What a Month – Part I

Aloha Friends, welcome back.

There is a sick amount to tell you. There are a lot of messengers being shot, because HRP ‘leaders’ don’t like the message.

Different format for this report. There is Part I, an Addendum concerning the Rules Cmte and the popular Readers’ Comments, and Part II. If you aren’t interested in the Rules hijinks, you don’t need to open the Addendum.

Writing periodically to Republicans and conservatives, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi-) private discussion. These reports augment what you should hear from the Republican Party. My perspective is that of conservative Republican, former State Party Chairman and Vice Chairman and member of the RNC, who campaigns here and on the mainland. Mostly what you don’t have on your radar or things you should look up, my comments are not personal – perceived favorable or unfavorable. The past five reports are listed at the bottom. We won’t always agree but we should be informed. Let me know if you want to be removed from the list. Similarly, please feel free to forward this report to other conservatives and they can write to get on the list. Conservatives need to know that they are not alone in Hawaii.

-May 22 Friends for Sam Slom. Hear the Lone Ranger’s legislative report. Or, send a check, thank you. FFSS, 6600 Kalanianaole Hwy, Suite 212, Honolulu, HI 96825. Marian243@hawaiiantel.com.

-May 24 Aloha Pregnancy Center banquet. 234-7233 http://alohapregnancy.com/

-June 1 East Oahu meeting. 8:30 AM Marian243@hawaiiantel.net.

-June 13 Senator Slom visits Maui TEA Party

-July ?? Meet Rusty Humphries

-November 10 Oahu Friends of NRA dinner DawnHorn@lava.net.

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. We appreciate our legislators and staffers who worked hard this session. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better. Let’s get started.

-May 17 ..Honolulu NB elections end. There are some good candidates. Capelouto and Souza, for instance, are running to bring sanity to the Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale NB (#34). We want them in office. Voting began April 26, HRP yesterday sent out an endorsement email.

-ATR (Americans for Tax Reform) website “Norquist chairs the Washington-based “Wednesday Meeting,” a weekly invitation-only gathering of more than 150 elected officials, political activists, and movement leaders.” I attended again last week and again provided a Hawaii update. Speakers included ACU’s Larry Hart, Art Harmon, Susan B Anthony’s Bennett, DeGroot from YAL, Candidates for VA LG and AG and WV US Senate, RNC members, Republican conference staffers, Kline from the NRCC staff. National Tax Limitation Foundation, Heritage, Republican National Lawyers Assn, Accuracy in Media, Daily Caller. Friends from other campaigns or PACs. Spoke with Rusty Humphries.

Norquist goes around the room, using his staff-prepared list of presenters. Presenters get 5-6 minutes, updates get 2-3 minutes. When a speaker begins to ramble, Norquist cuts them off with “Guns, babies, taxes. Where do you stand?” Scheduled for 90 minutes, it goes 90 minutes. My report – overview of the HRP 2012 federal and state races (ouch), our emerging Liberty movement and Republican Assembly, the bad legislation passed and not passed this session, and that Slom remains our senior elected official.

-HRP Lincoln Dinner. I was traveling so my info is from others. Some said it was fun. THE highlight, from an attendee at this new venue “The food quality and service at Koolau Ballroom was pretty good.” Attendee “HRP claims attendance of over 400 .. how many actually paid to attend is a matter of speculation.” In political speak, that means probably 350-360. “Chang .. talks forever.” “People are turned off with lack of leadership! And now we know Lingle is not running! [Slom] is the highest ranking Republican, and current leadership has no connection with him.” Legislators used to fill a table and support HRP, this year several split a table. Attendee “You did not miss anything” except Marumoto was, finally and appropriately, honored with the Lincoln Legacy award. Goal was $190k in revenues.

-“Introductions left out a lot of people.” “Aiona fumbled the introductions..Slom wasn’t even mentioned..forgot Cheape and Finnegan (hmmm?) among others, who were both in attendance. Ward and McDermott seemed like “also rans” … Johanson fawned over the “principled stands” of the young Republicans in the house, then celebrated their cooperation with the Democrats. Lingle’s remarks were largely uninspiring ..Lingle took a veiled cheap shot at .. all conservatives and liberty activists .. saying a “HRP divided cannot stand”, implying that everyone except the RINOs needs to compromise for the sake of party unity. Sakamoto closed out the event by telling the audience how “pissed” she was after..Borreca..said the HRP should “turn out the lights and go home.” Sakamoto didn’t disagree, she was just angry that Borreca wrote it.

