Threatening Rs, Part Two

– December 5 Pacific Aviation Museum Raiser, Ford Island

– January 20 Hawaii Legislative Session Opens

HIRA’s exposure of Saiki and R/H/L corruption shows that HRP needs cleansing. Fearful R legislators are as culpable as the State Cmte is incompetent.

Readers’ Comments – Party News – Quick Hits

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “Oh my. Why can’t HRP fight against Democrats instead of causing all this infighting?” “As long as laziness reigns at the Hawaii GOP, so long as flimsy, weak candidates are worshipped, then the Hawaii GOP will be perpetual strangers to victory and dilettantes in political power.“ “It’s idiotic that Saiki as a former chair puts out an eblast to members praising Gabbard for returning contributions. You NEVER praise people for doing late what they should have done in the first place. What the hell is going on at HQ?“ “When HIRA waves their red flag, there is truth behind it.“ “Fritz wanted to scare off HIRA for sharing the truth.“ “My posts on the HRP fb page has put their nose out of joint and I am now blocked by them.“ “Mark Moses at the State Committee meeting mentioned the (HRP) website not working. Half the links on the GOP Hawaii page are under construction or just don’t work, which presents a very unprofessional image.“

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State Committee Meeting. Postponed from October. Agenda only 48 hours prior, 1/14 Exec reports, two Exec Cmte elections scheduled without party notification. The strategic & finance plan are to be presented, postponed from the required June deadline. Ready says he again missed the Rules deadline to provide past minutes, at the rescheduled meeting they’re four months late.

Saiki successfully boosts attendance to support her Treasurer candidate. Many districts remain empty, 28/51 districts (55%) were represented. Only 7/16 NI chairs (44%).

A contentious, long (3:40) meeting, saw attendance in half by the end. Tagavilla had an action plan and finance plan. Presented as fait accompli, Rohlfing doesn’t know Rules require State Cmte approval. 14 months into the election cycle and no approved plans, elections in only 12 months. Rohlfing’s action plan has no action. Tagavilla’s list of general goals & undefined programs for a state party fit on three double-spaced pages. Simon bases Rohlfing’s finance plan on 600 sustaining donors. Kaauwai, Fukumoto, Chang, Saiki, nor Rohlfing had even 50. Simon says he met his (unstated) October goal, his goal is 60k in Nov-Dec. Plan provides for 0 campaign dollars, has NO goal for 2016, LDD, telemarketing nor mail i.e. the finance plan, isn’t. Your financially-challenged State Cmte didn’t raise a single question.

Finance. HQ continues to bleed. In one week since October FEC report, net is down 6.2k. HRP reports combined (FEC & CSC) operating funds of only 25.2k (+7.2k of counties). This is why they want to use mortgage money for operations.

More to investigate: HRP had 17k in the mortgage account before the Martinez event, which they say net 46k. They applied 12.2k directly to principle and made a 1.5k payment. 17+46-12.2-1.5k=49.3k, but they report only 43k in the mortgage account.

Elections, to fill two Exec Cmte spots. Saiki and Jack James backed establishment Honjo for Treasurer. Smart (eyeing a higher position next year) beat Honjo. IMS’s Thomason suddenly resigns as accountant. The fill-in temp Coalitions Vice chair (original quit months ago) beat conservative DeGracia. The story is the Saiki-Rohlfing agenda fight. Naïve Rohlfing arrived with a changed agenda which moved elections to the end, hoping people stay. His surprise change set off party elder Saiki. Saiki and Hellreich told their lemmings who otherwise never attend these meetings, they could vote early and leave. Stack the deck: paid staff Tagavilla doubles as a district chair (voting with the guy who signs her paycheck), McDermott is a chair because no one wants to represent his district since HIRA’s Montes was ousted, Maui chair has to also represent his vacant district seat, Honolulu officers double as district chairs, Thomason stands for Honjo, again having the person responsible for accounting serving as the person to be held accountable and vice-versa. Still, Saiki/Hellreich candidate Honjo lost. (Honjo skipped the meeting. Rohlfing was recruiting an alternative to Honjo prior to the meeting. Perhaps she knew of the questionable finances.)

Coordinated Campaign, Hickling transmitting from home on Kauai, gave a rambling, time-wasting presentation. Reader “The PowerPoint presentation by Hickling on how Republicans can win Hawaii is bad math/bad hypothesis testing. During the presentation they handed out a chart of where Ige performed poorly and proceeded to tell [members] that was evidence that Republicans could win those districts. That’s absurd. As a political scientist, it makes as much sense as saying, “In Berkeley, people statistically eat more tofu, therefore they probably will frequent Popeye’s Chicken rather than Taco Bell.” Not voting for Ige has nothing to do with house/senate/city council/OHA etc races.  They haven’t done focus groups, official scientific polling, or any hard science. And then they have the nerve to tell district chairs that they aren’t doing anything significant.“ Another reader summed “It was stupid.”

