Changes, Part 1

Aloha Friends. This is part 1 of 2.

Happy Independence Day and the opportunity to celebrate the WHY and HOW we got it. I am awed by the greatness of our one Nation under God, blessed to be an American and proud that we served.

-July 10 HIRA Roadshow, Miliani

-July 31 HIRA Roadshow, Kailua

-August 2 HD17/18 monthly meeting

-August 8-10 RedState Gathering, Dallas

-August 21 HIRA Roadshow, Maui

-September 26-28 Value Voters Summit, DC


There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you. The Hawaii Republican Party can be better.


Lots of good HRP news, more commentary, readers’ input, candidates’ actions and HRP’s message.


NRL, Louisville. First time to the National Right to Life Convention. Speakers, seminars, training, over 60 workshops, and banquet Had worked with President Tobias at RNC National Platform cmte. Heard again Ohden’s absolutely compelling story. Our friend Balch (guy that HRP brings for convention parliamentarian when they’re worried about me ‘taking over the party’) is an officer and my cohort Bopp is NRL counsel. Only one (me) from Hawaii attending. About 400 state leaders & activists and 40 teens for “Camp Life.” You’ll see Tobias’ name again.

ACU BoD. Schlapp elected Chairman Cardenas stepped aside (business reasons), remains on the Executive cmte. ACU is the only national organization with a volunteer Chairman. ACU is renowned for its ratings of congress, and for hosting the annual CPAC in Washington DC. Be a conservative, join Here. ACU is expanding the legislative ratings to include all states; 35 so far, Hawaii’s soon to come. Disappointingly, the San Diego regional CPAC is postponed a year. Start saving for February CPAC in DC.

-Leadership, and guts. SA writes “Parents will now have to opt their children in to participate in the controversial middle-school sex education pilot program, Pono Choices.“ McDermott and caring parents force Pono Choice from opt out to opt in.

District meeting. There is only one district which has monthly meetings attended by incumbents, candidates, ‘leadership,’ and ‘normal’ people. Members since moved out-of-state drop in on vacation, people bring their young children. Naturally, HQ wants to disband the Hawaii Kai meeting. HRP told HD17/18 to stop inviting other party members, hoping to force other districts to meet on their own – HRP’s version of the Ds trying to take away your auto by forcing you to buy a train. Slom & Ward gave updates. Energetic new candidates (not prepared or polished) and experienced candidates presented their case: HD20 Allen, HD18 Halvorson, LG Sutton, HD19 Mathieu, and Larson for HD22 Grace. OHA candidate Akina, NOT HRP member, spoke. Saiki, not on the agenda, was asked for a convention report, rambled about everything but convention. She arrogantly pushed – yes, physically, it was a hoot – the district chair when asked to wrap up her comments. Readers “We’d be there still if you hadn’t stated “it is Marian’s meeting,” and then walked out!” “I think it was like splashing her with cold water to make her realize she was not “in charge” and we hadn’t elected her.“ With 40-year old “achievements” including introducing abortion legislation to Hawaii and being a congress member, Saiki needs to earn respect. She gave a grand-motherly scolding to candidates “you shouldn’t be here, you should be out knocking on doors,” she owned-up that her major focus – 25,500 new voters registered – results were “dismal, very poor,” but blamed everyone but herself. Hellreich, asked to give a RNC meeting report (Saiki & Liu skipped the RNC meeting. I was there for NRA and ACU work), was cut short when she rambled about everything but the RNC meeting. HD17 chair had not one word for HD17, instead repeating what her personal HD18 candidate had earlier presented. Harping about registering voters – by Saiki, Hellreich, Monahan, candidates, and more – only one person (me) brought voter registration forms. Please, remind your ‘leaders’ that there is no job harder than district chair – with HRP lacking many chairs, they should respect the chairs they have. Come to the Hawaii Kai meeting, it is always lively, until HRP shuts us down.

