No Republican Candidates, Part Two

Aloha Friends.  Welcome to part 2 of 2.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank you.

Writing to conservatives and Republicans, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi-) private discussion.  These reports chronicle HRP’s story.  My perspective is that of conservative, former State Party Chairman and RNC member.  I am not here writing for any of my current conservative organizations, nationally or in Hawaii.  Hawaii conservatives need to know that they are not alone.  Please forward this to conservatives or let me know to be removed. 


– May 19-21 NRA Annual Meeting, Louisville

– June 18-19 Sports Shooting Fair

– July 7-10 National Right to Life Convention, Virginia

– July 18-21 Republican National Convention, Cleveland.


Readers’ Comments – Fukumoto vs McDermott – Presidential Caucus

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers.  “Beth will eventually change parties like Aaron since the Rs are a bit of a joke. At this point it wouldn’t even matter if she left.  Bob is quite unusual…he approves of the Rail project and is an R – it’s difficult to see who are the hypocrites in this State.“  Kauai “the party doesn’t make it convenient to participate if you are on a neighbor island; it’s all about Oahu.  Add to that, people over here don’t want to do anything or take on responsibility, or it’s the same people and no one new.  I think the average age of participants on Kaua’i is 70+.  I got frustrated with the bunch of them last year; I’d had enough of [Hickling].“  “As a candidate myself I felt that my own party betrayed me.“  “As Hawaii’s population increased, HRP has seen a drop in Republican votes from 2008 to 2014 there are 1.4% less Republicans voting.“

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”16″] Revelations of HQ money hanky-panky coincide with Rohlfing/Hellreich/Liu (R/H/L) hiring a lawyer to silence HIRA.  Had HIRA succumbed they would have ceased operations the day before the controversial state meeting.  Conveniently, then, we’d never know of this corruption.  HIRA still waiting for our impotent HQ to initiate their lawsuit.  They are feckless, as always.   [/pullquote]

-Instead of protecting your interests during this oppressive legislative session, Fukumoto sent a whiny,  sniveling email to HIRA and NFRA asking to not be held accountable.  Fukumoto’s girlfriends were exposed when HIRA called them out for helping Dems and supporting Clinton. Infiltration-Alert—GOP-CHAIR-ROHLFING-INSTALLS-DEMOCRAT-OPERATIVE-AT-HAWAII-GOP   Fukumoto and her girlfriends act like Dems.  HIRA holds them accountable, with all their other liberal friends.

-You elected her, watch this video.  Fukumoto Exposed As Democrat

-Last month McDermott yelled at Fukumoto for being a Dem (notwithstanding McDermott’s love of increased taxes).  McDermott-Warns-Predictions-About-Fukumoto-Are-All-Coming-True.  Fukumoto fires back but does not refute or disagree with any of his allegationsNo Denial From Dem-Like Fukumoto.  They both tell lies, so HIRA set the record straight with Proof That D-like Fukumoto Is The Next Johanson in her own words.  FB Cross “It’s quite the hit piece, unfortunately every word is true. There are 4 so called Republicans in the state house that need to be replaced….Fukumoto, Theilen, Cheape, and Pouha. It’s time to elect true conservatives in Hawaii and get rid of the RINOs.”

McDermott signed the ATR Taxpayers Protection Pledge.  Another lie to his constituents & supporters: he voted to extend the rail tax.  He should withdraw his TPP.

-Party betrayal HIRA: GOP Told To Stand Down. HIRA “Hellreich and [Saiki] have ordered [Rohlfing] to once again “stand down” in 2016 — even though being silent, neutral and disorganized will probably result in heavy losses by GOP candidates experienced in 2014, 2012, and 2010.“  Silence is deafening as even Ds criticize Silence: HRP Never Saw The Train Which Hit Them

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”16″] HIRA’s exposure of Saiki and R/H/L corruption shows that HRP needs cleansing.  Fearful R legislators are as culpable as the State Cmte is incompetent.   [/pullquote]

-One percenter.  Smart says Tagavilla is the only paid staff (not true) and that she, Smart, wouldn’t work for Tagavilla’s paycheck.  Smart has wealth, but embarrassing Tagavilla is insensitive and there are many in Hawaii who would work for Tagavilla’s $60k/year pay and benefits – unqualified, in her first job, with no accountables.  Highest ED pay since Kaauwai gave Nonaka that sweetheart 80k.

