Doomed to Repeat It, part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome to part two of two.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you.

Readers’ Comments – Purity Pledge, continued – Quick Hits

-May 3-7 National Bible Reading Marathon

-June 18-20 – Faith and Freedom Coalition Policy Conference, DC

-June 20-21 HRA Shooting Sports Fair, Kokohead Range

-June 26-28 Western Conservative Summit, Denver WesternConservativeSummit

-July 9-11 National Right to Life Convention, New Orleans

-August 28-30 NFRA Presidential Endorsing Convention, Nashville

-What’s wrong with this picture? Saiki in CB “Her political work began with her successful drive to create the first teachers’ union for Hawaii’s public school teachers.” “Saiki successfully urged the [HGEA] to create a new teachers chapter, which she led.” “Saiki told teachers to embrace the national unions..” “Saiki’s decision to become a Republican seems surprising..” “She supported abortion rights ..”

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “I will no longer send $ to any Republican party request.“ “Our party continues to stagger through fits of breathtaking, vacuous ineptitude on behalf of its so-called leadership.“ HD50 do-over election “Your report is totally false.“ (no apology, standing by last month’s report). “your emails are the only way I am kept up to date of what’s going on at Hdqtrs & HRP.“ “your emails are hard to understand with all the abbreviations.“ “Under Obama, per Alinsky, opposition to his policies has to be destroyed.  That is how Saiki and her gang seem to want things to be.  Do they believe that simply being the HRP, not representing Republican principles, is the way to go? The HRP will never get anywhere unless they clean up their act.“ “Both reputation and integrity of current HRP leadership and their ideology is not good and deserve attack – they should be replaced.“ “Our local Ka’u Tea Party is disgusted with [HRP].  When Bob wrote them, an enthusiastic letter came back to get him to represent the party. When he identified as “Tea Party” no response.“ “Current HRP regime is very unprofessional!“

PURITY PLEDGE, continued

-Saiki/Hellreich/Liu make the party smaller. Rohlfing proposed the reso to allow S/H/L to administratively eliminate State Cmte elected officers who disagree with them. HRP Purity Pledge. HIRA “Rather than go after Democrats, the state committee put its effort into fighting fellow Republicans. The “Party Member Compliance Plan” has a multi-tiered list of severe punishments which will help them to purge the party officer structure of conservatives despite the fact that they were elected by their district constituency.“

-We didn’t say whether it was good/bad when we forwarded reso to RNC, and others: “The Purity-pledge requires Central Committee members to be loyal to state officers. The resolution prohibits criticism of or disagreement with state leaders or their policies. Penalties include removal from office of locally-elected district chairmen.” Best responses:

NCM “This is pure censorship, loss of freedom of speech and unbecoming the Republican Party.“

Co-leader of the RNCC Conservative caucus. “Typical liberal intolerance.“

TWT Correspondent “WTF? This is democratic centralism. A marxist-leninist doctrine and a core modus operandi of that all communist parties across the planet.“

Sarmento, Kauai “That [Saiki & Parsons] spend time and energy fighting Willes proves his points. The party purity reso is a disgusting attempt to demand ideological purity and has no place in party politics.“

-Saiki reaction. Instead of raising funds or fighting liberals, S/H/L sent a long hit piece (against me & HIRA) to the entire Republican National Committee (+ local R legislators) titled “Who is Willes Lee?” which tells how HIRA is holding Saiki and elected officials accountable. 1. S/H/L should not admit they are screwed up, 2. S/H/L’s list was larger, so more now know of their deficiencies, and 3. they raised more issues (Flake, party debt) than the original (MOU, reso). Best responses:

NCM “Who is Willes Lee?”  If I knew any of them I would tell, but I can only ask, “Who the heck are they?”

Congressional Staffer Not sure what is funnier ….the fact they wasted an entire day drafting this email, or that they felt the need to defend Jeff Flake.  Hysterical. Well played.

NCW Who are these people and why are they asking us who you are?

Reader They think they are going to intimidate you by sending this because that works with McDermott and some HIRA leaders.

Fmr State chairman Kind of them to elevate your profile as the most antiestablishment guy in Hawaii.

Voicemail from a national reporter Ha. Wow. You got people rattled, huh?

Grey This very much reminds me of “Who is John Galt?”

NCM Congratulations for becoming too effective to ignore.

THEN, can’t make this up, S/H/L said they sent a letter to HIRA’s national affiliate saying that HIRA and I are too effective at holding HRP and elected official accountable. Saiki asks NFRA to make us stop … fulfilling our responsibility. S/H/L didn’t google the NFRA President or the conservative NFRA before this embarrassing move to elevate HIRA’s profile across the nation.