An ‘outraged’ Saiki wrote Oahu League (and all HRP) “The funds raised to pay the mortgage were used to pay the mortgage and never secretly used to pay other expenses.” “I managed the budget.” “I put my personal reputation and integrity on the line.” “Assure you that the Party will use your funds wisely and as promised.” Opps. Hellreich, Saiki, Rohlfing REFUSE to Disprove Fraud. Hellreich begs to use mortgage funds for the mortgage. She admits to helping pass Saiki’s Rule change to allow ‘mortgage only’ funds to be spent on anything. Outgoing accountant Thomason says this special fund continues “because we’ll spend the money on others things.” Hellreich admits lying to donors with “the building fund became not just the mortgage fund … IT’S MUCH BROADER NOW.This is why our party and officials have no credibility: Not one HRP ‘leader’ nor any R legislator called for an accounting, or for anyone to be held accountable. Several were present – Fukumoto, McDermott, Ward, Slom.

The spat over mortgage funds was not resolved. Advertising that donations are for ONLY mortgage, Hellreich says she’ll honor her commitment ONLY with specific oral or written designation. Hellreich begs the cmte to use these funds for only mortgage i.e. telling us they’ve been lying all along.

Fundraising takes a turn for the worse with revelations that the CC sales people lied about the purpose. Expect donors to be wary, savvy donors will request a refund. Attendee comments “We were lied to when they told us the event was for the capital campaign.” “I don’t like HIRA but it is just like they said, bait and switch.” Hellreich’s concern over future events is warranted. When leaders lie, donors hold back. Another reason why party ‘leaders’ cannot be trusted.

No one trusts HQ handling of finances. Last year, Saiki’s solution to HQ having skipped the required audit for four years was to end the requirement; changing the Rules to require only a review by three party members. The Treasurer gets beat in a can’t-lose election, the accountant resigns on the spot. Then, Rohlfing announced the review team – Finance Chairman Felix, National Committeeman Liu, and Treasurer Smart offer no hope for an impartial, objective review. Can’t make up stuff like this.

Thirty minutes spent discussing HIRA. Not fundraising, not beating Dems, not party building. Meeting ends with “the prophet” (that’s what they call him) declaring that everyone arrived with love and they leave with divisiveness and division in the ranks. Saiki, Rohlfing, Hellreich, and Liu purged HIRA from the State Cmte. Can’t blame this divisiveness on HIRA.

Speculation over how long Rohlfing lasts. Lack of fundraising and disobeying Hellreich & Saiki (Chang), and Hellreich & Lingle (Kaauwai) got his predecessors fired. Same dynamics with Rohlfing, plus legal issues. Add that Hellreich/Saiki/Marumoto (Exec Cmte) support Bush, as Rohlfing holds out for Romney, and speculation increases. With Saiki running things anyway, she probably takes over (three years older) as when they fired Chang. Reader “Just when I thought I’ve seen it all…..what a reality show or maybe a comedy show? I vote him off the island.“

-Rohlfing, instead of raising funds or recruiting district chairs, uses the two weeks following his State Cmte beat down to search for the sources of several email and recordings of the state meeting.

Quick Hits:

– Kerns. HIRA VP Marissa married Gary in a beautiful Waianae sunset. Congratulations.

– If HRP hosts an event, does it make a sound? Young Republicans game night at HQ. Game night?

– HQ volunteers report their car being towed while in HQ. About $200 to retrieve.

– Aiona told HNN Mendoza that he lost (first or second time, or both) because people wanted to vote for him but they didn’t go to the polls. Blaming the voter, not his GOTV effort or lack of inspiration.

– Lost another. Grace no longer Waikiki candidate. Replacement is afraid to step into the arena.

– If not for HIRA exposure of HQ misdeeds, HRP and Aiona wouldn’t get any media HRP Earned Media

– Bowing to Saiki & Hellreich, McDermott’s foul language bashes HIRA while he advocates for more rail taxes. If you vote liberal, or lie, you will be held accountable.

– Smart (supposedly conservative) joins Mukk (supposedly libertarian) as the latest sell out. Reader “Smart drank the Kool aid.”

– Rohlfing’s Monthly Donation letter debut was October 7. Seven weeks to his next (November 26).

– HIRA wants a better Hawaii GOP Walking-Dead—-808-s-Republican-Party-in-DEEP-Trouble

Berg running against Pine for Council in a battle of the independent vs the untrustworthy.

– Neither Fukumoto, nor ex-Marine McDermott take a position on refuges/terrorists to Hawaii.

DeGracia, Hawaii GOP’s future How Republicans Win

– CB “[Djou] was the council member who introduced the measure that led to the creation of HART and was chairman of the council committee referring the charter amendment to voters.“

Needy. Hawaii Family Forum is reportedly in the red, and Aiona’s silent Hawaii Family Advocates initiates a fundraising campaign for no apparent reason.

Racists. Democrats support native Hawaiian elections with no opposition from R legislators or HRP.

