Breaking Records, part one

Aloha Friends. Welcome back.  Part 1 of 2.

We are blessed with tremendous R Presidential candidates. The R majority US Senate and House limp along, not well. The RNC, RGA, RNCC, NRSC break fundraising records. HRP needs resuscitation.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

WELCOME BACK. HIRA Calls on HRP for Action.

To know where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been. Not my site but my reports

Meetings – HRP finances – By The Numbers

-August 6 Presidential Debate, Cleveland (Will be there with friends)

-August 6-9 RedState Gathering, Atlanta

-August 21-22 Americans for Prosperity Summit, Columbus OH

-August 28-30 NFRA Presidential Endorsing Convention, Nashville

-September 11-13 Eagle Council, St Louis

-September 25-27 Values Voter Summit Washington DC

-October 3-4 Honolulu Gun Show, Hawaii Historic Arms Association

-November 8 Oahu Friends of NRA

-Pleased, and honored. Appointed to 2015-16 NRA Military and Veterans Affair Committee, Chairman Ollie North. Last time, first from Hawaii on an NRA cmte. Now, first to Mil & Vet Affairs. Look forward to contributing to secure our civil (gun) rights and support NRA military affairs.

-National Right to Life Convention, New Orleans. HIRA headliner, NRLC President Tobias, presides with 1,200 attendees. Hawaii +200% this year with two from Aloha Life Advocates. Convention is light on speeches, heavy on activist training. ‘13 Planned Parenthood got $528M of your taxes and does 330k+ abortions/year. Our movement is stronger, though it takes intro-uterine surgery to make abortion-lovers realize, duh, “there’s a person in there.” Abortion rate, number, and ratio ALL decline = good. Bad = still 1M US abortions/year. Thursday Mary Matalin MCs opening session. 18 breakouts include messaging, finance, policy updates with the biggest names in the movement. Jindal headlines the evening. Chance garage encounter results in dinner with Santorum, LA GOP Chair VIllerie, NRLC counsel Bopp. Friday candidate speeches – Santorum, Rubio, Perry, Carson, plus two sent videos. Ten more breakouts with media, abortion, adoption, OCare. Pro-life movies and teen Life Camp run all weekend, along with 20+ vendors. Saturday Prayer breakfast then 30 breakouts including fundraising, lobbying, churches, legal, outreach, and campaigns, and a big awards banquet. ‘Feels like’ 102 degrees keeps us inside. NOLA food, WWII Museum a must. Flight out next to James Carville’s sister, Republican. July ‘16 in DC.

Breaking the next day PP sells baby parts, which PP ‘denies’ before another PP doctor wants a Lamborghini. Fake list of PP corporate sponsors is removed as many issue denial statements (with political-speak). Video #3 is the most disgusting, so far. More (up to 10) videos to drop. HIRA supports local Students for Life/CWA rally, HRP refuses to speak out. CA Judge Tried to Block #4

-HNL County raiser. Happy 4th (on the 3rd). At least someone tried something. Still not sure whose event or where the money went – no county ‘leader’ attended the county event. 150 attend the ‘sold out’ event for 200; more were expected for the only event since LDD. Overheated in the small cafeteria, folks full of pancakes nodding during speeches. R/H/L made cameos (we’ll see if they paid). hrp-pancake-breakfastRohlfing rambling speech was the coup de grace for the sleepy. Newly-minted county chair Fale(he) is absent. Reader “Rohlfing suffers from Seagull leadership…. Swoop in, crap all over everything, and leave.” State vice Marumoto announces parade participation one day before event … first most folks had heard. ‘Temp’ ED Fale(she) is absent. No other leaders participate (no coms Mukk or Coalitions or Community Service), on a holiday, in the early AM, at the only event scheduled this year. Incumbents take advantage of a captive audience – Ward, Pouha, McDermott, Fukumoto & Tupola (with tension), candidates Augustin, Jeremiah (the only presence) & Ching.  Djou’s ten-minute fly-by changed our schedule to fit his. Good = Some Rs gather, even without leader support. Claimed $5k raised, bet closer to $800 gross.

-Who wasn’t at Independence Day Kailua parade? EVERYONE. Day after last month’s report told that Saiki failed to enter HRP, HRP found an entrant willing to host HRP walkers. HQ info is buried as an afterthought at the bottom of a limited-distribution email, only two days prior (one day before the holiday weekend). Not all district chairs were informed, none passed the word to their district. Readers “No candidate items (allowed), pardon my French but WTF?” “What happened to groups of people wearing t-shirts supporting a candidate? Didn’t incumbents and candidates used to walk to show there were at least a few Republicans?” ”These guys just aren’t ready to win races. How would they ever govern?” Rohlfing & HQ show their lack of caring and execution; parade was never on FB or website. Attendee “They had eight, maybe ten people. Fritz was there. Is he the guy in charge now?   Ward was there. Barbara wore her statue outfit, or whatever, and looked like she didn’t know where she was. There were three people in front of the car, and two in the car. A few walking behind. That was all the Republicans in Hawaii.” Rohlfing to State Cmte “The parade was well-attended,” just not by Republicans.

