Eleven Months (to election day)

Aloha Friends. Welcome back to for a short report.

-December 7 HD17/18 monthly meeting Marian243@hawaiiantel.net

-December 12 2nd Cup of Coffee meeting Kaneohe marissa@oahuexpress.com

-January 4 HD17/18 monthly meeting Marian243@hawaiiantel.net

-January 11 Friends for Sam Slom Raiser Marian243@hawaiiantel.net

-January 26 Meet Medved www.hawaiirepublicanassembly.com

-February 6 Reagan Birthday Dinner www.hawaiirepublicanassembly.com

-March 6-8 CPAC Washington DC www.conservative.org

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

-Republicans gather. Finally, Reagan’s Birthday. Click this just to watch the video at the bottom of Reagan v Carter debate. http://hawaiirepublicanassembly.com/enews/hira_news_112613.html

-HRP FEC www.fec.gov October receipts were $11.1k which includes $1100 from the state account and $3750 from the RNC. Disbursements were $12.9k. Another month of HRP RED. CoH drops further to 36.5k, which includes 8.5k fenced for mortgage and counties. Again, NO reduction of the $20.4k debt. Down to 33 sustaining members (out of Chang’s planned 400) – only 1/4 county chairs (he moved up from district chair), only 7/14 Exec Cmte members and only 5/51 district chairs. When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so. Expenditures include $1500 mortgage, 786 copy machine, 2654 building maintenance, 1496 IMS accounting, Burebe received 3088 salary+700 payroll tax+220 insurance+460 unemployment. Summer mail&phone program is the first time HRP lost money on a fundraising campaign. Party of fiscal responsibility in debt for 37 consecutive months. HRP in the red 7 of 10 months of 2013, and 9 of 12 months since the last election. For the past 21 FEC reports, HRP is 14 months red. For CY13, HRP went RED in May, at the end of October HRP is STILL in the red FOR THE YEAR… plus they carry 20k of debt. C/H/L desperately hope for national bailout. Suggest: Spend less, raise more.

RNC $ for Berube and Parsons begins the defunding of winnable mainland races to take US Senate majority. Last cycle, RNC gave a lump sum, and staff worked for HRP. Now, RNC pays monthly causing one reader to ask for whom the staff works.

-I select but don’t necessarily agree with all the readers’ comments: “Until true conservative leadership, not belonging to the Republican establishment, rises to lead, I’m afraid we will have Democratic/liberal Progressives running our government.“ “How sad re the HRP and the R legislators.“ “I have had enough with HRP.“ “Hawaii RP???…lost cause.“ “We’ve got former party members and Lingle operatives helping Dems get elected to Congress.“ “Wonder what the liberal-friendly Republicans will say when what HIRA states in (SSM) ads, actually happens?“ “Can you get me more info on the Assembly– they seem to be the only real voice“ “HRP has become a bigger joke than Obama.“ “one thing RINOS and right wing can agree on, if you can’t govern according to your agenda, it’s just wasted breath.“ “God! How depressing. I’ll never understand how Lingle squandered all that political capital and let the HRP get to this point. Hellreich still drives the ship. And clearly she can’t stand Conservatives.“ Blog comment “Berube used the phrase, “our government” twice despite not being registered to vote in Hawaii.“ “I am leaving the party because of Hellriech, Lingle and Chang“ (Another high-profile R resigning HRP membership). “HRP has no followers anymore.“ “HRP is shriveling because of no action.” “No wonder [Chang] has no time to run HRP.  He’s busy self-promoting.”

-Ashes. Reader “Phoenix Committee is done. [Phoenix was] all talk and very little action other than the District Handbook, and received little to no support from the Executive Committee.  Any gains have been lost due to the lack of follow through.“

-In May, Chang promised a July Platform meeting to review Convention resos which were not passed. As of the end of November, Cmte chair Moses doesn’t know who is on the Cmte. Suggest: don’t lie.

-Thirteen months into the election cycle and eight months after the RNC meeting when Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives in all states to increase our chances of winning local and national elections.” No state voter registration drive, not county, not one district. Suggest: do something.

