Status Quo, part two

Aloha Friends. Welcome to part two of two.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you.

Readers’ Comments – Party News – Quick Hits

-June 18-20 Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference, DC

-June 20-21 HRA Shooting Sports Fair, Kokohead Range

-June 26-28 Western Conservative Summit, Denver WesternConservativeSummit

-July 9-11 National Right to Life Convention New Orleans

-August 28-30 NFRA Presidential Endorsing Convention, Nashville

-November 8 Oahu Friends of NRA

-(un)Mobilized. One thing about politics is that everyone thinks they can do it. We used to maintain continuity. Now, HQ arrogantly ignores experience for (pleasant enough) wannabe players. Who couldN’T Saiki & Rohlfing get to their convention? Nine of past ten party chairs (me, if you’re wondering), zero past executive or finance directors, Slom, McDermott, Pine (R?), Capelouto and Crowley (’14 CD2), Lingle, Hemmings (google him), finance chair John Henry Felix, committeeman Liu, secretary Kubo, treasurer Klompus or the husband, HIRA President Montes, Ahu, Nonaka, Fukumoto’s mentor Johanson, Fale, Fontaine, nine districts (zero attending), virtually anyone from a NI, Kauwai’s ‘chief strategist’ Kay or anyone from Kauuwai’s time, Johanson office manager Gray, Finnegan, HNL TEA King or any NI TEA leader, candidates Meyer, Lethem, Leau, Ku, Kapoi, Mathieu, Manutai, Marshall, Fowler, Kaapu, Shimizu, and other forgettable candidates. 250 of 450 delegates didn’t attend, another 1550 never signed up.

-Saiki says she quit because ‘I have fulfilled the commitment’ to remodel HQ and make a “fierce new logo”; left out losing governor’s & all congressional races and not increasing house or senate seats, anemic fundraising, losing district/precinct chairs, and making US history with the first sitting legislative leader to switch party. She failed her own stated goals: “back to basics” program to fix the grassroots mess left by Chang & Fukumoto, voter registration drive, training program. She revives ‘fib’ that Chang quit due to military commitments (Helreich forced him out) and blames her failures on Chang & wife Fukumoto proclaiming “With the Party now on a solid financial and organizational foundation.“ It is not, either. Saiki uses “personal privilege” to endorse Rohlfing’s status quo officers’ slate “outside of my official capacity” using the HQ delegate list – prompting a reader reply “You write to us endorsing candidates in your personal capacity, it would seem that I should be able to do the same.“

-Saiki thanks Rules Cmte, 12 participants of 22 members who covered for the missing 31 members. “We are an organization, a small business, that must have a foundation of standards and policies that create continuity year after year.“ This from Saiki who says “rules are guidelines.” We were a $1M+ business. Then came Kaauai/Nonaka, Chang & Fukumoto, Saiki and we’re now a $1/2M+ small business. She didn’t mention audit, another typical business activity, which she promised and never did, the lack of a ‘business’ plan – finance, strategic, Victory, fundraising – and her $19k/month burn rate which can’t keep up with her 8k/month revenues. Reader “If this was a real small business, we’d all be on welfare!!“

-Saiki legacy. Talk, no action. Fluff, no substance. No promised 2014 ‘autopsy,’ review of coalitions; Victory plan or budget, coalitions, community service, or results of the survey she/Aiona/Djou sent out; numbers of district chairs decreased as precinct chairs remained at less than 1%; used campaign funds to pay recurring admin bills; weak candidate recruiting with a lack of training & zero funds for candidates. No message, press conference, platform or principles, communications, legislative initiative/support or opposition/ or testimony. Even Rohlfing should raise this bar.

-Was asked of Coordinated Campaign: Best recently was ’04 when Kevin Chong Kee ran it. Responsible for Victory program, statewide. Develop the Victory Plan and budget – the party campaign plan – and lead the Victory campaign.  The campaign manager for the state, to include allocating resources – staff, volunteers and Victory funds. i.e virtually everything except fundraising, candidate recruitment and communications. Voter registration, voter ID, Presidential caucus, canvassing, and party training of district, precinct & county teams. Coordinate candidate campaigns horizontally and vertically, integrating coalition & issue campaigns. Victory team on each island to assist candidates’ canvas, phone, etc   Monthly, then weekly Victory conference calls. Mass signwaving. Rallies. Organize and coordinate the GOTV program, to include absentee ballot. ‘Serve in place of the chair’ is no small thing – especially, for example, when chair departs for two weeks to RNC meeting+national convention in the final stages of an election cycle. This guy should be the most experienced campaigner in the party with experience & contacts statewide, and leadership experience to handle operations, logistics, planning, management.

Our vice chair novices have no support, consequently they do nothing.  Each should form a committee (they are mostly incapable of doing so). I’ve seen coordinated campaign committee as large as 60 people in 4-5 committees on just Oahu. We’ve lost the institutional memory and the party doesn’t send anyone for training anymore. We get Ready and now Hickling – that explains a lot of HRP deficiencies.

