More Than You Think, Part B

Aloha Friends. Welcome back, to Part B. Nice to be home. Fast-paced, so this got delayed.

-December 7 HD17/18 monthly meeting

-January 26 Meet Medved

-February 6 You really want to save this date.

-March 6-8 CPAC, Washington DC

The Hawaii Republican Party can be better. Thank you.

ACA. “you have no reasonable expectation of privacy”….think about THAT voter ID.

-Liberal. San Jose Mercury News “One woman who voted for [Obama] found out she will pay $1,800 more for her insurance next year. “Of course, I want people to have health care. I just didn’t realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally.”
Conservative. Gutteling, Big Island “I was just informed by my office manager that my already good health care offered my employees, as mandated by Hawaii law, will now cost me an additional $16,000/year. This is Obamacare causing premiums to go up to cover the new requirements. My employees get nothing new, cost same for them, extra $16,000 to me. I will inform them their raises for next 2 years just went out the window to Obama and his slacker backers.”

-HRP=silence. SA “Hawaii is the only state in the nation that has failed to make medical plan prices available on its health insurance exchange.” Update: HR “CGI is the same company running the troubled Hawaii Health Connector, the $53 million Obamacare web site that has been dysfunctional since its launch.“

-AP “At least 4 million Americans have been issued cancellations, and… data is unavailable in half the states.“ SA “UnitedHealthcare is eliminating certain Medicare Advantage health plans next year for nearly 4,000 members in Hawaii.. as a result of rate reductions under President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.”

-Daily Show’s Stewart, (per Cillizza WaPo)

-Cook Report “What makes these problems [health care rollout and spying on foreign leaders] more troublesome is that they go to the question of Obama’s competence,..”

-Told you the VA AG race would probably be a recount, and it will. Ds ‘found‘ a box of uncounted absentee ballots in one of the largest, one of the few, counties the Ds won. Sunday night, the R led by 17 votes out of more than 2.2 million cast. By Tuesday night the D is ahead by 164. Suggest: here we go again.

-If homosexual marriage and all it brings makes your stomach turn, wait for the Chang interview. Ds told Chang to keep HRP quiet… SO HE DID. That’s why NO ONE representing HRP testified. That’s why Chang and Liu and Hellriech remain silent. That’s why ‘leadership’ never (and still hasn’t) opposed homosexual marriage. Suggest: sorry, speechless.

Collateral effect: Reader “I resigned my chair of HD 16 three weeks ago because both Honolulu and Kauai leadership outright refused to get involved fighting SB 1.“ With a district chair moving up to county chair+ this resignation= two LESS Kauai chairs.

-‘Names‘ – Lingle, Aiona, Djou, Finnegan, Pine, Ching, Bateman, Fontaine, Chang, Liu, Hellriech, Ready, Klompus, Mukk – failed to lead or speak against homosexual marriage, won’t take a stand, or they’re just squishy. Elected officials (with kudos to Slom, McDermott, Ward, Fale) muttered their opposition and Theilen was used by liberals. McDermott tried to placate the voiceless HRP/House caucus; and Chang, Fukumoto, Hellriech and others berated him for speaking out, for opposing homosexual marriage, for working with conservatives.

Scathing. Takahashi “Although they pretend to be Republicans and they pretend to be conservative, these phonies refused to use their influence, their resources, their organizations, their mailing lists, their supporters, their time or their funds when we needed help the most.“ or, maybe, our faux-leaders and candidates aren’t opposed to SSM.

