Empire Strikes Back, part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome to Part two of two, a doozy.

Readers’ Comments – Purity Pledge – Quick Hits

-April 10-12 NRA Annual Meeting, Nashville www.NRA.org

-June 20-21 HRA Shooting Sports Fair, Kokohead Range HGHAWAII@GMAIL.COM 306-7194.

-June 26-28 Western Conservative Summit Denver WesternConservativeSummit

-July 9-11 National Right to Life Convention New Orleans http://nrlconvention.com

-August 28-30 NFRA Presidential Endorsing Convention, Nashville www.nfraconvention2015.com

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “As far as outreach to the neighbor islands, I haven’t seen it.“ “Hawaii GOP is branded as lacking any reliable affirmation of principles.“ “I called HRP HQ many times, my phone calls are ignored.“ “Sad to hear about Joan Hood’s challenge by Saiki.“ “If they want to waste more money on renting schools and special caucus elections it is pathetic, when they struggle to have more district chairs and members in general. They are scared to death and their arrogance is now in the open.“ “Leaving the party was the best thing for my political psyche. Fighting with deaf and blind leaders gets you nowhere.“ “They can act like dictators (like Obama) only if opposition is eliminated.“ “It sounds like the democrats have moved into the Republican Party.“ “Why are election results for district chairs being challenged? Those elections had clear results announced at the time. None of these actions build party unity.“ “not only the leadership are idiots – or evil – but the members who voted for this resolution don’t want to win elections…. they want purity, exclusiveness.“ “How can they pick someone who has never to my knowledge worked within the district, and appoint him Chair?“ “I have contacted Blake several times to get access to data base, and never gotten a reply from him.“ “[Fukumoto] is a tax spending lib!“


MOU. Saiki had vice chair Ready, quizzically absent during the elections, present to State Cmte an MOU to keep district and precinct chairs in line. District/Precinct Required to Donate $ to HRP HIRA “All were required to vote on a [MOU] that states a requirement that members give monetary donations “to the best of my ability.”  35 voted in favor, almost half the State Cmte.

RESOLUTION. Surprised by the number of conservatives voting against the MOU, Saiki & Hellreich had Rohlfing unveil a reso to allow S/H/L to throw anyone off the State Cmte, regardless that these members are elected by their district constituency. HRP Purity Pledge

As HQ touts ‘Reagan’s’ 80% rule, they will administratively eliminate elected officers who disagree with them HRP Manifesto. Reader “It seems that the HRP and its supporters are a bit thin skinned.  I have no sympathy for weak-kneed whiners.“ District chair “The same idiots [Rohlfing, Saiki, Thomason] who wrote and voted for this often use the argument that ‘we never agree on EVERYTHING.’ That alone should send chills up the spine of EVERYONE when they realize they can be next to be thrown out.“ Ironically, Ron Paul champion vice chair Mukk supports the Pledge to throw out people who disagree with the establishment. Pro-life supporters who voted aye are muzzled by pro-abortion Saiki. Platform Cmte is unnecessary when HQ posts their approved solution and removes from office anyone who disagrees. District chair “This is exactly what people think of Republicans, not inclusive, not tolerant, elite, controlling.” Fukumoto says half her caucus supports tax increases, throw them out (not sure which half with this HRP team). Saiki proudly writes that 34 Cmte members voted for the reso – which wasn’t provided in advance, was discussed for seven minutes, no one opposed was allowed to speak, and no one consulted their district members – less than half the 76 member Cmte. 47 total votes include 14 Exec members i.e 45% of district seats unfilled. When an Oahu chair asks why they hadn’t received an advance copy, Saiki acerbically responds “If you all passed sixth grade, you can read it.”

A plurality of the 76-member body voted in favor. Cobbled together from several present: Aye’s: Saiki, Ready, Mukk, Chong-Kee, Yim, Kubo, Klompus, Hellreich, Liu, Hasha, Thomas (HD51), Rohr, Lussier, Fagan, Powell, Roth, Bradford, Yoder, King, Egge, Manutai, Pentergast (Augustin), Giles, Paikai, Poti, Ayers, Au, Ready (Alfred), Kekuna (HD45), Kekuna (OLRW), Mensch, Fontaine, Hickling, Rohlfing, Sutton, Hayes = 36
Nay’s: Cross, T White, C White, Alf, Kama-Kimura, Smart, DeGracia, Montes, Kulbis, Kau, Morgan, Eads, Schaedel, Kukahiko = 14

-Didn’t say whether it was good/bad when we forwarded reso to RNC, and others: “The Purity-pledge requires Central Committee members to be loyal to state officers. The resolution prohibits criticism of or disagreement with state leaders or their policies. Penalties include removal from office of locally-elected district chairmen.” Ten best responses:

NCM “This is pure censorship, loss of freedom of speech and unbecoming the Republican Party. If the RNC would adopt such a resolution, it will be the end of the party and the beginning of another.“

Co-leader of the RNCC Conservative caucus. “Typical liberal intolerance.“

NCW “While I agree that the goal of having unity within the party is an admirable one, unity and loyalty are not things that can be mandated or demanded of party central committee members and “criticism or disagreement with state leaders or their policies” goes counter to what it is to live in a representative republic, where our elected officers should expect to be questioned and are accountable to those who elect them. There is no “duty of loyalty and mutual support” or duty of unquestioning support, nor should there be, if dissent and discussion are to take place freely and openly.

