Moving On, Part 2

Aloha Friends, welcome back.

The Hawaii Republican Party can be better. Thank you. Today’s Part 2.

-HNL TEA King gathered 20 local TEA leaders. Next event is July 4 (1) Kailua parade & picnic and (2) Maunalua Bay booth.

Republicans in East Oahu reached out to YRs on a July 4 project. Hope for a good event.

-Counties. Reader “As far as I know, Smith is still the [BI] county chair because no one else wanted the position. We didn’t have a county convention because no one was interested..” Still no party announcement from the March BI county convention. Maui reports chair difficulty in achieving quorum at his meetings. HNL Cnty meetings are not yet announced but they are on the GOP calendar  – the calendar also includes 2012 election dates posted in 2013.

Districts. HD 27 “The whole process is dead for me ..I resigned. No one is/was interested,.. I don’t associate with political ‘pricks’.” Maui reports that two district chairs resigned when Fontaine took over.

-Not a Committee. Most districts don’t have Platform Cmte members. Many districts don’t have even district chairs or rules members.

-Never seen a party vice send a party-wide intro eblast. Nice Mukk touch for communications. Mukk says he is directing a comprehensive communications audit. That’s nice, and not required. What is required by rules is an annual (last December) HRP financial audit. How about a ‘leader’ directing that?

-Reader “the people at OLRW are the only ones trying to further the party.” Another responds “Sadly the olrw is not ‘furthering the party. The members are simply enabling the party leaders to continue their poor policies and procedures. David Chang and exec committee needs to be forced to do their jobs. It’s way past time for the “young people” to stop excuses and get the work done without the old timers feeling responsible and covering for them.”

-HRP says “we’ve had more than one elected official who has had their identity stolen or had their computer hacked.” When asked, HRP refuses to say who or to confirm that hacking or stealing actually occurred. HRP sent an email warning people to not open GOP-addressed email because it may contain malware or a virus. I stopped opening Republican mail and have not been infected.

-HRP used sentences from a year-old Pine cyber-security email. Pine recently bumped up her constituent communications. Party Secretary Schaedel jumped ship from Ward in the House to Pine in the Council. We’re watching whether Pine, with her union backing, runs next as an R or D.

NB race heated up. “[Schaedel and Legal] vote lockstep 95% with the other Ds on this NB..” Is this true? Schaedel lost. Legal won.

Pork. Largest HNL county budget ever, $2.16B.

House caucus video tries to explain why the state budget shows fiscal constraint. Caucus doesn’t apologize for endorsing the D budget as “fiscally conservative.” They argue “fiscal restraint” just like the national Ds and establishment Rs – folks, cuts to increases is still an increase!  I hope they continue to communicate. Slom routinely provides ‘A Better Day’

Not an insider. Reader “[I] created several R groups and mentor programs, arranged for R speakers, provided support for major events, attended R conventions, lobbied for conservative issues at the legislature. “I mention this as background for my next comments. I was shocked to watch PBS Insights last night and learn about the young Republican House representative who has cozied up the Joe Souki. The Republican Party is cooked with her as the leader who will replace Sam Slom and Gene Ward as the standard bearer of new Republican Party values. She might as well change parties now..” Boylan “I think you are 19 years old. If [Ward] were here he would be doing backflips [in anger] over tax hikes.” Fukumoto on young R legislators “We’re conservative in our own way.” Don’t watch on a full stomach.

Ds get it. CB ran to point out that R bills are never heard, or get nowhere. CB notes there are more Ds than Rs. But, that’s not it, as Johanson and Slom say that some ideas get repackaged by Ds and passed. Unlike the R House caucus when they endorse the D state budget, the Ds know that to let an R bill pass means that legislator, and all Rs, have something to campaign on, or that a D challenger will have difficulty taking out an R who actually passed a bill. Instead, House Rs handed the Ds the first talking point for any D against an R challenger – read next para.

Got it? Slom at NB5 meeting told constituents that our state budget was not fiscally conservative. D legislator ‘Yes it is fiscally conservative. Just ask your House caucus.”

-Private, non-partisan Paychecks Hawaii rates legislators (, scroll down) on support for small business during 2013 session, 1=most, 5=least. 1=Slom, McDermott. 2=Ihara, Kim, Wakai, Brower, Fale, Fukumoto, Johanson, Ward. 3 includes Cheape, Thielen. 5=Hee, Rhodes, Souki, Wooley.

