Shutdown, Part 1

Aloha Friends. Welcome back.

Writing periodically to conservatives and Republicans, mostly in Hawaii, I email rather than blog because this is a (quasi-) private discussion. These reports augment what you should hear from the Republican Party, what you don’t have on your radar, or things you should look up. My perspective is that of conservative Republican, former State Party Chairman and Vice Chairman and member of the RNC. The past five reports are listed at the bottom. We won’t always agree but we should be informed. Feel free to forward this report to other conservatives or let me know if you want to be removed from the list. Conservatives need to know that they are not alone in Hawaii.

-October 3 7PM HIRA Community Meeting Ewa Beach

-October 5 8:30AM HD17/18 monthly meeting

-October 5 & 6 Honolulu Gun Show

-October 11-13 Values Voter Summit Washington DC

-October 28 Pro-family Rally at the State Capitol

-November 3 8:30AM HD17/18 monthly meeting

-November 5 General Election VA, NJ

-November 10 Hawaii Friends of NRA Oahu dinner

-November ? CPAC Chairman

-November ? The Washington Times Senior Political Correspondent

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

Conservative Movement. DC meeting with ACU President Cardenas. The American Conservative Union is the oldest conservative organization in the US, sponsors the huge annual CPAC in DC (and two regional CPAC), and posts the most respected US congress member ratings (and now state legislators).

-NFRA National Convention, Dallas. National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) met for our bi-annual national convention. I attended with First VP Capelouto. 90+ delegates representing 23 state assemblies and the national organization. Day prior we toured the President George Bush Institute.

Friday was a Board meeting with speaker KCarl Smith of the Frederick Douglass Republicans. We discussed internal affairs affecting the states – hosting candidate debates/endorsing Primary candidates, vetting members for membership, and planning events. President Martin announced that, after seven years, he would not seek reelection.

Began Saturday at an early Platform Cmte meeting to vet resolutions. Saturday morning included speakers: LA state Senator Guillory who’s speech “Why I am a Republican” is national news; Dewhurst TX LG; Pauken running for TX Gov to replace Perry. The afternoon rally included: Sharron Angle discussing voter integrity (‘How the Ds steal elections’); FOXNews’ Jim Pinkerton discussed coalition building; Kevin Freeman on ‘Inside the CIA/NSA/FBI’; and President Martin. The convention adopted eight resos including Opposing Common Core, Opposing Illegal Immigration (first, close the border); Repealing the 17th Amendment (direct election of US Senators). We passed the two HIRA-submitted resos – Opposing the Akaka Bill and supporting Jones Act reform. The banquet featured US Rep Louie Gohmert, a true believer, who is potentially the next US House Speaker with a message that Ocare can and should be defunded. 2016 Presidential straw poll: Cruz 50%, we’re in Texas, and Paul got 25%. Everyone else in single digits.

Sunday began with our Prayer Breakfast and Pastor Rafael Cruz, Senator Cruz’s father, gave a message of ‘Blame the Pastors’ – our societal woes are because of their silence since the 60’s in the face of liberal attacks on family values. Also heard Criswell College President Johnson. Rest of the morning was Board meetings to elect officers, complete resos, and annual awards. Best work, as usual, is off the convention floor. Georgia and Tennessee Assemblies are so much further along than other state organizations. It was good to learn and trade notes.

Angle is elected to NFRA President and Blackwell reelected to Executive VP. There are eight national regional VPs, I was elected NFRA Pacific Region Vice-President.

Suggest: attend next NFRA national convention, 2015.

-Be positive: HRP will have candidates. HRP is going to raise money. HRP will have a plan. HRP is going to build coalitions. HRP will have training. HRP is going to have district and precinct chairs. Until then, when you read for example that we have no candidate for Governor, US Senate or either Congressional District, an unwritten suggestion is that HRP should recruit. A few readers asked for more obvious suggestions so we’ll finish some paragraphs with very specific direction. Suggest: keep reading.

HRP FEC C/H/L told the RNC they are raising lots of money for HRP, …they exaggerated. August receipts were $6,453 with disbursements of $14,943, Another month of HRP RED. CoH drops to 44.6k, which includes 14k fenced for mortgage and counties’. Debt is still $20.4k, having increased 6k last month. No transfer from the still empty state account. Appears to be 28 sustaining donors, considerably less than Chang’s expected 350 donors. None of your county chairs participate. Only 6/14 Exec Cmte members and 6/51 district chairs participate. When leaders aren’t buying in, don’t expect others to do so. Chang finally made his first contribution(!), may be his first ever HRP contribution. Of C/H/L, Liu is now the only non-participant. Expenditures include $1500 mortgage, property tax $3400, copy machine 786, building maintenance 2680, Senior Fair booth 576 (ROI on that expense?), out-the-door Blom received 1668 salary+payroll tax 1600, IMS accounting 1062 which includes Thomason’s pay, and HRP is paying for someone’s cell phone. State Cmte should ask for the net of the mail & phone campaign because it appears HRP for the first time conducted a fundraising campaign and came out red. Party of fiscal responsibility has been in debt for 35 consecutive months. HRP is in the red five of eight months of 2013, and seven of ten months since the November election. For the past 19 FEC reports, HRP is 12 months in the red and only 7 months in the black. For CY13, HRP is in the red… and you paid for yet another Chang trip, to Boston (ROI?). Suggest: don’t spend more than you bring in.

