Meetings & Events 1 of 2

Aloha Friends. This is part 1 of 2. Sit back. There is a lot, and this is just an overview.

-February 6 Reagan Birthday

-February 7 HIRA & Cardenas to Maui TEA

-March 1 HD17/18 monthly meeting

-March 6-8 CPAC Washington DC

-April 25-27 NRA Annual Meeting Indianapolis

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

Reagan’s Birthday celebration, first time for Hawaii. February 6. Keynote is ACU Chairman Al Cardenas (CPAC conference host). Half the cost of party raisers, twice the conservatives. You have a conservative voice, come support it. When a left-leaning SA writes “In a coup, HIRA has secured as keynote speaker Al Cardenas…,” you should be there.

-Radio host Medved pau hana. On air that morning, relaxing with HIRA that evening. More than 60 conservatives hear Medved’s message of unity.

Americans for Tax Reform. In DC for Norquist’s invitation-only meeting. Cruz’s chief of staff, congressmen, staffers, special interest groups, pundits, and House Cmte rep gave updates. If a candidate rambles, Norquist cuts them off with his familiar “Guns, babies, taxes. Where do you stand?” My Hawaii two minutes: good conservative (losing) SSM effort, pre-K ‘education’ scam & minimum wage proposal, no credible R candidates, HRP ineffectiveness and increasing HIRA activity.

-National Rally and Walk for Life, DC, was literally freezing. (Sunny) 18 degrees, 25 mph winds! THOUSANDS of young people. Uplifting event. 50+ RNC members participated; no C/H/L, only me from Hawaii.

-HIRA’s Roadshow, Windward, draws 60 to hear Montes, Hood, McDermott. Message – Hawaii has problems. Get involved. Support conservative solutions.

CC for Saiki, with Saiki and about Saiki. Waiting for Capital Campaign results. Early $ assures mortgage payments for CY14. Touting a good turnout. SA reader comment “Its more crazy that HRP is doing their Capital Campaign event tonight and just a few weeks later the LDD pandering to the same attendees and sponsors.” Hellreich waited until HRP announced LDD, then scheduled CC event just prior. Mortgage funds are not to be used to support Republican candidates and messaging. Mortgage = $140k.

-HRP FEC December receipts were $14,622 but disbursements jump to $19,108. Even with two event pre-sale initiatives and $3750 from RNC, HRP is another month in the RED. CoH down to 22.6k, which includes 9.4k fenced for mortgage and counties i.e. miniscule amount of operational funds. Debt remains 19.9k. Again no funds to transfer from CSC account. Only 40 sustaining members: only 1 of 4 county chairs, 6/14 Exec Cmte members and 3/51 district chairs. When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so. Expenditures include $1500 mortgage, 1046 copier, 2643 building maintenance, 944 IMS accounting, Berube’s 3088 salary and Parsons’ 2830 plus 2486 payroll tax+440 health insurance+88 temp disability, and paid 2392 for a mail appeal costing 1892 (oddly a letter from Ready, not Chang). Party of fiscal responsibility in debt for 39 consecutive months, Chang’s entire term. HRP in the red 9/12 months of 2013. Overall for 2013, HRP spent 38.4k more than raised… plus they carry 20k debt into the election year. C/H/L again ask RNC for a bailout, though each dollar to HRP means a dollar not winning the US Senate majority. Complications coming, state law requires employees paid before anything else, including mortgage. Suggest: Spend less, raise more.

-‘Worser.’ HRP CSC with only 8.1k CoH (mostly counties’ $). For CY13 CSC account, C/H/L raised 47k and spent 67k, i.e. 20k MORE red. Chang’s CY13 business acumen = spending 58k more than brought in (even with RNC charity).

Waiting. Took to end of January for Chang to announce Lincoln speaker; a mostly-conservative, second-time AZ congressional candidate (may win this time), representative for females in combat McSally. We appreciate her service. Watch if LDD meets the $150k net goal, the over-under is 70k. LDD record net is $400k, in Aiona-Lee years HRP netted 225-300k/year. Chang “Lincoln Day Dinner is our largest annual fundraiser.“ Chang/Hellriech/Liu’s past two LD events netted <100k each, last year C/H/L were <60k.

