Convention+Candidates, Part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome back. Part 2/2.

-June 14-15 Sports Shooting Fair

-June 19 HIRA Roadshow, Ewa/Kapolei

-June 19-21 Faith and Freedom Conference, DC

-June 26-28 National Right to Life Convention, Louisville

-August 2 HD17/18 monthly meeting

-August 8-9 CPAC San Diego

-September 26-28 Value Voters Summit, DC

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you.

-Blessed to operate with national conservative movement leaders. Politico “[ACUF] announces new board members HIRA and NFRA and

-I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers: “I hear the young (House caucus) Republicans voted with the democrats to allow same day registration.“ On HRP’s Pechauer eblast “I was wondering if it was just me that found this inappropriate (maybe an understatement).“ “Your assessment of the Djou race spot on!! IMHO, for the “leaders” of the HRP it isn’t about whether or not Djou can win…it’s about collecting those consulting fees.“ “Saiki is ridiculous not to have a Republican platform. What in the heck does she stand for!!!  Obviously to her it makes no difference if one votes Dem or Repub. If she stands for nothing, then she stands not at all.“

Platform. Berish “One disgusting episode of this year’s Platform committee was that … the disgustingly dishonest, and childishly stupid, games played by “Is she still alive?” Saiki, Moses, and their political wonk acolytes like [Lagareta], the first young couple of members I’ve seen attempt to participate in the Party were driven away in less than two hours – never to return.“ “We failed to even look at, let alone discuss, let alone debate one paragraph, one sentence, one word or even one punctuation mark of the pale pink and soft grey document handed to us from above.“ Saiki wanted no Platform “The Republican Party does not have to take one side or the other.” Ready writes that HRP resos are to “further the Party’s focus on LOWERING THE COST OF LIVING for the average voter.” Raise your hand if you knew that HRP had any focus. Now, Ready writes “our Party’s main goal this season: register Republican voters! ” Perhaps next month they should prioritize winning elections.

-SA editors enjoy having HRP ‘lite’ on issues to ‘benefit public discourse’ with this reader comment “Why would anyone vote for a Democrat-lite (Republican) when they can have the real thing?” When liberals give advice, conservatives should do the opposite.

-Svrcina, candidate HD37 “Is there a place I can link to my (candidate) website to see Resolutions HRP adopted at least this year 2014? Why is not available on the GOP website YET?“ Reader comment “wonder why they don’t do something simple to assist the candidates. Resolutions that passed should be available on web site.“

-Overheard at candidate raiser. HRP Secretary Schaedel on his sudden resignation, “In a word, Miriam.” Hellreich called on people take a stand, maybe he finally did, and she canned him.

-Saiki “Under the leadership of [Ready], our “Chairman’s Challenge” – a project to register new voters – has started off with good results. Reader “She set a goal of what 25 registered per district each month but she measures success by ‘good.’ Hiding a lack of actual registrations?” District chair “Since [Saiki] put out the challenge, I’ve haven’t heard from [Rohlfing] or [Ready] on the issue.“

-Absent YRs or CRs, Saiki praises Libertarians for “…Young Americans for Liberty at UH-Hilo were prevented from handing out copies of the Constitution at a recruitment event in January.“

June 4 = 153 days to General Election

-Saiki wants HRP to campaign (a good thing) on Jones Act opposition. Out of the loop for 25 years, she’s calling around (that’s good) to get up to speed. Reader “I’ll wager she doesn’t know her Platform has an updated Jones reso coming.“

-’14 Candidates: Senate: Schatz (up 5 this week) v Hanabusa, Rs Cavasso, Roco. CD1 Ds: Kim (+6) v Takai and others. R: Djou v Levene. CD2: D Gabbard vs Rs Capelouto, Crowley.

