Presidential … Game On, part 1

Aloha Friends.  Welcome back.  Part 1 of 2. It’s long.


– February 24 Franklin Graham rally Capitol

– March 2-5 CPAC, National Harbor

– March 12 AIM 2016 (Air Rifle Champs)

Meetings – Finances – By The Numbers

-Republican Overseas (RO) international call with Cruz.  150 reps, 20 countries.  Netherlands, Paris, Sweden, Singapore, Geneva, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Canada, London, UK, Berlin, Luxemburg, more.  FATCA is major issue.  Cruz points of emphasis (Jobs, Growth, Opportunity.  Defending our constitutional rights. Restoring American Leadership in the world.).  Took questions for 50 minutes, sliding in that he has 175k volunteers, $47M raised from 690k contributors with most CoH of Rs.

RNC, Charleston.  Crucial meeting prior to the national convention, Rohlfing, Liu & Tagavilla skipNo rep at the ED or chairman meetings.  If previous meeting (and first debate) was important enough for chair, ED, NCM (and their families), this election-year meeting was apparently not.  Fiorina and Cruz teams most visible.  Haley (SC Gov), Deal (GA Gov), Scott (SC Sen) speakers.  (TWT on) Rules changes put off, again, so we’re still screwing with rules three months until convention.  Convention – some delegations are going to live far away.  Two so far running for RNC chairman election next January.

willes-lee-at-2016-south-carolina-gop-debate-R debate, South Carolina.  Better with only seven.  No change but responses are more substantive.  Trump, Rubio, Cruz separating from the rest, not just because of debates.  Undercard Fiorina established as a future contender.    Never know when you’re on national TV (Stebbins hat tip).

State Cmte.  Haven’t received audio yet, received six email.  Attendee “Liu never shows up, and Fale skips everything.  I can’t remember the last time the young or college republicans came but their names keep getting called.”  HRP has only 3/4 district seats with names and only 50% participate (and <5% of precinct seats, statewide).  Some meetings open with the Pledge, some in prayer, this one with the Rohlfing/Saiki Purity Pledge to warn districts that they’ll be booted if they disagree with HQ.  District chair “They said members are not to record the meeting which is a reference to the YouTube someone did of the last meeting.  They are considering making people check cell phones before meetings to prevent that from happening again.”  Rohlfing’s Action Plan for the entire state, which isn’t Strategic or even a plan, fits on three double-spaced pages;  approved by 43% of the state (22/51 districts attend).  Chair “They circulated a generic budget grouped by categories with only generic expenses and made us turn them in after looking at it.  Reminded me of the TPP Deal which was kept in a locked reading room “eyes only.”  Another:  “Budget didn’t include political messaging.  They can’t raise enough money – one round of direct mail to registered voters in my district costs $7,000+.  Multiply that by two or three into ten target districts and you can tell they don’t know what they’re doing.”  Chair “Idiots.  We could get more results in votes, fundraising, volunteers by ratcheting up the communications budget” because voters would be informed BEFORE our candidates hit their doors.  Attendee “Incredible that there are no rules that they follow, budgets & meetings are secret, so it’s now a secret society.“

-March for Life.  Beginning of DC blizzard held numbers down to tens (vs hundreds) of thousands.  Attendee: About 200 attend in Honolulu.  Ward & Tupola show.  Needing attention McDermott showed late “he rambled forever”.  An event with conservatives is appreciated but does NOT excuse their liberal votes (ACU rating about to be released.)   Aiona left early.  Zero HRP promotion, Smart the only party Exec member – made obvious by multiple HIRA leaders present.

-R debate, Iowa.  Rubio, Bush, Christie win. Trump skips and wins & loses.  Undercard inconsequential.