S/H/L “we tried to extend a supportive hand to all Republicans including the members of HIRA.“ Lie or delusion? – Rohlfing said Saiki’s Purity Pledge was written specifically to silence HIRA, and Saiki refers to conservatives as competitors. Regardless, another political embarrassment. Asking a conservative group to make people stop being conservative, Saiki complains of HIRA ‘insulting’ the flakey Flake. Saiki didn’t send it, she just told people she did. So, I sent it, that’s how embarrassing this is for HRP: Friends, Last thing you want to do is tell people, like the whole RNC, that the Hawaii Assembly has you by the balls.  If you want to see a local party email crying uncle, let me know. Best responses:

RNC NCM I am beginning to get the idea that these people don’t like you.

Reader They are hurting badly. Why else would they take such desperate action (including the gag order MOU and Purity Pledge reso) to get [HIRA] to tone things down?

RNC NCW Oh dear!!!  I definitely want every single person to like us; can’t we all “just get along”.

Reader Perhaps Ms. Saiki would like to make use of my handkerchief…

NCW Wa, wa. It sounds like party politics to me.

AZ fmr state chair Flake has been and continues to be soft on securing our borders and a big supporter of comprehensive immigration reform with amnesty. Last week, Flake voted with Ds for Lynch as AG.

TX Pres You scoundrel, Willes! 🙂  Hope you ride that wave — come to think of it, have you created a press-release for local media? ;-D

TN Pres Keep them on their toes.

Good news. Saiki’s team reads these reports and HIRA’s mail – a roadmap to success, chock full of suggestions, direction, principle, do’s and don’ts. Imagine how screwed up S/H/L, Rohlfing, Parsons would be without this help and assistance.

Quick Hits:

Where is the Republican Party? Noticeable Lacks of HRP Testimony

-HIRA “You might call Hawaii the largest RINO reserve on earth.” Hawaii is Home to the RINO

-HIRA also holds Ds accountable.

-Evidence? HIRA Sets the Record Straight

-You can tell Rohlfing is running for chair. After all these years, he just joined OLRW.

-HRP invited precinct and district leaders ONLY to a training a day before convention. District chair “A whole Friday, WTF!! Don’t they realize we have real jobs, what a bunch of idiots.“

-HRP Website STILL not up to date. What does paid staff Parsons do?

-Fukumoto, Cheape, Ward, McDermott hold in-session raisers. Slom “I have been the one campaigning for more than 20 years against lawmakers holding fundraisers during session.“

-BI reader, of House website photo of Tupola protesting telescope “The Hawaii GOP is against the telescope now? WTF?? Time for a new party Willes, stop deluding yourself.“ Instead, try Support TMT

Prophetic. We reported the failing proposition of people with no political experience ‘elected’ to lead our party. Saiki announces Maui canned Fontaine for Powell. Powell? Exactly.

-Berish “Few people in Hawaii vote, because our choices are always the same old candidates no one wants anymore. Running forever will not elect Aiona. Ditto Mufi.“

-FB posting House research and Fukumoto campaign manager Sarah M. Fukumoto likes Hillary Clinton.

-Not news. CB “contractors and consultants working on Honolulu’s $6 billion rail project are raking in tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds, yet there’s little accounting of what they’re actually doing.“

-John Pritchett’s 2016 Obama Cartoon Countdown Calendar

-Morton Blackwell, Leadership Institute, on how to avoid the Romney-disaster 2012 national convention, or how the establishment can lose this election without trying. How Romney Lost Party Support

-RNC CSC petition to support SCOTUS SSM case is passing around Hawaii. Our RNCC spawned and leads CSC, about 130 RNC members who call themselves conservative.

-An establishment mouthpiece, FOX “the start of what promises to be the single-nastiest Republican nominating process in memory.“

-Norquist’s book “The administration-ordered persecution of Tea Party groups shut down the movement in time to save President Obama’s reelection“

-At CPAC, friend said “the government would NEVER take your guns.” Zimmerman’s Government Gun Grab or watch the video Napolitano on Gun Grab.

-Personnel are policy. Evangelicals Investigate Candidates’ Staff.

-Rohlfing planned for his county convention to jump on the Purity bandwagon. HRP Manifesto. Fmr County Chair Kuriowa “There were two resolutions presented at the State Committee meeting that received negative votes.  Fritz attempted to have both voted on at the County Convention.  I challenged him that as a Rules Committee member, I did not see, read, or review any resolutions for presentation at the County Convention and without review by the County Rules Committee, it would be out of order.“ Turns out, Rohlfing didn’t know there were county rules. Kuriowa “I provided a copy to Fritz, Terry, and Boyd.  He pulled the resolutions. We, Republicans, must adhere to law and the Rules.”

-Saiki forwarded an RNC email on the so-called gender pay gap. She writes that if we send her money, she could elect Rs who take a stand. Reader “She just doesn’t get it. Getting money and candidates without a basis in a fundamental purpose and philosophy is useless.“ When you accept the premise, that there is a pay gap, you’ve already lost the argument. WSJ Mythical Pay Gap “the numbers bandied about to make the claim of widespread discrimination are fundamentally misleading and economically illogical.” HRP wastes funds, R members do NOT take a stand.

