What a Month, Part II

Aloha Friends, welcome back.

You received Part I and the Addendum. Today is Part II.

You will not believe how corrupt a political party will be for a few to hold power.

-May 22 Friends for Sam Slom. Hear the Lone Ranger’s legislative report. Or, send a check, thank you. FFSS, 6600 Kalanianaole Hwy, Suite 212, Honolulu, HI 96825. Marian243@hawaiiantel.com.

-May 24 Aloha Pregnancy Center banquet. 234-7233 http://alohapregnancy.com/

-June 1 East Oahu meeting. 8:30 AM Marian243@hawaiiantel.net.

-July ?? Rusty Humphries

-November 10 Oahu Friends of NRA dinner DawnHorn@lava.net.

-HRP FEC. With pre-LD revenue, at end of March HRP increased CoH to $63k! Contributions were 25k with total receipts equaling 33k, including 1k from Djou’s fed account. Disbursements = $13.2k. This is the first (of three) 2013 report in the black, the first (of five) in the black since before the November election. For the last 14 reports, HRP is 5-9 for months in the black vs the red, including the national money for Lingle and Djou. No debt was paid down, but no more incurred, keeping HRP at $45,595 in debt for another month. HRP made no debt payments since end of January. There was no transfer from the state account, confirming that the state fund was empty (except for county money). With corporate LD money, the state account should be flush on April’s report. LD accounts for most contributions and there appears to be only 19 sustaining donors. Major expenses are Blom $3334+Payroll tax $1600+Health $352, Mortgage 1500, and building maint 2708. LD expenses are not posted. HRP can’t argue for government fiscal responsibility when HRP remains in debt and our ‘top candidate’ is carrying campaign and personal campaign debt six months after the election. April 27, Ready writes that the party debt is virtually zero. That would be good, if true.

-Actual vs budget. This is difficult with an inaccurate Chang budget passed by your State Cmte. For the first quarter, all three months record below budget revenue AND below budget expenses. HRP revenue is 106.7k below projected. Expenses are 62.7k below. Net difference is HRP has 44k less than expected. After two years on the job, either Chang and his team do not know how to budget or they deceived the state cmte.

-Uh oh. Reports are that HQ building BoD says no. No sidewalk for the HRP sidewalk sale. We don’t want ‘normal people’ to see how poorly we maintain our HQ property.

Rules cmte or ‘You won’t believe how corrupt….’ Eight hours scheduled on a Saturday! Zero hours of constructive work. The good news is that we prevented more damage. You are NOT going to believe this. Late Friday night, Konoho changed the interpretation of proxies, effectively eliminating them. Grey “leadership didn’t like some of the decisions and have decided ..to change the rules right now..” It took two hours to get through the roll call. The first was because someone was NOT muted and had loud music, dogs barking, doors slamming. The next hour was roll call, challenged repeatedly by me and Greco over the lack of transparency and integrity of disallowing proxies – we had five, they had one – at 8:20 PM the night before. Roll call was just the first time Camillieri and Konoho lost their temper and composure. Moore had submitted a challenge to Konoho’s revised ‘interpretation’ to not allow proxies. It is not that we supported Thomason’s interpretation, that was corrupt when he did it and corrupt when your State Cmte and this Rules Cmte upheld it, we just balked that HRP would again change rules in the middle of the night. They dragged new people to the meeting, Fukumoto (she did not cry) & Waterhouse (mute) & Paikai (he dropped off the phone). This must be particularly painful for the uninitiated. This is another corrupt and dishonest action by Chang and, now, his rules team – Ready, Moses, Lussier, Camilleri, Fagan, Konoho. Tsk, tsk. Again, forfeiting integrity for short-term personal gain. And, people still write and ask me why members keep leaving HRP.

Win some, lose some. We debated for 75 minutes, on this one issue. In an ‘Empire Strikes Back’ moment, we lost this vote 10-11. The absent members were disenfranchised because no one told them they weren’t going to be allowed to participate. Sort of like a motion asking if tall people should be allowed to vote, but no tall people are allowed to vote on the motion. Maui’s Fagan on the phone before the vote blurts out to ask how Chang wanted her to vote. The most disgusting and dishonest part is having party ‘leadership’ change their interpretation of our rules last year so that they could gain an advantage, only to change it back Friday night without notice. After a short lunch, I immediately moved to adjourn, which changed to recess. And, there was debate – some wanted the district reps who submitted proxies (and were absent) to be excluded. We effectively kept integrity-challenged members from doing damage to the work already accomplished. We never got to the first agenda item, Convention Rules.

