In-Fighting, 2 of 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome back to Part 2/2. Snow last night > three inches.

-January 11 Friends for Sam Slom Raiser

-January 16 HIRA Roadshow Windward

-January 22 Whole Life Hawaii

-January 22 Life Luminary Ceremony

-January 23 Medved

-January 25 Honolulu March for Life

-February 1HD17/18 monthly meeting

-February 6 Reagan Birthday

-March 6-8 CPAC Washington DC

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you.

Reagan’s Birthday celebration, $75/ticket. ACU’s Al Cardenas headlines, Ken Schoolland, more. Home for conservatives

-From SSM debate: “After [complaints about] Pono Choices, DOE announced it was putting the $1 million program on hold. Pono is a “how to do it” guide that features homosexual sex practices aimed at 11 to 13 year olds.“ DoE/Abercrombie response ‘we don’t care, we’re doing it anyway.’ “Porno choices” exposed

-‘Let’s Do This Hawaii’ is another anti-SSM group which wants to change the legislature (same motto as Chang D CD1 race). They’ve held meetings around the state with varying degrees of success; Nonaka and Fale say they are “non-partisan.” Some candidate choices are detrimental to changing SSM.

-Then, there’s this. Proponents cited the massive influx of gay visitors, gay money, gay people who liked a gay state, gay people who liked gay people. SA “Total visitor expenditures in November declined 2.1 percent …while arrivals decreased 5.5 percent.“

January 3 = 304 days to General Election

-HRP says “a whole bunch of credible candidates” will declare on January 3. Potential candidate: “would like to run for State senator in my district. I asked for that information when I called and my number was taken and never called back.“

-’14 Candidates include Schatz and Hanabusa for US Senate, R Cavasso; Politico “The seat is seen as safe for Democrats, so whoever comes out of the August primary will almost certainly be the next senator from Hawaii.“ Djou maybe US Senate, Gov, again CD1, or not running.  CD1 Ds: Chang, Anderson, Espero, Takai, Xian, Kim. Hannemann speculation (in CB). HRP now waffling on their two Rs for CD1. CD2, D Gabbard vs Indy(?) Crowley, R Capelouto. Pechauer promises HRP has money, and assures recruits they will be supported…not seeing it in FEC reports or party activity.

Dem Abercrombie ($2M CoH) v Ige for Gov, Lib Davis, Repub McDermott holding his cards as Chang attempts to get, no kidding, Hannemann (yes, as an R). Others want Aiona (loser, by 17 last time for the open seat). LG Tsutsui, maybe Say or Hee. Only person Chang (integrity-challenged, HRP in debt and irrelevant) can recruit for LG is Chang (loser, in House race), which explains his silence on SSM and every other issue. “Of course [Chang] is a farce. Chang doesn’t care if he wins, he wants recognition. He could care less about the party or Hawaii.“ If you didn’t speak out against SSM (all above except McDermott), if you haven’t raised $ or built an organization (all), if you haven’t announced (all), you should wait until next go-around. Reader “If Aiona and [Hellriech] are thinking low turnout for the Primary, they must have lost their minds.  People are definitely going to show up, if only because of Schatz and Hanabusa, and then there is the primary for Hanabusa’s seat.  This is why [Hellriech] wants the Building Fund Raiser in January- so she can get it off her plate AND has a place for Aiona’s campaign office like last time.  I am sure [Hellriech] is happy to have a candidate to work for, so she gets a paycheck.  This is all so pathetic.  I bet Chang has already had his candidate photo taken.” Hannemann also mentioned for Ige’s seat, Council, LG, and Gov (as a D). M Lee (D) announces, causing Fukumoto to join a D coalition. Riviere to beat Fale, so Fale eyeing the Senate. Maui has a generic-seeming senate candidate to oppose Baker. Expect more primaries than only Thielen. HRP needs credible candidates. Suggest: if you haven’t announced, you’re late.

-Contact and sign the ballot access petition for the Hawaii Libertarian Party. In recent years, LPH and the R liberty movement offered more conservative candidates than has HRP.

Expect the House R caucus to continue their coalition with progressive Ds instead of joining the less liberal Ds (some, more conservative than our Rs) or telling both D factions that they’re bad for Hawaii.

-Reader, response to Hellriech’s request for money “I’m sad to say the Hawaii Republican Party has totally lost my confidence, as it neither has the courage to stand on principles nor the ethics to allow folks like me any meaningful voice. Duke was a major disappointment, as he refused to address issues on point. Linda Lingle’s Senate campaign abandoned all principles except crony capitalism and “bipartisan” appeasement. The Hawaii GOP was structured much by your (Hellriech) efforts, as above, and both failed and destroyed the base.“

-Legacy. A Yearbook of Holidays and Observances 1990 “Saiki was the first woman in the Hawaiian legislature to support abortion rights. She authored the Hawaiian Equal Rights Amendment that is now a part of the State Constitution.“

-Ds have disagreements (see Schatz v Hanabusa), so do Rs. FOX News “DEMINT, MCCONNELL FIGHTING LIKE HATFIELDS, MCCOYS.

