Shutdown, Part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome back. This is Part 2.

-October 5 8:30AM HD17/18 monthly meeting

-October 5 & 6 Honolulu Gun Show

-October 9 5:30PM SSM Discussion, Capitol

-October 11-13 Values Voter Summit Washington DC

-October 17 7PM HIRA Community Meeting Mililani

-October 28 Pro-family Rally at the State Capitol

-November 3 8:30AM HD17/18 monthly meeting

-November 5 General Election VA, NJ

-November 10 Hawaii Friends of NRA Oahu dinner

-November 11 CPAC Chairman with HIRA

-November 11 Washington Times Senior Political Correspondent with HIRA

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you.

Proud. US House Rs are voicing my concerns and more R US Senators are catching on, don’t blink. Ds and liberal media hate it but we’re finally seeing a conservative movement on the Hill. I am sorry about the hurt to friends and small business, and proud of ‘our’ guys.

-Shutdown affects everyone. Politico “Taking out a mortgage. Getting married in a park. Going for a fall foliage drive. Cashing a check. Who knew that so many random activities of daily life could be imperiled by a shutdown of the federal government?” Get government out of my life.

-Met with Young Americans for Liberty National Regional Director as he acknowledged YAL’s Hawaii success. The inverse of Chang’s College Republican effort, YAL grows on campus’ statewide. Contact, contribute to a real ‘youth movement.’

-’14 Candidates include Schatz and Hanabusa for US Senate, R Cavasso. CD1 Ds: Anderson, Chang, Espero ,Takai, Xian and now Kim. Expect Hannemann. CB “..there still is no serious Republican candidate.” Lingle enjoying the speaking circuit as Djou speculation narrows to CD1. CD2 Crowley as an indy (more Rs leaving HRP) vs Gabbard. Abercrombie and Ige for Gov; Months ago Chang said ‘several’ HRP candidates are waiting on Aiona’s decision. Say maybe against LG Tsutsui. Two Ds lined up for HNL Council 4, no Rs. Many downticket seats opening. Suggest: recruit credible candidates.

-Rs and Lingle team (note the distinction) join D campaigns, looking for the lesser of the evils because there are no HRP candidates. Some are long-time HRP members, some were Ds anyway. They quit HRP so as to not break party rules while campaigning for a D.

– Who said that it couldn’t get worse for C/H/L and HRP? R State Senator, Minority Leader, candidate for Governor and LG. Hemmings, as of last month an independent-conservative, made clear when he resigned from HRP that he has not abandoned HIS conservative principles, says “The Republican Party (in Hawaii) is, by it’s deeds, incapable of administering their own rules or furthering conservative principles.”

-HIRA enabled earned media for HRP (about the declining elected Rs), then HIRA finally got HRP to weigh-in on homosexual marriage (HRP wants only a special session delay), now HIRA’s Montes on Hamada’s show got Chang out of his ‘cone of silence’ on another station. He was to be on for an hour but producers realize Chang doesn’t have an hour’s worth. At least, HRP is doing something. Next is campaign plans, community events, coalitions, communications, candidates, voter registration, training and fundraising. Suggest: urge HRP into action.

After Slom (and I) wrote that the Ds focus on homosexual marriage distracted from other issues, sure enough, HRP followed suit.

-Radio Chang. Reader (Sep 19): “You missed nothing important on [Chang’s segment]. They discussed the upcoming special session and although [Buck said] they’d take questions via phone, there was none. No mention of the 28 Oct [Pro-family] Rally and HRP continues to remain silent on their position. He [said] someone on the inside of the closed door meeting with Democrats [told him], the Governor basically bullied legislators into a favorable vote.” He needed “someone” to tell him that the Governor did his job to pass legislation which he favors? Hope Chang is OK with those (bully) activists, on both sides, who are pressuring legislators. Chang wraps with a “Shameless plug for his wife (Fukumoto).”

-Fukumoto endorsed by Daily Beast, the online home of Newsweek magazine.  ‘Nuff said.

HRP followed HIRA‘s email $ appeal with one of their own, though HRP again refused to oppose homosexual marriage. Chang was asked specifically if he and HRP opposed SSM, he dodged, avoided, danced until the interviewer lost interest. Still no position from the establishment which, in itself, is a position. When they – HRP, Chang, Hellriech, Liu, Mukk, Ready – stand for nothing, they can expect nothing and they’ll accomplish nothing.  Suggest: HRP lead, not follow.

-HRP release “Abercrombie assumes he can once again force his agenda through the legislature by bullying the representatives in his own party.” Like Lingle and Chang with the HRP neutral Platform? Suggest: avoid hypocritical sound bites.

-Who trains Berube? Two more HRP press releases with no attribution of the quotes. Suggest: send Berube to campaign training she mentions in her intro email.

-No wonder HRP is neutral. Ready’s email to State Cmte “there’s a big push on statewide to gin up opposition to the Governor’s plans for new social arrangements.

-Per HR ..more than 2,000 Hawaii residents.. voice an opinion on two key issues: Gay marriage and the .. molasses spill. ..lawmakers.. received more letters .. over molasses spill.. Slom News “..state senators received more than 1,539 emails.. expressing outrage at the spill.. also received 272 emails from supporters of legalization of gay marriage and 602 in opposition.”

