Slow News Month, Part one of ONE

Aloha Friends. Welcome back.

-September 7 8:30AM HD17/18 monthly meeting

-September 12-15 Eagle Council Arlington

-September 13-15 NFRA National Convention Dallas

-September 20 Smart Business Hawaii Awards Banquet

-September 21 & 22 National/Hawaii Hunting & Fishing Day contact 808 587-0200

-September 27-29 Gun Rights Policy Conference Houston

-September 28 CPAC St Louis Regional

-October 5 8:30AM HD17/18 monthly meeting

-October 5 & 6 Honolulu Gun Show

-October 11-13 Values Voter Summit Washington DC

-November 5 General Election VA, NJ

-November 10 Friends of NRA Oahu dinner

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better. Let’s get started.

True believer. Dinner on Capitol Hill with Salmon (AZ-5) and former HRP Exec Dir Deguire before flying to Montreal. Salmon is the real thing, the Arizona conservative we need instead of a confused McCain (or surprisingly flaky Flake).

-Freedom Cruise was pretty much phenomenal. I was humbled to join host Ollie North of Freedom Alliance, co-host American Conservative Union President Al Cardenas and co-host NRA CEO David Keene on the one-week cruise aboard Holland America’s 1200 passenger Maasdam. Montreal to Boston by way of Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Bar Harbor. First event of this format – a week on a boat with the same people – for me. Days on our own of site-seeing, shopping or taking a ship’s excursion. Evening seminars and panel discussions – for example, Syria, the Politics of Immigration Reform, Obama’s Scandals, Inside the Romney Campaign, 2016 – Who Will Run, State of the Conservative Movement. Dinners together during the late seating. Nights were on our own. One day at sea was devoted to sessions. I was an NRA-sponsored panel speaker but all the panel members participated in most discussions. Guests on the cruise included a TEA couple from Maui, State Senator from Virginia, political consultant from VA, Army MSG from NC, dentist from GA and another dentist from TX, a couple Capitol Hill staffers and many others spread across America. Most the 100 attendees were repeat cruise participants. Bay Buchanan, Hanna of Let Freedom Ring, Tony Bernardo of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, Kremer of TEA Party Express, Adams of Revive America, Millie Hallow is VP of CPAC & Managing Director of NRA. Fredericks, President of 60 Plus, and her husband, former VA R state party chair and state Delegate. Washington Times Senior Political Correspondent Ralph Hallow was on the team, having recently returned from Israel with Rand Paul. Indiana Congressman Burton, just retired from 30 years in Congress, MG Vallely from FOXNews and Ollie North were on my panel – What Happened in Benghazi. I am sold on the Freedom Alliance program to honor and support service members, especially fallen and wounded members, and their families. On this cruise, North sponsored two wounded soldiers, and their families, one of whom is the first triple amputee to pass the requirements and be returned to active duty with the 10th Mountain Division. We arrived in Boston and several of us went over early enough Saturday for the end of the RNC Summer meeting.

-RNC Summer meeting, Boston. Our RNCC, Conservative Caucus, resos passed including Protecting the Coal Industry, Securing the Border, Opposition to the NSA Surveillance Program, Defunding Ocare, Review of IRS and Tax System, and Opposition to Common Core. Most publicized: Approval of a reso to not allow R Pres Primary debates on CNN or NBC. Mostly meaningless but sends a message. Least publicized so as to not continue to inflame conservatives: Both the proposed rules changes to roll back the Romney rule changes from the National Convention, from Backwell (VA) and from Willis (MA), were ‘referred to cmte.’ Chang and Hellriech reported that HRP is raising lots of money which is good news if true but still to be seen on HRP finance reports. Hallow TWT

-HRP’s new Executive Director Berube arrived in HI last month from MA having been a regional field director on Gomez’s recent Senate loss and a regional campaign cordinator on Brown’s Senate win several years ago. She reportedly beat out six others for the job. Depledge SA “She [Berube] replaces [Blom], who left as executive director.. as of Aug.1.. Blom said both she and the party “thought it was time.” We’re relieved to have a new ED. Welcome Berube.

