Breaking Records, part two

Aloha Friends.  Welcome to part 2 of 2.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you.

You have to know where you’ve been. Not my posting but past reports at

Readers’ Comments – Party News – Quick Hits

-August 6-9 RedState Gathering, Atlanta

-August 21-22 Americans for Prosperity Summit, Columbus OH

-August 28-30 NFRA Presidential Endorsing Convention, Nashville

-September 25-27 Values Voter Summit Washington DC

I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers. “Had no idea the party was so screwed up.  I thought Fritz would do a good job.“ “We’ve known for years that Rohlfing doesn’t really do anything.  Worse, he nor anyone else down there REALLY cares – can’t run a volunteer organization with people who only give lip service.“ “Where is the 4th of July Republican picnic?“ (There wasn’t one) “No July 4th invites for you from Hellrich or Rolfing!“ “I was wondering what happened to HIRA, now I know. I have heard nothing from Kauai’s new chair. Just silence.“ “I saw your notes about HIRA laying off the HRP. I’m not sure it’s done any good. Although HIRA tweeks some folks off, I agree with them and support them. SOMEBODY needs to hold HRP accountable.“ “Crackpots is as crackpots does.“ “The GOP is hopeless here.  Too bad!“ “It is hard to give you input when you are writing the truth…I am disappointed in the drama Kings and Queens of the HRP… in today’s society many will not or cannot stand on PRINCIPLES…When the few do, these drama people wonder what happened…“

Over-under for state vice chairs is six months. Most don’t begin because Hellreich recruits place-holders “You won’t have to do anything”. Mostly silent, Hickling flounders trying to figure out what is the coordinated campaign, how to do it, and with whom to do it. Marumoto told a state-wide radio audience that she hasn’t and doesn’t intend to do anything (and is ‘secretly’ replaced by peer Saiki). HRP isn’t doing Community Service. Coalitions is trying without direction. No coms from Mukk, website a shambles, incoherent FB and Twitter. Three months: third Exec Dir, treasurer & vice for candidates are already replaced, Mukk & Monahan inactive.

HRP is unable to challenge Democrats and liberals on ideological positions until we solve our internal and administrative issues. We need a conservative, competent, committed, organized, manned, and funded HRP, with committed leaders. Republicans must first fix their house.

-HQ (Rohlfing & Hickling) require district chairs to host precinct ‘social’ meetings. 1. There are few active chairs – 12/51 at the state meeting. 2. Reader “Is HRP or County reimbursing me for these 4-6 precinct events“? 3. MOU & confidentially statement “are attached as a veiled threat“. 4. “Call me or your county chair if you have questions” but county chair contact info is not posted.“

Reader “They are sending e-mails for us to start “organizing“, with the loyalty Memorandum of Understanding attached as a veiled threat. Generally when you send people into the community you want something on air like a television, radio, or even internet ads to at least give people something to grab a hold of. There’s no marketing resources (ex: door hangers, business cards, durable plastic bags or shopping bags now that stores are “banned” from using them, etc), it’s just, “Go, login to this spreadsheet, and debrief us on the intel you collect.” With respect, that’s really stupid“.

District chair, state cmte member, reader “the party is demanding we sign non-disclosure agreements. Of course, there is no specific labeling of what is confidential and what is not, so the implication is everything is secret. They are acting like Saddam Hussein’s sons – punitive, reactionary, narcissistic, and promising great things without a plan. I don’t know why we have to keep things hushed when there’s nothing we know that the Democrats don’t already know, or when their own team [Hickling] keeps “accidentally” emailing the wrong messages to the wrong people“.

-New county chair tops CSC campaign finance violators. A month after being appointed from obscurity, Fale(he) is (again) cited for “refusing to file required disclosure report and/or pay assessed fines.”

-Former HRP staffer, reader asked about HQ fear of these reports (which forced Saiki, Hellreich and Liu to 1. pass Rohlfing’s Purity reso to kick anyone they don’t like off the State Cmte and 2. then beg the RNC & NFRA to ask me/HIRA to stop holding HRP accountable). Response: HRP people see criticism because that’s what they want to see.  They ignore that if you don’t like Lee hitting you for spending, stop spending and save for Victory.  They whine when we tell the world they have no precinct chairs … instead of recruiting precinct chairs.  They’re angry when called out for ‘no message’ nor keeping members informed, instead of developing a message and providing info.  It is easier to blame their woes on Lee/HIRA then to do their job. We made it look too easy when we ran the party.  