Non-producers. Last year, BI had zero districts participate in any of four State Cmte meetings, twice the county chair did not even participate. BI had only one district chair, who said she quit years ago and lives in HNL. 3/7 districts without a candidate; more L candidates than R. Rs lost by an average 35 points (that’s not what they received, that is the difference). This year, no district chair has participated in a State meeting and they have a (Saiki-invented) half-county chair .. if there were such a position, he should get a half-vote. The county recruited only six delegates, less than 1/district avg … only three attend convention. Yet, that county has a vote on the Exec Cmte. Kauai’s Hickling (now your state 2d in charge) and now Yoder, and Maui’s Fontaine (avg loss margin of 39) and now Powell are the same. Rohlfing led the recruitment of Hannemann, can’t recruit district chairs, provided no county funds for candidates, recruited less than 3 delegates/district to convention …. and you made him state chair… only in the Hawaii Republican Party.

-Hickling, Coordinated Campaign “I’m trying to figure out what-all we need to do to get us on a level field of ways to communicate and comfortable with getting together to learn stuff.“ Seven months into this cycle.

-Already broke his own rules: chair failed to present budget to State Cmte within a month of election. One+ month and NO strategic, finance, Victory plan… or any plan. HNL county still chair-less.

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “What a waste of time to attack you!“ “The Republican’s “purity pledge” is suicide to an already weakened Party. Are they truly this dumb?“ “Most Hawaii people are conservative but both parties are f**ked up.“ “I will not waste my time on losing and being irrelevant.“ “… Hellreich uses HRP as small business for Hellreich.“ “People out there that would like to run (for party office) but do not know the process, it is never put out, no dates, etc.  This way it is easier to keep the slate as you want.“ “if Republicans do not have a conservative platform that explains who we are, and why we are the better choice, we will continue to be left behind as the rest of the country seems to be awakening.“ “Fritz gets these positions and recruits his Mormon friends who don’t do anything because they aren’t invested.” “Any chance of a change of direction here or can we expect to see an “out surfing” sign on his door as well?  Riding the wave going nowhere… “ “legion of anti American con-men these “Saiki Republicans” – “neutrality” psychos, but no worries we should be OK because Fritz said in his first speech “I love you” “as long as Hellreich remains in the picture we are doomed to status quo.  She is the Valerie Jarrett of the HRP.” “Rohlfing never knew he had a serious job description other than being Hellreich’s puppet.” “I’ve served with Fritz on many committees through the years and have never seen him do anything. But, he likes the title.” “ …the party is lacking in organizational effort to raise funds, recruit good strong candidates…is always broke.“

PURITY PLEDGE, addendum. Getting personal.

Rohlfing proposed the reso to allow S/H/L to administratively eliminate State Cmte elected officers who disagree with them. HRP Purity Pledge. HIRA “Rather than go after Democrats, the state committee put its effort into fighting fellow Republicans.“ We forwarded reso to RNC, and others: “The Purity-pledge requires Central Committee members to be loyal to state officers. The resolution prohibits criticism of or disagreement with state leaders or their policies. Penalties include removal from office of locally-elected district chairmen.” First response: Co-leader of the RNCC Conservative caucus. “Typical liberal intolerance.“

Saiki reacts. Instead of raising funds or fighting liberals, S/H/L sent a long hit piece (against me & HIRA) to the entire RNC (+ local R legislators) titled “Who is Willes Lee?” which says HIRA is holding Saiki and elected officials accountable. 1. S/H/L admit they are screwed up, 2. S/H/L’s list was larger, so more now know of their deficiencies, and 3. they raised more issues (Flake, party debt) than the original (MOU, reso). Best responses:

Congressional Staffer Not sure what is funnier ….the fact they wasted an entire day drafting this email, or that they felt the need to defend Jeff Flake.  Hysterical. Well played.

NCW Who are these people and why are they asking us who you are?

Voicemail from a national reporter Ha. Wow. You got people rattled, huh?

NCM Congratulations for becoming too effective to ignore.

THEN, S/H/L said they sent a letter to HIRA’s national affiliate asking NFRA to make us stop … holding HQ and legislators accountable, elevating HIRA’s profile across the nation. My message: Friends, Last thing you want to do is tell people, like the whole RNC, that the Hawaii Assembly has you by the balls.  First response: TN Pres Keep them on their toes.