-Rs need to net six seats in the US Senate. Watch AK, AR, LA, MT, SD, WV, NC, MI, IA. Have to do it in ’14, we won’t in ’16. You decide: “The Chamber of Commerce is planning to spend at least $50 million on a campaign to boost establishment Republicans in primaries against Tea Party challengers .“

-Bi-partisan agreement that OCare is hosed. No way their unsecure system gets my personal data. CB spin of state health official’s spin “Hawaii officials said that despite some problems, Hawaii isn’t doing poorly compared with the rest of the nation.“ Reader: So far, “170,000 health insurance policies were canceled in [Hawaii]. That means over 13% of our residents have to find new health insurance, and most likely have to pay more, with less coverage” plus this problem was initiated by the desire to insure about 140,000 (10% of population) uninsured = 310,000 without insurance. 2,000 “signed up,” which sure sounds different than “enrolled” or “insured.” Exchange is broken

– RNC Priebus “[Obama admits], after years of deliberate lies, that ObamaCare is unaffordable and a hardship for millions of Americans. ObamaCare is fundamentally flawed and must be repealed and replaced with a plan that actually improves healthcare.“ Aloha OCare

-Lunch with Gottlieb and Versnel-Gottlieb. Conservatives, he is the Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, on the ACU Board, and more. She is a member of the World Forum on the Future of the Sport Shooting Activities, and the publisher of Journal on Firearms and Public Policy. The Gottlieb’s are your national and international defense against right’s infringing liberals.

-RNCC, the Conservative Caucus of the most conservative RNC members held conference calls in preparation for the RNC meeting. I am a founder and current member. There are several rules changes (still from that Blackwell motion) and eight RNCC resos for consideration.

-Coburn’s Wastebook explains why veterans’ benefits were cut, why there wasn’t a Pearl Harbor Day flyover, why you need to pay more to TSA. It tells why we MUST take the US Senate majority WITH CONSERVATIVES.

ACU.  The American Conservative Union makes the definitive legislator ratings. Names you know: Paul 100, McConnell 90, Reid 17, Schumer 5, McCain 82, Rubio 100, Collins 48, Hirono 1, Boehner 90, Cantor 96, Pelosi 3, Van Hollen 2, Amash 88, Labrador 96, Issa 91, Hanabusa 2. ACU hosts CPAC in Washington DC. Their annual legislative ratings now extends into the states.

-Constitution Article V meeting. Kerr excerpts “My conversations prior to departing [to Sacramento] gave me an inkling as to how disorganized it might be (reminds me of HRP). I [was] the ONLY conservative in the room. One thing we agreed on was the Federal Govt is out of control. The group passed 13 or 14 [amendment proposals], many with my nay vote. The two amendments we agreed on: “Constitutional Rights shall apply only to individual human beings.” And “Money shall not be construed as speech protected by the Constitution.” I came away with the firm belief that an Article V convention is not a constitutional convention to write a new constitution, as it may only propose amendments which must be ratified by 75% of the States before becoming part of the Constitution.“ There was a larger, organized Article V meeting in Virginia

-After my last report, CB posted with perception of kickbacks for the DoT guy when the rail tax went through, now benefitting from lucrative rail contracts. Another reason voters don’t vote.

-Hawaii Business, December. “Hawaii has the highest overall cost of living in the country.” 10th highest tax burden. Lags behind the 8th grade national average proficiency in reading (26% to 32%), math (30%-34%), and science (22%-31%). “Hawaii’s housing costs are among the highest in the nation” – “all the listed measures were bad in 2009 AND GOT WORSE.” Honolulu median household income = $67,116 vs required for modest living (family of four) = $89,255. Abercrombie helped or hurt companies other than tourism? – helped 7%, hurt 25%, impact on local economy? – helped 14%, hurt 29%.

-1039 days (January 3) to the Presidential election. Politico “Early presidential polls are heavily influenced by name recognition. Keep in mind that polls taken so many years before an election have little or no predictive value.“

-NBC/WSJ: support for gun-control measures has dropped to its lowest level since Newtown even though gun-control advocates outspent gun-rights advocates on [TV], $14.1 million to $1.9 million.

Medved here HIRA in the business of addition, not subtraction.

-“Local” CPAC. Attend ACU’s San Diego regional CPAC Aug 9, 2014.

2013 was terrible for Obama – Bengazi, IRS, Sudan, Snowden, lies, OCare, Iran, false unemployment #, NSAx4, Syria ++ Pray for a better 2014 for the US.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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