New Year and New Cycle, 2 of 2

Aloha Friends, welcome back. We’re hitting the ground with part 2 of 2. This should bring you up to date.

Happy beginning to 2013. Writing periodically to Republicans and conservatives, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi-) private discussion. These reports augment what you should hear from the Republican Party. Mostly ‘stuff’ you don’t have on your radar or things you should look up, my comments are not personal – perceived favorable or unfavorable. We won’t always agree but we should be informed. Let me know if you want to be removed from the list. Similarly, please feel free to forward this report to other conservatives and they can write to get on the list. Conservatives need to know that they are not alone in Hawaii.

R4L. Jones (movie producer – Bella) had a compelling story (he is a story) at the December meeting and eventually three legislators and 30 people showed up. Hats off to Skaf and her team. Family Advocates Hochberg, made a good appeal for $ in preparation for the legislative session. Among the action steps were to attend the January 16 Legislative opening with Life info packets. Check the HRP newsletter for the next meeting. March for Life is January 26.

-HD 17 & 18 District CAUCUS MEETING and elections. Saturday, February 2. Someone from state HQ is going to organize and run the meeting. That should make everyone confident and comfortable.

Hawaii Reporter (1) celebrates its 11th Anniversary in February and (2) is raising funds for operations – reporting, investigating, exposing graft and corruption. I’m asking that you contribute $11.11, or better $111.11 to acknowledge appreciation for 11 years of investigative reporting. For Superstar status, please send a $1111.11 donation!! Or, do a monthly $25 or $50. With HR, you get something in return.

-RNC Winter meeting. January 23-26, Charlotte. If you are able to attend an RNC meeting, you should. Ask Hellriech or Liu if you want to attend. HRP says Chang is skipping the RNC elections. Hellriech says that C/H/L support Priebus’ election. Last time, Lingle had Hellriech, Morioka and Kaauwai support Steele over Priebus.

CPAC, March 14-17, Washington DC.

Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better. Only if you hold leaders accountable, will it get better.

-To a new reader who asked about national party unity “I believe the calls within our party for unity are hollow. They are the same calls for compromise. I am conservative. When the middle-of-road, bi-partisan, centrist, moderates want to stand with me, we’ll achieve unity. To simply cede my position so that liberals – Democrats and Republicans – can gain more, can give away more, is not unity and will not save our country. Our Hawaii party so-called leadership is corrupt. When they are ready to be honest, to speak a conservative message and to serve altruistically, then members will come back. On Capitol Hill, as long as there are Republicans willing to cave to socialist programs and direction, then I applaud the few who stand on principle and I hope that few will not cave to those who give away our county in the name of unity.”

-We appreciate HRP news or information. Reader about the HRP newsletter: “Can’t believe this is the content they choose to distribute. This really strikes me as immature. Or just perhaps unprofessional.” I agree.

Communications test. Please let me know if any of your friends heard of the actions taken at the December Exec Cmte meeting or State Cmte meeting. Or, if they heard (from someone other than me) of the results or actions of the Election Wrap Up meeting. Please tell me as a member/contributor/volunteer whether you know where the party stands on issues, who are the local candidates or what is their financial and administrative status.

-Each year, party chairs lament Hellriech’s conflict of interest. HRP National Committeewoman versus well-paid Lingle finance director. That may be a reason both lost, neither received her deserved attention. Lingle lost by 25 points and GOP incumbents fell like duckpins. Now, after the elections, she says she finally wants to do the job she promised when you elected her “I look forward to working with our grassroots leaders and volunteers … I want to help with fundraising, recruiting new members, candidates, new leaders for party positions, auxiliary organizations, and working with existing Republican Groups…” Why was she AWOL when Kaauwai and Chang took the party to $110k of debt? How many local races were lost this decade because HRP didn’t have a committed NCW?

-Waiting on Chang’s budget (required at the end of LAST month), finance plan (promised for the December 6 state mtg), HRP audit (Rules require initiation by last December 1).

