New Year and New Cycle, 1 of 2

Aloha Friends, welcome back. We’re hitting the ground running with part 1 of 2. If you have had any time to tune in, you know there is a lot happening.

Happy beginning to 2013. Best wishes for a healthy and elections-winning year! Beginning a new calendar year with a happy new year prayer for the US.

-January 5 East Oahu meeting. 8:30 AM Don’t miss it. Speakers include Senate Republican leader and House minority leader emeritus with session beginning in less than two weeks.

-January 9 SBH Annual Business & Investment Conference 9 AM Cayetano gives his perspective on Hawaii politics. Much more. Freedom Works Kibbe had to cancel.

-District/Precinct Caucus meetings. HRP is taking over. No funds = again no notification postcards, try Several district and one county chair resigned rather than have big brothers Walden & Nonaka tell them how to run their districts, another county chair thinking about it. So much for grassroots. So much for GOPDC, “[Blom] even said the lists are based on 2010 data entries!”

Hawaii Reporter (1) celebrates its 11th Anniversary in February and (2) is raising funds for operations – reporting, investigating, exposing graft and corruption. I’m asking that you contribute $111.11 (or $11.11) to acknowledge appreciation for 11 years of investigative reporting. Or, do a monthly $25 or $50. For Superstar status, please send a $1111.11 donation!! With HR, you get something in return.

-State legislative session begins January 16, on the floor(s) at 10 AM and in the offices after.

-Senior US Senator. Congratulations to Schatz. Unbelievable. Ask HRP to send you Chang’s “For Immediate Release.” This explains why perhaps HRP shouldn’t speak out : A delusional, most unprofessional media release from a state political party. Tsutsui to LG, Kim to Senate boss. Next to fill Maui’s S5.

-There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better. Let’s get started.

Oahu League of Republican Women December election. We should have contested elections more often because it brings out people we haven’t seen in years. Congratulations to Thomas, President (again) for ’13-14, and the incoming board. I was asked to “run” the election. Our Elections Committee planned, organized and prepared. Except for a little rule breaking by the board, they’ll fix that rule this year, it mostly went without a hitch.

Fmr Maui Mayor, two-term Gov and US Senate candidate Lingle has never come to an OL meeting when she wasn’t campaigning for herself, until now. This was her first public event since she was seen on screen election night. Lingle worked the room and told people how 2012 was a good year for Hawaii Republicans (Really, she did). She sat at the front of the room as usual but her table was empty, isolated. Someone should have been assigned to sit with her. Lingle’s tag line for her OL candidates was that ‘our organization leaders [OL] need to support the HRP leadership.’ She hopes that we forgot that Lingle, Chang and this same Exec Cmte are the same people who ‘supported’ a properly elected HRP chair Kaauwai by ousting him in October 2011. Fmr Rep Ching, bless her heart, went to the wrong location (if you know her, you understand) and arrived at the election site after voting had concluded.

Reader: “I guess Lingle CAN finally claim a victory in 2012 after all. Once the word reached Mazie Hirono, I’m sure that she was very impressed by the Lingle/Hellreich ground game at the OL elections.”

Reader: “Lingle wins one.” This led to more speculation. In my last report I postulated that Lingle would make Chang hold the party until she is ready to again take over. After the OL meeting, several members suggested Lingle is running for party chair in preparation for a future campaign. I think she can get elected party chair.

– ‘We need unity‘ was the recurring theme of the December State Cmte meeting. Chang, Liu, Hellriech, Ready, Blom and others. They are missing the boat. The Hawaii party IS unified. Unfortunately so, for these hypocrites. These people ‘unify’ by kicking people they don’t like off their committees, and they’re not done. It started long ago, when Lingle took over in ’99-’00, but with this specific group it began by removing me from the Exec Cmte two years ago, pushing aside the TEA Party in ’10, ousting chair Kaauwai in ’11, removing Gapero from the Maui board, silencing Republican principles to support bi-partisan Lingle, pushing liberty supporters away, and now by dumping King at the Oahu League. They say “unity” but they mean “Group Think.” They have a unified/broke/messageless/leaderless party, and they keep losing. They blame it on everything else, including people who don’t agree with them, instead of taking responsibility. Until this group, which is in way over their heads, learns to operate the party and is willing to open to conservatives, TEA activists, and the liberty movement they will continue to lose. In their ‘group think’ mentality, the HRP problem appears to be that some talk about the party having disintegrated instead of recognizing that their problem is that the party has disintegrated. Their problem isn’t that we write about HPR issues. Their problem is in their not addressing the issues.

-Apparently no one wants to be unified with them. Blom complained that she could never get a volunteer to help her. The Exec Cmte doesn’t do anything, several not even bothering to attend meetings. HRP found out they had only 46 district chairs in the 51 districts, then found that only 3-5 would even respond to email, and only two attended training. District and county leaders are resigning. We’ve gone from 23,000 on the rolls (according to Kaauwai) to a minimum of 10,000 members joined for the Presidential caucus, to only 8,000 according to Ready. Ready writes that he has only one volunteer willing to assist him.

