Convention+Candidates, Part 1

Aloha Friends. This is part 1 of 2.

-June 14-15 Sports Shooting Fair

-June 19 HIRA Roadshow, Ewa/Kapolei

-June 19-21 Faith and Freedom Conference, DC

-June 26-28 National Right to Life Convention, Louisville

-August 2 HD17/18 monthly meeting

-August 8-9 CPAC San Diego

-September 26-28 Value Voters Summit, DC

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better.


-All positive. HRP is participating in this year’s elections! We’ve moved past the suspicious replacement of your elected chair with an elderly statesman. We have as many dollars to support candidates as last cycle. The 43-month debt may be paid off in only two more years, and there is only $130k HQ mortgage remaining. Communications may soon announce events & rallies, introduce us to candidates and tell the public why specific HRP platform solutions are better for Hawaii. We have a mixed group of candidates, some of whom we’ve heard. Our top candidates lost by only 8 and 17 points the last time they ran. We have candidates in 7/13 senate races, more than the Lib party (5)! HRP yet to meet Rs from the Lets Do This Hawaii platform. Only six candidates who previously served or ran as Rs pulled as Ds. Party unified by distancing from the conservative, TEA, liberty and religious voice. HRP allowed two of 20 or so candidates to speak at Convention. We passed the non-committal platform to allow candidates to be whatever ‘Republican’ they choose, and expect the same success as in past elections, member recruitment and fundraising. With five months to go, our state cmte has names for almost 75% of district leader seats and almost 10% of precinct seats. With a month of focused voter reg, we are 20% of the way to the first week’s goal. Incumbents are poised to bring as much success in the legislature as last session. Progress. Choose wisely.


RNC meeting, Memphis. HRP punted – Hellreich attended, Saiki and Liu skipped. Opened with a Conservative Steering Cmte breakfast (Conservative. They aren’t members.) with Eagle Forum Schlafly (“today’s greatest threat to the family is Common Core”) and Susan B Anthony’s Musgrave. RNC outraising DNC, Priebus “We have over 14,000 volunteer Republican precinct captains in our network“ (not HRP). Speakers included TN Gov Haslam, Rubio, Paul, MS Gov Bryant, SD Mayor Faulconer, SBA’s Dannenfeltzer on a panel. Major issue was Presidential Primary debates rules change. Missing words in my comments and  Hellriech, planned to skip out early and miss the vote, was so determined to NOT give the Hawaii proxy votes to me, she stayed and spent Friday doing her job. HRP’s platform joins the NV platform national media Right direction on abortion Latest: 2016 Convention cities narrowed to Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, KC.

Alaska RA convention. 300 attend in Wasilla. I spoke after NFRA President Angle, before AZ Sheriff Mack, keynote was Pastor Cruz. Alaska’s role – fire Begich. My remarks Making choices: life, Constitution. ID voters, get them to vote. RNC Western Region Faith Engagement director and Alaska field rep attend. Second time I’ve worked with Cruz. He’s joined Lane’s American Renewal project (pastors’ event I attended in NH).

-Memorial Day. HRP didn’t have a Memorial Day message to follow Saiki’s Mother’s Day message.

-Better than last year. State Convention. Enjoyed seeing friends. No elections, no Platform change, $70 and a Saturday (plus airfare/lodging/transportation for NI). Slom SBH News “GOP Convention Saturday in Kaneohe had a small turnout …“ 2,000 possible delegates or alternates…167 present to vote; about one for every two precincts, 8/35 Oahu districts with 0 or 1, 20 from the three NI combined including only three from BI, and one Oahu district accounted for >10% of delegates. Convention cut from three days in ‘08, to one day in ’12, now 2014 Credentials cmte “This year the convention will start earlier as we have to clear the ballroom at 3:00pm due to another function.” Saiki “Berube… is also chairing the Convention Planning Committee,“ prompting the question ‘Who did Berube’s paid job while she did the volunteer job?’