Caucus meetings.  HRP doesn’t want people to attend caucus meetings to become state delegates because those delegates would attend state convention to discuss real messaging & a real platform, and elect a real national committee man (Liu) and woman (Hellreich).  To suppress, HQ took authority from districts and dictated state-wide dates for the meetings.  With two weeks to go, Fale had yet to announce the 35 Oahu locations.  HQ decides districts must find their own locations, but didn’t tell the chairs it was their responsibility.  As of mid-January, at least, HRP website had last year’s locations.  One week to go, reader “She was told [district chair] hadn’t been told anything, and was waiting to hear from Richard Fale.“  HIRA asked HEY-DUDE–WHERE-S-THE-PARTY?  Reader “Thank you for outing these disgusting people.  I have my own experiences, they’re scary.  Is this caucus for electing state delegates?  How is it related to delegates for the national RParty in Ohio in summer?  I’m confused and wonder if it’s created to be confusing.“  Chairs are told they can move their date: “The district chair announced caucus changed date, too late (less than 10 days) for new members to participate.  No way they are NOT trying to suppress participation.”  The week before the HQ-mandated district meetings, Rohlfing has the State Cmte extend the window to March 30, but doesn’t tell party members – i.e. platform members change halfway to convention or districts won’t have a platform rep until six weeks before convention. “I asked [district chair] to let me know about District Caucus time and location, and he said that Party might move meeting into March.“  Another result – districts are two months later in organizing for 2016 elections.  Multiple districts are centrally meeting, up to FIVE districts.  Low or no turnout expected.  Some stayed with January 26, two went to the 28th, most skipped and no one noticed.  Reader “Party rules can be ignored if a vote is taken?!?  Why not announce that Hellreich and Liu are permanently named to their positions for life?  WTF!“  (Rohlfing forgets, or purposely omits, mention of district caucus meetings in his end of January fundraising email.)

Caucus.  ‘Stronghold’ east Oahu combined two districts with debate party.  Only 10/district (average of 2/precinct) attend (non-participating spouses in tow).  West Oahu district had “the razor quorum minimum of just three.“  Windward “Not a whole lot of people, only 2 in his Precinct, and Hellreich filled the rest with names for appointment.“  Another Windward “Miriam Hellreich used her position to say that the party is pushing for Bush to be at the top of the ticket.” Revealing:  party vice Monahan says HQ does not have a Convention venue, or even decided which island i.e. suppressing participation.  Tagavilla (next day) confirms Oahu but no venue …100 days out.

Platform meeting.  No announcement results in less than 1/3 districts represented, virtually zero NI.  Why it has no credibility: Cmte boss Moses fumbled until end of January to convene so they don’t have time to examine the many issues facing our state and counties.  They are afraid to present real solutions to Hawaii’s many problems.  They won’t discuss the platform, Rohlfing dictates approval of LLIFE, as they move straight to resos.  Then, district reps will change caused by the flakey caucus schedule.  (Suggest:  staple together all of HIRA’s eblast and label it “Platform.”  Then you’d have guts.)

-HRP FEC  December goes RED, again.  Even with HIRA forcing the party to step up, even with $ from Trump ballot access, even with Smart’s early LDD contribution, HRP is 10k in the RED.  Rohlfing/Hellreich/Liu (R/H/L) spends more than they raise, again leaving zero for messaging or Victory 2016.  Receipts drop to $15,319 = only 9568 contributions + ZERO from state account + 750 RNC for charity states + 5000 from Trump.  Sustaining Donors on record: only 9/14 Exec Cmte (not Liu, Saiki, nor 2/4 county chairs), only 5/51 District chairs, down to 9 members.  When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so.  Bills ignored in November allowing HQ to break even, came painfully due.  New donors included Jason Jones (eyeing a race?), Anne Stevens (again eyeing Waikiki?).  Disbursements $25,897 = ZERO Federal Election Activity (FEA), $4655 Tagavilla salary(includes 1289 extra on Christmas)+3302 payroll tax+765 health insurance+608 unemployment tax, 1476 mortgage+2772 building maint, a large 2542 IMS farewell, 253 phone, 393 cable, 4596 telemarketing, 290 Presidential caucus facilities, 1763 causing angst over Saiki’s copier, another 1000 Koolau catering.  Zero election expenditures.  HRP again NOT reporting full Presidential caucus expenses.  CoH for operations drops to 9k (and CSC 5k soft money +7k counties).  Also, 40k mortgage account (+4k in CSC) for 104k remaining mortgage (THAT number keeps bouncing around).  8 of 12 months this CY and 10/14 months this election cycle in the RED.  HRP CY FEC ends 22k in the RED including LDD & CC revenue & Bush+Trump campaigns; election cycle in the RED 51k, using ’14 RNC funds Saiki (ACU 50%) did NOT use to elect Republicans.  HRP red 23/36 past reports.  Eight Rohlfing months:  including Bush+Trump money and CC event, R/H/L raised 16.6k/month and spent 20.7k/month for a total shortfall of 33.2k.  HRP red 5/8 months since Hellreich crowned Rohlfing.

