HRP Controversy, Part 1

Aloha Friends.  Welcome back.  Part 1 of 2.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii.  Thank you.  The Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

Format note:  beginning this month, when we name legislators, we’ll give their ACU rating in parenthesis.  100 is conservative, 0 is liberal.  Explanation at  2014 is the first-time ratings of Hawaii legislators from the respected American Conservative Union, hosts of CPAC.

To know where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been.  Not my site but my reports


Meetings – HRP finances – By The Numbers

– September 9-13 NRA BoD meeting, Arlington VA

– September 11-13 Eagle Forum Council St Louis

– September 25-27 Values Voter Summit Washington DC

– October 3-4 Honolulu Gun Show, Hawaii Historic Arms Association

– November 8 Oahu Friends of NRA


MORE when we have the rest of the story:  HIRA eblast tells of HRP deceit and deception, and suggests donors send funds to candidates until HQ becomes a credible organization with competent leaders.  Instead of raising funds for elections or recruiting to fill the 50% districts without leaders, R/H/L call a meeting to throw HIRA’s district-elected Montes off the State Cmte.  HIRA readers respond “Does HQ think they are doing well?”  “Only $2300 raised in June.  R/H/L have done more than HIRA to harm HRP fundraising.  How can HIRA, or anything, make it worse?”  “Rohlfing says members should NOT contribute to candidates.”  “This is the removal of free speech“.  “Firing a district chair won’t solve their problem – unity, funds, organization, spending.”  “The lawyer Rohlfing cited the wrong rules section.  312 is ‘Residence’ but he meant to use the Purity Pledge with section 316 ‘Removal“.

HIRA response on line Right Wing Ruckus or read it here Open Letter to GOP chair.  Readers respond to HIRA:  “Great message, keep up the pressure!“  “I completely back you up. I go back to the days when the Republican Party was strong and counted in Hawaii“.  “This is why I resigned as a District Chair and won’t have anything else to do with [HRP].“  “I support you and deplore a system that allows elected party leaders to be thrown out if they do not support the power structure“.  “For all the reasons you gave, I also gave up on the Republican party“.  Senior leader at HQ “Approved“.  Tweet to HIRA “The Republican Party is “moderate”.  Conservatives are in the Republican Assembly“.  More following their cute kangaroo court.

RNC Meeting. HRP HQ attends in force for this mostly fun (vs work), mostly free meeting.  In-coming ED (?) gets an info fire hose at ED meeting, Rohlfing late to chair mtg but at least showed.  Big push to convince RNC members that Cleveland is the right choice for the Nat’l Convention.  Lots of info on campaign technology used in 49 states (Parsons couldn’t make it work here).  Much talk of resos and rules (Blackwell’s tabled to January).  Failure to pass Taiwan Support reso caused a ruckus.  Members did a rooftop reception, hanger party, Haley and Sununu for lunch speakers, Cleveland bus tour, swag, convention venue tour, and a baseball game.  Presidential candidates in and out.  Many ‘old’ friends show for the debate.  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is good.  With HRP fundraising in tatters, your HQ gaggle went to Cleveland, much on HRP’s dime.

Presidential Debate, same venue as next year’s convention.  Debate was fine, maybe better on TV.  Sat next to Herman Cain, 14 rows from the stage.  (One young (white) man who asked Cain for a photo said “Thank you Mr. Carson for what you do for our party.  Could I take a photo with you?” Cain was gracious.)  Fiorina did well, and Perry, in early forum.  Later, no one separated to the top, or the bottom, of the pack.  Fox News had some on-site technical problems.  Big ACU post-debate party.  Post-debate polling changed, but not how pundits predicted.  Next = CA, Sep 16, CNN.

-Celebration of Meyer’s life and service.  Exquisite to remember Colleen with laughter and joy.  Special lady, doing special things.  About 300 attend for the day.  Meyer was chuckling, if all these people had helped walk the district, she would be in office.  R legislators hijack the open microphone, and made it political.  Colleen was so much more.  There are many fun and funny Meyer anecdotes.  Saw many friends, and not so friends.  (I canvassed the Towill’s home, and the entire two long streets down to the highway, on more than a couple Meyer campaigns.)  D legislators showed. HRP ‘leaders’ collectively arrived late.  Ige ordered flags lowered for August 15.

NFRA Presidential Endorsing Convention, Nashville.  Two delegates from Hawaii Republican Assembly.  Friday BoD meeting with Gohmert.  Trump on Saturday drew 1000. Star Parker, Politichicks some of the speakers.  Trump wins the straw poll, then Cruz and Carson.  Cruz wins NFRA endorsement – Trump next and in order Walker, Paul, Fiorina, Santorum (endorsed four years ago), Carson.  Bush, Christie, Gilmore, Graham, Huckabee, Jindal, Kasich, Pataki, Perry, Rubio were not even nominated.  Sunday prayer breakfast with Rafael Cruz and officer elections.  Elected as national Executive VP, thank you for your support.  Nashville BBQ & music always good.