-I select but don’t necessarily agree with all the readers’ comments: “I am hopeful that Republicans can redeem themselves after last year’s election and disconnected image.” “After the fiasco in the Dist. 2 U.S. House race last go round, I gave Tulsi a chance and decided to back her in ’14.” “I’ve said all along that having women in coed rifle squads and tank crews is a sexual harassment complaint waiting to happen.” “Cruz’s almost filibuster helped get the real story about what the shut down is actually about and where the true blame belongs..” “In case you haven’t heard Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment – Hawaii has been organized.” “I am upset and on the verge of quitting my role as a District Chair.” “You (meaning me, from a liberal) should get a clue…respectfully.” “HRP has been a front for Hellreich Inc. for so long that they are clueless about TRULY building a party from the bottom-up.” “WHY would anyone in Hawaii want to be and/or vote Republican? No reasons are being given to give up on Democrats.” “In the aftermath of a special session, many conservatives and Republicans are going to wonder why their party, their incumbents stayed on the sidelines..” “..will anyone ask Pine why she voted to raise property taxes on the elderly?” “The sad fact is that the existing Hawaii conservative and Republican groups have COMPLETELY FAILED in their mission since 1998 to prevent what is being planned for at the special session.” “[Does GOP realize] the next election is only 10 months from now and the HRP organization (state/county/district/precinct) has yet to do [anything] to convince any voters to give R’s a chance.” “[House] Rs get district $ and useless committee vice chairmanships (except for their re-election) and D’s get complete silence from Republicans AND their unanimous votes for a massive $2 BILLION increase in the state budget!!” “HRP’s leadership is a bunch of whiners and really jealous that they’re losing popularity as a party of long-nosed “rino’s”.” “Trust me, the left is well-organized and funded by large organizations that have [enacted homosexual marriage in] many states before us.” “Gee, Obama wants Congress to back off [Syria] sanctions, reminds me of the RINOS wanting to back off from any confrontations here locally.” “Chang is getting his beauty sleep while everyone except the party is working their tails off.  That’s the value of having an issue-neutral party platform:“

-In May, Chang promised a July Platform meeting to review the Convention resos which were not passed. As of the end of October, Cmte chair Moses doesn’t know who is on the Cmte, and does not intend to convene a meeting. Suggest: don’t lie.

-Twelve months into election cycle and seven months after the April RNC meeting when Hellreich reported “the need to use massive voter registration drives in all states to increase our chances of winning local and national elections.” No voter registration drive. Not statewide, not county, not one district. Suggest: do something.

-Continud lack of integrity by ‘leadership’ to address the five Rs – Thielen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine, Fenton – who campaigned for Ds against Rs in the last election. Add this to the list of items the State Cmte is too timid to address. Suggest: have integrity.

-Nine months since the required financial audit was to be conducted.  Suggest: follow your rules.

-Reader “The Republican Woman’s Club of Kauai, is advertising a big meeting with Miriam Hellrich who is coming to Kauai to “inform” the base of the evils of HIRA.“ HRP let Kauai down this special session and failed to support their candidates the past several cycles.

-Congrats. Terry HD46 “I have been chosen as a delegate from AMAC (the conservative seniors organization of nearly one million people) to the local congressional and senators offices.”

-Instead of fixing problems, HRP sends a survey. Bangerter (excerpts) “I just took a totally worthless survey as to how the Republican GOP can best move forward.  It was pabulum and simply didn’t address any real issues. The party doesn’t need tweaking, it needs a total overhaul. I am sick of donating to the party, working for the party, and voting Republican only to have those few Republicans who get into office vote like Dems.  I recommend that you shut the party down for at least one year..Fire all the old fogies that piss everyone off with their authoritarian and condescending attitudes and build a new party.. The leadership of the GOP in party HQ in Hawaii and particularly those who volunteer to run things is atrophied.  They all have to go. A whole new cadre of volunteers must be found.  None of those who run things at republican activities are suited to be leaders,.. to make my point clear, all and I mean all of the current party officials have to go.. I see absolutely no point being Republican.  If the party makes an abrupt shift to the Right, I will be right there.  If not, count me out.“

-HR  Comment “is this pandering to a special interest to get votes or donations? why don’t you republicans introduce legislation to CUT SPENDING, CUT REGULATIONS, CUT TAXES. why are the republicans spending, spending? what kind of conservatives are you, anyway?” Reader “The same Gang of Seven House Republicans who voted unanimously to increase the budget by $2 billion earlier this year are really asking for it from HIRA with this next move to increase spending. Jeez!!”

Prevedouros, paraphrased “The American Public Transit Association gloated that mass transit ridership grew by 8.5% between 2000 and 2010. True, but in the same decade the U.S. population grew by 9.7%. Rail is politics. Hawaii politics is all about Democrats. They proclaim their care for the little guy but they cut the little guy’s bus, degrade his quality of life and cost of living with ever worsening congestion, and raise the tax for one million little guys by several billion dollars for the benefit of capitalist interests!”