-GOPDC training. Announced with ten days notice, at the start of the holiday season. Blom canceled the first session with only hours notice. ‘Everyone’ had to pack into the one session. Ready was disrespectfully late and held up the training. Only two (of 46) district chairs and 0 (of 12, they say, candidates) participated. More chairs declined because Walden was involved.

-One reader asked me to give HRP leaders some suggestions. While the HRP team thinks they know it all, I suggested to our reader that he reread the reports. For example, in just the past three months, I again suggested they fix their member list (they haven’t), and begin fundraising (they haven’t), to schedule further in advance… and they gave one week’s notice before the holidays for GOPDC training. I suggested cutting expenses and Chang says he spends 54% MORE to run the party than it cost when we were flush with funds in ’08-’09. I suggested preparing a budget per the rules (they haven’t). I suggested holding leaders accountable (they and we haven’t). Another suggestion was to develop a message and an actual Platform (both, not). I suggested following the party rules (they don’t and won’t), and suggested training candidates (they didn’t). The list is too long. Maybe they just don’t take to suggestions or don’t like or want suggestions. What do you think? This is not rocket science. One simply needs to care and to do the work.

HRP Rules chair Thomason (he). His contribution for the past two years has been to destroy our rules to consolidate ‘power’ for the establishment.  HRP faces many issues, among them the 94% of dem control in Hawaii elected offices, lack of leader integrity, lack of a party message, loss of confidence, the inability of C/L/H to raise money or the inability to get voters to vote for Republicans. In his newsletter ‘interview,‘ Thomason’s #1 priority? Money for an ED. Then, secondary, chopped-liver, #2 is to recruit and begin active support for candidates. They so far failed his #1 priority, Blom was released in December. Maybe his #2 should be a good #1. Thomason’s #2 is an indicator – ‘begin active support’ – that he knows we didn’t support candidates last cycle.

Our members write: “the GOP keeps on nominating progressive candidates who will not, cannot differentiate from the Dems. RINOs deserve to lose!” “Chang left me a vm and then never responded to me. Liu never bothered to respond to any of my four calls.” “I’ll get super lucky and hear from Chang or his sobbing wife.” “Lingle started the rail mess, had the opportunity to kill it and didn’t.” “I remain confused as to where the Hawaii GOP stands on these issues and am inclined to believe that there is simply no distinctive GOP voice at this time.” Gutteling “we need a new party. Until then, nothing. If you stand for nothing, that is what you gain and what you deserve.” “One reason Smith lost so badly is because the Lt. Governor stepped in and called Democrats that voted 6 years ago, but not in the last 2 elections, and told them to go vote or a Republican would be elected.” [Duh. Where was our coordinated campaign?] “I wonder if the GOP has any substance? There wasn’t much evidence of that, this past election cycle.” “screw the HRP” [Ok, not particularly helpful, but emotional] “I am one Conservative who feels the HRC has lost it’s credibility.” “I am so saddened at the condition of the HRP after all the hard work we put into growing it…what a tragic state of affairs.” “Too bad Boehner doesn’t represent us. He’s only holding on to power! It stinks…In fact it sounds just like the HRP. Too bad.” “I have little or no faith in the current leadership team to enact any meaningful reforms favorable to the conservative/liberty agenda.”

HRP failed to take a stand on ANY ballot initiative and failed to testify (or even attend to the meeting) to fire Nago at the Office of Elections. Latest is the deafening silence from HRP as DoE and the state AG steal another part of Christmas by shutting down the Moanalua HS concert. Abercrombie’s budget includes increased spending, Obama in Kailua while the country goes off the cliff. Rail lawsuit? Akaka Bill? Jones Act and the dockers’ strike? HRP’s silence is deafening.

-What’s with the HRP on-line calendar? Events which have nothing to do with the party just to fill the calendar…. and no dates for county conventions or state convention.

