Everyone’s Busy (not HRP), part two

Aloha Friends.  Welcome to part two of two.

HRP believers want solutions to HRP’s many problems – no volunteers, funds, principles, nor message – and the list grows. Members plead “Please just give them suggestions.” The place-holders you elected would never treat their family or job the way they treat HRP – apathy, no work ethic, accepting with less-than-mediocre. However, they are adults. They know when we report they’re in the Red, the unnecessary suggestion and the solution is to raise more or spend less. That’s easy. Bemoaning having only 30% of district chairs who participate (and half those only attend meetings – no canvassing, phone bank, nor outreach), the suggestion and solution is, of course, recruit more and better district chairs. Simple, even for Kool aid drinkers. HRP’s recurring failure is not for lack of suggestions, or solutions.


Readers’ Comments – Quick Hits – Party News

– October 3-4 Honolulu Gun Show, Hawaii Historic Arms Association

– October 28 Republican Presidential Debate, Colorado

– November 8 Oahu Friends of NRA dawnhorn@lava.net


We don’t claim that all this material is ours. When you see quotation marks, it is reader input, giving credit where due. We receive input from members across the state, some from the mainland. Haters want an excuse to hate (even in the name of the Lord), and those lemmings (you know who you are) want to believe no one else has and sees the problems in HRP. MANY followers are disgusted & disappointed with HRP. You wish it weren’t so, but it is.

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “[I] will not give a penny or attend another function ‘to raise money for the mortgage’ that is not used for that function!  Credit cards give them carte blanch use of the money“. “The HRP is like the DOE. Always asking for more money, spending it, and getting worse”. “I don’t give them money, and I’m distressed by this (Tagavilla’s package).” “Wish you would spend as much time and effort critiquing liberal democrats”. “I, like others, are very disappointed for we have a hard time exposing Dems for bad behavior and wayward votes when it is the R’s who are very much riding the same actions of D’s. Until the R party admits this rail has been corrupted, and down right laden with graft, R’s will continue to be seen as weak and considered spineless and in on the take…R’s are just as much part of the problem rather than the solution.“ “Kind of crazy what is going on at GOP. Glad I am no longer involved.  Seems like the new ED is Fritz’s side salad or something…LOL“. “Rs need to wake up that McConnell and Boehner are leading party in wrong direction. They should be thrown out of their perches“. Fmr R senator “I agree the party is not what it should be“. “The current HRP is an empty organization that doesn’t stand for anything nor provides the public with alternatives/solutions“. “Voters and taxpayers are hearing nothing from HRP“. Giles on FB “you should spend more time with Regan (sic)”. “[Giles’] goal, under current management is to build up sheeple with no clue, and to silence those that have different ideas“. Email to Rohlfing “You do a great job of one thing and that is to lose people in the party.  I have talked to person after person and they are fed up“.

-Reader: I was shocked when I saw [Tagavilla’s] appointment as Executive Director, as well as the salary they’re paying (approx. 60k+/year pay & benefits). A [State Rep] makes $58,000/year; some of their sharpest committee analysts and policy staff make as little as $32,000 to $40,000/year. A Civil Service Program Specialist IV (SR-22) who often has to manage large state resources, implement myriad complex federal, state, and county requirements, and do everything from legislation to heavy number crunching gets paid $46,000 coming in. Not even factoring for campaign or grassroots experience, they could have picked a dozen other individuals with more education, leadership background, or at the very minimum policy acumen.

-Reported Grace-Hochberg marriage: “Do we call this power couple JimJan or GraBerg, or HoRace?” “THAT’s why he is her biggest donor. It paid off for him. Do CSC rules kick in if you marry your donors?” “Is campaign finance going to look into Jim’s Family Forum support for Janet last election?” “Pay for play?” “I won’t shop at their Macy’s registry because Macy’s took Trump’s clothing off their shelves.” Congratulations and best wishes to the couple. (If they’re NOT married, please disregard this paragraph.)

-Reader: People are sick and tired of being told that their beliefs don’t matter. [Fmr Senator] is “retired” now and acts as if the HRP does not owe an open and energetic party to the current members. He’s OK with openly lying to membership. Your emails bring to light more outright fraud and bad faith by the HRP lord high mucky mucks than a decade’s worth of StarAdvertiser. Their actions are sad because it shows how much they treat their positions as conduits for personal playtime and have no regard for the hopes and aspirations of our members; no fidelity, no regard for their beliefs, no fiduciary duty to work to beat Democrats. The HRP leadership are a bunch of coddled blue bloods that are stuck on stupid; quite at home with running an opposition State Party that helps keep Hawaii Democrat. What a bunch of morons! For all the good they do they ought to meet at the Democrat HQ.

Quick Hits:

– HRP reaps benefits. Many folks buoyed by HIRA’s exposing of D failures mistakenly think HRP has (finally) gotten their act together. They haven’t.