-Lind. “Commending” and “Scientology” are not words that belong together.. Primary sponsors of the reso were Cabanilla and Carrol, with Cachola, Choy, Luke, and Ward as co-introducers. It apparently passed without comment or a negative vote from any member of the House.”

-21/51 House reps had perfect attendance including Cheape, Johanson. 6/25 Senators were perfect including Slom.

-Seven months into another election cycle. HRP doesn’t have a candidate for Governor, for US Senate, either Congressional race. Still no voter registration drive, no strategic or communications or finance plan, no audit, only one paid staff, district chairs actually dropping in numbers, counties still inactive.

-Shapiro, SA “A splinter group called the Hawaii Republican Assembly broke off from the local GOP to bring a more conservative voice to Hawaii politics. They’re kind of the minority of the minority, or in this case, the futless of the futless.” (Futless – look it up)

-How this business works. ‘Consultant’ says what candidates and HRP want to hear = Candidates and HRP hire ‘consultant.’ R House caucus was criticized for endorsing the state budget as ‘fiscally conservative.’ Defending potential clients, Nonaka’s Facebook “There have been plenty of misinformed criticism of the Republican caucus in the House this year but the truth is this was one of the most fiscally conservative sessions in a long time and maybe ever.” The caucus didn’t say the budget is the most conservative in a long time, they said it is fiscally conservative. House members need less spin or a better consultant.

-With HRP problems and national/federal gov’t overreach, Libertarian Party of Hawaii growing.

-Aloha Pregnancy Center banquet. Hashimoto and Holck put on an enjoyable and rewarding banquet for 300. Contribute

-Seventeen prominent economists, professors and business leaders call on Congress to repeal the Jones Act.

-Using US Senate (your tax dollars) funds, Schatz left a vm to join him for a telephone town hall. Getting his name in your ear before Hanabusa kicks in her campaign.

-2014 in DC. Dems need +17 House seats to take the majority. Rs need +six to take the Senate.

-Quinnipiac May poll. Paul & Bush lead Rs. Head-to-head: Clinton leads Paul 49-41 and Bush 48-40. Biden trails Bush 44-38 and Paul 43-39.

-Feeling safer? Politico “[Obama] ..said America is “at a crossroads,” urging the nation to wind down the war on terror.”

-Benghazi. American Crossroads, 90 seconds

-Obama’s IRS. WaPO “..Internal Revenue Service officials singled out for scrutiny not only groups with ‘tea party’ or ‘patriot’ in their names but also nonprofit groups that criticized the government and sought to educate Americans about the U.S. Constitution.” Maui TEA and Honolulu TEA had to deal with the intrusive IRS.

White House visits by IRS Chief 161, Holder 67, Geithner 49, Sebelius 48, Clinton(she) 43, Napolitano 34. George Will “Jay Carney, whose unenviable job is not to explain but to explain away what his employers say, calls the IRS’s behavior “inappropriate.” No, using the salad fork for the entree is inappropriate. Using the Internal Revenue Service for political purposes is a criminal offense.”

-Government collects Verizon records. I am not comforted by ‘We’ve been doing this for seven years.’ Nor do I believe it is only Verizon.

-Your rights. Whittle on 2d Amendment. 7 min.

-Pew. ..DOJ and FBI reports firearm homicides down 49% since 1993 and firearm non-fatal crimes down 75%….56% of Americans believe that firearms crime is on the rise.

NRA’s power, a pro-gun amendment to enable those with a concealed-weapons permit to carry guns across state lines got more votes than the Manchin-Toomey measure. Politico “One senator told a White House official that it was ‘Guns, gays and immigration – it’s too much. I can be with you on one or two of them, but not all three.”

-Internet “Isn’t it strange that after a bombing, everyone blames the bomber. After a shooting, everyone blames the gun.”

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-Next month marks three years of these reports. Detractors keep coming up with new reasons why I research, write and distribute these reports, vainly thinking they are being singled out, and then attacking me instead of HRP problems. First goal has always been to inform. Next is to give suggestions and assist conservatives, and HRP. There is a lot more work to do.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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