-If you’re running for office do NOT listen to Rohlfing.  Rohlfing was clearly nervous anticipating more Hamada-tirade against the do-nothing local GOP.  Instead, Hamada let Rohlfing embarrass himself.  Asked what HRP stood for, Rohfling stood by his LLIFE non-platform, got flustered, then said the Hawaii GOP is “peace through strength.”  Rohlfing said HRP is in a rebuilding phase – which implies it was built (not in your political lifetime, with five years of less than 60% of district chairs filled, the last two cycles with a 35% reduction in R candidates, and Rohlfing owns the two smallest funding months in the past ten years).  Rohlfing proclaimed his goal to win 12 new house seats and six new senate seats, heard Hamada’s surprise, then mumbled “Well, our focus is to get Sam Slom reelected and win four new house seats”.  1. He has yet to coordinate with the Slom campaign (I’m the Treasurer), 2. He has written off the Honolulu Mayor’s race, US Senate, both US House seats, and every county council seat, and, 3. we don’t know yet who are our candidates (six weeks to filing deadline).  Rohlfing’s cliché “politics is cyclical,” didn’t say when in the past sixty years Rs were in the majority.  Finally, Rohlfing opines “Fighting Democrats is hard.”  Hamada didn’t say a thing to demonstrate the inept GOP leadership, Rohlfing did it for him.  Rohlfing closes with “we have room to grow.”  You think?  Reader “This guy is a buffoon.”

-HQ requires you to submit your district contact information to the GOP database; your district leaders are prohibited from access to those email addresses.  To send an email to your district Rs, you must provide the text to HQ and they will on their schedule, after their approval, send it from State HQ.

-Exec Dir Tagavilla says there are no historical records at HQ – campaign records, plans, events, techniques.  Meanwhile, Vice chair Hickling dumps the RNC data gathering program for his own made-up version.  Self-proclaimed tech geek Hickling has a hilarious record of emailing and phoning information to the wrong people.  HRP canned the RNC walk-program last go around (the only state in the US to do so, Parsons couldn’t figure it out) and now Hickling says it is too difficult for him … though it is funded by the RNC and the rest of the nation is using it.

Quick Hits:

– With HQ phone bank inactivated and unfunded, televisions removed, and an overpriced Saiki copier, HQ is a daycare center for paid staff.  Exec Cmte is looking for new (less expensive) property.

-McDermott and Tupola are hot on the candidate recruitment trail, trying to build numbers to overthrow Fukumoto.  Problem is, candidates don’t trust them to cover their back.

Review the S/H/L crew Broken Promises Part 1 – State Officers, Part 2 – Vice Chairs, Part 3 – County with It’s Time To Go Petition.  HIRA “Much went wrong and you deserve to know the truth. “

– Fukumoto is a democrat Fukumoto Is A Democrat And HIRA Proves It

Tupola’s office manager should not send political email from her office, during office hours, using her office title.

– Expect it. Fukumoto Friend Caught Stealing Campaign Signs

ACU releases 2015 Hawaii Legislator ratings. 2015 Hawaii Legislative Ratings

– Dem Caldwell opens his Mayor campaign office with tax-lover and rail supporter Pine in attendance.

– Media wakes up.  HART Audit Derails RailPanos has been warning of this for years.

– Tax Foundation says Americans spend more on taxes than their budget for food, clothing and housing COMBINED.  Including annual federal borrowing means you’re not free until May 10.  Tax Freedom Day

– Accurate, and not, thoughts on RNC Chairman’s race Candidates For Next RNC Chairman

– Make a difference using the NRA-ILA action tracker. NRA Legislative Action Tracker

– Lee & Cruz seek to end anti-2A Operation Chokepoint Unchoking Operation Chokepoint

War Room.  Cruz hits Hillary.  Best Clinton Hit So Far

– With friends like that Illegal For Trump To Offer a Government Position To Carson

– Why we stay involvedMilitary Bases Removing Bibles

– As NFRA President signed CAP memo to congress to halt modern slavery, CAP memo to McConnell & Ryan opposed to Lame Duck Session.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”18″] Conservative pulse: websiteFacebook, Twitter.   [/pullquote]

-Rohlfing calls a meeting of the Rules Cmte … but there is no rules committee.  Reps elected in 2015 left, quit, or can’t recall being elected.  A third of districts this year failed to hold caucus meetings, and it wasn’t on the agenda for the rest of them.  Only 13/51 districts represented, 11 district chairs without rules reps.  The faux committee met to discuss changes to party rules, remembering at the last minute that they needed to develop Rules for a convention less than a month away.  HQ wants to change from grassroots House District organizations to Senate Districts, because they can’t recruit 51 leaders (from what HQ says is 30,000 party members) but think they can recruit 25.  They want biennial state conventions to have less challenging of establishment officers, and they can’t get people to attend their do-nothing conventions.  Whipped by ‘outsider’ candidates on March 8, they’ll change rules for the Presidential Caucus to make it harder for non-establishment candidates; HRP wants to increase filing fee from $5k to $10k and require it two months earlier.  Walden, who couldn’t follow his own rules for the caucus is Rohlfing’s Rules guy.

-The night before the Pres Caucus, HQ with no notice threw together a ‘candidate event.’  Recognizing that the event was to honor Santorum, here to stump for Rubio, Cruz Hawaii skipped it.  HQ chastised Cruz Hawaii for not playing in a ‘unity event.’  Only ten people joined the HQ and campaign organizers.  At the state meeting, Mukk admitted that the event WAS a last minute gig to satisfy the local Rubio insiders and establishment.  Hard to determine what is dumber – the event, trying to disguise the event, or admitting that you lied about the event.