State Cmte. No legitimacy. The last meeting had 8/51 districts represented. January’s meeting. (1) Hayes, who wants to “Stop using the word Conservative,” hadn’t seen polls showing less self-described Rs than any time in the past 20 years. (2) Candidate vice Pechaur has ‘many’ candidates/district but their names are secret; she rips Chang for recruiting Hannemann for Gov and calls for RNC Rule 11 for Aiona, a day after Aiona botches announcement. Lagereta “I don’t trust Hannemann.” Hellreich wants Aiona. Members who benefit financially from Aiona’s race should hold their tongue (3) HRP has (Treasurer Klompus AGAIN skips meeting) $45k total; which is 30k for mortgage and 11k of operating funds. Berube says it takes 15k/month to keep doors open. (4) Liu AWOL, again. If ‘leaders’ don’t participate, hard to convince others. (5) Moses, per a district chair “no point in having (Platform) meetings“…though Rules requires the Platform cmte to forward a Platform to the convention. Moses says he sent out previous reso’s last August but, ahem, the active HD18 didn’t receive them. Moses wants the current neutral, say-nothing Platform. “We adopted it for three conventions” which explains losing governorship, US Senate and both US House races a couple times, only one in the Senate & seven in the House, more district chairs quit than got recruited, membership is down, donations are down, HRP is still in debt, and Chang’s best hope for an R Gov is with a D. (6) Chang said HRP $ don’t need auditing because his accountant does a bi-monthly audit i.e. the person who does the books, conducts the audit of her books. Then, he lied again, saying HRP rules changed to negate the annual audit. I am on Rules and it wasn’t brought up; I was at Convention and it wasn’t raised; and Chang’s own website on January 19th (you’d think he’d delete it) shows the May 18 2013 Rules which require the annual audit. (7) No coalitions or community service, Young Rs down from 100 to 40 members, College Rs non-existent. (8) County chairs had NO activities to present. (9) HRP has 38/250 precinct chairs. (10) Cmte approved caucus meetings outside allowed timeframe because they did not plan in advance. (11) FB followers increased 5.7% since May.

Caucus meetings. >40% w/out district chair. Only two BI locations. Berube can’t find previous records. Ready wants confidentially agreement though “E-mail lists by precinct & district are not available,“ Berube said we’d have lists last year. District chair “list that was sent to me is hopeless: No phone numbers, no email addresses, many street names are truncated.“ With Primaries a month earlier, HRP is barely maintaining last cycle’s timeline. Chair “Effectively immediately, I resign as District Chairman. [With these lists,] No way I can do my job!” Wharton also resigns. Many meetings with zero, 0, attendees. Kauai avg is 4/district. County Chair Rohlfing runs the East Oahu caucus, ‘R stronghold,’ avg 2/precinct.

-Rules Section 417 “ the final month of each calendar year, the State Chair will present a state party budget to the state committee for approval.” The late-and-finally-cobbled-together budget last year was a failure but that does not erase this year’s requirement.

-In May, Chang promised a July Platform meeting to review Convention resos which were not passed. Another lie as a new convention cycle is here. Moses AGAIN intends NO DISCUSSION about the non-Platform. Suggest: don’t be deceitful.

-Fifteen months into the election cycle and ten months after Hellriech wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives in all states to increase our chances of winning local and national elections.” No state voter registration drive, nor county, nor one district. Suggest: do something.

-Lack of integrity by leadership to address the five Rs – Theilen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine Fenton – who endorsed Ds against Rs in the last election. Suggest: have integrity.

-Twelve months since the 2012 required financial audit was to be conducted. New countdown marks one month since the 2013 audit was to be conducted. Suggest: follow your rules.

-Hellreich asked Gutteling to not disavow HRP. His response (excerpts): “Why be part of a party that wants to be Dem-lite, rather than a REAL GOP?” “Walking the walk by the party leaders and its lead candidates never happens.” “Candidates who were not approved of by the leaders were treated shamefully.”

“There was no real place for folks like me to raise concerns about this. Not only were convention votes discouraged, even discussion was not allowed…and such suppression encouraged by the leadership such as yourself. The party as I have seen it wanted loyal obedient vassals, to shut up & pay up & don’t make trouble.”

