Meetings & Events, 2 of 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome back, to Part 2/2. Lots to cover.

-February 6 Reagan Birthday

-February 7 HIRA & Cardenas to Maui TEA

-March 1 HD17/18 monthly meeting

-March 6-8 CPAC Washington DC

-April 25-27 NRA Annual Meeting Indianapolis

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you.

RNC, Washington DC. TWT Hallow, “In an unprecedented show of opposition to abortion, [RNC Chairman] Priebus is delaying the start of the party’s winter meeting so he and other committee members can join the March for Life on the Mall“ RNC is spending on infrastructure BEFORE 2014 elections, NOT waiting until the election. Party Rules changed by Romney at the national convention (for an easier Romney reelection) and the Pres nomination process are fixed; compromise favors establishment (vs less well-known/ financed) candidates. Penalties for states jumping the line in the Pres primary are severe. National convention is earlier, late-June ’16 or early-July, in Kansas City, Denver, Charlotte, Columbus, Phoenix or Las Vegas. HRP members used to attend these meetings; no one with C/H/L, noticeable HRP apathy. Even Liu doesn’t attend. RNC investing heavily in states for voter outreach, inclusion, minority organizing. Hawaii gets RNC $ to pay for party staff until C/H/L raise money. RNCC – RNC’s conservative caucus, I am a founder and member, got several resos passed including Monetary Commission, War on Women, Repeal FATCA, Support for Military, NSA oversight, Gov’t regulation vs Free Enterprise, China military buildup. Speakers included Huckabee (you heard), Priebus, McConnell, Tim Scott, Kleefisch and more (All conservative. Quite a disconnect w/ C/H/L.). It got up to 11 degrees Thursday night.

-RNC outraised DNC (w/ the Pres) by $12M in CY13, recruited 8000 precinct chairs & hired hundreds of staff nationwide. Opposite: HRP in debt >3 years, in the red for 2013, >40% district chairs & 90% precinct chairs empty. HRP has no $ for infrastructure or messaging. Non-partisan religious groups are trying to organize a ground game, and HIRA is the only group messaging. Suggest: Chang/Hellriech/Liu and HRP need to step up.

-I don’t necessarily agree with ALL the readers’ comments:.“After a completely wasted year since the 2012 election, all HRP can do now is go through the motions in 2014 and beg for people to do their jobs, the same people who put Chang’s Ohana back in office.“ “I was beginning to think I was the only one concerned about the rudderless state of the HRP. There is no semblance of organization “ “I would be so livid with [Hellreich] – the CC/LDD conflict is disgraceful.“ “I have noticed that on controversial issues – such as the rail, that the HRP stayed silent“ “With Pine obviously in the back pockets of the unions, Pine continues to vote that way at the CC.“ “I just don’t see the HRP doing anything at all to justify spending my money on GOP candidates“ “How do I resign as district chair?“ “No one is doing their District Chair Jobs!  Why should you feel guilty.“ ”We need change for better.“ leaders of the group (anti-SSM organizers) made it clear that the want nothing to do with HRP and that they are disgusted with HRP.“ “Why are we attacking fellow conservatives like the Tea Party?“ “Republican PR stinks.“ (Lack of) volunteers “[Berube] was there by herself; it’s like 10 am in the morning?“ “[HNL Cty vice Monahan] and [HNL Cty chair Rohlfing] decided to keep the HNL county party on ice during the special session, while reportedly being active with the shadow ‘Let the People Decide’ effort.“ “Chang only cares about Chang, and keeping [Fukumoto] in office. [Berube] is new, doesn’t know any history, and who knows what she is being told?“ “You have to be bold and fearless because the socialists in our state are dumb they don’t care, they don’t care wasting taxpayers money.“ “Can you find something for [Chang] to do other than Party Chair?  Total disaster in that seat!“

-District chair Svrcina excerpts “HRP wasted opportunity to shine (in SSM). Why do we have Silent [HRP] leadership? Our leaders behave like they want to join for the ride, like they want power trip for themselves instead of fiercely helping organize the resistance movement!!! Are our current HRP leaders able to [speak out]? Is this all a con game about choices of two fake parties for people to keep status quo in power? No wonder the whole year went by and we are still discussing and questioning relevance of HRP. This silence of HRP is deafening, and suspicious to me, as [Chang’s] (latest “be careful say nothing” Happy New Year message.) Which side is HRP on?“

-HIRA helps HRP to begin working. HIRA messages to members, HRP tried to follow. HIRA’s Montes goes on the radio, Chang goes on the radio. HIRA hosts speakers and HRP finally has one. While HRP couldn’t follow HIRA’s radio ads or robocalls, or gain a top tier speaker, HIRA continues to nudge C/H/L and the Exec cmte to, well, do their job.