-Walden screwed up, causing the altercation between Cruz and Trump supporters which required police intervention.  Walden misread his own party rules, which require campaigning to be 50 feet from the ballot box, and told the poll workers it was 50 feet from the entrance.  The argument between Bell and volatile Trump leader Paikai resulted in a national media black eye for the GOP.  All because Walden didn’t know his rules and, at the state meeting, capped it off by lying about it.

-HQ says 2/3 of the Presidential caucus voters are new party members, and they think that is a good thing.  Reports from polling locations are that most of the 10,000 new members are Ds.  The 5,000 who were previous members means HQ got only 1/4 of their R members to vote.  With more Dems and only a quarter of their members to participate may why HRP keeps losing.

-HQ plans to take Tagavilla AND Simon to Cleveland (funded by your donations) leaving no one in HQ one month before our state primary elections.  “Turn out the lights, the party’s over.”


Hawaii Presidential Campaigns

Trump 43% is 11 delegates (two from the HQ RNC members), Cruz 32% is 7 (one is HQ RNC member), Rubio 13% is one delegate, and Kasich is 10% resulting in zero delegates.

-The winner, wins (subtitle: Rohlfing thinks Paikai is dumb).  Four years ago, Romney Hawaii (led by Rohlfing) won the caucus.  Hellreich wanted then party chair Chang to be the delegation leader.  Notwithstanding Chang’s absolute lack of leadership, the party didn’t win the caucus, Romney and Ron Paul did.  Though persona-non-grata (go figure) having bucked the Lingle party to run for NCM, Rohlfing asked me to broker an agreement between the campaigns which won delegates – Romney, Paul, Santorum – and, I did.  Rohlfing became delegation leader.

Jump to 2016.  Trump wins, Cruz second, Rubio a distant third.  Rohlfing’s first call is to Trump Hawaii demanding to be the delegation leader, though his party establishment actively campaigned against Trump and Cruz and said all those nasty things.  Not only should they not be leaders, they shouldn’t be members of a Trump-Cruz delegation.  Paikai, with no national convention experienced received orders from Trump national to have NO contact with Cruz folks, misses the fact that while the national campaigns fight we still have to get our folks safely to and from Cleveland.  Rohlfing wants to be delegation leader, good perks, and thinks Paikai is too dumb to catch on.  We’ll see if he is right.

-I am a Cruz guy, some friends are Trump people.  This campaign is fun, challenging, and getting uglier, that’s a campaign.  Keep your eye on the ball:  POTUS, while important, is secondary to SCOTUS.  Win the White House and hold Congress to win the Supreme Court.  The rest is simply noise.

Delegation set for Cruz Hawaii, Trump Hawaii still deciding, Rubio Hawaii the most difficult because all the establishment hacks jumped on his bandwagon.  They have to select one delegate and one alternate delegate from Aiona, Fale, Nonaka, Burton and the defunct Bush folks Saiki, Marumoto, Hellreich.  Kasich Hawaii was easiest, Djou won zero.  HRP to announce names at the State Convention, expect Walden to leak the names on his blog, as he did the caucus results.

-HQ, trying to bump state convention attendance set the delegation organizing meeting for immediately after a long day of convention even though national delegates are not attending and, by party rules, several delegates are on neighbor islands.

-In the past, HRP hired someone to staff the national convention delegation.  It is a time-consuming, albeit temporary, job.  Chairmen prior to this had funds to do so and understood the need to leave staff on island one month before the primaries.  This year, because R/H/L have no funds and Tagavilla can get a free ride to the convention parties in Cleveland, R/H/L decided to double Tagavilla’s duties i.e. doing both convention aide and Exec Dir.  They can’t afford to pay a Finance Director but can afford to foot his way to Cleveland, leaving no staff at HQ while the ‘leadership’ is enjoying Cleveland.

-Slom and McDermott join Cruz.  The other R legislators still afraid to endorse, because R legislators are afraid, period. ENDORSE-OR-GET-OFF-THE-POT, signaling their preference for Clinton.  Milner notes the lack of R leadership Where is the GOP and Republican Legislators?

Romney criticizes Trump for taking advantage of the rules that Romney shoved down our throats at the 2012 Convention.  Rules should maintain a level playing field.  Like our local party gets bit by their games (called out to enforce their own Purity Pledge on their own people), the national party is getting bit by the rules they made to tilt the playing field.

Contested convention.  Trump wants to keep the eight-state rule but balks at the 1,237 delegate rule.  Don’t tell Peyton Manning that the leader at the beginning of the fourth quarter determines the winner.

-We watch Trump whining that he failed to read the rules – he won LA but Cruz has more delegates and Trump thinks ‘that’s unfair’ – think of the individuals and businesses he bilked for hundreds of millions of dollars because he, four times, took advantage of the rules of bankruptcy.

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights.  NRA BoD election results announced at NRA Annual meeting in Louisville.  Not in the group confirmed to be mathematically elected, not with those mathematically eliminated, NRA preliminary letter “We cannot yet determine whether you have or have not been elected to the Board.”

ARE YOU SATISFIED?  HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.


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