HIRA’s FB. 99% of respondents were of the view “Djou is an idiot.”  Avoiding a press comment on his run for Congress, Rohlfing acts as surrogate.  Reader “Lol What does it tell you when Rohlfing serves as surrogate for Trump-hating Djou – like Debbie WS going all in for Hillary whilst claiming neutrality.  The similarities between HRP and the DNC are multi-faceted and not just limited to policy.“

Delegation meeting. Rohlfing & Tagavilla gave us short-notice meetings, meetings without agenda, and a non-responsive HQ.  With the Hawaii delegation now organized, Paikai is even more lost.  Attendee “What should have been a friendly meeting to vote for Delegation Chair and committee positions turned into a “we won, you lost, I have the votes,” attempted hijacking of the voting process.  Trump Chair Nathan Paikai tried to force upon the delegation the Trump slate of candidates for all positions without following the rules and allowing delegates to vote.  This turned into a contentious power struggle with the three HRP leaders and us (Cruz Hawaii) against the Trumpers.  I think Paikai is bi-polar.  Paikai can’t lead, has no experience, and surrounds himself with people who are afraid of his outbursts.“

HIRA: Incompetence on Display includes a bit on the Delegation Organizing Meeting, painfully following a long day of State Convention.  HQ, Rohlfing and Tagavilla promised NI delegates would be included through conference call; they lied.  The height of deceit and embarrassment; Rohlfing, Hellreich, Liu were totally unprepared; no decisions were made on shirts, fee, lei.  They were absolutely set back when Tagavilla, under fire by delegates for poor performance, said she refused to be Aide.  Hellreich rejected Vaillancourt’s offer to be Aide then, out of 1.3M residents and the supposed 30k HRP roster, found an Aide who is not a party members and lives in CA.  Paikai drew the red line between Trump and Cruz campaigns, then spent several days calling delegates to apologize for his embarrassing behavior.  Attendee “Fritzy Boy on Saturday truly had the disposition of a guy on the ropes.  He and his gang are hunkered down.  Those 200 supporters of Ward/Hellreich are not going to help keep the lights on. Hellreich got rid of Jonah when the time came, same with Chang, same with Saiki, and soon for Rohlfing.  He is tying his sinking boat to Walden, with one less year in office to reverse his fortunes. Fritz = Jimmy Carter. Please pass the malaise!“

-HIRA explains the not-so-infrequent Paikai bi-polar behavior “HIRA never spoke against Donald Trump. You might be getting sucked into rumors and innuendo which have no basis in fact.  HIRA and the Cruz campaign were separate as is HIRA and the Trump campaign.  Ask Trump-supporter, HIRA VP Emil Svrcina.

Second, HIRA knows the self-proclaimed “Prophet”.  Unlike those who met “The Prophet” on the Trump campaign, we have known him for years.  Our criticizing of Paikai’s highly problematic pattern of behavior is based on knowing him, especially on the state committee.  “The Prophet” makes Obama’s hateful Reverend Wright seem reasonable and full of aloha.  He has serious issues which go far beyond his obnoxiousness on Saturday.

It is a mistake to construe HIRA’s critique of “The Prophet” as a Cruz versus Trump matter.  Nor is the problem his behavior at this meeting alone.  “The Prophet” has long been a negative force in the Hawaii GOP. He contradicts his self-proclaimed conservatism by regularly supporting RINO’s in opposing any party reforms.  Indeed, his use of your Trump national mailing list to send a Trump campaign endorsement of Jeb Bush-supporter Miriam Hellreich’s for re-election was a clear-cut outrage that any objective observer should recognize.  You helped allow this.

Today’s critique wasn’t about political correctness or whether one has the disposition of a politician or a diplomat.  Paikai consistently proves to be a massive jerk on steroids.  If the Trump campaign has the votes in Hawaii, just take the votes.  The extreme animosity that “The Prophet” consistently displays to conservatives makes no sense except when viewed as a mental disorder or a sign of tremendous confusion about his own beliefs.

We hope that in time you’ll see “The Prophet” Nathan Paikai, without the filter of today’s political tensions, for what he is as the troublesome and obnoxious person who stands to harm the Trump campaign if he doesn’t rein in his personality disorder.  HIRA isn’t concerned or involved with the deal making between Hawaii’s Trump, Cruz, and Rubio campaigns.  We are aware of the embarrassment Paikai causes for the Hawaii Republican delegation.  We’re concerned that he is harming the Republican cause (and Trump’s) simply by being the Nathan Paikai we’ve known for years.“

Trust her (wink, wink).  A member of the Bush-supporting HRP establishment group, Maui’s Lei Fagen signed up for Rubio campaign, then endorsed Cruz, then endorsed and was later named on the Rubio leadership team, and Paikai rewards her Trump loyalty by making her a National Alternate Delegate.

Conservative pulse: website, Facebook, Twitter.

-As NFRA President signed APF coalition letter to congress opposing Ozone Standard; coalition letter to Senator Blunt supporting Scalise’s anti-carbon tax resolution; coalition letter to congress supporting more controls on Freddie and Fannie; Coalition letter to Jason Chaffetz to help stop abuse of conservative organizations and their donors; Media Research Center letter to media to provide coverage of Christian genocide; CEI letter to congress to support prohibiting DoD from implementing Obama Climate change agenda; CAP memo to the movement for Sensible Puerto Rico reform; coalition letter opposing Office of Civil Rights overreach against student’s free speech.

-Hellreich, Liu, Rohlfing NOT bringing home the bacon. RNC “paid staff only paint part of the picture. Our new permanent field program empowers RNC trained Neighborhood Team Leaders and Core Team Members as part of our official apparatus.

Paid Staff Real RNC Footprint
CO 28
FL 59
IA 41
MI 34
NC 42
NH 29
NV 40
OH 58
PA 53
VA 33
WI 49HI 0
CO 275
FL 693
IA 426
MI 141
NC 196
NH 171
NV 193
OH 502
PA 420
VA 251
WI 315HI 0
Total 466 Total 3583

-Concerned about Trump’s flips, our friend (HIRA hosted NRLC to Oahu & Kauai) “In selecting [Barrasso, Foxx, and Fallin] to head the Platform Committee, the [RNC] sent a strong message that the pro-life planks in the Republican platform will steadfastly reflect commitment to the right to life, and that the GOP will proudly stand as the party of life,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life.“

-Biden defeated. “Vice-president Joe Biden admitted defeat on passing stricter gun laws at the federal level, telling local leaders Tuesday, “We’re probably not going to get much more done in the next nine months.“ GOPUSA: Biden Admits Defeat on Gun Control

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights. NRA BoD election results announced at NRA Annual meeting in Louisville. Didn’t win but 69K+ votes is close and good enough to run for next year. Read this months HRA newsletter for my sincere thank to all who supported our effort. Thank you.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.


Last five: No Candidates/ Spanked/ Game On/ 2016/ Threatening. www.hawaiideservesbetter.com