Game On, Part Ia

Aloha friends and readers,

Welcome back.  There is a lot in this two-part report.  This week,  political and politics, 1a for today and 1b for tomorrow. Next week, money!

I write periodically to Republicans and conservatives, mostly in Hawaii.  My first report came when there were more than 600 days remaining to the Presidential election, now 100.  I often include a review because there are a lot of new readers.  These reports augment what you hear from the Republican Party because they don’t cover everything.  I try to write ‘stuff’ that you don’t have on your radar or don’t have time to research.  I encourage discussion and debate to foster conservative action in Hawaii.  We won’t always agree but we should be informed and decide for ourselves. Let me know if you want to be removed and I will do my best to delete your email address. Similarly, please feel free to forward this report to other conservatives and they can write to get on the list. Conservatives need to know that they are not alone in Hawaii.

I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi-)private discussion.  Like the dozen daily national updates we get each day, these reports are long because there is something for every reader. The usual format is to write about issues and activities involving our cause in Hawaii.  When I attend the RNC meetings or a Conference, I report chronologically.  My previous five reports are listed at the bottom.

USA!  It is so nice to NOT have the Olympics overlap the National Convention.  Go USA!

Thank you to our volunteers who step forward every day to support HRP, our candidates and conservative issues.  YOU know this election is important and your focus is on winning.  You have full time jobs and families, you do not seek personal gain or salary or cry at the microphone.  Thank you.  From walking to waving to data input to answering phones, you do ‘it’ and hope the leaders will take their responsibilities seriously.  Thank you for keeping the focus on winning Republican races.

Paychecks Hawaii rankings of Hawaii 2012 session ( based on support for small business – the driver of the economy and our job makers – from 1 “most supportive” to 5 least supportive.”

In the House

#1 Marumoto, Ward and #2 Belatti, Ching, Fontaine, Johanson, Pine, Riviere, Thielen

#3 Awana, Brower, Ito, Luke, McKelvey, Rhodes, Takai

#4 Aquino, Cabinilla, Carroll, Chang, Chong, Choy, Coffman, Cullen, Evans, Giuni, Hanahano, Har, Hashem, Herkes, Ichiyama, Jordan, Kawakami, Keith-Agarian, Lee, Lee, Manahan, Mizuno, Morikawa, Nakashima, Nishimoto, Oshiro, Saiki, Takumi, Tokioka, Tsuji, Wooley, Yamane, Yamashita

#5 Say, Souki


#1 Senate:  Slom and #2 Green, Ihara, Wakai

#3 Chun Oakland, Hee, Ige, Kidani, Kim, Kouchi, Ryan, Solomon, Tokuda

#4 Baker, Dela Cruz, English, Espero, Fukunaga, Galuteria, Kahele, Nishihara, Shimabukuro, Taniguichi, Tsutsui

#5 Gabbard

Cayetano’s (HNL Mayor candidate) rally drew 300 to Kaiser HS.  When asked if the Republican Party supported Cayetano, I replied ‘no.’ Then, pointed out the first two dozen Republicans which I saw.  Cayetano’s Hawaii Kai sign waving had a reported 400 participants.

The June 30 Religious Freedom rally at the Capitol drew nearly 400 people at any one time and probably 500 total.  Good event sponsored by Hawaii Family Forum, The Hawaii Catholic Conference and Hawaii Family Advocates.

Republicans for Life meet August 14.  I missed June while on the mainland, nearly 60 people attended!  The July meeting drew 40.  Attendees support pro-life candidates and issues.  Even HRP has begun to acknowledge this fastest-growing meeting in the party. for details.  First Anniversary meeting is September 18.

Raiser for the Pro-Sanity (anti-rail) effort was July 21.  I couldn’t get this report out before that event.  The court date is August 21.  Court = lawyers.  Lawyers = money.  That’s where we come in.  Your donation is tax deductible.  SBH Foundation Rail Fund, 6600 Kalanianaole Hwy, HI, 96825. for info.  How is this politics?  A candidate who supports or allowed this rail is NOT a fiscal conservative and does NOT believe in less government.

Our ONLY Senator.  Raiser for Slom ( is August 3.  The one guy we canNOT afford on the sidelines.  Our consistent conservative.  Details at  SBH President Slom’s newsletter with business news and the affect on you and the legislative session at

Who doesn’t know that government is too involved in our lives?  The Grassroot Institute Milton Friedman Centennial Celebration is this Tuesday, July 31.  591-9193 or for details.

Kailua Independence Day Parade was political in this election year.  I marched with Honolulu TEA party who began organizing in April.  Thirty TEA members with float-truck and our great vocalist were well-received even by the good-natured hecklers wearing Hirono shirts.  Our entire front line with banner were dressed in period clothes despite the warm day.  Capelouto (H40 candidate) offered watchers small US flags and King (TEA, OLRW, fmr LG candidate) offered pocket copies of the Constitution.  Crowley (CD2 candidate) marched with us.  HRP announced participation only one week prior and still managed 12 people with a banner and some Romney shirts, supported with hot dogs by the Oahu League of Republican Women.  Cayetano got the loudest cheers.  Hemmings (S25 candidate) was the Parade Grand Master.