– Quarterly State meeting. Announced over Independence Day weekend, only one week’s notice of a quarterly meeting, with the incorrect date. Not all district chairs were informed. Saiki/Rohlfing already missed the 2Q meeting (broke their own rules). Agenda items due the Wednesday prior, highlighted that an agenda is NOT prepared a week out (again, broke their own rules). Inconsistent – in Rules Cmte the sensible motion was made for leader reports submitted in advance; tubed by Saiki’s “It would be onerous to have leaders have to do reports in advance.” Now, Ready tells vice chairs to submit reports the Wednesday prior. (80% of ‘leaders’ blew off the requirement and didn’t submit anything.)

HD41 Kulbis answered HQ request for agenda items – status of Saiki’s faux cmtes for ’14 autopsy and auxiliaries, whether funds were expended as State Cmte had approved, for district chair contact info, for Convention minutes, and asked why the HRP website was not fixed. None were addressed. Bet HQ never again asks for input. Temp ED Fale(her)’s agenda arrives only the morning of, same as the 2/14 reports they received. Perhaps not incompetence, but not ‘good work.’

State Cmte meetings are open. Not everyone can participate, i.e. if you’re not a cmte member you observe unless the cmte votes otherwise, but party members are encouraged to be involved. Except during Kaauwai/Nonaka. They were so defensive about their fumbling leadership, they’d restrict participation. Rohlfing/Fale(she) resurrect restrictions. Attendance is already at a low: 35% of the chair seats are empty, another 20% are OPO (new one – On Paper Only) so best they could do is less than 50% of the state represented. For Rohlfing’s inaugural meeting, Oahu district chairs were not allowed to call in, even those with pressing or personal issues who were willing to take two to three Saturday hours from their family or business to represent their district. The admin crew – Fale, Ready, Webster – couldn’t (again) properly operate the phone, anyway. Party and its leadership have nothing to hide – they aren’t doing anything to hide, or anything at all. Secrecy, fear, paranoia …. Where is that coming from? (Only 12 districts were represented, less than 25% of the state, 4/16 NI and 8/35 HNL.)

Breaking records. Rohlfing refused to provide a copy (for chairs to inform their districts) of HRP financial status to the party governing body with the excuse of ‘too sensitive’ … and your ineffectual State Cmte let him do it. ‘Too sensitive’ = Rohlfing/Hellreich/Liu raised less in June than in any month since FEC began on-line records (1998). For reference “RNC raised $10.1 million in June, the highest off-year June in its history“, “[RGA] raised $24.4 million in the first six months … has $20 million on hand. Both numbers are records“, and tiny, ultra-Red state Delaware, where I am currently campaigning, raised $25,776 in June. You haven’t seen or heard of HRP yet they’ve spent all the money they’ve raised, plus 25k that Saiki left (instead of supporting ’14 candidates). R/H/L’s 20 page monthly report is the shortest since Aiona’s April ’06 21 page report, there has never been one shorter. Finance report was presented by the Accountant i.e. 1. treasurer Kekuna skipped the meeting same as Klompus did the past three years and 2. Rohlfing had the person accounting for the money reporting on how much money was brought in e.g. Hellreich’s fox in the hen house. Bigger story:

In six 2015 months, Saiki four & Rohlfing two, your party chair raised for HRP a total of $760. Their budget calls for the chair to raise $2000/month (dramatically reduced from $5k/month past chairs raised).   It is difficult to run a state party and raise only $65/month. More: The Saiki-Rohlfing Finance Cmte, many are your friends, led by my friend John Henry Felix raised … zero.

Most fun report: HRP says they have a ballroom dancers ‘coalition’ but no lawyers, firefighters, law enforcement. Yes, Hawaiian, Hispanic, Jewish; no Chinese, Japanese, Korean. College Rs, already a party auxiliary with zero members, is now a coalition … with zero members. At least this vice chair provided a report which makes for 100% more effort than the others.

Rohlfing gets the feckless State Cmte to give a reprieve on proposing a plan for 2015, Victory 2016, or finance. He is already two months past the HRP deadline, we’re already nine months into the election cycle and he won’t present for review, much less approval, until October, half-way thru the election cycle.

Held this report for results from “managing a four candidate town council race in Delaware”. We fielded four (an incumbent & three first-timers) of six candidates for four seats and won … two seats, which included retiring the sitting mayor.  Three incumbents won (one of ours) and one challenger (Yes, she won). Learned DE election law with different registration, filing and campaign finance laws. Heart-racing roller coaster of a campaign = priceless. Campaigning with family = costly. Still (hint to campaigners), can’t do well at anything if you only do it every other year.  Off to Cleveland.