HRP FEC. GOP Yard Sale enabled HRP to be in the black this month. In July, HRP had receipts of $26k, disbursements of $19.4k. The Capital Campaign 15k is earmarked (lockbox) for about 10 months of mortgage payments so HRP has about 38k CoH of operating funds, which includes counties funds. Debt went UP $6,000 to $20.4k. There was no $ transfer from a now empty state account. Sustaining donors are difficult to glean because of the yard sale purchases are mixed in but they may be at an all-time high of 33 (!) which includes still only five Exec Cmte members (not Chang or Liu) and only five (of 51 possible) district chairs. When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so. Expenditures include $1500 mortgage, 800 copy machine, 2700 building maintenace, Blom salary 3335salary+376 health insurance+2000 fed&state payroll tax, 1800 IMS accounting, and 4600 for the mail appeal. New debt is telemarketing $6200 added to the already 14.2k debt to Unisource Direct Mail vendor. Waiting, still, to see a revenue bump from the telemarketing and mail appeal. This may be the first time ever that our paid appeals end in the red. Party of fiscal responsibility has been in debt for 34 consecutive months. For CY13, HRP is in the red. HRP is in the red four of seven months of 2013, and six of nine months since the November election. For the past 18 FEC reports, HRP is 11 months in the red and only 7 months in the black. Trying to find the $ HRP reported (at RNC) raising versus the data in the FEC report. Chang has blown his trip budget out of the water with this current Boston trip, having exceeded the budget of your donations prior to this meeting. Suggest, again: raise funds, spend less.

-FEC dinged HRP for an inadequate June report so the report was amended, doubling in length. Some folks gave thousands of $ worth for the garage stuff. $5k Marumoto, 2k Adams, 2.2 Ah Yat, 1k Anderson, 1.7 Haugan, 1.5 Hellriech, 1.2 Kekuna, 1.2 Page, 3k Sakamoto, 1.8 Thomason. Because the in-kind are considered revenue (and expense), the 21.5k of in-kind makes the paltry June fundraising totals even more abhorrent. Never backing away from debt, also now noted is that HRP opened an Office Depot credit plan.

-I select but don’t necessarily agree with all the readers’ comments: “I hope Charles runs again, better chance without entrenched Hanabusa” “Our Constitutional Project is going great here on the Big Island. We’re in 43 businesses and have distributed 1,532 FREE pocketbook Constitutions since May 2nd.” “I thought travel expenses came out of his personal finances since the state chair is a volunteer position? ” My last month’s report “Is this an opening skit for Sat Night Live?” “The financial condition reported is hard to believe.” “Boyd Ready and the gang might as well stay home from now to election day. Chang’s Ohana is in the death spiral.” “Could the [resolution] we passed in 2010 be used to state the party’s position on homosexual marriage?” “I feel it is important to start calling the Democratic Party the Social Democratic Party.”

-Dems caused Hawaii to waste the summer talking about gays, with nothing to show for the economy, our children’s education, small business, traffic, jobs or the reliance on tourism as our only economic driver. And, Rs let them.

-HIRA calls on YOU to do something because HRP doesn’t oppose gay marriage and “According to [McDermott], the House GOP caucus has NOT been pressuring Souki to stop the society-altering SSM legislation…”

HIRA assists HRP and House Republicans and gets a reaction. HIRA spoke loudly against gay marriage & asked HRP to speak out. Following a month of silence, Fukumoto writes (1) husband-chair is blameless because he is traveling so THE HRP can’t make a statement (Ready? Hellriech? Liu? Mukk? Bueller?) and (2) if HRP or R legislators spoke out IT WOULD DROWN other voices. I am not making this up, a delusional Fukumoto writes “The worst thing the GOP can do right now is drown out other more influential voices.” Then, HRP and Chang (isn’t he the chair?) and Fukumoto (aren’t they a couple?) demonstrate they don’t communicate. Less than a day after Fukumoto writes that there can NOT be an R response (the drowning problem), the new Exec Dir eblasts a “party” statement opposing a special session. “Party” in quotation marks because NOT ONE of the quotes is attributed to anyone. Catch the ‘special session’ part? The HRP nor those House legislators oppose gay marriage, just the ‘party’ opposes a Special Session. Berube refers us to the House blog and Party website for more info….and there isn’t anything posted. You can’t make up this stuff. Suggest: Berube has a lot to learn.