February 3 = 273 days to General Election

Subtraction. HRP disavowed the TEA party, publically threw out Kaauwai, refused to recognize Republicans for Life. Now.. HIRA is told party leaders “expressed grave concern about HIRA’s use of the word “Republican” as a noun, verb, adjective, and adverb…not to mention our use of the elephant symbol.“ (HIRA makes better use of both.) Threatening “fines” against HIRA for “using the word Republican” without permission from HRP. Also implied forthcoming legal action against HIRA.“

-HRP continues to exclude conservatives, include only liberal (‘moderate’) Rs, and they keep losing. HRP should seek unity and begin to embrace TEA, HIRA, and Republicans for Life and work with HCC, FF.

-HRP said “a whole bunch of credible candidates” would declare on January 3. Not yet. Credible = 0.

-Price, Midweek, agrees. As the new year unravels, Republicans still don’t have viable candidates for any of the key races.

-’14 Candidates (with recent $ report): Schatz (raised 705k, 3.4M total) and Hanabusa (raised 455k, 1.6M total) for US Senate, R Cavasso (not posted). CD1 Ds: Chang (raised 124k, 325k CoH), Anderson (raised 107k, 149k CoH), Espero (raised 38k, 7k CoH), Takai (raised 102k, 178k CoH), Xian (raised 2k, 1k CoH), Kim (raised 330k, 322k CoH). HRP no longer saying they have two for CD1, Hellreich trying to start a Djou rumor (raised 0, 0 CoH). CD2, D Gabbard (raised 319k, 814k CoH) vs Indy(?) Crowley (no FEC account), R Capelouto (opened FEC account). Hannemann STILL unsure over which race, or for which party, to run. Berube says HRP to barely keep the lights on, can’t support candidates.

-Calling HRP the Keystone Cops would be a complement. Coordinated Campaign (Chang, Ready) is non-existent. Recruiters (Chang, Pechaeur) embarrassed to announce down-ticket candidates. Rs trying to get Hannemann for Gov. Aiona tells a Maui group he’ll announce in June(!) if there is no one else. Chang sulks from a Hannemann meeting to tell Aiona to announce NOW. (Told you Chang is untrustworthy. Hannemann folks just had to touch the stove.)

-Aiona surprises everyone, including himself. Obviously unprepared, Aiona says he is running, well, not really. “Aiona, 58, told [SA] he would not formally announce until he has formed a campaign organization and a fundraising operation. But Aiona has not been raising the kind of money necessary for a credible statewide campaign. Many Republicans also believe that Aiona, a Catho­lic who opposes gay marriage, missed a political opportunity by not getting publicly involved in the fight against gay marriage.“ Reader’s comment “Invisible as Lt. Governor. Invisible after being Lt. Governor. Invisible during the same-sex marriage debate… Why should we expect anything more from Aiona as governor?“

-HRP is stunned and confused. Hannemann and supporters are pissed. Best HRP can do? Aiona and Hannemann are both flawed. Aiona is a loser, by 17 points, to the guy who now has the seat and $2.2M. Aiona has never won a race. Hannemann played HRP (I preferred his opponent) and later played Lingle/Aiona (rail). Hannemann has won (and lost) and is a D. HRP establishment – Hellreich, Pechaeur, Largerata, Chang – quickly jumped on the Aiona benefits-wagon. Others see Hannemann as more promising and a means to keep Aiona from again embarrassing HRP.

-Chang writes “Aiona announced his intention to run for Governor,“ clarifying that Aiona is not actually running. Chang is “excited about the numerous State House and State Senate Candidates,“ though he won’t say who. Calling for party unity, Chang attacks “it is always an uphill battle, especially when some seek to pursue their own narrow agenda,“ which translates to ‘If you are a liberal R, we like you. If not, go away.’ Chang closes with an incorrect conclusion that “prominent Democrats have expressed interest in joining our party and running for office as a Republican, demonstrating that our party is on the upswing,“ as opposed to Dems join because HRP is no different.

