Meetings, Part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome back. Part 2/2.

-June 3 HD17/18 monthly meeting

-June 14-15 Sports Shooting Fair

-June 19-21 Faith and Freedom Conference, DC

-June 26-28 National Right to Life Convention

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you.

District meet: Slom “The party needs to stand for something. Republicans need to stand for something.” Legislator confirms Theilen may go D…so, why did they put her on Judiciary? Djou “I’m back. I’m in.” White running for Governor, Grace out to beat Brower, Council 4 Iwase got good words from Slom, Ward and district chair Grey. HNL County Rohlfing says 86% Oahu district chairs filled (only 8/35 attend state meeting). Larson starts rowdy discussion between conservatives desiring a real Platform vs ‘moderates’/liberals who ‘stand for nothing.’ Parsons, new to HRP, says districts are to share minutes with the rest of the party just like Exec and State cmte….until he’s informed that HQ hasn’t distributed Exec or State cmte minutes for four years (and, Platform cmte chair refuses to keep cmte minutes).

-I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers: Response to last report “what a f***ing mess! armed overthrow mo bettah :^)“ “Good grief!!  No wonder I’m not involved anymore. I’d rather wash my luggage than get roped into any of this disaster.“ From BI “Spoke with xxxx after hearing of Saiki’s “ascent”. I asked him what he thought and he said, “what’s the difference”? Lots of “sour” Republicans here.“ “Pull the pin on the whole thing and start again she can keep her chair and run it as a party of one.” “Am hoping that we can get it together enough to bring Duke back in as an Hawaiian and a Christian Republican candidate.“ “Seems that its “business as usual with politicians. How do we get a vote of no confidence in this whole BS that just stuck us with such a millstone.“ “Don’t rely upon HRP membership lists – they are way out of date and incomplete.“ Berish “Who but the village idiot would seriously quibble with my observation that the best word to describe the Party’s current ability to affect election results is “insignificant?”

-Hellreich and Saiki asked sympathy for Chang as he had to leave office, for which you elected him, to deploy for six months to serve our nation. He was back in town within three weeks. Then, Chang pops up as a speaker at an April business event. Lying about military service is not a good thing.

-Saiki “I am a liberal when it comes to equal rights and a conservative when it comes to spending people’s money.” Saiki SSM testimony ________(she gave none). I am told she said she opposes Porno Choices, but not in the Platform. CB “[Saiki] supports women’s reproductive freedom.” Saiki bio

-Hannemann tells the HRP moderate/centrist platform story in SA “clearly people are not happy with the way both major parties sometimes push folks to accept party platforms – or the rigidity of party platforms – either having to appeal to the far left or the far right. I’ve always been a moderate… a centrist. I’ve always been independent.“ HRP leadership was recruiting him, and those folks won’t campaign for Aiona.

Platform. Dysfunctional cmte, dysfunctional bureaucracy, dishonest chair. Saiki wants no Platform, she got what she wants. Saiki in SA “The Republican Party does not have to take one side or the other.” HIRA: [HRP] now officially stands for nothingagain.

Cmte member notes from mtg #2. “Started 15 minutes late, another 30 to call roll. Berube hiring someone to find resos on the website, four years after the 2010 resos. Absolute lack of Robert’s knowledge, including ‘junior parliamentarian’ Camerilli, confirmed when they determined that an individual blurting out ‘Call for the Question’ meant debate ceases rather than the cmte had to vote 2/3 to end debate before voting on the motion. Moses says there will be no meeting minutes which means LLIFE is not passed because there are no approved minutes to prove it. No issues assigned. Several won’t join the google group because the confidentially statement prevents us from discussing open cmte meetings with district members who elected us. Promptly at 3p, interrupting a speaker, we quit. Adjourned.“

Svrcina “Committee:, think, feel, and try harder to take action. Please understand this candidate’s perspective – think about what voters need to hear to decide it’s WORTH for them to vote for Republican BRAND.“

Meeting #3. Barely met quorum (18/49). Missing were members recruited for last week to vote for LLIFE, never to be seen again. HQ ‘incompetence’ (her word) couldn’t operate the phone. Again no Big Island participation (third time), only 1 Maui, 1 Kauai. To address LLIFE inadequacy, Moses says Platform = LLIFE+resolutions+some epilogue to be written, as opposed to a real Platform as moved by Palcic. 2010-’13 resos will not be posted until after convention because (1) no funds and (2) no tech savvy; even though many fifth graders can build a website for free in a day. More than 50% of the cmte is NOT using Moses’ google site. Issue topics leader designated except for Hawaiian which Moses says only a native Hawaiian can lead.