I disagree with how “success of the Party” is defined. Party success doesn’t come from (a) the Party members’ enthusiasm and confidence in the Party or (b) the public’s perception of Party members as reasonable and responsible citizens, but by quite the opposite. Success of the Party comes when elected officers and candidates actually live by their campaign promises to support the Party platform, to honor their oaths of office, and to actually represent those who elect them. When party officers and elected officials actually walk the walk and do the jobs they were elected to do, only then is enthusiasm and confidence generated within the central committee members to support the Party and those elected.“

TWT Correspondent “WTF? This is democratic centralism. A marxist-leninist doctrine and a core modus operandi of that all communist parties across the planet.“

Reader: You’ve been under their skin for a long time.

NCW “Terrific-if you can get them to conform.“ (she reversed her position when she read the reso)

Former NCM “This completely removes their accountability to the party, and makes the party accountable to them.“

Maui reader “Sounds like an old fashioned ‘purge.’  Saiki would make Lenin proud.“

NCW “To your point about who would be silenced next, as a Ron Paul supporter prior to the 2012 election, I along with fellow supporters across the country, were targeted for purging, simply because we didn’t support the “right” candidate. As a party, we cannot tolerate this kind of silencing in order to bring about a forced and false sense of unity.“

Reader “Saiki should submit her reso to Boehner as a model to throw conservatives out of congress, or Obama can use it to throw Rs out of America. Or Russia to throw the US off the security council.“

More. Instead of raising party funds or fighting liberals, S/H/L blinked and sent a long and detailed email hit piece against me (& HIRA) to the entire Republican National Committee (+ many HRP members) titled “Who is Willes Lee?” which informs the RNC of how HIRA is holding HRP, S/H/L, and elected officials accountable. Their reactive email is, politely, ‘an unwise’ political move: 1. S/H/L don’t need to admit they are screwed up, 2. S/H/L’s address list was larger, so even more now know about their deficiencies, and 3. they raised more issues (Flake, party debt) than the original (MOU, reso). Ten best responses to illustrate their inept action:

NCM: it seems they are lost as a goose in high weeds – all they could ask is, “Who is Willes Lee?”  If I knew any of them I would tell something, but I can only ask, “Who the heck are they?”

Political operative: As soon as you need to explain, you’ve already lost. This was stupid.

Reader Saiki “we won’t be taking any positions” seems to think all is well with – wow, a whole $100,000.

Congressional Staffer: Not sure what is funnier ….the fact they wasted an entire day drafting this email, or that they felt the need to defend Jeff Flake.  Hysterical. Well played.

Member They are bullies. I’m sure your feelings are hurt.

NCW, because Saiki, Liu seldom attend meetings Who are these people and why are they asking us who you are?

Reader Poor leaders without principles, that’s why they getting personal.

State President Love it!! Great job and keep up the good work.

Reader They think they are going to intimidate you by sending this stuff out because that works with McDermott and some HIRA folks.

Fmr State chairman Kind of them to elevate your profile as the most antiestablishment guy in Hawaii.

Voicemail from a national reporter  Ha. Wow. You got people rattled, huh?

NCM: Congratulations for becoming too effective to ignore.

Compliance. HIRA member “we should file our CSC report with $1 million of in-kind donations to HRP for all the promotion we’ve given them and report $25K in-kind from HRP for their recent promos of us.“

[Late-breaking. S/H/L yesterday said they sent an email to HIRA’s national affiliate (hint to HRP, RA is a federation) saying that we – HIRA and I – are too effective at holding HRP and elected officials uncomfortably accountable.  Instead of raising HRP funds or challenging Dems, Saiki asks NFRA to tell us to stop … fulfilling our responsibility. S/H/L didn’t google the NFRA President or read about NFRA before making this politically embarrassing move which elevates HIRA’s profile across the nation. More of this farce in May.]

Quick Hits:

-HRP has shown they are able (it was in doubt) to speak out (albeit against me), ask them to begin using their resources to challenge democrats.

-Old faces. HRP Rules chair Thomason (he) appointed for the third time since my stint as party rules chairman. Konoho was a mess, now cmte secretary.