-This is not a Republican affliction.  For perspective, RNC raised $10M in December and a record (without a sitting R Pres) $105M for 2015.  Hawaii has a Rohlfing/Hellreich/Liu (R/H/L) affliction.

Simon SAYS he met his unstated October goal.  25k short of his 60k goal for November-December. Rohlfing announces the HRP 18,000+ email list is down to 7,000.  Simon needs at least cover his new salary.  Reader “I will wait until HQ addresses the financial questions before I expend any of my assets with the GOP.“  Rohlfing’s HRP Financial review team – Finance Chair Felix, NCM Liu, and Treasurer Smart – offers no hope for an impartial, objective review.

-Anticipating Lincoln Day low participation following the Martinez Bait and Switch, HQ pressures candidates to purchase tables (i.e. laundering contributions you give to candidate campaigns).   Good:  HIRA’s national-level speakers – NRA (twice), ACU, NRLC, Humphries, Medved – makes HRP try harder.  Walker needs donors, WaPo says campaign manger Wiley blew his Presidential campaign Walker clears $1.4M, still has $1.2M debt    Bad:  Perception of corruption hurts all Republicans, reader “Maramoto went to [Sutton] at Arcadia Nursing home!  She stole $5,000.00 by sweet talk.  HQ said nothing can stop Rohlfing and Hellreich from using a donation for whatever they want!“  LDD goal is $130k.  Reader “Smart was trying to sell a table to HIRA for Lincoln Dinner to meet her sales team quota.  HIRA buys a table so Rohlfing can secretly pay a lawyer to sue HIRA?  How dumb would that be?  She is desperate as are the other desperate Republican old timers.“  Covering up Hellreich’s fundraising fraud and bolstering her election chances against Smart, Hellreich makes LD a tribute to … Hellreich.  HQ in the establishment bag makes Kasich Hawaii’s Djou as host.

-The first two (Bush, Trump) Presidential campaigns’ ballot fee (2x$5k) funds the caucus process, with thousand to spare.  Monies from Kasich, Cruz and possibly more pay for HQ routine overhead.  HQ gouges campaigns to make up for R/H/L lack of fundraising, leaving campaigns less prepared for the General election.  Campaign: “Money, money, money….to what end?  Keeping the HQ lights on?  We know they’re not messaging and not supporting local candidates.  Now they want ANOTHER $5K for a Presidential campaign table at LDD…WTF?“   That’s why HQ pressures local campaigns for LD tables and makes them pay for every copier copy at HQ, they can’t pay their bills.

By the numbers

  1. Communications to HNL county members from Rohlfing-appointed chair Fale(he) (ACU 50%). Reader “Fale’s like Obama. He isn’t messing up, he is purposely screwing up Honolulu.”
  2. too expensive Saiki HQ copier needs to stay because the contract is too pricy to break.
  3. IMS accounting firm is gone so two agencies, costing more/month, now do compliance and payroll.

2A  supporters understand the point behind legislation to have journalist registration and back ground check Journalists should register their 1A rights.

  1. Rohlfing/Marumoto have six non-incumbent candidates (not all incumbents have announced) for 64 legislative plus county seats. Marumoto’s cmte has 0 neighbor island reps, and 0 NI candidates.  Lost another “[Halvorson] will not be running again for HD 18.“
  2. If HRP’s challengers are like the current seven house members, no need to put an R next to their name. Republicans support rail property tax increase.  Embarrassed by HIRA scoop, SA writes “Rail Operations Will Raise Taxes 9%.”  CB covered Rs cowering to Ds Future Caucus the day AFTER HIRA.  ACU ratings coming next week, Headline: R’s exposed as Ds. Disclaimer: I am on the ACUF board.

9%.  Yes, Legislators and Pine at Council just raised your taxes.

9th.  January, State meeting, moved to 16th without telling anyone results in < 50% district participation.

  1. Months since Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives to Increase our chances of winning.” Three since she again said “We need voter registration drives.”  January 2016 RNC Political Director “We HAVE to do voter registration.”  Still not in Hawaii.