-Klompus (again) absent so Ready reported HRP is flush w/ $67k CoH. Calabash made $1600. Ready said Saiki performed as if she were a 30 year-old, again raising Saiki’s age issue. Hellreich challenged Rs to take a stand, two hours before voting for a neutral LLIFE platform. Liu used his time to fire up the group recounting the final ten minutes of Rocky V. Yes, the Stallone movie as if it is non-fiction, or as if on Military Appreciation Day there were no more applicable examples of an underdog coming up off the mat (for instance, out of the muck of Pearl Harbor, just 15 miles away). Saiki confirmed her goal to register 25,500 new voters. Liberal writers liked what they heard: CB Blair and SA DePledge HIRA didn’t “[HRP] led by [Saiki and Hellreich], tripled down on neutrality, silence and inaction for another two years“

-Several good people with potential for a few good candidates, if they were trained. Unfortunate to not have time to hear from our candidates. HRP cited venue restrictions for 90% of our candidates not being allowed to speak even for one minute “We have many, many candidates and a very short period of time due to the venue availability.“ Then, we took two breaks for about 18 minutes when they were ‘ahead of schedule.’ When OHA candidate Akina was introduced someone asked “When did he join HRP?” (Hasn’t, doesn’t plan to do so.)

-HIRA highlighted Hellreich’s hypocritical call for Republicans to stand for something, I noted her comment “voter turnout is low in Hawaii because many people have lost hope.” HRP, an election year, their two best candidates at the top-of-ticket … and an average of three delegates per district attending “because many people have lost hope.”

-Platform. Adopted the neutral LLIFE and some resos. Berish motioned a platform amendment and was ‘out of order.’ Lagareta and faux-parliamentarian Camilleri botched it again. Convention rules addressed only resos, not Platform. Absent anything in our rules, Roberts Rules applies. Once presented, Berish had every right to seek a second for his motion. Instead Camilleri and Lagareta orchestrated an ‘out of order’ ruling based on the requirement to submit resos ten days prior. Then, they allowed debate and votes on amendments – not submitted ten days earlier – to the resos. Cmte member Smart “[Lagareta] had concerns about the 1st amendment and religious liberty resolution,.. If you read [Blair, CB] book Money, Color & Sex in Hawaii Politics, you will see regarding our Chairman “In 1969, Saiki was the first woman legislator to publicly endorse the right of women to choose to have an abortion.”

-If HIRA wondered whether the establishment took them seriously: SD23 candidate Meyer resigns as one of two HIRA national directors. Had to anyway because CSC says she can’t be a HIRA officer and have her own campaign cmte. She sent an email with attached letter (written by someone) to people nervous about HIRA so that they knew she was back in line. DePledge thought HIRA serious enough to put it in the state’s only newspaper. He writes that Meyer was upset (not that she disagreed) with a HIRA post-convention release, as opposed to HIRA’s year of holding Rs & Ds accountable. The letter allegedly written by Meyer cites her friendship with Hellreich and Saiki. To help her make nice with her friends: Meyer never attended a HIRA BoD meeting, nor a national federation meeting. Meyer is the conservative and adult in the SD23 primary. While ‘her’ letter will not earn help from her friends already campaigning for Fale, she has my support.

-HRP FEC A BLACK month! April receipts $32,624 and disbursements $27,554. Contributions 28,473 (LDD, Convention, phone calls)+RNC up to 4150. No tnsf from empty State account. CoH 55k = 36k fenced for mortgage payments+~4k Counties i.e. 15k for operations (Berube says 15k/month to run HQ). Debt is 17.9k. Sustaining members showing: up to five/14 Exec cmte, up to three of 51 district chairs, up to 13/23,000 members. When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so. Expenditures include $1499 mortgage, 2707 building maintenance, 805 copier, 2179 IMS accounting, 500 debt payment with a 2500 raiser mailer, 3001 telemarketing, 1161 phone prospecting, $91 PIRYX and Berube’s 3096 & Parson’s 2832 salary& 521 travel +2593 payroll tax+1273 unemployment ins+440 health insurance+294 liability ins+86 cell phones. Increased RNC bailout means less to win the US Senate majority. Mortgage = 136k. HRP in the red 10 of last 16 months. Party of fiscal responsibility in debt for 43 consecutive months,

Steyer (PIRYX) hits Rs in Senate (CO, IA, MI, NH) and gov (ME, PA, FL) races. HRP uses PIRYX.