-Businessman needed. HRP went in the RED for CY13 at the end of May. Failing for three years to erase the debt, supposedly having business expertise, knowing their donors, and having been through an election cycle to understand expenses, at the end of August HRP is STILL in the red FOR THE YEAR, and they still carry 20k of debt. C/H/L reduced our million dollar/year political party to a quarter million dollars.

-I select but don’t necessarily agree with all the readers’ comments: “what with Hamada ranting about how much HRP sucks” not surprised to see Chang show up on a different station…” [Chang] talks about his financial abilities..” On Fukumoto article “I guess that means she’s “remaking the right” by making right into left.” “Looks like the HRP is SOS.” “..they lied!..about the increased debt.” “Very interesting and sad to hear all this is going on… long will the new Ex. Dir. Berube last?” “Fukumoto is a conservative? Like hell. She wanted Hillary to be president in 2008.” “the worst thing the GOP can do is be absent on [gay marriage] while the other side is defining itself” and “GOP’s young leaders are absent.”  Ryan “[HRP] has been a complete non-player in the fight over homosexual marriage.”  “I joined Hawaii Republican Assembly. They are more upfront with what they believe, not neutral like HRP.” “Watching [Chang] and reading what [Johanson] said in [CB], it is clear that the party position is to oppose the special session, not the bill.” “We were unable to get anything from our Republican Party HQ in Honolulu [for Kauai Republican Party Farm Fair Booth], and the help from HIRA was invaluable to us.” “Hawaii politicians are a bunch of ignorant, purposely ignoring their responsibility..” “..every Republican in Hawaii (needs) to understand what a liberal sell-out Fukumoto is..”

-Phoenix Cmte again sent district handbook. Getting better. 1. took ten months into the election cycle, and two years since Chang became chair, to produce a district handbook. 2. “No political party, by law, can give more than $2,000.00 to any candidate..” except for Senate, 4,000, and Gov&LG 6000. 3. They begin the calendar with January, two months into the cycle. 4. NCM & NCW elections should be in their year four, not one. 5. HRP wants precinct/district training on a calendar but HRP doesn’t have their training on a calendar. 6. They took out reference to your ‘3×5 cardfile’ and suggest using a spreadsheet. 7. Lazy HQ “Ask your District Chair or County Vice-Chair for the last Presidential caucus list for your zip code/zip codes..” STILL not organized by district/precinct. 8. More lazy leaders “State HQ does not have an adequate list of member e-mails that it can simply provide you..” 9. They miss the entire concept of voter ID. 10. “those who serve as elected officers generally provide some kind of monetary support” That isn’t true. “Our [HRP] officers usually sign up for the “Sustaining Donor” program..minimum $10.00 per month. Most give more than that.” That a lie. 11. They list the 2011 Rules, not 2013, as the governing document. Suggest: recruit district and precinct leaders to read the handbook.

-Rohlfing simply holding a HNL Cnty meeting (in Waianae) surpasses the efforts of the past three county chairs. With all the issues facing our Cmte, with all the County issues, the Pine keynote highlight “She focused on Tito’s (HIRA) having the nerve to tell voters how to think and telling legislators how to vote (about homosexual marriage).” Only three or four (of 34) districts were represented. Suggest: get district chairs to attend meetings.

-The last GOP youth movement, not long ago, included Pendelton, Aiona, Kawanankoa, Ontai, Jaffe, Stonebraker, Gomes, Bukowski, Finnegan, Ching, Stevens. Some are conservative. Remember them?

-While Chang & Chang go gallivanting, recent party email went to 8/17 NI district chairs (i.e. less than 50% filled) and 24/34 Oahu districts (70%). Precincts chairs < 10% statewide. Ready refers to “Our statewide political plan…” though no plan has been submitted to the State Cmte. The last three presented (months ago – Strategic, Communications, Finance) got kicked back and were never resubmitted. Suggest: develop plans and give direction to HRP.

Where is HRP? Chang? Hellreich? Liu? From Obama’s OFA director “Great news: Hawaii is closer than ever to marriage equality.” HIRA member comment “Yep, the full court press. Where’s the Republicans?” suggest: HRP stand for something.

HIRA update.

-We thought that they thought they were conservative. HRP Tweet “The Hawaii Republican Party is seeking conservatives and Republicans …” Berube email “We are seeking to recruit conservative and Republican allies..”

-#2! HIGHEST marginal tax rates on sole proprietorships, i.e. small business. Only CA is worse  Another report is misleading. Kalapa in HR

-Senseless murders by a bad guy with a gun at the Washington DC Navy Yard was stopped by …. a good guy with a gun.

-Eagle CB “the state is employing more people and paying them higher salaries than in 2012.”

Ugliness to rival Schatz-Hanabusa. Seven Rs running for the GA US Senate open seat. One conservative, Handel, led the Susan G Komen effort to stop their funding of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. She resigned when the BoD overturned her decision and Komen continues to fund abortion clinics. This month, Planned Parenthood is spending $1M in VA on ads attacking Republican Cuccinelli over his pro-life positions.

-Cruz missile.  “Cruz’s (21+ hour) speech then is .. an indictment of his own party, a party unwilling to stand on principle when the moment requires it.” WaPo

Chair of CPAC, the hugely conservative, huge annual conservative-only conference in DC will be in Hawaii next month (she is also Managing Director of the NRA).

-Part 2 in a couple days as the trees begin to change color.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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