-Here’s a ‘facing the issue’ example, actually two. Vice Ready visiting a district meeting promised that the State Cmte would take up the HRP fratricide issue – Rs campaigning for Ds against Rs. (1) Wasn’t even mentioned. At all. The HRP won’t address their issues. (2) This also highlights how naive Ready is to promise that Chang had the gumption to bring it up.

-First the crying legislator, now this. Four Rs endorsed Ds (Thielen/Thielen, Carroll/Hirono, Fenton/Fukunaga, Pine/Manabat). Thielen (R) denies, Ward says she flat out lied to him, that she campaigned for Thielen (D). Windward dem: “Rep Thielen rang the doorbell to ask us (registered democrats) to vote for her daughter Laura. She handed us a paper identifying who she was. I told her that I understood her supporting her daughter Laura but she was wrong doing it as a republican legislator door to door.” Chang received at least one formal complaint from a Windward. HRP Rules allow for membership termination though the cmte could decide to do nothing. A censure, reprimand or even stink eye would not hurt anyone (HRP is irrelevant even to the HRP) but would show that HQ had, you know, …guts. What they shouldn’t do is what they have done for the past three years…nothing. You ask how the HRP can be weaker than irrelevant? Watch.

-It is difficult to discuss Republican principles until HRP solves their business mismanagement. The guys in charge now aren’t capable. They want to talk campaigns and policy and they can’t pay the bills, hire staff, or get out a coherent press release in a timely manner. Another example:

-Did you know that this meeting was scheduled? Did you hear what was decided? December’s State Committee meeting, my immediate (then) synopsis:

*I appreciate the many calls for unity – Chang, Liu, Hellriech, Blom, Chang again, Hellriech again, Blom again. Great idea. All the heads nodding and amen’s! GROUP THINK! I just might point out the hypocrisy and deceit, these being the exact same people who ‘unified’ Kaauwai out on his ass, who unified behind a liberal’s 25 point loss and who unified to create the most divisive election in OL history. OMGosh, did Changster invoke Lincoln, Reagan and Roosevelt in one sentence?!!

*Chang “We don’t want Monday morning quarterbacking.” A friend “That’s because they have no Sunday morning quarterback.”

*Great strides with enthusiasm as we barely made the exacting requirement of only 1/3 for quorum, if that – it was not announced implying they didn’t. ‘We have tons of young people, tons I tell you.’ But, we have no volunteers to do any data input and only one person out of the 14 on the exec cmte and 75 on the state cmte and 8000 in the party will help with caucus meetings.

*’Take the month off and relax.’ Seriously? Ready says you just took the year off. Actually, friends, the dems have been pretty busy what with budgets, suits, US Senators.

*Treasurer Klompus (conveniently) absent again.

*Right hand talking to the left? – Hellriech calls it 20/400 sustaining donor plan, or is it 25/400. Chang calls it 20/800 and 25/800.

*Peschaeur did NOT speak!! A first. Walden intimidates Chang.

*We heard from none of the other vice chairs – except Dorn who isn’t doing her communications job but is doing convention. And, Coluccio, Coluccio, Bueller? Chow? Dorn? Bueller? Ward? Not even a written report. We get nothing from these people. Ready takes grief but he is doing more than the other four put together.

*Oh, oh the effusive praise for Ward handing over the gavel, let me say it again, and one more time. Did you get that, he wasn’t ousted. Dummies, wrong message. Of course he should be ousted after losing 5/8 incumbents. We’re the party of individual responsibility. Take some friggin’ responsibility.

*Three months ago at state meeting they said they’d have a communications plan today. They said it again three weeks ago at the wrap up. And Burhill comes on the phone and says she’ll be to HQ next week to start to put it on paper. She must not have gotten the memo that we are trying to make people THINK we are working.

*Chang said he’d give a fundraising plan TODAY, not that he would just today begin to staff it and ask for input. Jeepers. And, not one person of the few in attendance asked how they could begin a fundraising plan without having approved a budget.

*Chorus: While we’re here, let me congratulate the new OL leadership because we didn’t like it when King called us out when we screwed up, ok now, one more time, and me too. The new OL crew will suck up to us.

*Chang: Now I have to go because ‘I have a job,’ and ‘I got promoted’ in my part time army job, I am a very busy person, my time is more valuable than yours, and I have a business, and ‘there is a football game on TV,’ and I need you to send money so we can have an ED who is not one ‘of the crazy people lined up at the door.

*Now introducing ‘the lovely Beth Fukumoto.’ Was it wrong that Chang did not then call Slom ‘lovely?’ He is lovely, well, in a Slom sort of way.

*I was glad that Fuku (without tears) thinks her public crying is funny instead of again crying. Not one item of policy. We’ll be done with this crying stuff when the poll is complete – whether she’ll also break down and cry on the House floor.

*Highlight reel: Slom – screw Hellriech’s 1/2 full this, half empty that. I want to know – ‘who owns the glass?’ Is HRP changing the sign above the HQ door to bi-partisan? “Our candidate ran away from our party.” “We need to stand for something.” We did a lousy job of getting people elected, we wasted money and volunteers. No, I did not see any of you blubbering, blustering idiots (those are my words, not Slom’s) at the Elections commission meeting.