-Continued lack of integrity by ‘leadership’ to address the five Rs – Thielen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine, Fenton – who campaigned for Ds against Rs in the last election. Add this to the list of items the State Cmte is too timid to address. Suggest: have integrity.

-Ten months since the required financial audit was to be conducted. Suggest: follow your rules.

-Post-SSM HRP (non)position http://mauitvnews.com/blog/2013/11/12/democrats-republicans-react-to-sb1-passage/ HRP still opposes a special session and still doesn’t oppose the legislation.

-Several groups harnessing SSM anger by recruiting candidates and volunteers with no tie to HRP. Conservative (includes http://teapartymaui.com) or religious (example http://hichristian.org). Reader: “what I’m seeing from the Christian conservatives, it appears the people used by ‘Team Ohana’ (with Jonah Kaauwai) to take over the party in 2009 are ironically trying to be better organized and more active than the party itself.” A reader alerts to Nonaka’s for-profit Kahua group “Good luck finding the word “Republican” on their websites. Hawaii Solutions explicitly refers to itself as a “non-partisan” grassroots effort.” “Why is [McDermott] raising money for an organization which could give money to Dems?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkKYf7nhHBc Neither website tells who is involved.

-HRP has been ‘conservatively challenged’ for years. Conservatives left because HRP does not represent their positions, or any position. Many want a third party. Instead, we have HIRA: conservative Republicans with common sense solutions to Hawaii’s (and HRP’s) problems. www.hawaiirepublicanassembly.com Suggest: encourage change, support conservative Republican solutions.

-Chang to target ten districts, dreams to win three (no mention of the Senate). Lack of integrity, funds, district chairs, volunteers. Chang should focus on defending the seats we have.

-Reader: “I went to HQ to tell them I am running for office. THE HRP OFFICE WAS DARK AND LOCKED UP TIGHT. When I got to my car, I got the Exec Director’s Thanksgiving email “from HQ” telling me how hard the party is working.”

-OCare. Nov 14 email “Dear MoveOn member, There’s no sugar-coating it: Obamacare is in serious political trouble.“ Nov 19 Oregon still to enroll ONE person. Reader “A friend has a local company that will pay 40% more for employee health insurance because of Obamacare. He has regrets about voting for the Great One.“ End of Nov website fix? Gillibrand (D-NY) says Obama “should’ve just been specific” about Americans losing their health care plans “we [Democrats] all knew” it would happen. House fix: Hanabusa, Gabbard stick with Obama’s lie “you can keep your insurance policy. Period.” D’s Duckworth joined the Rs. “Warning: your secure information could be at risk.” With Rs neutered, Hawaii Ds force Andrews to resign – Ten days prior, HIRA https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=616626455065782&set=pb.508841265844302.-2207520000.1385154302.&type=3&theater OCare screenshot tells of Obama’s presidency (IRS, NSA, Benghazi, false Unemployment report, etc) “The System is Down for the Moment.“

Rail pays fmr R state chair. Lingle’s DoT Morioka parachuted, before the administration crashed, to be a local VP for CH2M. This year was appointed Asst Exec Dir for HART. Last week, CH2M won the latest rail contract, $46M. Go figure.

Abercrombie stumps. Kulbis excerpts “Attended 20 minutes (all I could stand) of Gov’s “Townhall” campaign event.  Gov stated the usual lies: our financial situation is improving under his programs and we were $840M to the good, guess he didn’t realize the State Budget was increased by $2B. Said people are working and unemployment rate was 3%, unfortunately USBLS shows 4.6% as of August, and our U-6 is 11.4%. He mentioned CGI and that “he was stuck with this bad contract from his predecessor.“

-Fukumoto (also Johanson, Cheape) teams with Ohno and Chang (the D) with Millenniums Action (with (she) Gabbard). Schock (R Il-18) is a national founder with a Heritage rating of 50, ACU rating of 68 in 2011 & 76 in 2012, and Club for Growth of 56. Millenniums Board led by Huntsman. Suggest: you decide.

