Finance, Part Two

Aloha Friends, welcome back. Part One was Sunday night. This is Part Two of Two.

-The Hawaii Republican Party can be better. Thank you. More policy and principles this month, with immigration reform, DOMA, GRIH bringing Trippi and whatnot.

-KITV “Groups that tend to be more conservative on issues than the Hawaii GOP are also noticing a surge in interest.” HIRA’s Montes “The main thing that we hear from people is that the message we (HIRA) bring is refreshing, because we do stand on strong conservative principles.” HIRA on Hamada KHVH tomorrow (Wednesday) 7 AM.

-Slom for Humphries. Political “red meat.”

-Capelouto led The Honolulu TEA Party in the Kailua Independence Day Parade with 30 members. HRP announced participation only five days before parade – about 20 marchers, which is better than last when they mustered only eight.

Distance. Walden is one of three listed as Grassroot Institute of Hawaii (GRIH) Management Team. Following my last report, GRIH Exec Dir wrote me “While Andrew Walden has long been a friend and volunteers for Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, he does not officially represent GRIH.” As opposed to ‘unofficially,’ or not at all, he suggests Walden’s writings are opinion or made up (whole ‘nother story about that), rather than news as listed on their site.

GRIH fulfilled an important role. Under Rowland, it was a libertarian-leaning, non-partisan think tank and government watchdog of sorts. Needing new blood, Rowland used Story until she went back to Texas and this spring he paid a lot to former Youth for Christ leader and ’12 OHA candidate Akina. Akina’s focus is the Jones Act (he is opposed) and race-based privileges (opposed, to include Akaka Bill). Last month, Akina and GRIH decided to ‘change education in Hawaii’ by bringing progressive Dem Trippi to keynote their banquet. Kay (fmr R who quit his HRP job, then resigned from HRP and turned indy, and now is said to be D) FB post “You gotta hand it to [GRIH] to get Joe Trippi to speak at their event. I’m happy and proud to see the progress that my friend [Lussier] is making as Exec. Dir.” Reader “Maybe GRI is going “bipartisan” just like Djou and Lingle.”

-Slom, whom Rowland says is a GRIH supporter, doesn’t pull punches. Slom’s letter to GRIH went public. Excerpts “Joe Trippi? Really? I thought this was a cruel joke by a hacker. This is an afront to Friedman and to all of us who have supported and believed in the Grassroot Institute. This new direction is toxic to freedom.” Rowland replied, like Lingle and HRP, using words such as ‘big tent.’ The debate devolved into name calling (including by a ‘professional’ ‘news’ writer) at Slom instead of whether GRIH should be bi-partisan.

-Money. Overhead kills many organizations. GRIH’s huge salaries and HRP’s $8k-10k/month for mortgage and salary make for a high bar to clear before they begin winning voters. Reader “I’m disappointed GRIH inviting Trippi. I don’t know why any Republican or Libertarian would pay good money to hear him speak. Perhaps Akina is trying to attract D’s to GRIH.” Kay says it is to gain D money “It’s sad to see what I believe is a “crabs in bucket” response to a group trying something new, like attempting to gain more supporters.” Takahashi “GRIH is trying to raise money from Democrats by promoting an event with Trippi, the liberal Democrat…Grassroots..have given up on the Hawaii Republican Party to ever increase its numbers” and has to raise $ from Ds to pay “their massive monthly payroll.” Reader, to GRIH “working together with Democrats in general is off target 180 degrees. I am presently a contributing member of the 1776 Club. Please cancel my membership.” As GRIH goes bi-partisan, they risk their IRS non-partisan status. The other risk for GRIH is in having HRP run their operation (look what happened to HRP). With Walden, who ‘organized’ the R Presidential caucus, and Nonaka who Ready calls the HRP ‘consultant,’ and Lussier of Romney and Djou’s campaign, GRIH’s 501(c)3 risk increases as they criticize anyone not working for HRP. Shapiro at SA describes GRIH as ‘part of the HRP.’

-Message. GRIH got infiltrated. It happens. SA reader comment “conservative members of the Grassroot board have all resigned upon the hiring of an expensive [president] and upon seeing a turn away from conservative values by the Institute.” As Rowland stepped aside (he is still involved), Walden came in, with Nonaka, and Kay, the same crew that left HRP in its current state of irrelevance. GRIH, like HRP, is an example of what happens when an organization has its message stolen. Chasing Lingle’s bi-partisan campaign, GRIH goes further left (if that’s possible) with Trippi. Akina says “The Foundation endorses Mr.Trippi with respect to his views on school choice.” However, the Friedman site lists Trippi not under school choice but under parents and grassroots organizing. Uh oh. A community organizer. Reader “Kay..wants GRIH to attract new members by promoting Democrats. He despises conservatives. Too bad he wasn’t so forthcoming when he bamboozled conservatives into adopting LLIFE and abandoning all of [HRP’s] positions for a position of neutrality.” Akina says bringing in a liberal to convince conservatives of the way to go on education is “time to exercise bold leadership and create a new educational future for Hawaii’s young people,” or as Slom reminds us ‘That’s what the Dems always say ‘it is for the keiki.’ GRIH latest email “Invest in our keiki, sponsor a table at the Friedman Dinner.” Can’t make up this stuff.