-As Special Session nears, legislators and the liberal media tout the ‘religious exemption.’ It is bunk and they know it. Suggest: change the office holders.

-In May, Chang promised a July Platform meeting to review Convention resos which were not passed. Cmte chair Moses still can’t determined who is on the cmte, nor does he intend to hold a meeting…Obama-like. Add this broken promise to those from the officers elected at Convention: no community service, no candidates, no communications, no coalitions. Suggest: do something.

-Eleven months into this cycle and six months after the April RNC meeting when Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives in all states to increase our chances of winning local and national elections.” No voter registration drive. Not statewide, not county (HNL is talking about it), not one district. Hellreich wrote that we have “an outstanding [Exec Cmte] ..with a major focus on candidate recruitment and training, community events and coalition development.” Really? Berube email “..Coalitions Vice Chair, Janell Yim has some great ideas for organizing our coalitions..”  Ideas? Suggest: do something.

-Then there is the contined lack of huevos by ‘leadership’ to address the five Rs – Thielen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine, Fenton – who campaigned for Ds against Rs. Twelve months, plus. Chang apparently still hasn’t had time to think about it (ONE of his excuses at the July State Cmte meeting). Suggest: have integrity.

-Eight months since the Rules-required financial audit was to be conducted. Suggest: follow your rules.

-Thielen (R) tells Blair CB she isn’t retiring, “I continue to work to enlarge the centrist Republican base.” When did liberal become centrist?

-Lacking confidence in C/H/L, NRSC (US Senate election committee) wasted $ this spring sending staff to ‘find’ someone to run for Senate. Last month, NRSC embarrassingly tweeted that Ds would have to spend MILLIONS to defend Hawaii’s Senate seat. DePledge titled his blog entry “Laughing.” Chang embarrassingly sent a fundraising email “We have a real opportunity for victory…You can help us make history next November by contributing today.” Chang’s legacy “Right now, Cam Cavasso is the only one who has declared, said David Chang…who added that he is not aware of any other prospects.” Suggest: don’t be an embarrassment.

-Lack of support for HRP is unfortunate. You still can contribute and volunteer to make a difference. Three for October: Aloha Pregnancy Center, Hawaii Friends of NRA, HIRA

-Club for Growth Not saying officials should be primaried for not holding conservative principles, though you can support a conservative. I am partial to the longest running ratings at Heritage Action at

-PBN poll. When will the Honolulu rail project be finished? 2019, as scheduled 10%. 2020, only slightly behind schedule 21%. 2025, because we haven’t seen the end of the litigation 29%. When Diamond Head freezes over 40%. (Sept 21)

Republican State Leadership Committee assists a LOT of Rs. Then, RSLC – mostly white, mostly old, mostly men – meet this week in Hawaii….on Lanai. Bad optics.

-Strassel, WSJ, “.. we now know that AARP worked through 2009-2010 as an extension of a Democratic White House..” IRS investigation?

Trust government? Legislators? Liberals?

FOREIGN policy. Obama says aid is finally reaching the rebels in Syria, while al-Qaeda rebels overrun and kill the Aramaic Christians in Maaloula. This comes after Obama pressured the Egyptian military to stop killing the Muslim Brotherhood Morsi supporters. Your next door neighbor could forge a more coherent foreign policy than the Obama Administration.

-Petulant Obama’s disgusting message to DoD “This shutdown was completely preventable. It should not have happened. And the House of Representatives can end it as soon as it follows the Senate’s lead, and funds your work in the United States government without trying to attach highly controversial and partisan measures in the process…. And I will continue to do everything in my power to get the House of Representatives to allow our government to reopen as quickly as possible..”

Colorado. Two Dem state senators go down for passing bad gun control laws. Outside money: pro-rights $350k; anti-gun $3.2M. Still, it’s all about grassroots GOTV.

Election 2014. Sabato says, US House is 218-177, with 40 competitive seats; he predicts R net gain of 2-6. US Senate is 48-48 with four (AK, AR, LA, NC) toss up (if you’re looking to make a difference…). The Hawaii delegation does not change composition.

-“The game is chess, not checkers. Unless politicians see scalps on the wall, they will never respect our policies, marches, sermons or prayer rallies.”

-Hallow TWT on TX Gov Perry’s raid of MD business. R party rep “I can understand why Perry sees Maryland as fertile ground thanks to the policies of the [Ds], I hope our business owners will stay..”  How long before MORE Hawaii business (and doctors, nurses, investors…) leaves to business-friendly states?

-CNN and NBC cancel Clinton promo ‘documentaries.’ RNC’s Priebus wins (the PR duel).

-Washington Wire, Sep 20. “The first group of enlisted Marine women will try their hand at completing the Infantry Training Course next week. The Marines have sent six female officer volunteers to the Infantry Officer Course, but so far none of the officers have been able to complete the course.”

-Liberal Rs don’t get it. AP Sep 16 “..major tea party groups are backing 2014 primary challengers against Republicans the activists deem too moderate..”

-He’s conservative, she’s libertarian. Alfonzo Rachel and Julie Borowski


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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