-During August, Planned Parenthood used more of your tax dollars to kill more babiesFirst four videos.  Part 1 & 2 fifth and sixth video .  Contrast HRP silence to HIRA Rally Against PP and HRP Silence Enable Abortionists-Baby Part Merchants-Anti Gunners.  Good HIRA research = Hawaii PP endorsed Ige, Tsutsui, Green, Baker, Kidani, Shimabukuro, Nakashima, Onishi, San Buenaventura, Lowen, McKelvey, Morikawa, Stump, Bonk, Belatti, Saiki, Ichiyama, Takayama, Takumi, M Lee, LoPresti, Keohokalole, C Thielen (ACU 20%), C  Lee.  BREAKING: Video seven, the most vile, criminal, disgusting acts, so far.  Easy to understand Truth about PP.  Honolulu defund protest, on day of national protest – one R legislator, a HIRA leader, NO HRP ‘leader,’ and this is a short overview of the national effort National PP Protest.  Oh, my.  Episode 3 Video 8.  Good news: an example of defunding, IN ONE STATE, 622 Babies Saved.

Keep this RED ALERT MAJOR $120,000 FINANCIAL SCANDAL AT HRP HQ in mind as you read the current party financial status.  R/H/L neuters any Republican demand for liberal fiscal responsibility.


-HRP FEC  Rohlifing/Hellreich/Liu again in the RED with end of July report.  Another RED month means again NO funds raised for messaging or Victory 2016, now their focus goes to paying down the HQ mortgage.  Receipts up to $8,767 = $3,347 contributions with only 14 contributors on record + 3,510 state account transfer + ZERO (again) RNC charity.  Sustaining Donors: still only 2/14 Exec Cmte (no Rohlfing or Liu or any county chair), still only 1/51 District chairs, down to 6 members.  When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so.  Disbursements = $12,699, includes ZERO for Federal Election Activity (FEA), $1476 mortgage+2685 building maint, 1074 IMS accounting, temp Fale(she) salary 3586 +258 payroll tax+460 unemployment tax, 988 copier rent & overage for Saiki’s ‘better deal’, 234 cable, 252 phone, 972 telemarketing, 167 for a graphic design (last time was a ‘new’ logo, no details this time), and a surprise 125 to Hickling for email distribution which implies he should be distributing email and solved his issue of sending emails to the wrong people at the wrong time.  Federal CoH down to 46k (plus 18k for mortgage of 121k remaining) [plus approx 19k (+7k counties) in state acct].  FEC 6 of 7 months this CY and 8/9 months this election cycle in the RED.  HRP CY now 9.6k in the RED including LDD revenue; election cycle in the RED 39k, living off ’14 RNC funds Saiki did NOT use to elect Republicans.  HRP in the red 21/31 past reports, 3/3 since Hellreich crowned Rohlfing.  Still NO Finance Director.


Candidate CSC, new format Campaign Spending Commission

Aiona raised 1.9k, 24k CoH.  Gave 6.5k to HRP, 6k to O’brien, owns 7 computers.

Aiona, S forgave his 6.4k personal loan.

Agustin raised 3.9k, 1.2k CoH, 12.5k debt.  E Ching is largest donor at 2k.  $375 to CSC for late filing.  150 for hair and make up photo shoot. 117 for business cards?  Working lunch w Hemmings

Akina, GRIH guy courted Rs, sponsors D speakers, raised $100, owes $100, $500 debt.

Cheape raised 4.3k, 6k CoH.

Ching E, one family contributor for 3200.  He also did 150 for hair and make up.  His Dem opponent Johanson sitting on 70k.

Djou amended ALL his CSC reports since July 2010.  Emptied LG account w 2k to St Louis Schools.  FEC report remains zero raised.

State finance chair Felix maintains 126k debt.

Fale raised 0, 27k CoH.

Fukumoto missed her goal raised only 3.2k, 14.6k CoH.

Grace raised 3.7k, 4k CoH. Biggest donor is friend Hochberg for 2k. 2500 to Lent Enterprises consulting.

Hochberg’s Halvorsen raised 0, has 0.  Someone’s not doing her homework.

For the guy running against Dem Har. She raised 9k, has 44k.

Jeremiah 0? LoPresti raised 5.9k, has 7.8k

Kaapu terminated her account giving the final 1.2k to herself(?)

McDermott raised 8.7k, has 8k, with 7.3k self loan.  502 from Hawaii Republican for Life?  Paid Dem Fevella 300 for consulting.

Surprise Pine raises only 500.

Slom with 16k CoH.

Stevens forgave her 10.1k personal loan.

Thielen raised 6.6k.

Tupola raised 5.8k, 4.7k CoH. Uses Lent consulting.

Ward raised 9k.

Raising 0, ZERO (or less than $100): Allen, Au, Baron, Bateman, Berg, C Ching, Felix, Fontaine, Fowler, Higa, Hikida, Hood, Kapoi, Kim, Ku, Leau, Low, Manutai, Marshall, Marten, Mathiau, Moses(her), Moses(him), Poti, Pouha, Reeder again no report, Sabey, Tagavilla, Vincent, Wingard, Wolfgramm, Yago

A few Dem numbers: Riviere raised 9k.  Ito raised 13k, 41 CoH.  Souki raised 46k, 68k CoH.  Oshiro has 60k CoH, Green raised 57k, 528k CoH, Caldwell raised 496k, 1,5M CoH, Arakawa has 205k CoH.