-Another short-notice, unscheduled, unplanned meeting is called for this weekend. A week’s notice for what should be a routine meeting held last month to prep for caucus meetings. It conflicts with meetings and events already scheduled. Chang must first learn to run the party before it can operate politically. Turns out that Ready’s Phoenix isn’t ready to rise from the ashes. On December 29, he asked people to please help form Phoenix (Hellriech made another appeal on December 31) so they can THEN begin work to find district leaders – only two weeks before the meetings begin.

Caucus plan for district and Precinct elections, at least Ready is trying. Sent out for comments and suggestions, Ready got a response from only one state cmte member (Grey) – not even one response from your so-hard-working Exec cmte. Ready: “Our biggest problem is shortness of time and the small number of volunteers willing to do what it takes.” Unfortunately, your biggest problem is the lack of HRP leadership.

-Ready can’t find volunteers to help him. That is a reflection on Chang’s insincere ‘leadership,’ of Ready and of the way volunteers are treated by Walden and Blom. Volunteers get it and they are no where to be found.

-We’ve seen the ‘new’ House caucus members. Fukumoto (wah) at the state meeting and Fuku/Fale at the R4L meeting. With all the issues facing Hawaii and an audience of our party major decision-making body, Fukumoto (sob) got up and mentioned not one House Republican policy initiative. (She also didn’t cry.) Nothing to say, literally. Fale got up and said he had nothing to say and then wasted two minutes to say ‘nothing.’ Session is a month away. No policy, no initiatives, no suggestions for members to help with the caucus effort.

-Ward announced that he is minority leader emeritus. That’s what they had to give him to get him to ‘pass on the gavel?’ Ward claims that he mentored the winning candidates. Uh huh. For the cycle, he lost 5/8 incumbents and we end up with less than we began. Give him this: four new Republicans were elected. Ward lost more incumbents (two) than he won (one) in the General prompting a reader to point out that it may be better for Republican candidates to NOT be an incumbent. With Nonaka, Ward, Hochberg all taking credit for the wins, please let me know if you speak to anyone who is NOT taking credit for what the candidates did.

-2012 candidates. Check and comply with the reporting requirements so you don’t get fined on top of having lost a race.

HRP FEC. Looks to be up to 30 (from 17) in the sustaining member program including 14/75 of state cmte (of which are 8/14 from exec cmte). NRSC/Targeted State sent $170k and the RNC sent 19k the last two weeks before the election. What were they thinking or what bad information were they given? Those dollars could have been used more effectively in a mainland race unless they were seeing completely different Lingle numbers (-25). More salaries for Lingle campaign paid through the party in the FEC report. From November 7-26, HRP received $2,430 in contributions with an estimated $8,060 in expenditures. Debt is $47,595. One reader was discouraged by the HRP solicitation call: “Hawaii GOP Executive Committee is soliciting donors for the “20/400 Club” and recommend that recipients of such calls should ask for copies of the latest Hawaii GOP financial statement and budget before pledging.”

-Something about the 300 new donors that Chang said HRP got last year. Someone pointed out to me that if 10,000 were willing to wait in line to cast a ballot at the Presidential caucus, then surely more than 3% would be energized to give a donation of some amount…. unless those people were never asked. Apparently, that number has already shrunk to 8,000 according to Ready. If they were (asked) and were not interested enough in HRP, Romney, or Lingle to contribute, it again brings the question of whether Chang’s forecasted 800 (10%) will now join the sustaining member program.

-RNC is looking at what went wrong. Veteran operators will serve as co-chairs including Fleischer and strategist Sally Bradshaw, RNC members Barbour MS, Fonalledas PR and McCall SC. First report at the RNC Winter meeting. The HRP plan is to do the same thing again and hope for a different outcome.