The Hawaii Kai Fourth event was packed…. and had fireworks.  Grey (H18 chair, East Oahu vice chair) organized friends to host the East Oahu Republicans’ tent decorated with local candidates signage.  Several candidates set up next door with S9 Slom and Hemming (S25 candidate) ‘holding court;’ looked like the old days and what we hope to resurrect.  Lady Liberty came out of her H19 Marumoto disguise for the event.

East Oahu monthly meeting.  First Saturday of each month (except this September).  Each month there is a guest speaker, legislative updates from Republican legislators including S9 Slom, H17 Ward, H19 Marumoto and sometimes fmr Congressman & CD1 candidate Djou and updates from the neighborhood boards with feisty discussion.  Candidates and members from around the county show up. US Senate candidate Carroll came this month.  Party officials come when they want something.  Several district chairs – H18 Grey, H23 White, H20 Hayes, H19 Brady – attend regularly.   Everyone gets to voice their opinion.  Best is that we’re committed to walking out the door and electing Republicans.  Info at  Afterwards, campaign teams break out to meet or to organize for canvassing or we go to brunch.

House Minority leader Ward confirmed his goal is to grow his caucus to 11 this year.  Also the HRP vice chair for candidate recruitment and training, he made no mention of senate or council seats.

On PBS, Chang predicted ten in the House and 2-3 MORE in the Senate.  Ward and Chang’s predictions are considerably different than the 17 house and 8 senate seats that then-Executive Director Nonaka promised in 2010.  Chang got the PBS stint when H47 Fale dropped out – because of a short notice(?) wedding, according to Boylan – of his debate against Primary opponent and incumbent Riviere.  There is a trend of candidates for public (Lingle, Fale) and party (Liu) office avoiding debates.  Tweak this – A disconnect in the HRP message is Chang lowering expectations with ‘farm team for the future’ talk versus expected wins by so many second-try candidates.  The tax increases are coming in 2013.  We need to win, now.

Party reorg?  Months after reapportionment, district chairs are directed to find poll workers and watchers but they haven’t been told which lines to use when organizing or where their responsibilities end and the adjoining district begins.  There should be district elections.  Neither Chang or the county chairs have shown any initiative.  Example:  H19 doesn’t have a chair to support candidates (Young, Djou, Carroll, Lingle, Romney) because the district chair now lives in the new H18.  County chair Vaillancourt and party vice Ward offered to “look into it.”

H50 Thielen (the R) is endorsed by Hawaii Women’s Caucus along with 20 Dem women even though she does not have an opponent.

Having fair rules and following them is so important to the integrity of an organization.  VA AG Cuccinelli on Obamacare “Remember CalvinBall?  The rules for CalvinBall were whatever Calvin said they were.  And Calvin made them up on the fly.”  Dem chair Carpenter commenting on the fight over Thielen (the D) running as a D “Obviously, if everybody felt they could make their own rules at any point in time, we wouldn’t have a party.”

Kudo’s to King (OLRW President) who was a finalist for the PBN Businesswoman of the Year.  At the Royal Hawaiian Hotel dinner, I met one of the people seated at our table who was the niece (visiting from CA) of Mike Tokunaga.  What are the odds?  My uncle, Dan, and Mike were in Jack Burns’ inner circle.  Her reaction was the same as other Dems, “your uncle must be rolling over in his grave.”

Some candidates and some districts three weeks ago began receiving their share of the Presidential caucus list, four months after the caucus.  Hats off to the handful of volunteers who entered the data. Perhaps they could be appreciated in one of the newsletters with the wedding announcements.  Walden decides – not everyone who asked got their list and some got only part of the data.  Others don’t know it is available.  This list of 10,000 was arguably the ‘big catch’ of the Presidential Caucus; the list to use in April (then May, June and July) for new volunteers, donors, poll watchers and workers who would be recruited long before candidates were walking and waving.  HRP has been using it without giving the data to the rest of the party. Several district chairs gripe that the Lingle campaign and Walden’s online blog should not get it before the party leaders. The list is organized by zip code, not by district.  You may help – Executive Director Blom is too busy and asked a district chair to research each address, add the district/precinct and then give the info back to HQ.

Plug.  Our (very conservative) local friend recently had her thriller published.  Deena W. Rones.  Obama, the Republican Conspiracy.  While I encourage you to use your time to campaign for your local candidate, this should be good summer reading before the movie comes out.

