Letter to NRA Board in Strong Support of Willes Lee


Edward Gutteling, M.D.

Vice-President, Conservative Forum for Hawaii

14 January, 2016

NRA President James W. Porter II
11250 Waples Mill Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030

Dear President Porter :

On 5 January 2016, the entire republican contingent of our Hawaii state house of representatives wrote a letter to Mr. LaPierre regarding Mr. Willes Lee, candidate for the NRA Board of Directors.
The letter indicated they would be “unable to work with” him due to a litany of complaints regarding his criticisms and actions against them in their political rolls, and the Hawaii Republican Party in particular.
Because of their attitude to him, he “would be a poor advocate for constitutional gun rights in Hawaii”.
Note especially the absence of any criticism of him by our lone Republican state senator, Mr. Sam Slom.

Mr. Lee, a former Hawaii Republican Party state chairman, has a been a tireless supporter of our liberties as a free people, American Constitution and especially of our 2nd Amendment rights. He has also been extremely critical of those professing to support such, but who in practice come up very short. That means the entire state house Republican delegation, and state party.

He was responsible for bringing former NRA president David Keene to Hawaii for an historical first visit of such. I was honored to be involved as Vice-president of the Conservative Forum for Hawaii to bring him to our town of Hilo, where we had over 350 enthusiastic citizens attend his lecture. I will always be grateful to Willes for helping that happen.

I cannot imagine a better and more effective advocate for 2nd Amendment rights here in Hawaii, than Willes.  I endorse his role in the NRA completely, as he is an asset not a liability to your efforts.

The petty carping by these representatives is not reflective of the vast bulk of gun owners here in Hawaii, and should be ignored and rejected for the spiteful and self-serving thrust that it is. If they truly wish to understand the decline of the Republican Party in Hawaii, they should just look in the mirror.

Yours sincerely
Edward Gutteling, M.D.
Vice-president, Conservative Forum for Hawaii

Cc (by email) :
NRA Ex-president David Keene
Executive Vice-president Wayne LaPierre
Rep. Beth Fukumoto
Rep. Gene Ward
Rep. Lauren Matsumoto
Rep. Feki Po’uha
Rep. Andria Tupola
Rep. Cynthia Thielen
Rep. Bob McDermott
Sen. Sam Slom
Mr. Willes Lee