The easy way to silence me – become a real political party with principles.  HRP can’t take the truth because it evokes guilty feelings about not doing their job and about the irrelevant organization that represents them.  Some don’t like what I write, NO ONE says it isn’t true (with spin). Even S/H/L’s hit piece could only call me names, they didn’t say the reports were false. They know that writing about the problem isn’t the problem, the problem is the problemThey just don’t want to do the work. One more – when you bring in amateurs, even well-meaning local activists, and put them on payroll … it gets worse. Bringing professional ED and FD to HRP is one reason we were successful.

-Received 20+ “Independence Day” email from all sorts of groups. Not HRP. A message lets members know the party exists. HIRA did. Not HRP.

-HRP website, STILL hosed. No blog posts since the month-late Rohlfing election entry, which was first since February. STILL Saiki’s statement, Rohlfing doesn’t have one THREE months after election. Still no events. Still half the Home Page links inop. Say-nothing LLIFE principles still links to the ’10 Platform (not ’14 or even ’12); another link calls them a Platform but opens to a list of ‘beliefs’. They advertise the September 16 Pres debate, but not the August 6 debate. Couch (R) nor Pine (R?) included. No district chair list or contact info, no contact info for county officers, no executive director. To find a Big Island district chair (they don’t actually have any) or to call your Big Island half-county chair, you must call HQ “and leave a message.” STILL missing half the ‘leaders’ photos: Fontaine photo (gone since March) with no Powell photo (elected in March) who is listed as Oahu (they might mean Honolulu) chair. Big Island is still a half-county chair. Saiki changed to Republican Party of Hawaii but site has Rules of the Hawaii Republican Party and Resolutions of the Hawaiian Republican Party, with no resos since ’13.

-Reader Did anyone bother to conduct focus testing on the HRP message or brand? The new party logo, for example, is ridiculous. That is the worst logo I’ve ever seen. And, where is their social media campaign? Do they even know how to professionally do that or is it “let’s post whatever comes to mind and hope it’s popular?   Short answer – No. For more, ask Rohlfing and Comms vice Mukk.

-Losing candidate, district chair & county officer, reader asked why I write, for my HRP plan & vision, and guidance to build her district. Response: SOMEONE should keep Republicans informed.  Don’t you wish HQ or your County team did so?  I am always willing to assist.  Reread the report, it tells all you need to know. However, don’t you instead need to hear the plans and visions of the people you elected?  Ask Rohlfing and Fale to share their plans and vision with us. Building your district is important.  Your loss to xxxxxx gives you a good idea of where you stand. Your Primary numbers indicate a major lack of name recognition.  Recruit precinct leaders, you and they then recruit supporters.  Just like that, you have a vibrant district.

-The only HQ paid staffer, Parsons, bailed mid-May and left politics. Readers “Parsons was pretty snotty, but most of the time ignored me totally. Did NOT return calls. So glad he’s gone”. “Parsons resigns. Never got to know him.  Did have run-ins with him”. “Good that Parsons is gone”.

-Ready, AWOL 1st vice chair during the 2014 elections, gets demoted to Secretary and is silent, until now. Posting on FB, our reader comments “Nary a peep from Brother Ready for how long, and then this on FB?  Maybe he’ll get Saiki’s 25,000 new registrations”?

Quick Hits:

– Another district chair quit, citing poor/no state and county leadership.

– Party STILL has not announced the family Fale takeover. Still can’t figure out their email system or they’re embarrassed.

– HD17 Giles & 18 Burton yet to have a district meeting since Rohlfing threw out longtime chair Grey. The twist? They’re offering Grey a (faux) party position if she will restart the 20 year successful meetings.

Community service vice Monahan says she’ll only support precinct ID’d projects i.e. (1) no statewide effort and (2) Ha, ha. Joke is on you… HRP has less than 10% of precinct leaders.

– Fukumoto “I will continue working toward a better, more responsible government that listens to the people it represents“ except when she doesn’t.

Hee (the Albert one) convicted. Asst US Attorney “Hee used taxpayer money to support a lavish lifestyle.” Same description can be used to describe Democrats and liberal philosophy.