Of pleasant news, I was out of there at 2:00 instead of 5:30. Can’t tell if the rules will be again changed (cmte member “they change rules weekly to fit their cause!)” by the integrity-challenged members. Reader “[Chang] keeps re-interpreting rules until he gets his way.” Don’t get me wrong, there are some cmte members standing for honesty and transparency. HRP members and the public can know that not every Republican is dishonest. We never got to 6-7 other proposals and, because proposals aren’t prioritized, some important sections will ‘conveniently’ go by the way. We reconvene Monday evening. We’ll let you know how the convention votes because if you are reading this, you probably are not going to convention. HRP says Burke Balch, a friend we first brought out when I was Chairman, is back for convention. Thomason had problems as parliamentarian last year so they brought back the guy who co-authored the current revision of Robert’s Rules (geeky – he autographed my Roberts Rules).

-Ready skewered Thomason and Konoho. He meant his victory email to be a pat on the (his own) back, as if “the recent Rules interpretation” in the middle of the night can be spun as a good thing. Instead Ready has a ‘little bit pregnant’ moment when he writes that we had to immediately (as in, before they lose any more votes) fix “Past practice that strayed from the rules.” That is PC for saying that Chang, Thomason and Konoho BROKE the rules. He notes that a late-night rules change is ” ‘bad faith’ in its timing by party leadership.” You think? He lists items which were ‘fixed’ – all fixed by the Greco proposed change which Ready and pals voted against two weeks ago, and last month, and in April ’12 and January ’12. Moses and Ready talk as if they are new to this issue and now want to set it straight but they have been in on this and supporting Chang and Thomason since ‘straying’ began in January 12. Moses repeatedly asked if someone is ‘impugning [their] integrity?’  Heck, yeah. Reader “surprised to see Moses on the insider team. I always had him pegged as a staunch Conservative.” Ready assures all that the cmte won’t change the good work we’ve accomplished but adds “unless the Committee majority deliberately chooses to re-visit something.” Who do you trust? Reader “[Ready] revealed his true colors. Not a strand of honest..in that carcass of his.” Some folks contend that I only criticize. Here is a suggestion: HRP leaders should stop lying and cheating if they want to grow the party.

-Reader “The convention sounds like an unproductive snoozefest which has already been orchestrated to get the desired outcome whether or not any delegates show up.” There are “enough “low information voters” to still be in awe of the youthful empty heads running the party.” Check Dem county convention not afraid of resos http://www.civilbeat.com/articles/2013/05/11/19042-oahu-democrats-pick-up-dan-inouyes-torch/ and SA has an article but you have to pay. Five days to go. Reader “With so little info coming from HQ (if any) – I suspect if I don’t know (who is running for party office) then there are a number of others who don’t know. Would you mind including this information in your next email.” Sorry, that is their job. I support Hayes for Chairman, Greco for Coordinated Campaigns, and Palcic for Treasurer. We’ll see, someday, who is on the HRP slate.

Trust. HRP email “The Party is not “dead,” .. we have all been afflicted ..e-mails that include a lot of false, half-true, slanted and misleading information. Ascertain the facts from your County leadership or contact [Ready] or ..Blom..” Here’s the thing. Who do you trust? You’ve seen what they do at conventions, I helped in 2008. You know they disregard our Rules. They are on record as having no intention to have a message, must less take a message to the voters. They whine over no staff and no volunteers. You do NOT know the officers because they don’t perform their duties. You know HRP has been in debt for two+ years. You know the budget is a farce. You know that there is no Strategic or Communications or Finance Plan. You know the audit has never been conducted. You know HRP almost lost the HQ property to foreclosure. You know they can’t fill district positions, the ‘standing’ Rules cmte attendees represent a quarter of our districts with no one from BI and only one from Kauai. There is no ‘standing’ Platform cmte, the special Phoenix cmte has only four participants. Political speak is different than in the real world – Been there, do that. However, there is a difference between half truths, or lies, and the truth. Get all three sides of the story, and you decide.