Accountability=zero. SA editorial “The most infuriating thing about the recent cases – all of which illuminate poor financial oversight practices in Hawaii government – isn’t that we have so many of them. (Of course, that’s extremely galling.) It’s that the state never seems to get to the bottom of what’s gone wrong and fix it, which leaves the taxpayer on the hook for money-wasting that simply goes on and on.“

Sharing so you know to attend next year. Kama-Kimura excerpts “Dear ones, recently returned from Washington DC. where I was once again blessed to be able to attend the Values Voter Summit. The idea that [we] heard statesmen who walk with and lived theirs lives according to the Lord, that weren’t afraid to invoke the name of God and Jesus Christ his son. How refreshing.  They made promises to their constituents and are determined to follow through … imagine that. In the cases of these brave men and women they reflect who they are through their good character, honor and integrity. They are fighting for the same things we are; “Life (that every life created is precious to our Lord, whether in the womb or not), Liberty (freedom to live responsible lives without intrusive  government interference or restrictions) and pursuit of Happiness.”  Repeated over and over again, “… that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator (not the government) with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  As in the past, there were so many great speakers; Tony Perkins, Family Research Council; Gary Bauer,  American Values; Mat Staver, Founder and President  Liberty Counsel;  politicians, clergy, Alveda King; Dr. Ben Carson, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, not to mention numerous  breakout sessions. In one of the breakout session we had a panel consisting of Craig James, the sports commentator dismissed by Fox Corp Office for his comments in a debate regarding traditional marriage; Audrey Jarvis vs Sonoma State University  a student, told to remove the cross pendant she was wearing because it might be offensive to new students (her case was settled in her behalf) then there is SMsgt Phillip Monk, relieved of duty by his lesbian commander for refusing to answer her question on his stand on same sex marriage. Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, a War against Christianity. I was there and only heard about concern for our family and children, the war on Christians being felt in schools, workplaces, military and in general.  Judge for yourselves .., Your sister in Christ … ”

-Anyone have anything to tell about the Western Republican Leadership Conference?

-Budget negotiations. Steyn “Everyone knew the Republicans were going to fold. Folding is what Republicans do.”

-DoD denied death benefits to soldiers families. Idiots lead ‘my’ military. The military is more involved in American politics, highlighted when JCS Chair Dempsey (a West Point Battalion-mate, a couple years ahead of me) sat with Obama at the DC Correspondents’ Dinner. When DoD ALLOWS themselves to be a political pawn for Obama, they are gutless, dangerous peons.

-RNC review of Obama/Biden debt ceiling votes  Read ‘bogus debt ceiling hype’ to understand why Rs could and needed to stand firm US House #4 McMorris-Rodgers HRP is again silent and didn’t provide any info. Suggest: communicate.

-’14 Candidates (with FEC data) include Schatz (678k raised, 2M CoH) and Hanabusa (441k raised, 772k CoH) for US Senate, R Cavasso. CD1 Ds: Chang (125k raised, 273k CoH), Anderson (163k raised, 108k CoH), Espero (36k raised, 18k CoH), Takai (124k raised, 113k CoH), Xian (1.6k raised, .6 CoH), Kim (everyone poo-pooed me eight months ago when I said she’d run). No word from Hannemann (maybe Ige’s seat, maybe LG?). Djou raises visibility ($0 raised, 2.7k CoH federal, but watch for a state race). In CD2, D Gabbard (277k raised, 612k CoH) vs Indy Crowley (no FEC account). Aiona mum and HRP says their Gov candidate (“watch for a state race”) and two for CD1 will announce this year. Many downticket seats opening.  Suggest: recruit credible candidates.

-Fmr Pine staffer Hunt is Espero’s finance director. CB “Asked about his slight campaign haul (raising the least $ in CD1). Espero said he expected to do better in the fourth quarter.” Pine fmr campaign manager Gollner “I can no longer tolerate the Republicans. Besides leaving the party, I am now going to take an active role in opposing it.” Think we’ll notice?

Djou in HR “Our nation needs elected officials who are willing to regularly break ranks with their partisan leadership ..”

-NRSC fundraising uses Romney‘s email list. We never see Hawaii R campaigners’ lists for anything except… themselves.

-UN Gun Ban. “UN Arms Trade Treaty DOA in Senate.” – .UnJzOiRWKXQ It was already way DOA in the House.

-Sowell, Race Hustling “You don’t hear about racial “leaders” like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (who denigrate and discourage their own race) among Asians or Asian-Americans.”

-Best Reality TV. NCAA Men’s BBall season has begun.

Our prayers for the Philippines’ typhoon victims and for our friends with family members in the middle of it.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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