Fmr county chair “HRP is so out of touch with both reality and its core constituencies that it is resorting to more lies, rule breaking, intimidation and un-democratic tactics that would have made the Soviet Union proud. Nothing seems to change with this bunch. How Rohlfing and Hickling are going to build a party based on democrat party tactics just escapes me. God Bless, Fred Sarmento“ Tracinski “If you try to shut down public debate, is this a way of ensuring that you win–or an admission that you have already lost?” Finally, for those who compared Rohlfing’s reso to communists: “Putin signed a law giving prosecutors the power to declare foreign and international organizations ‘undesirable’ in Russia and shut them down.“ RedState – Putin’s “Rohling reso”

Quick Hits:

– HRP youth movement. Eight state officers, average age 64.25.

– Truth? Rohlfing “Over the last two years, we’ve transformed the State Party into a modern, agile political organization that is ready for the 2016 elections and beyond.”

– HD18 revote. One attendee owned by the establishment said she had to vote for Grey’s opponent because “that’s how [Rohlfing] told me to vote.”

– Representing Ward. Office worker (HD-17 chair) Giles response to voter “You are a bigger moron than John McCain, no bigger moron than Nancy Pelosi.“

Old school mind. Saiki’s ‘endorsement’ piece says conservatives are a “competing organization.”

– Not news. CB “More than $1 Billion Spent but Few Details to Go Along With It” Hijacked Rail

– National news. RedState Hawaii Exchange Going Under

– 2014 ACU Ratings. Congressional Ratings

– Obama’s home, Chicago, gets Presidential Library. CB “It was always considered a long shot” except by the folks who invested heavily in $ and political capital.

– People just want to hate. Colorado BBQ White Appreciation Day

– Pew Research. Muslims bottom, Mormons?, Jews top. how-americans-feel-about-religious-groups

Sabato. First tier Bush, Rubio, Walker. CrystalBall.  Next President makes three, maybe four, SCOTUS appointments. THAT is what this is all about.

-HRP website STILL not current. What do paid staff Parsons and coms vice Mukk do?  Links inop. Pine (R?) not listed.  Calendar is blank. ‘Most Recent Post’ is Saiki’s hit on Schatz for Netanyahu’s visit, Archives only to February.  Latest News is February 11.  No party platform of any sort. Haight still field director (left in November). No district chair list or contact info, no contact info for county officers. Saiki’s chair message, not Rohlfing. Missing half the cmte photos including Marumoto who has 35 years of public service photos; Fontaine still as Maui chair and Maui guy Powell listed as Oahu chair. Saiki changed name to Republican Party of Hawaii but site has Rules of the Hawaii Republican Party and Resolutions of the Hawaiian Republican Party, with no resos since 2013.

-How many Exec members does it take to change a lightbulb? Delegate “Webpage has not been updated with the new leaders.  I guess [Mukk] was unable to get everyone’s profile picture Saturday because he was too busy posting to FB and tweeting.  He should have got his helpers to do that, oh wait there were none.“

-Parsons screws up email supporting listed Rs running for Oahu NB. Saiki and Coms vice Mukk refuse to take responsibility. Saiki cleans it and resends. Reader “They should go light on ‘Republican’ because the NHB is non partisan.“  (They should announce our winners.)   HRP publishes Rs running for non-partisan NB but is unable to post a list of their district chairs.

-HQ confused, with frustration & anger directed at anyone but themselves. Confused because Saiki and Rohlfing can’t figure out if HIRA is inconsequential as they wrote to the RNC and NFRA, OR is of enough consequence to need Rohlfing’s Purity reso AND Saiki & Hellreich addressing ‘the HIRA problem’ at Convention. Confused because ‘leaders’ say NO ONE reads these reports, but they can’t refute them, they accost me for writing them, AND they write the RNC and NFRA to ask me to stop. They say they will work with ‘everyone’ but as soon as a BI member self-IDd as TEA, they cut communications, they refuse to allow HIRA members to speak at State Cmte, and the Rules Cmte entertained a change to remove NFRW as an Auxiliary. Saiki, Rohlfing, Hellreich, Liu, Ready, Mukk …. perhaps their status quo is not working.

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights. NRA Good Guys TV.

-No USPS, yet. Only 3% of the Army is Ranger qualified. Some (included) say they’ll mail in their US Army Ranger tab if a woman completes the course to earn a Tab. Succumbing to the latest liberal social experiment (and law), 100 women met standards to enter pre-training. 60 females qualified for Ranger Assessment Program; an achievement for anyone. Officials swear the standards have not been ‘womanized.’ 19 entered RAP for the first (of three phases). 8 (and 184 men) made it to the first phase, or Day 1 (of 62) of Ranger School. CBS – Before The Hard Part   Zero completed Phase 1. Of 400 (381 men, 19 women) who began the process for the current class (not Winter Ranger, no ice on the worm pit), 115 move to the Mountain Phase – 71% drop rate of pretty incredible soldiers to begin with. Some may recycle, only 13% earn the Ranger tab on the first attempt. Marines have been testing women for 2+ years No Female Grad.

-If George asks David to stop hitting him, does that make George a violent person? If George asks David to stop infringing on his religious rights, does that make George a bigot?

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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