Candidates Gov: Abercrombie v Ige, Indy Hannemann, Lib Davis, Rs Collins, Gregory, Aiona (absent on SSM) finally announces. Aiona, who lost to Abercrombie by 17, backed by non-partisan Let’s Do This Hawaii anti-SSM group. Cited for a lack of fire but he has a TV ad. Aiona $500 semi-formal raiser at Schofield Barracks moved, probably reminded that political raising on federal property is prohibited. Eight-year partner Lingle goes instead w/ Djou. Walden “It may seem incongruous in light of recent battles over rail, but the GOP must find a way to say ‘Yes’ to [Hannemann].” Many single-issue candidates. LG ‘balancer’ R Sutton v Ahu w/ Lets Do This, not HRP. Ds Hee v LG Tsutsui and Zanakas (husband was R when he died during a campaign). Indy Chang barely in time. HRP doesn’t list Maui’s Arakawa as R. Some good Libertarians to watch. Totally uncoordinated HRP recruitment process. Riviere (convinced Aduja not to file moves up to run for Hee’s seat v R winner of adult Meyer v Fale. CB says Finnegan (loser, in LG race by 17, absent on SSM) eyes Ige’s seat, instead allows Harimoto biggest win of filing day. HRP should vet other candidates Walden recruited. If every senate R wins, HRP still can’t bring bills to the floor or sustain a veto (IF Aiona were to win). Fontaine backs out. Ward, Johanson, Fukumoto, McDermott, Cheape get D challengers. Conservative Hood, stonewalled by HRP, primaries liberal Thielen. Johanson making calls on behalf of liberal Thielen. Saiki (introduced abortion rights to Hawaii) endorses Thielen (only R to vote for homosexual marriage) “I believe [Thielen] must be returned to the House of Representatives. She has done an outstanding job and deserves your vote!“ Jeremiah withdraws then gets back in. OHA at-large Aiona v Akina fizzles as Aiona goes for HNL Council. Talented Awana (Lingle fmr campaign manager) consulting R races. Nonaka, for the money, oddly works with R AND Dem candidates. Problem with HRP stuffing the list, 21 pulled and 17 file in the last week, with unqualified/unknown people is that they strain already non-existent HRP resources and aren’t a credible opponent for even a weak D.

Epidemic, halted by filing deadline. FORMER Rs Bukoski, Riviere, Blas, Kong, Jordan and Golojuch (D LGBT guy) pull as Ds, Berg as L.

Watch: Sen Schatz v Hanabusa. CD1 Kim v Takai, then v Djou. LG Tsutsui v Hee. SD4 Solomon v Inouye. SD23 Fale v Meyer, then v Riviere. HD4 Hanohano v anyone. HD9 Woodson v Apana. HD27 Fowler v Ohno. HD36 Fukumoto v Lee. HD38 Aquino v Sonson. Most fun race HD41 Cabanilla v Jeremiah v Berg. HD43 Awana v Tupola. HD45 Cheape vs Magaoay. HD48 wide open. HD50 Theilen v Hood. Couch v 3 for Maui Council.

-HRP stonewalling conservatives’ campaigns. Rs who ask conservatives to work with HRP lose credibility when they don’t ask the same of HRP, being that it is HRP’s responsibility.

-HD41 Jeremiah. NO one – Saiki, Berube, Pechaeur and now Walden for candidate recruitment, Ready with Coordinated Campaign – met or spoke with Jeremiah. Gutless, HQ asks McDermott to push him out of his race. Jeremiah says HRP told him they would not recognize him as a member of the party. However, unlike Ds, there is no R candidate litmus test. Wish it were so, but it isn’t or HRP would tell us before recruiting candidates. Either Saiki/Berube lied or Jeremiah did so. HRP supported an incumbent convicted cocaine user and an incumbent male who was arrested for fondling a male undercover officer, is represented by a rep who voted for SSM and a House caucus which endorsed the governor’s budget, and has a chair who introduced abortion rights to Hawaii, but won’t let the voters decide (HRP SB-1 battle cry) on a second chance for … an associate pastor. Then, HRP recruits a reluctant Wiggins but Berube refuses to issue him a candidate handbook. Jeremiah hears of HRPs lies and files again. w/ comment “Jeremiah has only 2 felony convictions please get it correct for your readers.“

-From liberal,0,4927853.htmlstory Contribute to Friends for Sam Slom, 6600 Kalanianaole Hwy, Suite 212, Honolulu 96825.