-Two perspectives. (1) Thomas, OLRW, received recognition for party volunteer work “[LDD] was a great success with 400+ attendees. So much for the naysayers.” and (2) “40 tables. 40. Let that sink in for a moment. 40. As in less than half the tables from last year. How is that number anything but abject failure? Total indictment of the situation, if not the people running the joint. 40.” You decide. Before you call me ‘too critical’ .. I am just passing on these comments.

[One may take that last para as a criticism, I understand ‘leaders’ being defensive. Or, they can take it as a suggestion by a caring reader i.e. more than 40 tables at the next event would show growth. It is all in how you want to read these reports. Defensive=bad. Open-minded=good.]

-Observer “[Liu] (where has he been??) introduced LL, and said she didn’t want to speak because we should leave everything up to the “new young people.” Depledge: Lingle “This is not the time to give up, because our cause is the right cause..” (What is her cause?) Speaking of R to D party switchers “They want to fit in. They want to be popular.” (Is that different than being a pro-choice, pro-govt, pro-Akaka Bill, pro-Jones Act, anti-gun Republican?) Depledge: “GOP has no immediate contenders for governor or for U.S. Senate ..and few prospects for U.S. House. The decision by House Republicans to form a leadership coalition with [progressive Dems] could complicate the argument that the GOP represents a distinct alternative to the majority party.’ (You think?) Chang “I’m not looking at a two or four year plan, I’m looking at a 10 to 20 year plan.” (Chang hasn’t passed a one-year plan.) “Republicans have to develop a better brand.” (HRP needs ANY brand.) http://politicalradar.staradvertiserblogs.com/2013/04/16/evoking-lincoln/

-SA Borreca “The 59-year-old [Lingle] was the featured speaker ..Last year’s failure to win that .. Senate seat marked a devastating finality to GOP dreams of a rebirth in Hawaii. Losing by more than 100,000 votes translated into Lingle winning just 37.4 percent of the vote. [To succeed in Hawaii] A Hawaii GOP that said it was horrified with Rush Limbaugh’s utterances, a local GOP that could see the benefit in collective bargaining and a GOP that acknowledged gay members of society and its party would all be first steps.” (First step is to NOT take advice from liberals.) It was nice that media covered the event.

Levity. LD chair sent a ‘thank you’ email – asking for more donations. Her example of the great event is a quote by a dem visitor “I did not realize I had the same values as the Republican Party.” Oh, no! Our speech-makers sound so much like dems that dem visitors feel at home. That hurts.

-Email, only three weeks until convention. “Convention info should be out soon, check website.” Three weeks. So far, 27 delegates are registered.

Convention consists of long speeches, officer elections, and review of rules (so far, only two sections). Reader “It’s almost like a meeting of the North Korean rubber stamp people’s assembly–reelect the unopposed leadership, listen to speeches, eat lunch, vote on Rules Committee recommendations, declare victory, and go home.” Most offices are uncontested and no one submitted papers to run until this week. HRP is scurrying to fill the positions with… ???.

-While the Party Platform is reviewed next year, like the Rules this year, resolutions are addressed every year. Issues that rise during the legislative session or affirmation of our beliefs and positions are addressed. If nothing else, ceremonial resos are passed. This year, the senior vice chair was forced by the Phoenix cmte to ask the convention cmte if resolutions could be added to the convention agenda. Ready “Phoenix [cmte] ..discussed need for Party to openly stand on issues .. resolutions from 2012 were incompletely handled and prior year approved resolutions are not displayed on website and not openly advocated by Party .. and approved a motion that your committee be asked to put time for resolutions into the agenda for State convention.”