Credibility. Berube tells Platform cmte she hired someone to find and post resos on HRP website, then tells State cmte there are no funds committed to do so. Lots of work by a few cmte members and no one has told them there is only two hours at convention for Platform – the other five hours for mindless speeches.

-‘We don’t need no stinkin’ Platform.’ Saiki neuters HRP, dictates that candidates define the party. And, they have. Last year, House caucus joined the Souki Progressive wing, endorsed Abercrombie’s budget, then made a video to tell everyone. Lingle/Aiona let the GET increase for West Oahu rail. Every House member but one (McDermott) voted for the minimum wage hike. Every legislator except Slom voted for the Hawaii Health Connector (Slom also voted against the wage hike). Theilen voted for SSM, Aiona and Djou were silent. This year, all Rs, except Slom, voted FOR the bloated state budget. All, but Slom, voted for race-based initiatives (Fale voted Aye for every one), which are favored by candidates Aiona, Djou. Your party chairman introduced abortion legislation to Hawaii 40 years ago. Fukumoto and Cheape vie for ‘most tearful.’ Chang, he was a candidate, favors inner-city abortions and increased taxes on the wealthy. Golojuch, yes the D GBLT guy, was a R house candidate. This is Saiki’s HRP, defined.

-Brown’s to Saiki (excerpts) “We need to see the Hawaii GOP stand for something. With so few Republicans supporting the party that the HQ is barely being kept open, and OLRW apparently paying the mortgage because the budget is in such disarray, things have certainly reached a crisis point.  If you can’t get Republicans to support the party, how can you get anyone else?  We encourage you to start speaking out publicly on what it means to be a Republican and how that relates to Hawaii today.  We’re ready to follow by sending money if you and other party officials are ready to lead the way!“ No Saiki response.

-Addendum. Saiki/Burebe attempted a budget, fulfilling a Rules requirement. Their budget isn’t a budget, at all. When Ainoa/Talbot ran the party, her budgeting was meticulous. Lee/Deguire in ’08 developed a cash flow/income statement/ledger format – not a budget – to show money in-out at any particular time. No one after – Kaauwai or Chang – understood it so they just didn’t do a budget; apparently the current crew can’t understand it. Saiki took a hack at the admin funds, and forgot about electioneering. Her report: Revenues are not broken out by month, even the past three ’14 months. There are no expenses to offset revenue i.e. they show LDD revenue but no expenses. If revenue shown is net, LDD netted only 32k, 20% below the lowest expectation and 120k lower than needed to operate HRP, sans politics. Saiki expects 58k from mail, against no expenses, and sustaining donors must increase 300% to meet their lowered, 35k revenue. Chairman solicitation is 23k, should be easy for Saiki (though Chang brought in 0). Funds from RNC is 45k Rs won’t have for a US Senate majority. Much of the expense numbers are made up, though they made an effort to record 1st qtr. 24.5k for IMS accounting (Thomason) means 12% of all they’ll spend goes to IMS to account for it. 42k/year to occupy HQ space, not mortgage. 112k for salary and employee costs. Berube said budget didn’t include political but it has 2k for caucus meetings & voter lists. 18k/year mortgage is a separate expense item but there is no revenue item i.e. the Saiki CC event. No NI travel, in either direction. There is no record of county monies, revenue or expense. Debt payment is separate in the budget. 500/month payments means HRP stays in THIS debt three more years for a total of six years since Kaauwai/Nonaka sent us so close to bankruptcy. Everything Saiki raises is simply to keep the lights on, no electioneering. HRP plans to rely on national party and organizations, at the expense of important national races. Those funds are earmarked for gubernatorial, US senate and house races, leaving local candidates unsupported. Without political revenues & expenses this isn’t a political party budget.

Maui convention is more notable for the conservative candidates they did not invite rather than the candidates they invited… Saiki keynotes to ask support for a party which doesn’t stand for anything, calling around to learn about Jones Act so she doesn’t embarrass herself. Maui expects 200 (!) according to their email.

May 1 = 187 days to General Election

Leadership Institute. Berube email asks us to pay $50 for Leadership Institute/GRIH “non-partisan” training session. District chair “I have no clue what [Pechaur] did in her candidate training, but I do know it was not non-partisan! Is this all the Party can provide? Strongly connected to [Nonaka], so when LI leaves, [Nonaka can] suck up fees! This non-Partisan effort is fine with Saiki/Hellreich/Liu!“

OLRW. “We need volunteers at HRP to call our House District members to obtain their email addresses“ two years after the 2012 Presidential caucus generated party lists.

-Shock and awww. “Hawaii’s GOP is preparing to unleash an unprecedented grassroot-level blitz unlike anything in our party’s recent history.“ Then, Chang flew the coup. No plan, no action.

-Saiki “candidate recruitment is going well.” Candidates are running from HRP. Conservative candidates organizing and preparing, in spite of HRP stonewalling their info while supporting liberal candidates.