-AP “Djou is positioning himself as a centrist.” Reader’s twist “One thing I find fascinating is that Lingle is campaign chair. No better place to try and rehabilitate your political life than back a populist candidate with resources.“ Reader “Mark the words – all GOP focused money is going to Djou, period.“

-Abercrombie raised taxes $833M. Last campaign, Aiona refused to sign ATR’s Taxpayer’s Protection Pledge for ‘no new taxes.

-You can be a lot of things but you can’t be a fiscal conservative if you favor the “Akaka bill, OHA’s Kana’iolowalu nation-building process, Hawaii’s racial entitlement programs, or the secessionist movement.“ Conservatives don’t support growing government, increasing taxes and shrinking the tax base, or race-based initiatives OHA Stender “there are other issues we should be working on rather than building this government that is not going to work.“ That is A reason. Another reason against a Hawaiian nation, it is unconstitutional. Know before you support, contribute, vote.

Quick hits:

-HNL County Rohlfing testing waters for 2015 party chair.

-HRP website STILL not updated. Old Platform, way-old district chairs list, register for convention.

-Saiki breaks the rules, again, by endorsing in a Republican primary.

-CB photo of Rs-now-Ds

-Censorship, control. District chair: “when I sent around a draft agenda and in it questioned whether a Platform is important, another district chair suggested we get approval . . .“

-Increasingly apparent: ‘leadership’ failure for lack of Executive Director and Finance Director formal training, to complement their lack of experience. Hint: don’t fear the media.

-Fratricide. NOW Aiona forms team, raiding HRP ‘leadership.’ BI chair Smith bails “I am resigning as Hawaii County Chair as of today.“

-Royal Hawaiian norovirus and the state and media tell us two weeks after.. and there is no outrage?

-NH GOP files FEC complaint against D Sen Shaheen. HRP does ….

-Obama foreign policy “Don’t do stupid shit.” Obama negotiates five HVT terrorists for one deserter as Mexico says ‘no.’

-Threat: China + HI congressmen

-TX gun shop “Guns are cheap compared to ObamaCare and have better coverage.”

-GOP establishment spending big to defeat Amash. Conservative groups coming to the rescue.

-Ocare fun, 3 min.

Wright’s daughter convicted.

NRA got your $25?

-Superb soldier, Shinseki failed at VA, finally takes responsibility. As Ds called for ouster, Djou waffled.

-Most recent campaign contribution: TW Shannon, OK Senate primary.

-“Local” CPAC. Attend ACU’s San Diego regional CPAC Aug 9, 2014.

-Why GOP cmtes (paying for HRP staff, potentially funding Aiona, Djou) hurt Republicans: “DSCC set aside more than $9 million in air time in: Colorado $4.7m, Arkansas $3.6m and New Hampshire $1m.“ Ds wish they could have that NH $1m in a race to keep the US Senate majority.

-AZ NCM Ash, radio spot “as a result of losing key 2nd Amendment cases in the courts, the feds have unleashed operation ‘choke point’ to deny access to FDIC banking and credit for the firearms industry. Isn’t it ironic that Attorney General Eric Holder announced he was issuing rules to allow pot growers and vendors full access to banks despite federal laws on marijuana.“

-Recall that 24, plus me, most conservative RNC members founded RNC Conservative Caucus in 2008? Co-founder/co-leader recently won the SCOTUS McCutcheon campaign finance case. Two RNCC founders ran a SuperPAC to assist Ricketts win NE Gov primary by 1point …he’ll win in November. Rickett’s is also a RNCC founder.

Whining about HRP unity. POLITICO: “The once-peaceful Georgia GOP Senate primary has devolved into an all-out brawl in its final days, ripe with charges of sexism, arrogance, lying, distortion and even “promoting teenage homosexuality.” In PA “the nasty turn the four-way Democratic primary has taken in recent weeks… The Democrat fight for governor is getting ugly.”

-Mililani’s Heagney passed this week. He strongly supported Republicans and the conservative movement. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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