By the numbers:

-One. Black book.

-Three. Finally, member updates from Saiki telling HRP’s story. Next is to include useful info. Chang’s was weekly, became periodic, then not at all.

Three HRP leaders died recently. Our prayers are with their families. HRP HQ (Parsons) informed members about one of them. Readers “I found the mailing terribly offensive.“ “a little distasteful …. HRP soliciting money because one of their members passed.“

-Five. Years without a HRP strategic plan, finance plan, campaign (Victory) plan.

-Another five. Lack of integrity by State cmte to address the Rs – Theilen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine, Fenton – who endorsed Ds against Rs in the last election.

-Six. Net R seats for US Senate majority. Support: MT, LA, AR, NC, WV, SD. Need to hold GA, KY. Then CO, AK, IA, MI, OR, VA, NH. WaPo: 77% likely that Rs take senate majority. Bozell ”Conservatives ought not to delude themselves that if Republicans win the Senate majority, it will somehow be a conservative majority.” Media, including Fox, wants you to believe TEA is dead. Yet, NE Sasse & both big TX races are TEA wins, GA runoff isn’t so bad and MS having runoff.

-Sixteen. Months since the 2012 required HRP financial audit was to be conducted. Five since the ’13 audit was due. Instead, Saiki plans to eliminate the requirement.

-Nineteen. Months into the election cycle and fourteen months after Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives in all states to increase our chances of winning local and national elections.” No HRP state registration drive as I Vote in the churches replaces a Republican effort.

-51. Aiona says Lingle/Aiona won all the districts in 2006. Aiona/Finnegan 2010? Lingle 2012?

-1888. Days (as of June 4) to Presidential election.

-Saiki’s job is party unity. Her contribution was to work HARD at convention to get a photo next to me … to use to imply unity. Fmr VA congressman “What mature parties do, they sit together and work things out. I don’t think we’ve been beaten bad enough to understand what it takes to work together.”

-HIRA’s for time & place. Get involved with conservative solutions.

Djou aims left, which resulted in Lingle’s 25-point loss. Pandering with a photo chumming with Obama. Rs are uneasy with the argument that he should be elected because he is an R in a world of Ds. That’s an endorsement of the Ds in states with a super-majority of Rs and we don’t want to give up those seats. Campaign chair Lingle proclaims support for Common Core.

-HI enrolled the least in OCare. Five states scrap sites and ask for more money, HI says we’re next. SA “The state’s two largest health insurers are blaming substantial losses on a combined $54.1 million in fees related to Obama­care. Whether it’s fees or taxes that come out of the general fund, you have to pay for something that’s not necessary.” HR on FoxNews “Hawaii’s Health Connector, costs the nation’s taxpayers the most per enrollee.“ PhRMA “many Americans could end up paying more than double in out-of-pocket costs for drugs.“ RGA web ad doesn’t mention Aiona & RedState doesn’t know Aiona “Certainly the eventual GOP nominee will be happy to make that point” … but mentions Slom Slom is the ONLY legislator to vote against Connector (which included Ward, Theilen, Fontaine, Johanson, Pine).

-Stop Common Core. For Hawaii answers

-Blair, 17. She’ll be 18 when she is sworn as a WV legislator. Beat a three-term incumbent and will beat Dem in November. Platform is anti-abortion, pro-2nd Amendment, and ‘listening to the people.’

-“What happens when you put a sitting governor, a biker named Harley and a man with a fantastic Santa Claus beard on stage together? Answer: This astonishing Idaho GOP primary debate, which included racial jokes, a nuclear conspiracy theory, and such spicy biographical details as that time one candidate was ‘livin in Jack Fat’s cellar.’ Gov Otter and state Sen. Fulcher were an afterthought. Bayes waved wildly and read from the Bible. Brown talked about Playboy bunnies and being ordained by God to be president, and offered such gems as “turd in the punchbowl.”

-HIRA influence


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Part 2 on the way.



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