-If you are a HRP member, you have lost your voice. Convention cmte response from Blom ” .. your request for time for resolutions… was voted down.” Convention chair Dorn (NOT doing her Vice for Comms job) writes the final edict “..we are not able to include ..resolutions in the 2013 State Convention.” Hellriech supports the decision writing that we don’t need resos because our party and elected officials speak for us. Who is running this loony bin? We’ve done resos EVERY year not to mention that several prominent Republicans deserve recognition. C/H/L are circling the wagons. Reader “The current leadership team won’t articulate current, approved resolutions on meaningful issues, the last thing they want is even more resolutions on topics the grassroots care about that would make the leadership squirm even more.” HRP ‘leaders’ say the agenda can be changed on the floor – then they should put in time for resos and if the convention does NOT want them, they can take the time away. Gutless.

-Ready red herring says that delegates can raise resos on the floor, but that is only if your reso rises in the ‘normal course of other business.’ We’re doing elections and a few rules proposals – try to make that lead into safeguarding the 2d Amendment, or supporting life, or lowering taxes. (However, Kaauwai/Nonaka/Thomason broke the rule, that being not raising resos off the floor, with a precedence-setting 2011 convention…because,) just like this year, the standing Platform Committee was not STANDING.

Censorship. As HRP shuts down grassroots members, one rules member submits a proposed rules change so that ‘leaders’ can never again make this dumb decision… and he is told he can’t do that. Svrcina responds: “As a member of the Rules Committee I thought I can simply introduce a Rule change. I didn’t know I should [be required] rather talk to [Blom] and “communications team” (?).” (His proposal passed, subject to ‘leadership’ shenanigans)

-District Chair Grey “Leadership doesn’t want to be bothered to take a stand on anything, other than to get co-operative volunteers that don’t make waves! They are deferring [resos] until next year! This is so typical of the current group.” District Chair Svrcina “I can’t imagine ..what it is you think is more important for the people of Hawaii (and USA) right now then leadership and Party standing for Resolutions.”

Rules. Covered tomorrow in the Addendum. Chang (he), Konoho and Thomason (he) waited as long as possible to convene the rules cmte. It took four meetings to clean up the issues left from last year by Chang and Thomason. Rules member “..my fresh personal experience from several Rules Committee Meetings, I understand what unbelievable waste of time looks like..”

Believe. Convention FAQ sheet: the Rules cmte has representation from 51 house districts. Real fact: 33 districts have reps on paper, 14 members regularly participate. Convention packet: as of April 24, NO ONE is running for any party office. This allows party members and delegates NO opportunity to vet candidates and indicates no one wants the positions, though eventually we’ll get place-holders like the current place holders.

(Update) –Slate. HRP will offer a slate for party officer elections. I don’t like slates, especially those recruited by C/H/L. Other qualified members are preparing to run. HRP has no message, little money, no staff and no credibility. We need new leadership, direction, transparency, effectiveness, honesty. Only then can we look forward to winning elections. If any current officer runs for party office, consider this memorable quote “Throw the bums out.”

-Defending Republicans. Hashimoto, Hawaii Christian Coalition, interviews Lee (me). 28 minutes. http://olelo.granicus.com/mediaplayer.php?view_id=30&clip_id=34078

-Takahashi “Why bother trying to unseat Democrats from their death grip on Hawaii if we officially don’t believe in anything?”

-We’re waiting. February 24 Ready email “.. we need Standing Committees, with full Exec Cmtee & Exec Dir support, to get active.” “At the moment the lack of passion and urgency, witnessed by the tiny or zero caucus turnout in more than half the districts, means we need to ….at a minimum revive the Standing Committee on Issues/Platform etc.” ‘Revive the Standing cmte’… does that even make sense? Well, they didn’t revive. “[Blom] claims that because Chang deliberately failed to maintain the platform/resolutions committee as a standing committee, the “clearly defined process for submitting resolutions” didn’t result in any resolutions.”

– Notice that we mention Ready a lot, Hellriech some. Where are Chang and Liu?

Never happened. HRP finally got a newsletter out this week! That is news. In its longer format, it says nothing about LD. Not that it occurred, not appreciation for attendance or for organizers, not about success of numbers or funds, not even a thank you to the event chair. Didn’t happened. Weird.

-Ohio, battleground. The inability of the establishment leaders to work with TEA, conservatives and liberty forced members to leave the party to partner with another party. Sound familiar? http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2013/05/06/tea-party-has-had-it-with-gop.html?wpisrc=nl_fix

Tomorrow is the Addendum with Rules stuff and Reader’s Comments, followed by Part II.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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