-With respect. The Bishop writes to Catholics about gay marriage and asks parishioners to call their legislator “and let them know how you want them to vote..” It would have been helpful for him to tell Catholics specifically to say “no” on gay marriage. HNL chair Rohlfing and vice Monahan forward the Silva letter and neither said they are opposed to “gender-segregated marriage” as both ask recipients to tell legislators how you feel; instead of telling them to say ‘no.’

-HIRA. The Failure of Bi-Partisanship.

-Shapiro, SA, says principled members are attempting to instill principles in their respective party. His editor writes HIRA is the Republican ‘thought police.’ Thank you, good call. While Ds work to get their party to bond, HIRA is trying to get our party to do anything, at all. In this case, to see the folly of bi-partisanship. Listing me and Slom as associated with HIRA, Shapiro hopes that conservatives will take liberals’ advice. Thanks, Shapiro, but conservatives are trying to raise Hawaii from the cellar of education, business, taxes and government imposed liberal values. If HIRA can get Rs to act like Rs, then we can hope they will someday support and espouse Republican values.

-Shapiro’s principles? He wrote of the gay marriage “bogus civil-right hysteria” and now argues for gay civil rights.

Weekly HRP Newsletter on it’s once/month schedule. You paid an additional $3,000 above the HRP budget so Chang could go to the RNC meeting and tell “about the great things we are doing in Hawaii.” Return on Investment? RNC Chair “stressed his support for Hawaii.” Berube is profiled, she hopes “to see a real grassroots movement” as opposed to the current non-existent ‘movement.’ Suggest: put news in the newsletter.

-Ready responded to a request for help with district lists (fix them yourself) and a call for the required financial audit (can’t make us do it). Member lists are STILL not organized by district (18 months after the Pres caucus). He gave a series of reasons (sort of, pick whichever excuse makes you quiet down) for why HRP won’t conduct the required audit. Reader “It’s difficult to watch someone who had promise completely devolve into an apologist with a testy attitude and a barrel full of excuses.” Suggest: no more excuses.

-After losing the only paid staff last month when Blom got fired/quit, the only consistent volunteer officially (she submitted a formal letter) resigned. She’s been the HRP volunteer of the year at least three times. She has often been the only one to man HQ, respond to members, or help districts. With serious personal pressing issues added to a complete lack of ‘leadership’ (or anyone else) presence, she needs time away. Chang and Hellriech berated, courted, pressured and pleaded for her to stay. Suggest: give Helene a break.

-Remember the July Platform meeting which Chang promised so as to review the Convention resos which were not passed? As of the end of August, Cmte chair Moses still can’t determine who is on the cmte, nor does he intend to convene a meeting…… Obama-ish. His email makes clear that opposition to HRP’s neutral LLIFE faux-platform is NOT allowed. Add this broken promise of a meeting to all those community service events, coalitions, candidates, communications you were promised at Convention by your officers. Suggest: do something.

Phoenix met. Only TWO members of Ready’s only 3-4 person cmte attended. Their solution to the lack of district chairs is not to recruit chairs but to consolidate districts. If the district to your left or right doesn’t have a chair, they’ll combine the two or three of you, give you responsibility for this ‘super-district’ and act as if our problems are solved. Suggest: recruit grassroots leaders.

-Ten months into election cycle and five months after the April RNC meeting when Hellreich reported “the need to use massive voter registration drives in all states to increase our chances of winning local and national elections.” No voter registration drive, still. Not statewide, not county, not one district. Hellreich wrote that we have “an outstanding [Exec Cmte] to start the year off with a major focus on candidate recruitment and training, community events and coalition development.” You tell me how HRP is doing with candidates, events and coalitions.

-At a meeting of conservatives, someone said Fukumoto is conservative. This person may think Fukumoto is conservative, Fukumoto may call herself conservative, but, then how we have lowered our standards. On Boylan’s show, Fukumoto said she’d vote to raise taxes. In May came her “fiscally conservative” endorsement of the $2B increase of an already bloated Dem state budget? Her husband says he is pro-life, except for the inner cities, and he’s anti-tax, except for the wealthiest 1%. Suggest: tell the truth.

-We have drones in Hawaii. The legislature will develop guidelines for their use. Unfortunately no government agency can be trusted with these useful technological tools. Unfortunate.

