HRP Controversy, Part 2

Aloha Friends.  Welcome to part 2 of 2.


Readers’ Comments – Party News – Quick Hits

-September 9-13 NRA BoD meeting, Arlington VA

-September 11-13 Eagle Forum Council St Louis

-September 25-27 Values Voter Summit Washington DC

-October 3-4 Honolulu Gun Show, Hawaii Historic Arms Association

-November 8 Oahu Friends of NRA

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “HRP has not failed to disappoint at a level that makes the Keystone Cops look like the L.A. Lakers.  It boggles the mind“.  Wiggins HD 41 “Regarding our party being screwed up or being worthless – As I discussed with my District Chairman, he and I are the party“.  “Couch (Maui Council) is going to crawl out of Arakawa’s pocket and run for Mayor.“  email to HIRA “it distresses me that you and the other Republican Party cannot seem to agree on anything.“  “Am sick n tired of the dems being in utter control. pardon me while I vomit about it.“  “Unfortunately our Vice Chair of Communications only does FB and Twitter, maybe his title should be changed”.  “How can the HI GOP do this with the little money they have?  Where’s the fiduciary responsibility?  Or is it important to have an ‘ethnic’ face to the party?  No common sense here.“  Referencing HIRA’s Rohlfing-Tagavilla blast “Hey—-where can I get a job like this in HI?”.  Reader about the Mililani ‘conservative’ district chair who supports the HQ establishment “[Rohlfing and Hellriech] couldn’t have a more useful idiot brownnoser. If [she] had her way, Jesus would have left the moneychangers in the temple after she lectured him to mellow out and to ‘pray over his strategy’.“

-HRP can’t figure out their eblasting system to keep members informed or hold Ds accountable … but they figured out how to send a fundraiser announcement (not for elections but instead to pay mortgage).  Hickling again ‘accidently’ sends internal info to wrong groups.  Several State Cmte members add mocking comments and forward it to their email lists.  Mukk and Hickling are using google articles to figure out their problem … not exactly tech-savvy vice chairs as advertised.

-The HRP youth movement aged or evaporated.  Chartered only two years ago, today ‘youthers’ Phillip Hasha and Matt Caires count zero members, zero meetings, zero action, and zero funds.  Many aged-out of the up-to-40-years group, or they left when Saiki ushered in the opposite.

HRP self-inflicted wound.  Which Head at GOP HQ Makes These Decisions?  Rohlfing and yet another ED bring baggage.  There was no job announcement, no job search, no competition.  She is attractive, young, and peppy.  She has no job or life experience, no political organizing experience, no statewide experience … and she is paid much more than her three more-experienced predecessors.  She makes twice what R/H/L raised in June.  HIRA reader to me “Jeezus……holy sh*t…..that lady has a resume like a Democrat….“.  Pay & compensation is above the Hawaii median, and more than our overpaid legislators.  You already funded her trip to the Cleveland RNC boondoggle while you paid for another ED doing work in Hawaii.  HIRA readers’ “Scandalous!!!“  “I find it hard to believe that this much money would be spent for an inexperienced amateur“.  “We wondered where our HRP contributions are going. “  “Hmmm… maybe her “experience & expertise” lies elsewhere than the job itself?  GOP’s Hawaii presence can’t get much lower and less effective“.  “Thank [HIRA] for bringing the truth to light.  We’ve got to get our act together or we are doomed. Self-destructing“.  Maui Time article elicited an ‘ouch’ HRP’s Tagavilla.  Reader “if Management doesn’t know what the job entails, how can they hire anyone that might be good at the job.  Without any background in management of an organization like this, or anyone leading her, she will fail.  There is no one [at HQ] to give her a clue“.

Tale of two EDs.  While Fale(she) is in Hawaii being paid and sending email as the party ED, Tagavilla is in Cleveland portrayed as the ED to avoid paying RNC guest registration and meals while your donations pay for her travel and lodging (though not approved in the HRP budget).  Someone isn’t being honest.

Twelve hours after HIRA’s eblast is all it took for Rohlfing to tell Tagavilla change her LinkedIn page.  Then, Tagavilla updated her dormant campaign website as though she’s leaving HQ to run for office.  Some feedback indicates she is a nice person, or words to that effect, with criticism of R/H/L for the hiring and Saiki for the motion to pay her an exorbitant amount.  HIRA’s demand forces HRP a week later to finally 1. figure out how to send an eblast announcing the hire, and 2. embarrass the new ED by ‘damning by faint praise.’ HIRA reader comments “HOLY CRAP, Republicans are sucking.  If Tagavilla LOSES by a 2 to 1 margin, yet is considered to be in the “top ten” GOP sacrificial lambs, then we’re f**ked.“  “Can you say damage control!!“  “Tupola is lying.  The county didn’t do ANYTHNG so Tagavilla couldn’t have done anything well“.