– September 28, 2014, is the most current video posted on HRP FB page.

Sympatico. Liberals, mainstream media, Democrats silent on PP videos, same as HRP. Silent on Benghazi deaths and lies, same HRP.   Rail, HRP the same. OCare, silent HRP. You get the gist.

– HQ is trolling for Presidential campaign volunteers because candidates haven’t shown an interest in Hawaii, and members don’t want to work a campaign with R/H/L in the bag for the establishment.

– As we watch Arakawa’s (another FORMER Republican) next move, Maui reports “Mike Victorino will be running against Couch (for mayor)“.

– FEC says nothing yet definitive but they see changes to Saiki’s (ACU 50%) FEC status, first since ’94.

– S Fukumoto’s (B Fukumoto sister, staffer and confidant) FB Inspirational Leader = Hillary Clinton.

– Gridiron 2015. Cooke as Lingle. Superstar!” Sad-funny.

– Hawaii jobless rate improves last month, aided by HRP. HRP Hiring Practices

Not news. SA headline “Honolulu’s rail transit project could now cost $200 million more to build – bringing its projected shortfall to more than $1 billion – and take about a year longer to complete.“

– 2014 ACU Ratings. Congressional Ratings

– Obama nominates first openly homosexual SecArmy. Never a day in uniform, never humped … a ruck. – CATO’s numbers will rock your day. Federal Cost Overruns

– Sabato Senate prediction R 51, D 47, tossup 2. Crystal Ball – Senate

– FB is NOT your friend Gun Club versus FB.

Bloomberg could buy the Presidency but can’t scare us Gun Sales Record. NRA Targets Bloomberg.

– Same day headlines. Oregon Judge refuses to perform same-sex marriages and Jailed (Kentucky) clerk vows to not back down.

– Fox News gives the establishment a voice. Now, Gay Shepard Smith Calls Christians ‘Haters’

– Often disagree with George Will, not here cleaning-up-history-one-name-at-a-time. “This is liberalism’s dilemma: There are so many things to be offended by, and so little time to agonize about each.”

Many excited political ‘experts’ drop in for a cycle or two. We need volunteers & activists, couldn’t survive without you. Very few will be here in five years. HRP changed our Treasurer, has the third ED since Rohlfing took over, someone standing in for vice Marumoto, Coalitions vice is replaced. Members should NOT read it here (Treasurer, Candidate vice, Coalitions vice) and from HIRA (ED) before we hear from HQ. You haven’t heard a thing from Mukk, Monahan, or, darn, the other one. Five months in and Hellriech’s place-holders that you elected are gone or quit trying. Remember: Over-under, six months.

Familiar? Politico: NC GOP leaders and the state Chairman are struggling with trust issues: “[Chairman] will tell you one thing, and then he’ll do a complete 180.” This summer, the party lost its executive director, and within weeks, lost its interim executive director. Without one, there is more chatter that the Republican National Committee might run its money through a county party, instead of the state. HRP just went through three EDs. RNC made a different group in NV 2012 because the party was broken.

-CB props the establishment in GOP Removes District Chair. First earned media for HRP in many months, thanks to Montes & HIRA poking them in the eye. Conservatives appreciate the writer’s compliments: HIRA is HRP equal, not a splinter group, and Gadfly – Prefix gad is an old word for “spike,” similar to a stinger. One who persistently provokes others into action by criticism; who proposes novel and unconventional questions often in a provocative manner against the status quo, think Socrates. Reader wants a more complete article “Do you know who the voters were in this Kangaroo Court?“ Nary a peep – to defend the 1st Amendment, conservatives, or their friend Montes – from ‘reformers’ proves ….

Rec’d at HIRA HQ “I was the individual who created and singularly funded, well over $100,000 of my own money, and many thousands upon thousands of hours, the group referred to as CFC or Conservative’s for Change.“ The effort faded, they’re trying to spawn a ‘moderate’ women’s group.

Conservative friends (disparaged by an astute reader in the last report) decry “political correctness is killing the county”, but won’t speak out on HRP ‘leaders’. Leadership from the rear on your State Cmte.

Conservative pulse: websiteFacebook, Twitter.

-HIRA is a PAC (similar to Hawaii Christian Coalition, Aloha Life Advocates), not a political party. Club for Growth and Heritage Foundation are conservative, tackle policy, support issues and candidates, yet no one asks if they’re going to take over the RNC or America.  They are PACs. HIRA frames the political field with year round (not just election time) messaging so 1. conservatives know there are like-minded people, 2. conservatives can be unafraid to seek public or party positions, and 3. the public learns conservative solutions.  HIRA intends to influence the public and party, party officers and legislators. More support and members = more messaging to expose liberals and liberal policy (D AND R).