-Here is an example, from that same email. Ready, on behalf of ‘leadership,’ “The Party ..has successfully pulled out of a huge lingering $110,000 debt from 2011-2013 and is now cash positive. (Last week he wrote that the debt was virtually zero. From FEC reports we know that is, let’s say, not true.) Minority Caucus .. formed a coalition ..putting our members on [House] Finance and other important committees. (Our House caucus were pawns for progressive Dems who claim ‘bi-partisan’ solutions, culminating with their unanimous support of a, their words, “fiscally responsible” state budget.)  Several major harmful bills were stopped or amended helpfully (if Rs claim credit, Rs must take credit for the bad bills which passed), the Governors’ budget was cut (not by the Rs. And, NEXT year was cut, not this year), and many harmful bills never moved (no thanks to seven Rs though Rs DID assist bad bills to move forward by voting in favor in cmte and final). Honolulu County has reopened full operations and regular meeting schedule (No meeting since the March elections, only 80% on-paper chairs, still short three/five vice chairs and a Treasurer, no plan for electioneering). Maui County has over 75 delegates and every District orgnized (Maui is allowed 219 delegates and alternates. 50 people total attended county convention. Maui’s Fagan pleaded to allow her proxy to be carried by anyone, anywhere because she ‘cannot find one Republican in her district.’) 80% of our districts are organized (call your precinct chair, or even your district chair, and you tell me if you are ‘organized. 13/51 districts on the website without a chair, 95+% precincts without a chair). Democrat Party internal conflict ..will keep our opponents busy..” (Thank you. That debunks the argument that only Rs have internal issues). I don’t suggest you distrust your ‘leaders,’ just, well, maybe.

-If they were truthful, Rs would come to the rescue. Self-serving, arrogant and uncaring gets ‘leadership’ nowhere. We’re looking for Chang and Hellriech and Ready to tell the truth rather than falsely portraying HRP as ‘thriving’ and growing.  Looking for Liu for anything.

-Senior vice chair writes that people .. should be “5) Participating in… Hawaii Republican Assembly .. and .. groups that can, and do, make public statements..” I support (1) his call to write or talk about HRP and have encouraged people (to care) for years, and (2) his recommendation to participate in Hawaii Republican Assembly.

-Hellriech, RNC meeting report to OL “The mantra for our meeting was implementing a year around campaign strategy.” Several members have for YEARS asked HRP to do more than three-months-before-election campaigning. HRP has no message, no plan, and no budget for political operations.

-Shoot the messenger. What we see from HRP concerning our members is personal attacks. What we want to see is HRP solving issues, fixing problems, uniting the party, taking a stand, having a message, raising funds for electioneering, cleaning HQ and so forth. Ready called for throwing me out of the party…. HRP won’t do anything about the four Rs who campaigned for Ds.

Counties. District chair “I have not heard one word from [county chair] or [HRP] since. I think I’m being blacklisted for my anti Lingle [anti-liberal] views.” Still no announced BI chair elected in March.

County Chair Rohlfing III finally visited our district meeting. He brought vice chair Monahan, though this is her district meeting so it shouldn’t be special that she attended. Both gave good comments about what they hoped to do. Rohlfing III “It’d be nice to have the state party take a stand” and he committed to the county party doing so. I appreciate that they came. We’re six months into the election cycle. They’ve been in office for two months. We asked that their next visit, they bring an actual plan to accomplish their hopes. District chair “They walked in and told me what to do and what they were going to make me do. They never once asked what they could do for me.” Point taken. Rohlfing III gave dates for county meetings prior to State cmte meetings. I asked how he knew the dates for state meetings eight months in advance and the rest of us heard only a week prior, and would he provide the state dates (still waiting).

-Borreca “House Republicans joined ..with Democrats and that apparently was the last anyone saw of the seven. In past sessions, the GOP was ignored because their numbers were inconsequential; this year they apparently strayed into a field of quicksand and were never heard from again.”

-Wrapping up the session. Reader “Not happy with Cheape and Fukumoto, both .. said they would not support raising taxes and were fiscally responsible!!! ..and low and behold both support the recent budget that increases spending.”

HIRA, Hawaii Republican Assembly, says http://www.hawaiireporter.com/where-is-the-courage-in-the-republican-party/123

-Takahashi “Elected Republicans in the State House are honoring the demise of HRP by teaming with Democrats in declaring the new State budget “fiscally responsible” .. That’s the price of getting those vice-chairmanships of a few committees which look good on RINO Republican re-election brochures, while anyone running as a Republican challenger has been stripped of any rationale for unseating incumbent Democrats that passed a “fiscally responsible” state budget.”