-HRP has a new Treasurer, and third ED in two months, someone standing in for vice Marumoto, now vice Swygard is replaced.  Members should NOT have to read it here (Treasurer, Candidate vice, Coalitions vice) and from HIRA (ED) before we hear from HQ.  Remember:  Over-under, six months. Compared to HRP secrecy and cronyism, this is how to handle YR Officer Vacancies.

-ED Tagavilla follows lead of Parsons, stonewall and delay.  A volunteer precinct leader asked “generously”-paid staffer Tagavilla for assistance to identify local right-leaning supporters.  Tagavilla said ‘no’ because giving him any info would violate “the integrity of GOP data.”  Reader “Stonewalling is easier than looking for the proper answer and HRP leaders are doubly unworthy of hiring anyone who knows less than they do. “

-Seeds of dissent.  River City’s James’ negative message to party members “I ask that you take a few minutes and think about where current leadership has taken us in Hawai’i.  If in your heart you know a different course is required then believe me, YOU can make a difference.”

-More on HRP incompetence.  (Frustrated) R/H/L loyalist (while ‘leaders’ were at RNC rooftop party):

#1  HRP website was pulled up on a large screen.  Remember this could be the first impression for someone wondering about the Hawaii Republican Party.  Message from Chairman defaulted to a webpage which reflects flight specials, hotels special etc.  Today it reflects “page not available”.  Hawaii GOP Leadership also redirected to travel specials and sites, today reflects “page not available”.  We were told to take a look at Delaware GOP  WoW, impressive, we were told that we have the same capabilities?  We looked for something on the passing of Colleen Meyer, the last posting under news was from the May 2, 2015 convention.  Then someone mention that there was something on FB. That was it?  Didn’t she deserve something more?  Like a small press release?

#2  The ongoing Planned Parenthood fiasco.  Whatever happens at the national level is national.  People want to hear from local leaders.  They are asking when the HRP is going to make a statement.  Keep in mind that we are asking people to join the Hawaii Republican Party not the National Party.  We are asking the Hawaii citizen to donate to the Hawaii Republican Party not the National Party.  They understandably want to hear from local leadership on explosive issues of concern, they would like to see leadership take a strong stand on what is right, to represent them.

In closing we still have the opportunity to use this and start laying the ground for the 2016 senate elections.  We must start preparing the ground work now, not next April or May.  This rebuke is from an HRP group which seldom (ever?) holds the party accountable.  Nine months into the election cycle and they are begging HRP to BEGIN messaging.

-Others are upset that the party won’t post a list of district chairs, especially after finding from secretary Ready that his party ‘master list isn’t complete’ so HQ doesn’t even know.

-Guttling, Big Island  “I had an exchange back-n-forth with Pat Saiki a few months ago, when she emailed about Hillary being hypocritical on the War on Women by not paying her women staffers as much as her men, as if this was a huge thing for the Hawaii GOP to wave around to drum up support.  I suggested that Pat, personally, should go on the offensive saying the whole idea of War on Women was a myth, that the so-called pay disparity was a myth, to which she replied [the supporting article] was interesting and didn’t seem aware of such facts.  She absolutely refused to deny the premise of the War on Women, and was shocked that I would suggest that she personally was the single best person to lead that charge.”

HRP is unable to challenge Democrats and liberals on ideological positions until we solve our internal and administrative issues.  We need a conservative, competent, committed, organized, manned, and funded HRP with committed leaders.  Republicans must first fix their house.

Quick Hits:

– “Crickets” is what HIRA calls HRP’s Big Boy Pants.

– Several party activists begged R/H/L to do even a single email opposing PP.  HQ said it was not possible, then emailed a fundraiser solicitation.  Hellreich added that HRP would not call for PP defunding because HIRA was mean to HRP.

– AGAIN HD18 party reps AGAIN call Grey to ask her to resurrect the East Oahu meeting.  They booted her from office, now can’t figure out how to do a meeting, or they’re too lazy.  Zero district meetings since Giles & Bradford took over, after 20 YEARS of monthly meetings.

– With HRP ‘leaders’ at the Cleveland boondoggle, there were few at the HQ debate watch.  Reader “Why would I watch the debate with a bunch of people who aren’t really Republicans?” East Oahu drew even less to their watch party.