-Everyone sees it. Politico “this summer has highlighted both the Tea Party’s re-emergence inside the GOP, as well as the HUGE divides within the party. Think immigration reform, the “defund Obamacare” movement, John Boehner’s struggles to corral his GOP colleagues, Mitch McConnell’s primary challenge…there’s still a clear fight going on over the heart and soul of the Republican Party.”

Common Core (education) is “leftist indoctrination” (Beck). Conservatives want it stopped. The R state House response “Thanks for the info. There’s certainly a lot of conversation about the common core standards at the present moment, particularly with some states potentially reversing their endorsement. Mahalo for passing along, Aaron.” Will Republicans do ANYTHING?

-We’re #1. CATO Institute says it pays to NOT work. Stay home and make $61k in Hawaii..

Elections Commission considered RAISING Nago’s salary. Slom was the only legislator to attend and to give testimony. Where was HRP? Where was Hellriech who feigned outrage over the polling places without ballots? Chang? Liu? Ready? Bueller? Commissioners Marston and Marshall kept things sane.

-’14 Candidates include Schatz and Hanabusa for US Senate, R Cavasso updated his FEC papers. Abercrombie and Ige in Governor’s race, Months ago Chang said ‘several’ HRP candidates are waiting on Aiona’s decision, still waiting. Say almost officially in against LG Tsutsui. For CD1, Chang(D), Anderson, Espero, and Takai. With these no-names, maybe Hanneman and Lingle jump in. Constant Djou speculation for any and every office. Many downticket seats opening.

-Snowden’s leaks have become monumental. Leaking the entire black budget? For people who understand, it is indescribably damaging to national security, and dangerous for the people on the ground. You cannot even imagine what it is you can’t imagine about this damage.

Foreign policy? The Egyptian military is killing Brotherhood extremists and NOW the US decides to withdraw support (canceling participation in the Bright Star military exercise)?  Remember how Obama and the Ds cried that Bush had lost international respect, and so Obama took his ‘apology tour?’ Figuratively punched in the nose by Putin (the Snowden episode), Obama’s ‘red line’ in Syria illustrates Obama’s impotence. Giving credit, not even Obama appears to be as much a pansy as Kerry, or Hagel.

-You MUST read this study synopsis. No, we don’t want to be Europe. This is a liberal Harvard study and they have to own up to the fact that less guns = more violence and more guns = less violence. I’ll bet whomever commissioned the study wants their money back.

-Are Republicans so inept that we can’t make the case for voter ID? Really?

-Obama’s gun grab. Obama further infringes on the 2d Amendment by stopping the import of military surplus weapons and closing a process that allows citizens to register guns to corporations. NRA PR guy Arulanandam “Requiring background checks for corporations and trusts does not keep firearms out of the hands of criminals. Prohibiting the re-importation of firearms into the U.S. that were manufactured 50 or more years ago does not keep firearms out of the hands of criminals. This administration should get serious about prosecuting violent criminals who misuse guns and stop focusing its efforts on law-abiding gun owners.”

-In ’12, Rs were again (after ’10) certain to take the US Senate majority. Hate to watch us screw it up, again. The NRSC dumped more than $250k to see Lingle “trounced” (Politico’s word) by 25. Evidence of the (repeated) apocalypse, national committees committing resources – funds and manpower – in Hawaii instead of races we can win. First, Chang says, the RNC is committed to Hawaii then there is this Chang has been through an election cycle and more, he promised two years ago to have a bench, a farm team and a party infrastructure. NRSC says they are “trying to help Hawaii’s state GOP, which has a young chairman, build an infrastructure for the midterms.”

-2014 lessons. Schlafly reviewed a book about Romney’s campaign “The Republican Party is not dead, but it is bleeding from the mistakes and prejudices of the high-dollar Establishment that shrinks from dealing with the social, moral and job-loss issues that concern the grassroots. The Establishment inflicted us with another centrist loser in the model of John McCain and Bob Dole.”

-Krauthammer “The problem is not that [Obama’s] not selling his strategy, it’s that he doesn’t have a strategy,..”  KERRY “told [Democrats] that they face a situation reminiscent to the 1938 Munich Pact between Adolf Hitler and British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain..” Assuming he means Hitler is Assad, then today’s Chamberlain is ….

-You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…. You have to have your parents signature to go on a school field trip but not to get an abortion.

-Chuck Norris can light a fire by rubbing two ice-cubes together.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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