-Abercrombie (raised 534k, 3.8M overall, 2.2M CoH) v Ige (raised 56k, 76k CoH) for Gov, Davis (L) (opened account) announced by CB two days after my report. SA mentions Hannemann (raised 0, 10k CoH) for GOP a week after my report. Aiona (raised 0, 17k CoH), working with the non-partisan Lets do this Hawaii group (not with HRP) sort of declares. Chang (integrity-challenged, HRP in debt) starts rumor of Chang (loser, in House race) for LG. Fukumoto launches a panicky fundraising email as M Lee begins campaign. Anti-SSM group pencils in Hemmings and Meyer (and some unknowns) for races, along with a returning Bukowski…as a D. The senior House member sends potential candidates to the non-partisan groups instead of to HRP. Suggest: if you haven’t announced, you’re late.

-Reader “Art Hannemann (who leads this [anti-SSM recruitment] effort) tells his troops that they want to elect mostly Republicans and will have absolutely nothing to do with the party during 2014. Another leader of the group is Fale, who loudly swears allegiance at the meetings of “Let’s Do This, Hawaii” to Nonaka and his newly-rechristened NON-PARTISAN organization Hawaii Solutions.“ Same as he promised while misusing HRP funds as ED, Nonaka alleges “We have met or are in contact with over 40 people who are considering running for office in 2014.  We are engaged with top level community, church and political leaders from across the State to vet and recruit candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, US Senate and Congress.“

-HRP said they had two candidates for CD1. They have none. So, there is a guy running for congress in FOUR states, Hawaii being one. HRP First Vice Pres Ready email requesting support includes “He is looking for volunteers to gather signatures to get on the ballot.“ Why point out this absurdity? HRP has not sent out an email of support for Cavasso, Capelouto, Aiona – HRP members, fmr candidates, Hawaii residents and two are fmr R office holders.

-Kolosko UVA Political Theory “The term ethical consultant is an oxymoron.“ Know a consultant?

House R caucus continues their coalition with progressive Ds. What? House caucus refuses to fight minimum wage hike? Oh. Read previous sentence.

-WaPo. In Hanabusa’s candidacy, what remains of Inouye’s mostly Japanese American political machine is fighting for supremacy against a younger and whiter progressive wing that is trying to become Hawaii’s new ruling class.

-We need change.

Cook Report. 93% of R House members represent districts carried by Romney and 96% of Ds represent districts won by Obama. Two decades ago, there were 99 crossover seats (districts voted for one party for president and the other for Congress). Today, 26. Up for election: 435 House, 35 Senate seats, 36 governorships and lots of state and local seats.

-Six Rs voted with the Ds to pass a procedural vote to extend unemployment benefits – NV Heller, NH Ayotte, IN Coats, ME Collins, AK Murkowski and OH Portman. That’s why ‘just any R’ won’t cut it.

-OCare worse. No refuting the charges of an unsecure website. Death spiral being redefined and spun by Ds. Took half a day before Hawaii media noted that Obama fired CGI for OCare. CGI= failed Hawaii Health Connector.

-1008 days (February 3) to Pres election. Christie endures ‘front-runner’ status. Politico “unlikely BOTH Christie and Bush would run in 2016, because they’d divide up the establishment vote/support.“

-Congress can’t fund veterans’ benefits?

-Stand with Rand.

-HRP responds. Hellreich buried a response in her quarterly update to party insiders; says she put the CC event right before HRP LDD because of a scheduling conflict. That doesn’t explain why Hellreich didn’t wait until after to allow HRP to raise funds to help candidates. (Congrats on good event)

-Finance Director Parsons told why HRP lost money on their mail/phone raising last summer, first ever failed effort. Parsons “when we look for new donors, it is not uncommon or unacceptable to lose money.” But, HRP was in debt 20k, losing more is unacceptable. Prospecting (term Parsons was trying to recall) requires continuous monitoring. I received reports every 12 hours. Asleep or not, every twelve hours FD Hayes gave the number of calls, connects, bad numbers, new donors, amount donated, avg/donor, avg/call. If asked, she gave the name and amount donated. When it went cold, we stopped. We wouldn’t waste donors’ $ and we had a quarter million dollars more than HRP’s current zero balance. Another reason Parson’s spin doesn’t work: HRP had not called their house file (list of current & past donors) in more than 24 months. Calling a random universe for prospecting, instead of calling previous donors, is ludicrous, even for C/H/L.

-You can track the past three-year HRP status posted at I don’t do the posting but I appreciate HRP’s history being transparent.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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