-More congrats. Cindy Clark, Maui, joins Maggie’s list to support Hawaii fiscally conservative female candidates to run for federal office. Sounds like slow work. Suggest: good luck.

-Chang (the D) pushes Honolulu Council gun control reso to pander in his CD1 primary. Meanwhile, Hawaii Kai NB tries to close Kokohead range. http://www.hawaiirifleassociation.org/

-’14 Candidates include Schatz and Hanabusa for US Senate, R Cavasso. CD1 Ds: Chang, Anderson, Espero, Takai, Xian, Kim. Hannemann for Ige’s seat, maybe LG? Djou leaning towards Gov. CD2, D Gabbard vs Indy Crowley. HRP says two Rs for CD1. HRP says they have money, and they are assuring recruits they will be supported…not seeing it in FEC reports or volunteerism. Suggest: announce soon.

-Google “Devolution & Transportation.” Support Lee (Sen, UT) and Graves (House, GA).

-Thank you. “113th Congress has enacted 49 laws, the fewest since at least 1947.”

ACU. www.conservative.org. The American Conservative Union is the oldest membership-based conservative organization. ACU hosts the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in Washington DC. Their annual legislative ratings of congress members now extends into the states. Union Board members include: Heritage Foundation, Leadership Institute with Morton Blackwell, NRA, American Enterprise Institute with John Bolton, Asa Hutchinson, Americans for Tax Reform.

-Mouth of dummies. WaPo “[Ed Secretary] Duncan told a group of schools superintendents that he found it “fascinating” that opposition to [Common Core] has come from “white suburban moms who – all of a sudden – their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought.” Yes, he really said that.“

-Walker (Gov, WI) “[GOP’s Pres nominee has] to be an outsider. I think the presidential and the vice presidential nominee should be a former or current governor.”

-Census. Hawaii ’12 has the highest cost of living of 50 states. Median cost of a month’s rent is $884 nationally, in Hawaii $1,379 (#1 nationally). Homeowners’ monthly mortgage payment was $2,244 (#3). 48% of homeowners spent 30 percent or more of household income on monthly owner costs (#1). 50% of renters spent 30 percent or more of household income on rent and utilities (#5). Median housing value was $171,900 nationally, Hawaii $496,600 (#1). Hawaii home ownership is 56.9 % (#5).

-CB, from UofDelaware “striking feature of [2012 Hawaii] television news coverage of the issues raised in the political ads was that 62 percent of the political news stories did not mention one issue in the campaign. They did not cover any issue.“

-HIRA’s philosophy. RNC “The RNC continues to implement its new strategy of investing early. As we raise the money, we’re investing the money.“ Also, AFP “is spending $18 million to taunt Democrats and bolster Republicans.“ Every day, all year long. Someone clue HRP.

Kutcher uses Ellen. http://blog.heritage.org/2013/11/14/ashton-kutcher-thing-can-job/?utm_source=Featured%2BPosts&utm_medium=FP2&utm_campaign=Top%2BNav%2BFeatured%2BPosts

-U.N. on Europe’s economic crisis: “…some Greek citizens are infecting themselves with HIV in order to receive 700 euros in government benefits.”

-Cynically, “the hardest thing in politics is to convincingly fake sincerity.” Chang’s Thanksgiving message thanks donors and candidates (not God, family?) and closes with an insincere “I hope that each of you have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season!” Reader “Christmas??!! It is like he cut and pasted and forgot to change Christmas.“

-Reader (angrily) asked me to stop these reports. As before, I offered to correct inaccuracies, and asked whether he is angry that I write about HRP or angry about an irrelevant, integrity-challenged, debt-laden, communications-less, coalitions-less HRP of Chang, Hellriech and Liu…been three weeks….no response.

-Can’t make CPAC Washington DC? Attend the San Diego regional CPAC Aug 9, 2014. www.conservative.org.

Keep Christ in Christmas. God bless America.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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