-Final note from Borreca in SA hinting that Trippi is a bad idea for a purported libertarian-conservative organization “Gabbard, who went from opposing gay rights, same-sex marriage and civil unions to now standing as a pro-choice supporter and against the Defense of Marriage Act. Gabbard explained that she was helped by Joe Trippi, who ran Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign.”

-In SA, Blom “We always have in the back of our heads how to grow the party, to market, to elect more Republicans, to register people to vote.” Just the back of the head, there is no voter registration effort, eight months into the election cycle.

-Given a heads up in Part One about the ‘District Handbook’ a district chair fires back “Wouldn’t it be nice if each HD Chair could get a current list of their HD? Not by zip code, but by District!” Since the Pres caucus in March 2012, HRP has NOT organized member rolls by district/precinct.

-HRP always favored open Primaries. Walden and Nonaka tried to close the R races in ’08, only to be rebuffed. They went home and got Hawaii County Rs to endorse closed elections. When Nonaka and Walden ran the party during Kaauwai’s term, they closed the Presidential Caucus. Last month, Ds went to court – Ds want closed Primary elections. That caused Walden to flip and come out for open primaries which made Chang issue a statement opposing closed elections. “We invite the participation of Republicans, Independents, and dissatisfied Democrats in the Hawaii Republican Party’s open primaries..the Democrats seek to limit who may participate in selection of their candidates to protect the interests of their party bosses, machine politics, and their far left base.” Ryan SA comment “This is some kind of joke, right? Just a few months ago, the Hawaii Republican Party patted itself on the back for organizing a Republicans-only presidential primary…Hawaii’s Republican Party (led by its de facto chairman Andrew Walden of the Grassroot Institute) has already sought “to limit who may participate in selection of their candidates to protect the interests of their party bosses.” Reader “the Republican Party of David Chang and Andrew Walden is hardly in any position to lecture Democrats about openness of elections.”

Fiscally conservative. R House caucus endorsed Dem state budget as ‘fiscally conservative.’ Ghean eblast on Maui “There have been news articles, press releases and PBS broadcasts that give misplaced praise to another huge State Budget. The lone voice of honesty is Hawaii’s Senator, Sam Slom. This budget is shameful. Warriors fight for what is right, even when they are out numbered; collaborators join the enemy to save their own self-interest.” Thielen (the R) “Every year that I have been in office, I have received either the highest or second highest ranking given out by Small Business Hawaii” (not this year). Last laugh – “Hawaii Lawmakers Awarded $12,000 Pay Hike”

House R’s posted that “Six bills that the Legislature passed this session to help animals were signed into law..” not surprisingly, they stop short of telling where they stand on such folly. Not that protecting animals is a bad thing, just that the legislature won’t do the same for sex with minors – Jessica’s Law. Slom on O’Reilly 4 min. If the House caucus intent is to highlight absurdity, we’re waiting for their do-over on their ‘fiscally conservative’ endorsement of the state budget.

You were warned. It is that time when consultants line up clients. One part-time consultant put HRP in (so far) insurmountable debt. One under-employed consultant got paid to oust an R incumbent. R House members should hire Nonaka before he signs with your challenger.

-Berg FB entry “For all you KYM PINE whore fans — raping us over this rail scam — you get what you deserve — wake up!!!! Pine is a WHORE for rail PRP scammers and their ilk — you misinterpreted the connection — if you are pro-rail — you too are a whore.” No comment.

Abercrombie said of the D supermajority, “we can’t look to somebody else to extend blame. If we’ve got a problem here in this state, we have to look in the mirror.” Unfortunately, he wants to go further left. Further taking your personal freedom and liberty, further taxing small business, further restricting your religious freedom, further controlling your right to own and bear arms. SA’s Depledge writes that Abercrombie suggested multi-member district legislators “You can say, ‘Yes, there may be a big dog in this district here, but this little puppy wants to have a shot.. can you give me a chance?” Perhaps he thought about Roy (not David) Chang’s Midweek puppy drawing

-Not just Rs. Borreca in SA “Nothing pleases Democrats more than when they are fighting with other Democrats.”

Military experience. Since a recent history high of 81% in 1979 of US Senators having some military service, 70% by 1989, 59% by 1995, 39% by 2003, 29% by 2009, and 113th Congress in 2013 has 16%.

-Good gig. I am honored to be an NRA panel speaker on the Freedom Alliance/ACU eight-day Holland America cruise in August. Montreal to Boston, including Quebec, Nova Scotia, Bar Harbor. Headliners, so far: NRA President Keene, ACU Chairman Cardenas, fmr US Rep Burton, Freedom Alliance North, American Cause President Buchanan, Washington Times Hallow, NRA CEO LaPierre, Stand UP America Chairman Vallely.

-Freedom Works analyst Borowski You’ll have fun.