HIRA broke HRP Silence, Abortionists, Baby Parts Merchants, and Anti-Gunners, NRA-ILA picked it up Honolulu Police to Destroy Guns and FoxNews.com wrote Honolulu Anti-Gun Stupidity.

-House campaigns, the few announced, receive the threat from Rohlfing, Saiki, Hellreich personally that they’ll receive no HRP support unless they publicly disavow HIRA, HIRA members, and HIRA principles. Left unsaid is that HRP provided no support in ’14 and has nothing for 2016. Using fledgling campaigns to solve their problems with HIRA, THAT is low life behavior.

-Applicable movie character quote. Cole Trickle, when asked what he knew about auto racing “Well, I watched it on television, of course.” Think of this the next time your campaign team meets.

Slom (ACU 89%) FB reemphasizes he is running for re-election. Undeterred, anti-2A Correa sends his daughter-in-law, according to Slom, to challenge staunch pro-Second amendment Slom. That is only PART of the intrigue. Fresh from fundraising for Ozawa’s (D) council win, his opponent calls constituents suggesting Slom is retiring so she should be a State Senator. Expect other Ds to jump in for a piece of this.

OCare/Health Connector. As Congress begins investigations, Murphy (R-PA) “…several states were awarded more than $5.51 billion in taxpayer dollars without seemingly any oversight.” HIRA alerts Hawaii HealthConnector Graft as National Review reports Hawaii’s fraud Doomed From the Start. Ds want single-payer. Theilen, Ward, Fontaine (and then-R Johanson) voted FOR Connector.


From a friend’s business update:

Republican Presidential Candidates

Senator Ted Cruz Declared on March 23 –  www.TedCruz.org
Senator Rand Paul Declared on April 7 – www.RandPaul.com
Senator Marco Rubio Declared on April 13 – www.marcorubio.com
Ben Carson Declared on May 4 – www.BenCarson.com
Carly Fiorina Declared on  May 4 – www.carlyforpresident.com
Fmr Gov Mike Huckabee Declared on  May 5 – www.MikeHuckabee.com
Fmr Sen Rick Santorum Declared on May 27 – www.ricksantorum.com
Fmr Gov George Pataki Declared on May 28 –  www.georgepataki.com
Sen Lindsey Graham Declared on June 1 – www.LindseyGraham.com
Fmr Gov Rick Perry Declared on June 4. Withdrew Sept 11. 
Fmr Gov Jeb Bush Declared on June 15 –  https://jeb2016.com
Donald Trump Declared on June 16 – www.donaldjtrump.com
Governor Bobby Jindal Declared on June 24 – www.BobbyJindal.com
Gov Chris Christie Declared on June 30 –  www.chrischristie.com
Gov Scott Walker Declared on July 13.  Suspended Sept 21
Gov John Kasich Declared on July 21 – www.JohnKasich.com
Fmr Gov Jim Gilmore Declared on July 30 – www.gilmoreforamerica.com

Democrat Presidential Candidates

Sec State Hilary Clinton Declared on April 12 – www.hillaryclinton.com
Sen Bernie Sanders Declared on April 30 – https://berniesanders.com
Fmr Gov Martin O’Malley Declared on May 30 – http://martinomalley.com
Fmr Gov Lincoln Chafee Declared on June 3 – www.chafee2016.com
Fmr Sen Jim Webb Declared on July 2 – www.Webb2016.com
VP Joe Biden Decision coming soon!
Lawrence Lessig Declared on Sept 6 –  https://lessigforpresident.com


Heritage. SCOTUS begins October 5. Cases involve unions, racial preferences, voting rights, death penalty. Possibly solitary confinement, abortion, cell phone data, OCare contraceptive mandate.

-Subject: Doctors VS NRA of America. (from a friend)

Doctors: (A) Number of physicians in U.S. is 700,000. (B) Accidental deaths caused by Physicians per year 120,000. (C) Accidental deaths per physician 0.171. (HHS)

Gun owners: (A) Number of gun owners in U.S. 80,000,000 (Yes, 80M). (B) Number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups, 1,500. (C) Number of accidental deaths per gun owner .0000188. (FBI)

So, statistically, doctors are about 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners. Not everyone has a gun but, almost everyone has at least one doctor. This means you are over 9,000 times more likely to be killed by a doctor than by a gun owner! Liberal solution = ban doctors.

-As NFRA Executive VP signed CAP Memo to the Movement to oppose Iran nuke deal, a Fiorina-initiated petition to cause CNN to fix their debate criteria, CAP Memo to Oppose any Bill funding PP, and FRC coalition letter supporting a vote on Senator Lee-sponsored First Amendment Defense Act.

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights. Do NOT take for granted the need to protect your shooting, safety, self-defense, sports. New NRA ads are GOOD freedoms-safest-place.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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