Candidate FEC data

Anderson raised 0, terminated account.  Cavasso no report, 123k debt last report.  Hanabusa raised 1k, 34k CoH.  Hanamann raised 0, 10k CoH.  Hirono raised 75k, 317k CoH.  Lingle raised 0, 0 CoH, 224k debt.  Schatz raised 664k, 2M CoH.  Takai raised 271k, 307k CoH.  Gabbard raised 236k, 1.3M CoH.  Djou raised 0, CoH 7.3k, 48k to KHNL/KGMB in May 2015?


-Worked two years to revive Hawaii Republicans for Life, as BoD sat idle.  R4L terminated their account and sent $502 to McDermott.  Mine was the final donation ($50), to keep the account active last year.

-HRP Treasurer we elected at May Convention was recruited by the party accountant which brings a questionable Treasurer-accountant relationship to oversee party finances.  He resigned mid-July, personal reasons and we wish him wellHRP has yet to tell us there is an Exec Cmte opening or announce when folks may apply to be “elected” to fill this important position (They aren’t going to, they filled the position with an insider by August 4, and haven’t told you that, either).

-Using the excuse that party leaders were at the Cleveland RNC meeting so HQ could not respond to email, announce meetings, handle party business, or provide timely notice of the Meyer celebration …. HQ got out the notice of a fundraiser three months away.  HIRA filled the communications void, though leaders were spread across the mainland.  Conservative pulse: websiteFacebook, Twitter.

By the numbers

0.  HRP Finance Directors the past 12 months.

0.  Progress reports from the chair’s faux-audit, faux-coalitions, and faux election autopsy ‘committees.’

0.  Communications to any HNL county members from newly anointed chair Fale(he). (ACU 50%)

4.4.  Billion $ projected for 2016 election TV ads, more than a half-billion more than in 2012.

5.  HRP lacks integrity to address Rs – Thielen (ACU 20%), Carroll, McDermott (60%), Pine, Fenton – who endorsed 2012 Ds against Rs, now 2014 Cheape (20%), Fukumoto (50%), Egge, and Hanneman’s ‘Rohlfing Rs.’

7.  Years without a HRP strategic plan, finance plan, campaign (Victory) plan.

10.  Months this cycle and 28 since Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives to Increase our chances of winning.” Still not.

20.  Men who could serve in Special Ops did NOT get the opportunity as Ranger School graduates two women in social experiment. Congratulations to the women.  Two can have my Tab

30.  Ready unable to provide draft minutes of meetings in the required 30 days, another broken HRP rule.

32.  Months since the ’12 required HRP financial audit was to be conducted. 20 since the ’13 audit was due.  Nine months since HRP chair promised.  Donors don’t give when finances are in question.

60.  Million $, each. Cost of 2016 RNC and DNC national conventions.

200.  $/ticket is HQ high-ball ask for next HRP event. Campaigned with Martinez on her first Gov primary before she became ‘moderate.’  Google Martinez-McCleskey, Martinez-Christie, Martinez-racetrack, Martinez-background checks.

433.  Days (as of September 2) to the Presidential election.

-Last month was too soon to address this HQ faux pasWe all loved Colleen (except for Lingle-liberals who couldn’t get her to budge from her conservative convictions).  Meyer was one of HRP’s longest-serving legislators, in a party short on legislators.  When HIRA formed, Colleen was a National Director because HIRA represents her conservatism and courage of conviction.  HIRA heard she died, and HQ was silent.  A day later Slom (ACU 89%) posted on FB, and HIRA posted Slom’s entry.  HRP was noticeably silent.  More than a week later, a district chair wrote Rohlfing “Today I was embarrassed to be a Republican!  I was asked why the Hawaii Republican Party didn’t send out a press release, a FB or Twitter post of condolences on the passing of long-time former Representative Colleen Meyer.”  Two days later Rohlfing emailed an (tepid) acknowledgement of Meyer’s passing.  Temp ED Fale(she), the ED left in Hawaii while ‘the other’ ED went to Cleveland, makes up that she was waiting for approval …. though Slom posted two week’s earlier.

-HRP-supporting blog posts HIRA’s mail, thank you, but cuts the part about HRP & R legislators’ failure to take a stand.  Hawaii Free Press presents HIRA materialIf HRP used the same technique, it could be the beginning of a communications effort … they’d have to give credit to HIRA.  Entire message criticizing D’s homelessness effort ZERO-Experience-Needed.  HRP lemmings silent when HIRA hits Ds – but whine when HIRA holds HRP accountable.

ACU (CPAC host) ranks members of congress, and most states.  Goal is all 50 states by end of 2015.  First time =  ACU Hawaii State Legislator’s Ratings.  Disclaimer:  I am on the ACUF BoD.


ARE YOU SATISFIED?  HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Forward this – people need to know, you need to act.  Part 2 coming.



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