– Hawaii welcomes refugees (and terrorists) Ige On His Knees For Obama

– Liberal educators getting liberal treatment. Princeton Gives In to Racists

– $2M of Bloomberg couldn’t buy a Virginia state senate seat, keeping both Virginia houses in R hands. His anti-gun message helped Rs GOTV and win both closely contested seats.

Obama wants your guns. Gun Control Obama Top Issue

– Gun crime down as population increases. No Gun Epidemic

– Sowell: Ironic, France Closed Border 10 Years Late

– Mark Levin Thank God for the Second Amendment or we’d be Europe. We would all be disarmed. If liberal politicians had their way, there would be no NRA. There would be no groups trying to protect us.

– Christians persecuted, not Muslims. Media Afraid of Muslims Who Won’t Bake Gay Cake

US Muslims Feel Persecuted  No Muslim leader speaks against Muslim violence. Liberal = If a gun is used, bans guns. Be consistent, if a Muslim commits murder, ban Muslims.

– Oregon county allowing sheriff to void unconstitutional gun control laws

Helping People chicago-concealed-carry

– PP kills babies Video 11, PP Sells Babies Heads. The ideology-challenged HRP STILL not weighed-in.

Revisionist. HRP, criticized for not opening their Executive Director hiring process, tries to cover their tracks “Fritz mentioned that they had openly announced a vacancy for Executive Director and conducted exhaustive interviews during the state committee meeting. What? When? I (district chair, former House staffer, political scientist) may have missed it, but the only announcement I saw (from HIRA, not HRP) was when they decided to hire the new one. If I had known there was a vacancy, I would have applied for it.“ After what we learned last week about HQ lying, believe the district chair.

-McDermott says House Rs need to be lobbied to support 2A. They are the last who should suck up resources on issues they should support. Another sign of what’s wrong with McDermott and R legislators.

-As rail-supporting legislators (including Fukumoto, McDermott, Cheape, Pouha) continue to dump funds into rail, other liberals balk – not because they oppose rail-cronyism or because of cost & time overruns, but because their pet spending projects aren’t being funded.

-Hawaii last went R with ’84 Reagan. R candidates care only because they need a plurality of delegates of eight states to be eligible for nomination. Hawaii’s 19 national delegates (2 already Bush) out of about 2500 don’t make a difference, nor the four electoral votes. The controversy is over the eight states. Last national convention, Rohlfing & Hellreich with Romney ’12 helped change RNC rules to ease Romney ’16 renomination. They raised the threshold from only five states to make it harder for non-establishment candidates (i.e. other than Bush, Rubio). It hinders candidates without deep pockets. To downplay her & Rohlfing’s devious role in the change, Hellreich cites the need for Rs to win Hawaii in the general election.

-HRP announced their Exec Cmte Bush support as his campaign cuts staff and salaries. HRP follies coincide with an Exec Cmte pimping Bush at the expense of HRP. Ask your elected Exec Cmte to quit and let someone who cares do the job.

Carson Hawaii SuperPAC carefully hid that they are not the campaign. Mainland friend visits to organize Carson campaign, poach SuperPAC members.

Hawaii Cruz organizes.

Numerous Hawaii Trump supporters are not organized or in touch with the national campaign.

Met with Santorum campaign in DC to discuss concerns about Santorum Hawaii people.

Joined several Paul updates, concerned Mukk’s sellout to the establishment hurts Paul creds.

OCare. Ds want single payer. PBN “Hawaii Health Connector’s executive committee opted to move all functions to state authority starting Dec. 1 and all [42] employees will be laid off by Dec. 4.“ Theilen, Ward, Fontaine, and then-R Johanson voted for the failed $200M Health Connector. Hill “A threat by the nation’s largest health insurer to pull out of ObamaCare is a sign of the industry’s growing angst about the viability of the federal exchanges. Insurers learned that the Obama administration significantly lowered its expectations for new customers and will have far fewer federal dollars to help cushion insurer losses.“

-Liberals say thousands of refugees can be vetted. Government lost thousands who stay past their visa deadline, can’t stop the weekly massacre in Chicago, can’t close our border, but delusional liberals say the government can find a terrorist in the haystack. It affects you – Obama already hid last summer’s illegals in your neighborhoods.

-The debate over refugees isn’t freedom vs security. It is a debate about trust. Do you trust your government to determine the balance between freedom and security, or much anything else?

-Carry. Obama makes Ige take refugees. Time for law-abiding citizens to be able to defend themselves.

-As NFRA Executive VP signed CAP Memo to Movement Syrian Immigration security threat, SBA-FRC Letter to Senate to Defund PP, SAVE memo to stop OCR too-broad Sexual Harassment interpretation.

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights. WaPo “Both O’Malley and Clinton named the NRA when asked whom they considered their enemies.“ Enemies? Schumer “announced that Senate Democrats will “bring a universal background check bill to the floor of the Senate early next year.” Do NOT take your 2nd Amendment for granted. New NRA ads are GOOD freedoms-safest-place.

-Duke University Basketball, ’14-15 NCAA National Champs, begins ‘15-16 rebuilding.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.


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