“Where was the courage to proclaim [Dem smears] loudly for what it really was: anti-Christian bigotry? No balls from Duke, nor the party, just took it and got crushed.”

“Where was the party on the anti-rail efforts? Where were Duke and Linda? Silent, for the most part, on the biggest boondoggle crony-capital project ever. Panos got more support from Cayetano than from the GOP.”

RNC Secretary graciously offers county leader training during family vacation. With few district chairs, almost no precinct chairs, HRP invites everyone; she’ll provide training which Hellreich used to conduct.

-Dem consistency. SA “Abercrombie unveils free preschool education plan.“ Free?

-Rewind. A Day at the SSM Legislature, Sarmento (frm Kauai HRP chair) and Hamman (fmr Kauai district chair, senate candidate) visited each legislator. Excepts “My resignation (from HRP) was directly related to the fact that the HRP refused to come to the aid of Hawaii’s churches, parents and children and stand with them in this fight against “Gay Marriage”. HRP State Chair, David Chang, and his wife, Representative Beth Fukumoto were spending their time talking publicly about how those who were against SB1/HB1 were “mean spirited” and were “hate mongering.”  “Beth is a Republican who made it quite clear that anyone warning others about the dangers [of SSM] was engaging in “fear mongering” and “hate speech”. I have nothing in common with that sort of “trying to have it both ways” politics. …she spent more time complaining about others who also were against SB1/HB1 than actually fighting her liberal Democrat colleagues. That type of “bipartisanship” is not what I believe in.” “A new conservative Republican group, HIRA, Hawaii Republican Assembly, was from the beginning, working hard with Hawaii’s churches; fighting what we saw as the horrors coming our way from the rush to SSM.“

-WaPo says Hawaii is Obama-land. Gay marriage is legal, immigrants are welcomed, labor unions are strong and – if the governor gets his way this year – universal pre-kindergarten will be the law of the land. There’s hardly a viable GOP: Just one of Hawaii’s 25 state senators is Republican. The Aloha State, with its liberal governor and overwhelmingly Democratic legislature, has succeeded in achieving much of the vision Obama has yet to accomplish on the mainland.

Detroit News, Police Chief Craig “If more citizens were armed, criminals would think twice about attacking them.“

-Heritage “When the War on Poverty began, 8 percent of children were born outside marriage. Since the mid-’60s, unwed childbearing has skyrocketed to more than 40 percent of all births, and from 25 percent to about 73 percent among black children.“

-Immigration, illegal and legal, is the big topic as Rs grapple with the issue and Ds do anything to change the subject from OCare.

-Schlafly “100 million Americans receive (almost $1trillion/year) benefits from at least one of the 79 programs.“

-Heritage. National Debt in one picture.

CPAC. At least one other conservative (from Slom’s office) attending CPAC. So far announced: Rubio, Paul, Cruz, Ryan, Jindal, Santorum.

-We know Obama is untrustworthy and peter-principled. From Benghazi “secret” testimony, we KNOW he and his reps lied. Lying is, apparently, accepted in politics. What I don’t get, as a (former) military guy: how can commanders know Obama was lying and NOT resign or speak out? This is not naivety. I have an intimate perspective of the military; lives are on the line 24 hours/day, lying is unconscionable (this is why Chang’s lies show a deep flaw). If a leader lies, a subordinate is obligated to report the lie. Military leaders have sunk to America’s level of culture. It disappoints me that America is so uncaring, so blasé, so give-a-shit, that no one else mentioned the relinquishing of integrity from our service members.

-Abercrombie frits away your “surplus.” From “Walker, Wisconsin, proposes $800 million in tax cuts representing most of the state’s revenue surplus. Cuts to be achieved through property tax reductions, lower payroll taxes, and lower income tax rates for the lowest state bracket. “What do you do with a surplus?  Give it back to the people who earned it.  It’s your money.”

-Note who protects guns rights at 2:05 point of this Kokohead range video.

-“David Chang, chairman of the Hawaii Republican Party, told Civil Beat today that he welcomes Aiona into the race, and said others may enter.“ Not exactly a ringing endorsement. “[Chang] said he’d be happy to have Democrats switch parties.“ SA had a muted Chang about Aiona “He has declared.”

End Part 1. Part 2 tomorrow.


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