-’14 Candidates: (with $ data) Lot of D racist issues with Schatz (600k raised inc 133k from PACs, 2.4M CoH) v Hanabusa (428k inc 29k PAC, 1M) for US Senate. R filers Friel (no FEC acct) and Cavasso (37k inc 1k PAC, 3k CoH, 153k debt), Roco pulled (no acct). CD1 Ds: Chang (122k inc 0 PAC, 331k), Anderson (79k inc 7k PAC,135k), Takai (227k inc 18k PAC, 322k), Kim (252k inc 18k PAC, 535k). Rs: Djou (0, 0. Says he raised 100k) and out-of-state Levene. CD2: D Gabbard (275k inc 68k PAC, 872k) vs R Capelouto (no report), Crowley (no acct). Defend Marriage Hawaii (DMH) is a federal SuperPAC (0, 0). When Djou (silent on SSM) went to CD1, Sabato moved HI-SEN from Likely to Safe D. Zimmerman with Djou, Milner and Lee quotes. Cook moves CD1 from Solid D to Likely D. Djou tells Buck ‘party divide’ “It’s healthy.”

Candidates Gov Abercrombie v Ige, also Libertarian Davis and Rs White, Aiona (absent on SSM). Independent party (Ds) formed for Hannemann. Aiona, with non-partisan Let’s Do This Hawaii (not with HRP), raising small money. SA “Aiona, who lost to Abercrombie in 2012 [by 17 points], has launched another Republican campaign but has been slow to organize.” Lingle goes with Djou instead of her eight-year partner? Aiona hasn’t announced team. We’ll see if he files. Ahu for LG with Lets Do This, not HRP, yet to pull. HRP doesn’t list Maui’s Arakawa as R. Baker has primary. More Libs pulling papers. Adult Meyer running against Fale. Former Rs Bukowski and Riviere run as Ds. Finnegan (loser, in LG race, absent on SSM) eyes Ige’s seat. Conservative Hood primaries liberal Theilen. B. Awana consulting several R races. Nonaka working with R AND democrat candidates. Honolulu Magazine asked who Hannemann hurts the most: “This makes it much less likely that Aiona is going to win.”

McDermott is the only House R to vote against the minimum wage hike. Johanson, Ward, Fukumoto, Theilen, Fale, Cheape voted with the Ds. Think before you contribute.

-Fale official senate announcement “Our community is frustrated that they’re voices aren’t being heard at the State Capitol.” This spelling-challenged first impression reinforces what others think about this Fale, Kaauwai, Nonaka team.

Watch: Schatz v Hanabusa, SD4 Solomon v Inouye, SD23 Fale v Meyer. HD4 Hanohano v anyone, HD9 Woodson v Apana, HD36 Fukumoto v Lee, HD38 Aquino v Sonson, HD43 Awana v Tupola, HD45 Cheape vs Magaoay, HD50 Theilen v Hood, OHA at-large Aiona v Akina.

-You can be a lot of things but you can’t be a fiscal conservative if you favor the “Akaka bill, OHA’s Kana’iolowalu nation-building process, Hawaii’s racial entitlement programs, or the secessionist movement.“ Conservatives don’t support growing government, increasing taxes and shrinking the tax base. Know before you support, contribute, vote.

Quick hits:

-‘Moderate’ right (and liberal HRP) attacks TEA party and conservatives.

-Correction “Scow is not exec director of Hawaii Christian Coalition, rather, Communications Director.“

-NH R party runs a TV ad blasting D Senator Shaheen. HRP does ….?

-Notice the ads for Al Jazeera America even on right-leaning radio?

-Bloomberg commits $50M to support ’14 gun control candidates. NRA response, 35 seconds Send your $25 to

-Rasmussen “Favorables for Boy Scouts Fall to 59%“ since allowing open gays to join.

SCOTUS. McCutcheon, cap off aggregate donor limits. RNC attorney Bopp, co-founded RNC Conservative Caucus in 2008: we are the 20 most conservative in RNC. Only one from Hawaii. Chang, Hellreich, Lui, Saiki not in RNCC or invited to the larger Conservative Steering Cmte.

-GOPUSA “Bush has antagonized many Republicans by supporting an immigration overhaul and educational standards for kindergarten through 12th grade known as Common Core.“

-Our military never fights in places you’ve heard of and uses acronyms you don’t know. Similar in politics. Now we know the BLM idiots in Mesquite. Reid “We can’t have, in America, people that violate the law and just walk away from it.” So, Reid, let’s talk about illegal immigration.

-“Local” CPAC. Attend ACU’s San Diego regional CPAC Aug 9, 2014.

-Transparent HRP at Not my posting but tells the real story.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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