-Watch the legis session and decide if you got what you wanted. Taxes: Fukumoto the sobbing went on Boylan’s show to tell that she is willing to raise taxes. The others say they are opposed. Marriage and life: R4L says all our legislators support life but there are a couple not so firm on marriage. Gun rights: NRA ratings : Slom A+, Ward A, Johanson C, Fuku (tearfully) refused to respond, McDermott A, Cheape (refused to respond), Fale (refused to respond), Thielen C-. At HRP, Chang told me that he supports life except for the hundreds of thousands of inner city babies born each year and that he supports lower taxes though millionaires (he used NBA players as an example) could afford to pay more. It would be nice if legislators had the ‘gumption’ to post their positions such as

-Any bets whether dems will actually need House Repubs to organize?

-A friend posts most of my reports at his blog site. (He also does great work with Hawaii Gathering of Eagles, Hawaii Chapter.) To see how HRP got where it is

-Killing defenseless, innocent people is evil. Evil is evil but that doesn’t have to do with guns. Pratt, Gun Owners of America, embarrasses CNN’s Morgan for 12 minutes

-I wrote last month that the RNCC met (by phone) in preparation for the RNC Winter Meeting. The most conservative nucleus of the RNC, I am fortunate to be a founder of the Republican National Conservative Caucus. We discussed the RNC “autopsy” plan and coming RNC elections. The same officers are running, so far unopposed, Chairman Priebus, Co-Chairman Day, Secretary DeMonte and Treasurer Parker. We are tracking one-two resolutions but the focus will be on the elections. We had a change of RNCC leadership and demonstrated a bit of conservative depth. Our de facto leader the past three years had been Bopp IN who is Counsel for National Right to Life and he took the Citizen’s United case to SCOTUS. As he stepped aside, we elected Sigler DE as the leader of our group. Sigler is DE Chairman and is the former NRA President. Another member is chairing the RNC Resolutions (Platform) Committee. Yet another is chair of Priebus’ reelection cmte.

-Reader forwarded this: “You can’t fix stupid…the American people reelected 94 percent [374 of 395 House and Senate elections] of the incumbents to an institution that has an approval rating of about 9 percent. We’re now stuck with the useless, dysfunctional government that we deserve.”

-Tax Foundation, how people and their taxes migrate. Pick a blue state (I did CA, NY) and you can see how people and $ are leaving. Pick a red (did TX, UT, WY) and see how they’re coming. Try LA by year 2000 to 2010 to see the impact Jindal has.

-Interesting $ facts from 2012. Who spent the most/least, most self-funding, most PAC spending.

-DeMint SC leaves US Senate for Heritage.

-Paul: “Ron Paul has a message for his fellow House Republicans trying to tame the Tea Party: Don’t. You’ll only make them angrier.”

Youth movement. I brought in a ‘mainlander’ in ’07 to be our Executive Director, there was not then, and apparently not now, sufficient local talent. He had campaign experience, a political operative who is committed to winning, with a reach beyond Hawaii. The establishment – Lingle, Hellriech, Pechaeur, Finnegan, Berquist – had a fit. They didn’t like anything about him, where he was from to how he looked to what he wore. He was good and got along with even the more ‘interesting’ members of our party. After I left the Chairmanship, the Kaauwai/Nonaka/Hellriech group canned him. We ended up with Nonaka (who gave us $110k of debt still being paid off) and recently novice Blom, without enough support to keep her employed. Deguire went to manage NM Governor Martinez’ Primary election campaign and serve as Political Director for her ’10 General win. This cycle he managed Salmon’s (AZ-5) congressional win. Yesterday, in DC, as more than 200+ Republican congressmen were sworn in, Deguire became one of the caucus’ six youngest Chief’s of Staff. Appears that his leaving HRP worked out better for him than it did for HRP.

-Speaking of youth. She’s back! My favorite rep is in the Capitol as Meyer joins Slom’s staff this session.

-Next report comes in a couple weeks and is a lot of fun with a lot more conservative action.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.




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