-During Senate budget voting, CB writes “Slom presented a check to the taxpayers for $118,037, the total amount he has saved taxpayers by not using a single penny of his legislative allowance for the past 17 years.” Slom and his staff saved our tax dollars by NOT wasting his legislative allowance. Ask your legislator how much they saved.

-HR “The Legislature approved a record-setting $24 billion biennium budget .. The $24 billion is a sizable increase over previous budgets..” While your House caucus says the budget is fiscally responsible and “The 2013 session.. gives fiscal conservatives much to be encouraged by (their grammar).”

-What are they thinking? Voting on the budget sometimes requires a legislator to hold his/her nose and vote ‘aye.’ It happens. Then, an email went out hitting legislators for voting with the Ds. It maybe went to 500 people, of whom 200 opened it and 100 read it. Maybe. In response, the ENTIRE house caucus sent a press release, posted on Fb and eblasted that they stood by the fiscally responsible budget and that the budget showed restraint. House Rs believe a budget far in excess of the last, with tons of pork and bloat, is ok with them. Conservatives, of course, know the House caucus is wrong. Reader “Just because you’re the minority does not mean you vote with the majority just to appease them.” Slom wouldn’t sign the House release because ..”The budget is NOT fiscally responsible.” Who do you believe?

-House staffer complained ’emails going around are not helping anything.’ Again, complaining about emails rather than addressing the issues. It isn’t the writing that is the problem. I replied that the solution was to get our legislators and party to stop calling the budget fiscally responsible, quit having Rs introduce bag bans, or supporting all the race-based give-aways. Act like Republicans and I’ll bet the emails go away.

-Been reporting for three years. Given HRP hundreds of suggestions, all without a partner. Think I need a nom-de-plum? Takahashi could be your brother, or your conscience. For all the criticism of members who speak out, the emails are the least of HRP problems. Reader “got to hand it to [explicative] Nonaka’s attempt to shift the issue from the message (party leaders suck) to the messenger”

-HRP lost another. Riviere goes D. http://www.hawaiirepublicanassembly.com/enews/hira_code_blue_050713.html

-Political coincidence (oxymoron). 24 hours after Hanabusa leaked her intent to leave CD1 for US Senate, Pine launched her almost ‘Weekly Newsletter.’ Does she run as R or D? People all over the place are trying to move up.

-Race matters. Liberals complaining about racial data? Cillizza WaPo http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2013/04/23/race-often-influences-politics-in-hawaii/

-Legacy? SA Depledge “Chang..conceded that Republicans have not identified a top-tier contender. “Our bench isn’t as deep as we’d like.” That’s what Chang said his shot at chair was all about, building a bench. You decide.

-Hawaii News Now “Both Djou and Aiona are weighing whether to enter the governor’s race.” Reyes, SA, CD1. Lingle said she would not be running. Milner  “The Republicans’ problem is that you’ve got an open seat and there isn’t an obvious candidate who could win.” (That’s ONE problem.) ..the winner of the primary is likely to be favored regardless of who is on the GOP?side.”

-DeMint, Heritage “The result of amnesty is clear — it encourages more unlawful immigration in hopes of future amnesties.”

-Erickson, RedState, Gun Control “We fought on principle, and we won on principle. You know why? Because 3 U.S. Senators [Cruz, Lee, Paul] didn’t listen to the “do something” caucus and the hand-wringers parading as leaders in Washington.” Even more from liberal media http://news.msn.com/us/gun-advocates-background-checks-wont-reduce-crime. “Why don’t gun bans work? Because they rely on voluntary compliance by gun-using criminals.” http://www.independent.org/newsroom/article.asp?id=3568. Survey of survey’s http://ddq74coujkv1i.cloudfront.net/p1_gunsurveysummary_2013.pdf

-From the Internet: “Margaret Thatcher. More Lady than Michelle. More man than Barack.”

-News cycle moves on, Boston victims are still in our prayers.

-News? Even liberals are puking as partial birth abortion is exposed as infanticide. Duh? We know what Gosnell did is most vile of all but to hear that the left-wing media won’t cover it is ….. news?  http://lastresistance.com/1927/left-admits-to-gosnell-infanticide-media-blackout/#.UXBfs_caOok.email


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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