Meetings, Part 1

Aloha Friends. This is part 1 of 2.

-June 3 HD17/18 monthly meeting

-June 14-15 Sports Shooting Fair

-June 19-21 Faith and Freedom Conference, DC

-June 26-28 National Right to Life Convention, Louisville

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better.

These reports are mine and are chock full of suggestions for HRP ‘leaders.’ I don’t speak for HIRA, ACU, National Federation of Republican Assemblies, National Republican Conservative Caucus, or The Honolulu TEA Party. Nor NRA, FreedomWorks, Heritage. Don’t blame those guys for my words.

-NRA Annual meeting, Indianapolis. Incredible event. Immersed in the 2nd Amendment, hunting, shooting sports, self-defense, guns, gun accessories, gun parts, gun tactics, legal, political, everything guns and more. Guest of NRA President and Managing Director. Tom Selleck, Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox, Sarah Palin, Franklin Graham, +++. 85,000 attend, at least one other from Hawaii. Dozens of breakout sessions, thousands attend banquets and concerts, stadium exhibit floor with 300+ vendors. Was honored to be an NRA panel speaker on Freedom Alliance/NRA cruise last year and guest at this annual meeting; look forward to more work for (guns) rights.

-National Federation of Republican Assemblies BoD meeting. Representing HIRA as National Director and the Western Region as NFRA Vice President. 50 board members from 21 states. In the west, HI, CA and NV are vibrant. I speak (with Rafael Cruz) at inaugural AK convention. Clark County standing up another NV chapter. Summer 2015 is the NFRA Presidential Nominating National Convention. Conservatives have a home and voice.

Until HRP can fund itself and operate, it can’t take on the Dems. We can’t expect HRP to take on liberals, we have too many ourselves. Without honest leadership and distinction between parties & candidates, we can’t expect Republicans (or independents, democrats or undecideds) to support HRP or its candidates.

-State Convention. HRP gives NO reason to attend. No elections, few candidates, no Platform change …all for $70 and nine Saturday hours of your life (plus airfare/lodging/transportation for NI).

-Quarterly State cmte meeting. No advance agenda. <10/51 districts represented, zero BI district or county chair. Saiki repeatedly “I’ve only been chair three weeks” Obama-like refusing responsibility.

Grey again called on HRP to conduct a financial audit. Hellreich blurts that it costs 28k. Chang’s made-up number last year was 20k, Kaauwai two years ago said 10k. Hellreich and Lagareta say Thomason doing FEC reports counts as an audit. Your accountant doing your audit…not a better business practice. If that lie were true, Thomason would have been appointed and given an audit report. Saiki to form a cmte (D-like) to examine the rule. That’s Grey’s point. It is in the Rules. Just do it…unless there is something to hide. Not following their own rules is one reason less than ten districts participate.

Hellreich gives an insincere invitation to Western Leadership Conference two weeks hence and RNC meeting three weeks away, both on the mainland. Better than Liu who skips RNC meetings, does not participate and has no report. Klompus phoned in (first participation in almost a year) a skimpy report… until asked a simple question, then she got terribly defensive, then aggressive.

Saiki presented a required budget (ignored for years by Chang). State members had not seen it, and most still haven’t. Berube, adding disdain to insult, couldn’t provide it to members on the phone and had only five copies for everyone to share… and your State cmte didn’t balk, at all. Revenues are in bulk because Saiki/Berube/Parson can’t estimate monthly revenues. Revenues include RNC $3,750 for part of Parson’s pay and “we conned the RNC out of 500/month more for database buy” – Berube’s ‘con’ is more RNC funds which should be used to win a US Senate majority. Expenses are only “to keep the lights on,” Berube’s “focus.” Their political party budget has no budget for politics – only admin – seven months until the election, verifying that HRP exists simply in name, not for politics. Evidence Saiki/Berube have no regard for the State cmte: no agenda in advance and not letting you preview her faux-budget, and having you to approve a budget which lacks the reason HRP exists, political activity. Evidence that the State cmte is incompetent and cares less about HRP: not discussing the budget with their districts before taking less than five minutes to give approval. Most never saw it before approving. More budget, later.