-HIRA membership letter “Thanks to GOP leadership determined to bask in a dull haze of indifference, we in Hawaii have yet to enjoy the success of our mainland counterparts. The Hawaii Republican Party failed miserably to make full use of the twenty-four months that it had to increase and rally party membership.“

Arrogant. Obama got huffy when Giuliani challenged his patriotism and love for America. Saiki arrogantly writes “I have served the Party for more than 40 years … My commitment – my loyalty and integrity should not be questioned.“   If there weren’t questions, she wouldn’t write about it. That Saiki must address her commitment, loyalty, and integrity tells the story.

-Saiki phones a recently resigned HRP member who wrote ‘HRP leadership no longer fits my values.’ Saiki accepts no responsibility, bashes Kaauwai & Nonaka. “Got an interesting call from Pat Saiki. I mentioned I didn’t like the leadership and their decisions. When I bashed Dylan and Jonah, she blasted them, calling them illiterate and NOT the face of the HRP!“

No accountability. Saiki sends email to support Rs running for Oahu NB. Multiple candidates wrote angrily to ask why they were left off the list, entire districts were omitted, and the list highlighted several districts with zero R candidates. Paid staffer Parsons says neither Saiki (the buck stops where?) nor comms vice Mukk approved or even knew the email went out…and would not accept responsibility.

-Ward office worker Giles FB post “Hawaii Voters… It is time to correct your past bad behavior.“ Nothing wrong with voters. She should instead find good candidates who stand on principle.

Fale (remember him?) in the not-so-good news, again, for ‘fudging’ his CSC reports. AG Investigates Fale  Gets caught, won’t accept responsibility but has myriad excuses.

-If a tree falls and no one hears … R House gang scheduled a Hawaii Kai roadshow. Then, nothing. No reminder, no media, no social media, no mention … does it make a sound?

HIRA speaks against Gridlock, Kenoi Card Abuse, Teen Abortions Banana Republic. HIRA “[HRP] run by liberals who sit on the sidelines and do absolutely nothing“ Saiki Folds.

-R US House leader McCarthy, Boehner’s #2, in Honolulu. Co-chair of ’08 national convention platform when Adrienne King and I helped make the most conservative national platform in 20 years (’04 version) even more conservative. Djou emailed an obligatory appeal based on a FB post “Dear Charles, I am working for [McCarthy]. We want to get supporters together and raise some money. I raised money for Romney in Hawaii.” HRP didn’t promote the event, at all. McCarthy refused (unlikely), or Saiki didn’t think to ask, to do an event for HRP. Reader “I’d never give this RINO a dime.”

Republicans Overseas (RO). Our group of 20 most-conservative RNC members built the Republican National Conservative Caucus, RNCC, within the RNC. As a ‘08 founding member, and still active, we’re kept informed on RO GOTV effort. FATCA will probably go to SCOTUS. IRS Control Overseas

-Congressional ‘Doc Fix’ is bad enough. Rs who pledged budget ‘pay for’ provisions ought to be turned out. Not arguing the need for a fix, just highlighting legislators’ lies. Now, Rs support ‘Corker Bill.’ Know why people think they can’t trust their representatives? Sanctions vs Nukes. Because we can’t.

Christians need to wake. Murder, persecution worldwide. Stand up, or be put down. At home, in Oregon “The Klein family has been fined $135,000.00 … because they are Christians who did not want to provide goods for a homosexual wedding.“

-Bloomberg Politics poll “Republicans by a ratio of more than 2-to-1 say the U.S. should support Israel even when its stances diverge with American interests. Democrats, by roughly the same ratio, say the opposite is true and that the U.S. must pursue its own interests over Israel’s.“

-Army wastes $ to determine morale, finding … morale is low = Army changes standards so that morale now being fair. USA Today Army Morale “More than half of 770,000 soldiers are pessimistic about their future in the military and as many are unhappy in their jobs, despite a six-year, $287 million campaign to make troops more optimistic and resilient.“ (Patton just whacked them with his gloves.)

-HQ waited until a month prior to tell members that this convention features officer elections and never said who or how a member could run for party office. Only if asked, paid staffer Parsons told individuals they had to turn in nomination forms, then waited to be asked how one should get a nomination form. Members ask whether Saiki, Rohlfing, Helreich, Parsons, and Liu purposely suppressed nominations and attendance. The answer is an unequivocal ‘yes.’ These are your party ‘leaders.’

-Insight into an old school mind. Saiki’s ‘endorsement’ says conservatives are HRP’s “competing organization.” Lower taxes, civil (gun) rights, life, marriage, strong defense i.e. the Republican Platform …. the HRP establishment of Saiki, Rohlfing, Helrriech, Liu consider you a threat and competitor. Oahu League, Kool-aid drinkers, lemmings … you’re ok with them.

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights. NRA Good Guys TV.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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