– HQ STILL can’t figure out how to unlock their eblasting program.  Mukk did a mea culpa, Hickling continues to send to the wrong people the wrong information, blaming the system.

– Caution, graphic.  A Pres campaign asked for Lingle contact info.  When informed she abandoned Hawaii, they researched and sent back  Assured them that was NOT Lingle.

– Left doesn’t stop.  Assisted suicide is not a fundamental liberty

Difference between democrat and socialist

– 2014 ACU Ratings. Congressional Ratings

– Best headline SA August 17 “Heavy rains due to sunshine is in the forecast for all islands..“

– Hypocrites.  Liberals justify Clinton’s personal server with ‘everyone does it’.  They didn’t say that when VA Gov McDonnell went down … though all the previous Governor’s, including Ds, did so.

– More hypocrites DC Mayor wants stadium, now not so opposed to “Redskins”

– Presidential candidates are signing ATF Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge but Aiona and most R legislators won’t.

-HRP waffles on digital voter database input.  Only two non-HQ members are interested, dampened by Hickling scheduling training early AM (it is easy for the DC gang) on workdays (it is easy for HRP HQ staff and retirees).   Reader to HQ “RNC rolled something similar out last election, but Blake indicated it was too difficult to operate so never pursued it.  I have a job, can we do this on a weekend?“

Grassroot Institute Hawaii’s Akina tried to sneak Trippi in to speak to an arguably conservative audience, and was pressured to cancel the invitation.  This year it is liberal Chaviz.  Readers (to GRIH) “Disappointed to see this man on the agenda of any reputable organization.  Grassroots has taken a ‘left’ turn.”  “Bad for Grassroot supporters.  I will now view the activities of Grassroot as a liberal organization“.

-HRP STILL hasn’t announced: (free to you) RNC training.  “Republican Leadership Initiative provides activists the opportunity to develop organizing skills and cultivate an extensive volunteer network.  If admitted for the six-week Fellowship, they will engage in extensive training workshops equipping them with the skills needed to function as professional field organizers.“ RLI Request

-“Republican National Committee launched Data Center 2016, a completely revamped version of GOP Data Center with an enhanced easy-to-use User Interface and new features allowing users of all levels to access, manipulate, and utilize more of the RNC’s data, tools, and resources.“  This is the system HQ, Parson’s in particular, couldn’t get to work so he ceased local use.  HRP still won’t commit to go digital.

-Previously introduced you to Bopp – former IN NCM, founder of the RNC Conservative Caucus (we’re both still members though not RNC members), did the work to win SCOTUS Citizen’s United case, won the McCutcheon SCOTUS case, National Right to Life counsel (dinner with him and Santorum in New Orleans last month), Republicans Overseas counsel (dinner with him at Cleveland RNC meeting).  National Law Journal “[Bopp] has now filed a case on behalf of the Republican Party of Louisiana [challenging] the soft-money provisions of McCain-Feingold. … there’s a good chance [SCOTUS] will not only take the case, but will strike down what remains of McCain-Feingold.“  Bopp will have effectively overturned all the 2006 BRCA, called McCain-Feingold Act.

-As NFRA VP signed Heritage-led Conservative Action Project (CAP) Patent Protection Memo to the Movement to reject Iran Nuclear Deal, and a Fiorina request to have CNN & RNC reset debate criteria.

-Zimmermann article tops Jumping Emails.  HIRA credibility vs HRP ‘leaders’ silence.  “It is not as if Clinton (ACU 8%) and her staff do not know the rules and the law,” [Lee] said.

-Blackwell, Leadership Institute & VA NCM, reminds of 1996 Republican platform “We support a constitutional amendment or constitutionally-valid legislation declaring that children born in the United States of parents who are not legally present in the United States or who are not long-term residents are not automatically citizens.“

-Steyn “I described Republicans as a party of seat-warmers – until the pendulum swings and the Dems come roaring back.  When the left wins, they’re in power; when the right wins, they’re in office, and that’s all.  A substantial portion of the base gets that, and is sick of it.  They feel like they’re losing their country, and they want more than a party that promises merely to lose it a little more slowly.“

-CB asks should-care-homes-know-when-inspectors-are-coming?  Article and EVERY comment supports unannounced visits.  Yet, CB, Ds, liberals, media and Obama-ites support Obama’s Iran deal giving 24 DAYS notice for nuke inspections.  Next, they’ll allow care homes to conduct their own inspections.

What if tomorrow you had only what you thanked God for today?

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights.  Another attempt to restrict your rights NRA Sues Seattle

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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