Saiki focused on voter reg, using liberal SA Borecca’s article as her reference. Saiki has no state effort but was told Maui and Kauai did. She says Ready is in charge, poking him after three years to start doing his job. Saiki expects to register 25,500 voters, R- or D-leaning. She directs “go after low hanging fruit’ like Medicare.” Medicare? Saiki tells chairs to “Do it or step aside and we’ll get someone else” forgetting half her district seats are empty and she can’t get anyone on BI to even attend a meeting. She should scold the 80% of districts not present.

Ready said HRP’s responsibility is to “get our base out.” Good luck. ‘Our’ base (1) shares this report, (2) wants HRP to stand for something, and (3) won’t support an Exec cmte which daily demonstrates their incompetence, if they make any effort at all. Kicking the past guy: Chang told the January meeting that the audit requirement was defeated at Convention. Schadel tried to slide a line in the January minutes which had Ready calling Chang a liar because the rules were not changed. Agreeing with the premise, the lying, Grey noted that minutes are not what you ‘wished’ had been said. No report on coordinated campaign, events, coalitions, communications, community service, didn’t even let vice chairs speak. Adjourned in record time.

Djou “in” for CD1. With seven months to the General and two weeks after his honorary campaign chair Saiki boots out Chang. “Djou has branded himself as a moderate Republican, and an analysis by the National Journal of 111th US Congress votes on fiscal, social and foreign policy issues, showed Djou was the second most moderate Congress member, ranking 253rd most liberal and 175th most conservative.“ No HRP announcement of Djou’s entry. Lingle team = Chair Lingle, Manager Marumoto, Finance Shelton Jim On, Grassroots Darwin Ching. This makes Djou the top-of-ticket race, instead of Aiona or Cavasso. Reader “Hellreich and Saiki will be leveraging HRP for every possible benefit to [Djou] in what will certainly be “The Year of Djou” at Kapiolani HQ.  And if I were Aiona, I’d see the writing on the wall and stay out of 2014.  Most social conservatives don’t have the $$ or time to make up for Aiona being a 2nd tier candidate behind Djou.“

-HRP FEC + some Treasurer data. March receipts $10,345 and disbursements $24,235. RED, again. Contributions only 6,600+RNC 3,750. State account empty so no transfer. CoH down to 50k = 37.4k fenced for two years of mortgage and 2.3k in accounts due i.e. 10.3k for operations (Berube reminds it takes 15k/month to run HQ). Debt is 18.4k. Sustaining members reported: down to four Exec cmte, one of 51 district chairs, only 11 members. When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so. Expenditures include $1500 mortgage, 2684 building maintenance, 806 copier, 2246 IMS accounting, 500 debt payment with a 5000 fundraiser mailer, and Berube’s 3097 & Parson’s 2832 salary+2594 payroll tax+440 health insurance+86 cell phones. RNC’s bailout for staff pay means less to win the US Senate majority. Additional LDD expenses of 796. Saiki CC event grosses only 52k, nets only 40k (less than our lowest estimate), and mortgage = 138k. HRP in the red 10 of last 15 months. Party of fiscal responsibility in debt for 42 consecutive months,

By the numbers:

-One. Difference between the number voting at Saiki’s coronation, 46, and number present to vote, 45.

-Two, twelve, 45&31. Number of Neighbor island districts, of 16, represented at the January State cmte meeting. Total number of districts represented, of 51. Percent of the cmte members & percent of the full cmte who attended.

-Two, more. Heath, Maui, to HRP “Please remove me from your mailing list. I have resigned. X-Dist 8 Chair.“ Sadly, a friend and district chair also died this past month.

-Five. Years without a HRP strategic plan, finance plan, campaign (Victory) plan.

-Another five. Lack of integrity by State cmte to address the Rs – Theilen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine, Fenton – who endorsed Ds against Rs in the last election.

-Six. Net R seats for US Senate majority. Send money to: SD, WV, MT, LA, AR, NC. Need to hold GA, KY. Then MI, CO, AK, IA, VA, NH, OR.

-Seven. Number of Young Republicans to attend the monthly YR state meeting.

-Nine, consecutive. Number of state meetings, three state cmte and six platform cmte, that NOT one Big Island district was represented.