-HRP FEC R/H/L take HRP into the RED with end of June report. Another RED month means again NO funds raised for messaging or campaigning. Even with Pancake breakfast, receipts drop to a record low $2,282 = $1,336 contributions with only 10 contributors on record + 944 state account transfer + ZERO (again) RNC charity. 2.3k receipts are least for a month since Kaauwai’s 3k in October ’11 and Chang/Fukumoto’s September ’13 4.2k. 2.3k is the least since FEC monthly reporting began in ’03 i.e. you weren’t around the last time HRP raised so little. Sustaining Donors: down to only 2/14 Exec Cmte (no Rohlfing or Liu or any county chair), down to 1/51 District chairs, up to 13 members. When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so. Disbursements = $9,715, includes ZERO for Federal Election Activity (FEA), $1476 mortgage+2708 building maint, only 615 accounting because there is little for which to account, Parsons’ final salary 786 +1903 payroll tax, 156 copier overage, 234 cable, 191 office supplies, 680 mail appeal (miniscule is all they can afford), 300 telemarketing monthly charge. Federal CoH down to 49k (+19k for mortgage of 122k remaining) [plus 22k (+7k counties) in state acct]. Without LDD, HRP spends 16k+/month, raises 7.5k/month. FEC 5 of 6 months this CY and 7/8 months this election cycle in the RED. HRP CY now 4.7k in the RED including LDD revenue; election cycle in the RED 35k, living off ’14 RNC funds Saiki did NOT use to elect Republicans. HRP in the red 20/30 past reports, 2/2 since Hellreich crowned Rohlfing. There is still NO Finance Director. Your State Cmte did not ask a single question about HRP finances. We’re not making this news, just reporting it.

-HRP CSC, HRP goes RED for the year. Incumbents & candidates use your campaign donations to fund HRP (bad = McDermott 1.5k, Kapoi 200, Ward 1.5k, Aiona 6.6k, Fukumoto 1.2k, Cheape 900, Ahu 500), others use personal $ (good = Jeremiah, Kukahiko, Thielen, Djou, Ching, Hood, Manutai, Ward, Yoder). Maui convention calabash larger than Honolulu convention. Expenditures IN ADDITION TO FEC copier overage 461, caucus postcards 1900, property tax 3500, more LDD 4992, 6,386 MORE IMS accounting payments are hiding here, MORE convention costs 18698 (with 17k income, Convention again is RED). ZERO CONTRIBUTIONS TO CANDIDATES.

-Rohlfing’s letter to a tiny universe (all he could afford) of ‘low hanging fruit’ donors, flips between Hawaii Republican Party, the name we know and FEC accepts, and something called the Republican Party of Hawaii, the name & logo Saiki borrowed from the 80’s. Obama has problems fighting a war when he can’t/won’t identify the enemy … Rohlfing & HQ can’t seem to identify who WE are. Reader “Are we the Hawaii Republican Party or the Republican Party of Hawaii? I’m sooo confused.“

By the numbers

  1. District meetings since Giles (last year) and Bradford (Rohlfing appointed in April) took over, breaking 20 YEARS of successful East Oahu monthly meetings.
  2. Progress reports from the chair’s faux-audit, faux-coalitions, and faux election autopsy ‘committees.’
  3. No Executive Director for 2016. No Finance Director.
  4. HRP lacks integrity to address Rs – Thielen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine, Fenton – who endorsed 2012 Ds against Rs, now 2014 Cheape, Fukumoto, Egge, and Hanneman’s ‘Rohlfing Rs.’
  5. Months this cycle and 27 since Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives to Increase our chances of winning.” Still not.
  6. Years without a HRP strategic plan, finance plan, campaign (Victory) plan.
  7. Million SSN’s hacked at OPM. Bet that it is more. And, as usual, no accountability.
  8. Months since the ’12 required HRP financial audit was to be conducted. 19 since the ’13 audit was due. Eight months since HRP chair promised. Donors don’t give when finances are in question.
  9. Million $. Cost of 2016 RNC and DNC national conventions, each.
  10. Million $. Bush home run. Cruz also exceeds expectations.
  11. Million $. Must read Hawaii $418 tax increase for clean energy. Tax Foundation calls out leaders.
  12. Days (as of August 2) to the Presidential election.

-RNC announced the latest phase of nationwide hires in what will be the largest RNC field program in history.  RNC has staff build-outs in CO, FL, IA, MI, NC, NH, NM, NV, OH, PA, VA, WI. Not HRP.

-CB says Hawaii teachers are racists. They suspend Tongan & Hawaiians four times that of Japanese. Darn racists. Nationally, black students are suspended three times white, American Indian and Alaska Native students. Racist teachers. Of course, that’s how liberals see America.

-Per FEC, so far filed to run for President = 522 total, 130 Republicans.

-Beware (be aware) of your civil rights You Think They Won’t Take Your Guns?

Staunch conservative, friend, Colleen Meyer died last month. May she find peace, our prayers are with her family. Posted to HIRA FB.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Forward this – people need to know, you need to act. Part 2 coming.



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