– Georgia reader “This Confederate flag thing is crazy.  They are now talking about moving the statue and the bones of Nathan Bedford Forrest out of the Memphis graveyard“.

– Sick. pentagon recruits transgenders

– Army to cut 40,000, yet continues to give women ‘experimental’ slots at the hard-to-get Ranger school.

BSA endorses homosexual leaders. Meanwhile, abuse lawsuits increase.

– Couldn’t happen to you? Gag order and $135k fine for religious rights.

– Take a stand County clerk resigns, refuses to issue homosexual marriage license

– SCOTUS decision more gross These THREE want to get married. Dogs, or siblings?

– 2014 ACU Ratings. Congressional Ratings

Sabato. Watch Presidential debate for latest. Meanwhile, 2016 Senate update.

– Fiorina funny What if men were treated like women?

– Harry Reid invoked the nuclear option. McConnell doesn’t have the guts

– McConnell-Boxer Highway bill quote “We’re not going to vote on a bill we haven’t seen,” Reid said.  Contrast to Pelosi on OCare “We have to pass it to see what is in it.”

-Rohlfing’s State Cmte passed reso calling Hawaii’s all-D congressional delegation ineffective. How has the Hawaii R delegation faired?   Ironic if you substitute ‘HRP’ for the ‘all-D congressional delegation.’

– As NFRA VP, signed (1) Sen Lee/Rep Labrador Defense of 1st Amendment Act, (2 & 3) Family Research Council letter to House & letter to Senate leadership for immediate moratorium on government PP funding, (4) Conservative Action Project (led by Heritage) “Repeal and Replace (OCare)”, (5) CAP memo to congress “Religious Liberty”, (6) CAP memo to congress and state officials to defund PP.

-NBC. $385 million raised for 2016, so far. Clinton’s campaign (not including SuperPAC) spent more ($18.7 million) than any R or D campaign raised.

What campaigns have raised so far. Some have been in the race longer, likewise for SuperPACs.

Clinton: $47.5 million

Sanders: $15.2 million

Bush: $11.4 million

Cruz: $14 million

Rubio: $12.1 million

Carson: $10.2 million, Paul: $6.9 million, Graham: $3.7 million, Huckabee: $2.0 million, O’Malley: $2.0 million, Trump: $1.9 million, Fiorina: $1.7 million, Perry: $1.1 million, Santorum: $608,000, Jindal: $579,000, Chafee: $393,000, Pataki: $256,000

What the Super PACs and 501c4s have raised so far (more reports due July 31)

Bush: $103 million

Cruz: $37 million

Rubio: $31.8 million

Walker: $26.2 million

Clinton: $24.3 million

Perry: $16.8 million, Kasich: $11.5 million, Christie: $11 million, Jindal: $8.7 million, Huckabee: $6 million, Fiorina: $3.4 million

Top ten combined amounts (campaign + outside groups) are

Team Jeb: $114.4 million

Team Hillary: $71.8 million

Team Cruz: $51 million

Team Rubio: $43.9 million

Walker: $26.2 million (SuperPAC only)

Team Perry: $17.9 million, Team Sanders: $15.2 million, Kasich: $11.5 million (SuperPAC only), Christie: $11 million (SuperPAC only), Carson: $10.2 million (campaign only)

-Still not announced: (free to you) RNC training. “Republican Leadership Initiative provides activists the opportunity to develop organizing skills and cultivate an extensive volunteer network. If admitted for the six-week Fellowship, they will engage in extensive training workshops equipping them with the skills needed to function as professional field organizers.“ RLI Request

OCare/Health Connector. Ds want single-payer. Reader “Our medigap HMSA policy doubled in cost, thanks to Ocare. Nearly every prescription I have been given has been challenged by HMSA and half have been denied. The result is we spend more out of pocket for prescriptions that are no longer covered. If they implement “double digit” increases again next year, we may not be able to afford insurance. America is walking away from its promise to the elderly and disabled and no one in power or the media even seems to care.“ Theilen, Ward, Fontaine voted FOR Connector.

-Not at war?  (Enlarge the photo. “No guns” sign is the aim point.


Break is over. HIRA holds Rohlfing/Hellreich/Liu accountable. HIRA Calls on HRP for Action

-Join NRA to protect your (gun) civil rights.

Candidate Federal and State finance reports next month!


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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