-Quorum of Twelve Andersen “While many governments and well-meaning individuals have redefined marriage, the Lord has not.“

-Fifteen. Months since the 2012 required financial audit was to be conducted. Four month since the ’13 audit was to be conducted.

-Eighteen. Months into the election cycle and thirteen months after Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives in all states to increase our chances of winning local and national elections.” No state registration drive, ten districts told to ‘get it done.

-Latest HRP email went to 34 district chairs, 22 of whom are active… out of 51 districts.

-1922. Days (as of May 1) to Presidential election. FOXNews has Christie, Bush, Paul at the top.

Ward says entire R House caucus voted Aye for a bloated state budget, spending and tax increases. Slom is the only legislator to vote against it, his plan

-McDermott leads against Porno Choices.

Saiki and HRP silent on legislation establishing 2016 same-day voter registration at early voting locations and at all locations in 2018. Please tell me why we should volunteer for or contribute to HRP.

-2014 Legislature ends. For a ‘quiet’ election year, this session really sucked.

-RNC introduces new voter database Data Beacon…5½ months before the election. DB is a new GOPDC which was the new Voter Vault.

Thank you. Berube about HD18 “Would love to see Willes run! He would make a great candidate.“ Giles “This is the perfect opportunity to have a great leader like Willes become part of the ‘solution’.“ Ward tells me “you are the best person” for the job. Reader “[Ward] must have hated being sent to ask you to run for office.” VM from a party leader “I’ve had a few people ask me why you aren’t running for Senate, against Hanabusa and Schatz. I wish you would.” Thank you.

-Not news. SA “ .. rail’s top leadership, including [Caldwell], have started to publicly float the idea of extending Oahu’s .0.5 percent [GET] surcharge ..” in “perpetuity.“

-OCare at 8 or 20M, bad for America. Gov’t tells applicants to change password because of Heartbleed virus. SA Shapiro “It’s about the president governing competently; Obama didn’t.“ Nor has Abercrombie, Hawaii Health Connector has 8000 enrolled. SA “HMSA said costs related to Obamacare are responsible for the bulk of a 12.8% proposed [rate] hike.“ HR “A 2% fee is assessed on every plan [which won’t cover] operational costs.“ Connector expects a shortfall of $5M in 2015, 9M in 2016. Our taxes provides the subsidies. Shapiro “Federal and local politicians responsible for this debacle are generally the same ones hectoring for more revenues for new and bigger government programs. Let them prove they can competently run programs they have before taking us on new misadventures.“ Slom is the ONLY legislator to vote against Connector three years ago (which included Ward, Theilen, Fontaine, Johanson, Pine). Now, Slom gets GOA to investigate Connector. Think about to whom you contribute.

Consultants Are Useless Only HRP has a consultant who works also with Ds, and your primary opponent. Nowhere else… in all of America.

-Brown to RNC (excerpts) “I was amused to get the letter from you asking me to become a Founding Member of the Hawaiian Delegation of VICTORY 2014The Hawaii GOP is in complete disarray and has been for most of the 10 years we’ve lived here. The GOP HQ mortgage is being completely paid by the [OLRW]. The party platform is LLIFE, a joke. There is no indication that the GOP here takes stands on any issue. We’ve pretty well given up on the local party and have joined the Hawaiian Republican Assembly and [OLRW]. There are other Republicans who want this party to actually stand for Republican principles and start winning elections.  When we see that action get started we’ll be happy to support the local party again!“ No RNC response.

-Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Reciprocal benefits. Civil unions. Homosexual marriage. Multiple lawsuits. Mozilla gays fire the CEO. Now, gays try to oust BoE Horner. Stop thinking that half-measures (for HRP, no measures) work for political parties or ‘moderate’ candidates.

-SA poll “What do you think about the number of firearm registrations reaching a record high in 2013?” My question is “why should law-abiding citizens have to register their firearms?” Concealed carry threatens Chicago’s status as Murder Capital of America

-That ‘Iowa farmer’ video used in the Iowa senate race? America Rising has full-time trackers on the top 11 senate GOP opponents. Dems are tracking our guys, also.

-A friend of ours, and Waikiki district chair, died this past month. Our prayers are with his family.

ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Part 2 on the way.



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