*Chang asked for input for the fundraising plan. Iiiiiittttt’s coming.

*Blom say Thomason (her) worked so hard to reduce HRP debt. That’s good. Of course, Thomason, Hellriech, Chang, Klompus, Dorn, Coluccio, Morioka, Ward are the same people who let Kaauwai and Nonaka run up the huge debt in the first place.

*Blom ‘Please support the sustaining donor program so that I can keep my job.’

*Chang announces county conventions are in April, as usual. (They’ve always been in March, he doesn’t read his own rules.) We’ll get Cruz or Rubio for LD and show that we have a connection with RNC. State convention will be in a community center with $20-25 registration fee. Already have a dozen candidates for 2014.

*Liu says that if HRP had a clear vision and strategy then the business cmty would support HRP, reminding us that the HRP does not have either.

*Caucus – Chang said there would be no caucus postcards sent out. Someone immediately moved that the caucus plan be approved and the cmte (the few in the room which wasn’t a quorum, they didn’t ask the people on the phone) approved the plan which includes the requirement to send postcards. Do these people think? Ready calls for districts to follow the rules – “If we did what we’re supposed to do in the rules, we would be winning.” Uh, Ready, why didn’t you call for Chang/Thomason (he) to follow the rules last year? Ready “We have the power and we’re going to use it” to take over districts.

*Only ‘300 new donors’ in a Pres year with a Mormon AND a Jewish candidate on our ballot? Kaauwai said he had like a gazillion with just his good looks.

*C’mon. Who was the guy doing the cat sound on the phone? The ‘meow, meow’ stuff.

*Gosh, guys. For the pain of the 130 min, group think and shear idiocy, it was more entertaining than most movies I’ve seen recently.

-Do these guys talk? Liu “We can’t have infighting. If so, we will descend into irrelevance.” I did not hear one bit of infighting in a room practicing Group Think. Ready initiated a “Phoenix Committee to recruit slates of willing [district] officers.” Ready probably meant that HRP would grow but he used ‘Phoenix’ – acknowledging that the party is now in ashes/irrelevance, from which he implies they’ll rise.

-Hellriech, the only officer with a written report, that’s good. Then she read to us the whole darn thing, apologizing for taking time and then continuing to ramble. She reports that RNC Chairman Priebus “is very interested in expanding the outreach to Asians in our party and both [Chang] and [Liu] will have important roles in developing this coalition for our [national] party.” While she implies that only people who look Asian can reach out to Asians, maybe Chang, Liu and Chow will begin working on coalitions for our state party.

-Chang says the Young Republicans are a growing force for his party. Hellriech writes that “The silver lining in both of these races [Lingle, Djou] is that hundreds of new volunteers – many first time voters – were attracted to these campaigns and learned “first hand” the importance of voting and supporting the best candidate.” However, Ready says he can’t function because there are no volunteers and Blom gets angry at district chairs who ask for party lists because she has no volunteers to help her.

-Slom called BS on Hellriech’s speech. From Hellriech “We as a party must hold accountable the Office of Elections and must never let a simple “sorry” be an acceptable explanation for disenfranchising hundreds of voters because more than 51 polling locations ran out of ballots early on election day.” Slom let us know that not one member of the HRP leadership team, much less C/H/L, joined him at the elections commission meeting, or even bothered to submit testimony or issue a media statement.

-Reader “Hawaii’s Republican Party is being deconstructed by Lingle from a Minority Party to insignificant gaggle wallowing in debt and failure that serves no purpose but to serve as Lingle’s alter ego.”

-Reader “It would be nice if the dates of the HRP meetings were published and people know they are welcome to attend. They are not closed meetings. I remember attending meetings and no one was permitted in the Executive Board Meeting but again, they aren’t “executive sessions” and should be open.” Meetings used to be open. It was Kaauwai and Nonaka’s paranoia that closed the meetings, checking every phone number on the conference call. This crew is the same people, minus Kaauwai and Nonaka, and they don’t know any better.

-Fichtman in HR “I have decided to discontinue my party membership with the Hawaii Republican Party. One of my cornerstone beliefs is that if I lose faith in something or someone, I need to discontinue that relationship.”

-Another resignation. I appreciate what Smith’s done and what he does. After the grief I gave him for trying to run his county while he was running for state senate, he instead chose to resign over HRP micro management and direction issues. “This is to advise you that I am resigning as Chair of the Hawaii County Republican Party…” No word about his successor.

-Reminder “you need to know that your new council person elect, never testified on this important subject plaguing the Leeward Coast, and that she never showed up to any of the hearings regarding both the Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill 15-year extension proposal, or even the Blue Ribbon Panel process to select the next landfill site on Oahu after Waimanalo reaches its capacity.” Berg on the integrity-challenged Pine.



Don’t be concerned with this abrupt stop.  Read quickly because part 2 of 2 follows in a couple hours.




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