Immigration reform? Not this amnesty-before-security bill. Kill it. E-Verify vs ‘national registry’ – if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck,… Salmon (AZ-05) “I do not favor or support, nor will I vote for, a pathway to citizenship for people that are here who’ve broken the law. I would support — after we have developed a secure border — a mechanism for allowing those folks to work here in America.” Heritage 1:39

-Your government…out of control. RNC vid 2 min

-Priebus at NALEO Conference “..Chairman of the Republican Party doesn’t get to make policy decisions. But I do think it’s important that Republicans are taking a lead in this policy discussion.” HRP ‘leadership’ doesn’t lead on any policy discussion. HIRA fills the void with a conservative message.

-83 days till the official start of Obamacare, most of it, on Oct. 1

-Snapshot. Average viewers week of June 17 FNC: 1.099M / MSNBC: 322K / CNN: 302K / HLN: 237K … A25-54 viewers: FNC: 255K / HLN: 125K / CNN: 102K / MSNBC: 101K.”

-NBCNews June 7 Measuring fav/unfav. Among Republicans: Paul Ryan (62%-13%), Rand Paul (53%-6%), Marco Rubio (49%-6%), Jeb Bush (48%-7%), Chris Christie: (40%-16%), Scott Walker (21%-5%), Ted Cruz (21%-6%)

Among conservatives: Paul Ryan (58%-11%), Rand Paul (47%-5%), Marco Rubio (45%-6%), Jeb Bush (44%-7%), Chris Christie (33%-15%), Ted Cruz (21%-6%), Scott Walker (19%-5%).

-Having failed to enact more federal gun control, states are increasing taxes on guns, gun sales and ammunition. Support Graves’ (R, MO) House Bill which prohibits increasing taxes for those items or for conducting background checks.

-Matthews Obama bromance finished. Watch for 90 seconds.

-I select but don’t necessarily agree with all the readers’ comments: “The Hellreich faction cares about power and money.” “Why did the Party not get us decent speakers at the Lincoln Day Dinner? [Lingle spoke]” “Many members have just thrown their arms in the air and walked away.” “I can’t seem to muster any ambition to show even the least bit of interest [in HRP].” “HRP has done everything possible to set its candidates up for failure and humiliation.” “The ignorance level of everyday GOP/HRP’s is phenomenal.” Parody(?) of Chang referencing Rs campaigning for Ds “By the power vested in me, you may now kiss the Democrat with impunity..” “thumbs up to [HIRA] video” “We need a national mantra.., Obama lies!” “We all should be selling common sense solutions not criticizing each other.” ” the party does not even look like it is on the same page internally when it comes to the sweeping big stuff….like philosophy and direction.” “My husband thinks Hawaii is a lost cause, but I’m not willing to give up..” “the future of the Republican Party is to hold true to conservative principles..” ” I’m particularly interested in the activities of the communications and the coalitions vice chairs. Two areas that are very important and have certainly been “wanting.” “The last two years, if Chang walked by us there was nothing, no eye contact and no exchange. I guess we are not part of the inner circle..” “we now have a 6 to 3 majority of conservatives on the Kapolei-Makakilo NB,” “I am glad I was not in attendance at the [convention]..” “There really doesn’t seem to be anyone “in charge”..” “we are a LONG way from organizing precincts.” “You use too many acronyms…I cannot follow who is doing what to whom.” “there are 98% registered Dems in Hawaii so why bang your head against the wall everyday?” “Hawaii is ‘controlled’ from the WH anyway..” “I’d make a sign that says “IRS KISS MY A$$” “Your criticisms are quite valid from what little I know..” “the HRP is a sclerotic org and needs fresh leadership and ideas.” “Why in the world would I ever vote for a Republican because he/she is a Republican when he/she votes against my wishes, interests and beliefs? I would rather lose an election and keep my principles than win and compromise my freedom away with a Moderate Republican in office.” “all the HGOP has in their possession is a bunch of hand-me-down statements that resonates Zero in the state of Hawaii.”

-Stand on principle. RNC Chairman Preibus email to conservatives (our RNCC caucus) “I agree that abandoning principles is the 100% WRONG approach.” We just need HRP ‘leadership’ to agree. Preibus twits “Good read: Rubio to introduce Senate bill banning abortions after 20 weeks” and “I’m proud of the efforts of Texas Senate Republicans to protect life.”

-Closing with levity. Chang’s article Traits for Leaders. Top six for an elite leader: Vision to see the end-state and future. Communications – articulate goals. Proactive Problem Solver – anticipate the problem, take initiative. Know Thyself – be honest, put ego aside. Trust But Verify – delegate to others. Accountability – yourself and the organization, lead by example. He’s batting 0 for 6.

Traditional marriage isn’t (shouldn’t be) a question. DePledge, SA, “The Hawaii Republican Assembly is taking the lead among conservative Republicans in opposing gay marriage in Hawaii.”

Conservatives. Head to Honolulu July 19. HRP was asked to post this event and to announce to members the opportunity to hear radio talk host Rusty Humphries…. and, though Chang virtually ignored the request, his Exec team is ‘consulting’ whether to let party members know of this conservative gathering on July 19 (the operative word and issue perhaps being ‘conservative.’)


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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