34%.  Average R House caucus 2015 ACU rating, released soon.  Rs are NOT credible.

  1. Months since the ’12 required HRP financial audit was to be conducted. 25 since the ’13 audit was due.  14 since HRP chair promised.  Rohlfing directs Treasurer Smart to give panel member Smart our financial info.  Donors don’t give when finances are in question.
  2. Obama taking orders from Trump. GOPUSA DHS Deports 121 Illegals
  3. Days (as of February 1) to the Presidential election.
  4. Not news. PBN “Rapid rise in construction costs in Hawaii means the rail project will cost an additional $240 million, according to [HART].“

Viral. Palin endorses Trump.  I need attention, we appreciate Palin, but Fey is funnier.

Unity.  House Rs consensus – McDermott, Ward, Cheape, Tupola, Fukumoto, Pouha, Theilen – vote for 40,000 illegals to get a Hawaii drivers’ license.  These same ‘principled’ leaders signed a letter opposing my election to the NRA board of directors.  Told you we could get them on one page.  None are NRA voters, or HRA members, none attended this or last year’s FNRA banquet, and all voted the wrong way on the major 2015 anti-gun bill.  So, when HIRA says these “seven dwarfs” have no credibility, it’s true.  Gutteling response at that Walden was afraid to post to his blog: “The petty carping by these representatives is not reflective of the vast bulk of gun owners here in Hawaii.“  HIRA member “Wow, we’re definitely under their skin.“  NRA board member “That’s crazy – just proves how good you are.“  Concerned Veterans of America member “The letter they sent full of half-truths and misinformation, sounds whinny to me.”  District chair “Personal attacks, I hate when these whinny losers throw that out, like when the left calls Rs racist for disagreeing with Obama.”  With a 38/100 average ACU rating, our house caucus endorses whomever they unanimously hit for holding them accountable for their liberal votes.  Reader:  “They are critical, because most are anti-gun, and definitely not conservative.“

-The week McDermott was released from Navy League (to sell real estate), and two days after I announced Cruz support, the establishment House members lashed out.  BUT, Tupola got punked: she signed the letter and the next day they booted her as floor leader.  McDermott’s hit generated a call from a homeless service member who said McDermott refused to assist her plight while showing her how he used his government office to promote his non-profit program, forwarding selling from my office and from the Capitol.  When people don’t trust McDermott enough to cold call me, then they really don’t trust him.

HRP is unable to challenge Democrats’ and liberals’ ideology until we solve our internal and administrative issues.  We need a conservative, competent, organized, manned, and funded HRP with committed leaders.  Republicans must first fix their house.

-How we know HQ doesn’t care.  The State Cmte meeting was planned for January 9, posted on the seldom viewed party calendar.  On January 8, secretary Ready told the State Cmte, what there is of it, the meeting moved to January 16.  Less than one day of notice that there is not a meeting, and one week’s notice of the rescheduled date, without an agenda, past minutes.

-HQ does NOT plan to tell members that Convention is to review platform and elect committeeman and woman, until after district caucus meetings when delegates are selected.  They don’t want you to know, or to attend.  However, using the excuse of expecting contention, HQ uses your donations to pay a national-level parliamentarian to fly out for three days.

-If gun control proposals stopped insane people or terrorists, they’d pass. While Obama’s decry SAYS he closed the ‘gun show loop hole’ (not a substantive change), a President making legislation is a danger to the Bill of Rights.  A next step is confiscation.   Even Paul Ryan knows “none of Obama’s proposals would have prevented the recent mass shootings.“  Explanation RedState and LaPierre on background checks.

-Join Hawaii Rifle Association to protect our gun (civil) rights.  Ige threatens our personal safety, from HRA FB Support Concealed Carry.  HRA comment “Hawaii Rifle Association: Great article!  Just to add that not only are police not able protect you, they have absolutely no legal responsibility to do so.  Beyond the very valid points raised by Mr. Lee, the inability to obtain a concealed carry permit for the general purpose of self-protection places the law abiding citizen in a very unenviable catch 22: the police being unable, and not legally required to protect you, yet not legally permitting you to carry the tool of your choosing to protect yourself.“  NRA BoD election Lee Running for NRA Board,


ARE YOU SATISFIED?  HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Forward this – people need to know, you need to act.  Part 2 coming.


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