Stay in your district.  I emphasize here – candidates will take any excuse to not walk their district or call their donors.  Don’t give your candidate a reason to NOT walk.  Gathering candidates to file nomination papers and at HQ for a filing party and having candidate potluck dinners in districts that have nothing to do with your race may be fun team-building.  But, with 100 days until election and thousand of voters yet to meet, you need to be in your district. Three months is not enough time to walk a Senate district, barely enough to walk a House district and most of you won’t.  Send your campaign manager to meetings.  If someone needs to see you, they can come to your district.  A serious candidate cannot afford to waste time or boondoggle away from the state.

Pundits in Hawaii (and nationally) predict low voter turnout.  SB Borreca and CB write about it.  CB ran a series by liberal blogger Ian Lind which was filled with data and then expectedly took a left (wing) turn.  HRP hasn’t done Community Service (except a pro forma Convention Food Bank drive) and our candidates hope that HRP will organize a voter registration drive.  We can help buck the trend by turning out to vote.

What we heard about the “Primary Election Strategy” conference call.  The call was to begin at 7:30 PM to fit Chang’s busy wedding schedule. About 140 expected to participate – 51 districts, 66 candidates, 25 more Exec Cmte and staff.  Twenty were on the phone (they guessed) with a couple in the room, including about six candidates.  Emphasis was 1) the chair is busy and they are fortunate he took time for the call, 2) candidates were firmly told to stop asking for HRP financial support, there is no money and 3) the Exec Dir is busy so candidates were asked to organize the August 12 Unity Brunch.  Hellriech (she) filled Pechaur’s training void and presented the difference between poll workers and poll watchers and made a plea for watchers in 16 districts with no local candidate because Lingle “is running in those districts.”  Pechaur and Walden said ‘yes, this is important.’  Lui was on the agenda and called on three times (to speak about Ballot Security of all things) but was a no-show.  Blom asked for lawyers or friends who are lawyers to help on election day – Hellreich (she) reminded that the party attorney recruits and trains our legal team instead of finding people unfamiliar with election law to ‘show up.’   Blom assured listeners that the Party can provide lists.  S16 Greco asked whether the lists were ready (“No”).  We used to do calls at 9:30, to fit candidate’s schedules – after they finished walking and recording their data.

Chang said his focus is on coalitions, robust fundraising, good candidates, a good message and putting aside our differences.  And, that he won’t be around much for the next month and a half.  He reported on a HRP “strategic planning” session.  ‘Leaders’ spent a day to determine the need for a HRP fundraising plan, a communications plan and the need to build party infrastructure!!

We need a message, someone to deliver it and the means to do so.  Go.  Win.  You have time to talk about “the farm team” on November 7.  People need Republican solutions now.

Why can’t we all get along?  At the April State Committee meeting, H47 candidate Fale again lost his temper and ‘demanded’ everyone get along.  A month later he filed papers to run against one of our few incumbents, Riviere.  Minority leader Ward doesn’t like H18 candidate Low (just endorsed by the NRA) and worked hard at the last minute to bring Wingard back to the HRP for opposition.  Vasquez is still angry about the Chang email telling her to NOT run.  Hats off to Lyons, who would have had trouble making the General, for having the sense to get out of H45 candidate Cheape’s way.

Leadership sets the example, good and….. bad, and more party members are using party lists to send email with their company logos, business titles and awards or making personal announcements.

Native Hawaiian programs are important. However, the Akaka Bill and similar State initiatives seek to divide the State by race. Check Conkin’s (google him) theory about the Akaka Bill.  Candidates may choose to support it but, like rail, they can’t be a fiscal conservative or believe in limited government.  The theory – A Republican supporting the Akaka Bill is more damaging than a Dem.  Ask your office seekers what they support.

Some of you will be disappointed to lose it because Voter Vault III was pretty effective. But, those of you who fought (with) V V since it was developed in late 2003 and widely introduced in 2004 can breathe a sigh of relief. V V is gone. Get ready for GOPDC. I can tell you the background but for now you should know that it is so robust that you’ll love it. But,… it isn’t ready. Blom said soon in May, then said June, then it was whenever the state voter registration file and HRP data gets loaded, then said next week, then said July. When it gets here, HRP needs to begin training and then get it in the field. Pleasant news came when some received their GOPDC passwords in mid-July …. until S16 Greco asked if GOPDC were ready for use. Blom says ‘maybe next week.’

A distraction.  Every political outlet ceased sending myriad updates and the world focused on the Colorado shootings.  Party leaders across the nation sent short releases with their condolences and prayers for the victims in Aurora.  In Hawaii we received a “For Immediate Release” press statement about a personal event, followed by the chair’s Weekly Update promoting the same event.  No mention of the tragedy.

Read quickly because tomorrow is Part 1b.  Next week, we’ll review money – national, local, candidates, committees, PACs and the HRP.

My prayers are with the families suffering the death and damage of the Aurora shooting.




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