-HIRA “The last two speakers at Hellreich’s LDD just voted for Obama’s amnesty.” Rohlfing said that telling this truth is what generated his poorly-written reso against HIRA, specifically.

-Saiki’s confusion leads to her new MOU being titled Republican Party of Hawaii (RPH) but it is addressed to Hawaii Republican Party (HRP).

-HRP is voiceless. HIRA’s Legislative Call to Action HIRA “We encourage you to email or call your Representative and Senator to provide your input on any or all of the bills below.”

Where is the Republican Party? Noticeable Lacks of HRP Testimony

-Blog established to track children sex ed http://fathersmothers4children.blogspot.com

-Senate minority initiative Hawaii Open Budget

-House caucus follows HIRA with a second Roadshow, minimizing attendance with only two days notice.

-Saiki’s next goal? CA GOP Competes With HI GOP

-Republicans are not fighting the tax increaseFukumoto, McDermott Champion Rail.

-TWT Rusty Humphries is retweeting HIRA stuff.

-Not news. SA “Rail will ‘most likely exceed’ its budget.”

-DoD screws up, again. Christian Chaplain Fired

Saiki’s reign. Still no organization, message, principles, direction.  Saiki Lost From the Beginning

-Rohlfing, Saiki, Hellreich, paid staff Parsons are ousting conservatives. They made a reason to do-over the HD18 election, using your $ to rent another facility and causing volunteers to spend time doing what they’d already done instead of perhaps making calls to oppose bad legislation. Then, Rohlfing heard that Hochberg was on vacation & knew nothing of Rohlfing’s shenanigans. Hochberg says he won’t oppose Grey because he is more effective organizing the E Oahu ground game. This causes Rohlfing to delay a month to find another opponent. Rohlfing forgot to announce the postponement, leaving people who showed at the venue at a loss.

-Saiki “We’re going to be very careful with the money we earn and it’s going to be dedicated to the campaigns of 2016.“ Not yet. LDD is less than four months operations (burn rate = 19k/month) and her first expenditures are to AGAIN rent venues to do-over district elections, and a Parsons pay raise.

-Saki promised her ‘select’ insiders would produce a 2014 autopsy to determine the HRP way forward. She presented a faux-budget but has yet to provide even a status report, or even name ‘cmte’ members. RNC update RNC Status Report. RNC report RNC “Autopsy” Progress. Progress, except in Hawaii.

-Friend asked for an attack on Takai for being partisan. Response excerpts “A direction-less, money-less, message-less party led by a pro-abortion chair, with absent or ineffectual vice & county chairs, supported by national committee members who do nothing in or out of state, is irrelevant and complicates criticism of anyone when our house is in such disarray.  Anyone who supports this incompetent and dangerous administration is complicit. What you ask is the job of HRP.  HIRA has better represented Republicans, and certainly conservatives, at the local, state and national level.  But, HIRA is a PAC, not a party, and is not organized as a party.“

Fukumoto. Constituent “On what occasion will you Stand Up for your Conservative constituents like me that went door to door and now I feel like a fool because you can’t get a pair and stand up for us like we did for you.“ Hit for supporting more taxes Local GOP Supports Raising Taxes and Elem School porn, Fukumoto is on Buck with her defense “What did HIRA do to elect Republicans?” Buck gives her a pass but listeners know electing Republicans is HRP’s job, and electing Rs to the House is HER minority leader job. Conservative HIRA holds both accountable. To answer Fukumoto for Buck, her mentors Johanson and Theilen publicly bemoaned the caucus had ‘grown more conservative.’ When asked his “thoughts on [HRP],” Hamada broadcasts “In a word, irrelevant. [Fukumoto] sides with the Democrats the majority of time. Johanson jumped to the Democrats, Fukumoto may well do the same.”

-Fukumoto & Cheape bi-partnered with “Future Caucus” US Rep Schock and local Ds Ing & US Rep Gabbard. AP “Insiders increasingly believe that revelations of [Schock’s] use of public and campaign money to fund a jet-setting lifestyle have jeopardized the future of one of the Republican Party’s fastest rising stars.” Politico “news of his big-spending, sloppy-accounting ways – from luxury hotels and fine dining paid for with public and campaign money to gifts that apparently should have been reported – erupted a month ago.“ Poof, by the time you read this, Schock is gone. Resigned.

American Renewal Project News: “Secular Republicans are disingenuous. Although they proudly call themselves “Reagan conservatives,” in reality they embrace very little of Reagan’s values. Phony Republican leaders will continue to use the word “conservative.”

HRA. For legislative alerts “please contact shawmadeleine@yahoo.com or 808 951-0055.“


Attend the April Nashville NRA Annual Meeting. Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights. You HAVE to watch a couple of these 1-2 min videos NRA Good Guys TV.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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