-HRP FEC Two months in a row in the BLACK! Not great but it is considerably better than under Fukumoto or Chang. May receipts $41,872 = contributions 38k (conv tickets, donations)+RNC 3,750. No transfer from empty State account. Disbursements = $35,715. CoH 61.5k = 35k fenced for mortgage payments+~4k Counties i.e. 22k for operations. Debt is $16.9k. Sustaining members showing: up to five/14 Exec cmte, down to two of 51 district chairs, up to 30/23,000 members. When leaders don’t buy in, don’t expect others to do so. Expenditures include $1499 mortgage, 2754 building maintenance, 6153 convention room, 1000 copier, 2589 IMS accounting, 1000 debt payment (double after my previous comment that they plan another two years to pay off their debt) with a 7200 raiser mailer, 542 Office Depot, 1200 telemarketing and Berube’s 3096 & Parson’s 2832 salary & 2594 payroll tax+440 health insurance+768 workers comp+110 parking. Mortgage = 135k. HRP in the red 10 of last 17 months. Expecting great things from newly-formed Finance cmte. Party of fiscal responsibility in debt for 44 consecutive months,

-HRP gives district chairs one week notice of Kailua parade (eblast to party was even later). Berube “Please contact me if you are able to join us for our annual tradition of marching in the Kailua 4th of July parade next Friday! More details to follow soon.“ This parade is always fun.

Paychecks Hawaii ratings on support for small business and an improved business climate. “5” is bad, “1” good. Two get “1,” Slom and McDermott. Johanson, Ward got a 2. Most Rs earn “3” – Fale, Fukumoto, Cheape, Theilen – same as 11 of their D cohorts. Ds earn “5” Cabanilla, Cachola, Hanohano, Lee, Rhoades, Souki and Wooley, Hee.

Council raises taxes. Reader “…when will HRP take a stand and represent the Jimmy Stewarts/Mr. Smiths out there? R’s represent the opposite of good. Pine voted for every tax increase on the council.“

-Questioning Ds efforts for veterans (rather than asking why HRP was silent). HR story goes national.

-Saiki had candidates to HQ for a kumbaya meeting. Good attendance (that’s good) of candidates who ignored Saiki’s chiding that they should instead be going door-to-door. No media for the “Unity Gathering for the purpose of getting to know each other and plan ahead to coordinate and support each other as we move to take back our state in November.“ Saiki used resources to spruce HQ & spent $10k on VIOP phones (free from RNC last time) without state cmte approval. RNC sends a field director (that’s good), instead of to a state with a winnable US Senate race (not so good). Only Aiona and Djou spoke, again, leaving newby’s wanting (Slom, Ward had a cameo). Aiona was “ranting” (not my word), calling for unity. Demanding respect after sitting out the SSM fight is difficult, it must be earned like McDermott, Montes, and Hochberg. Djou’s pitch was honed. HRP’s new ‘Youth Movement,’ Felix is HRP Finance chair (that’s good). Felix’s relationship with Hannemann concerns some members.

-MidWeek’s Boylan says HRP’s non-platform encourages candidates to change parties because “Republican” doesn’t stand for anything. Eight former Rs pulled to run NOT as R.

-Abercrombie did NOT veto financial disclosure bill (passed House & Senate unanimously) and his friends are bailing. Slom Why shouldn’t the public and the media know if state board or commission members or their immediate family members have a financial interest or an association that may affect the member’s decision making?Six state board members resigned, so far.

By the numbers:

-One. US House Majority leader to lose in a primary. VA-07 Cantor loses to Brat.

-Two. Cleveland and Dallas are finalists for Republican National Convention.

-Three. Weeks after convention: reader “I filled out volunteer cards for [Aiona, Djou] and have not heard from either. Either they don’t need help or the campaigns can use some adult supervision.“

-Five. Lack of integrity by State cmte to address Rs – Theilen, Carroll, McDermott, Pine, Fenton – who endorsed Ds against Rs in the last election.

-Six. Years without a HRP strategic plan, finance plan, campaign (Victory) plan.

-Six. Net R seats for US Senate majority. Support: MT, LA, AR, NC, WV, SD. Hold GA, KY, MS. Then AK, IA, CO, MI. Silver ”Republicans to gain 5.7 seats.”

-Seventeen. Months since the 2012 required HRP financial audit was to be conducted. Six since the ’13 audit was due. Instead of accountability, Saiki’s plans to eliminate the requirement.

-Twenty. Months of the election cycle and fifteen after Hellreich wrote “the need to use massive voter registration drives in all states to increase our chances of winning local and national elections.” No HRP state registration drive as MOST districts are not manned or refuse to report.

-< 200. Attendee at Rally for Religious Freedom I am afraid the message that was sent was “the sleeping giant has gone back to sleep.“ “Attendance was even more dismal, than the number that turned out for the “Walk for Life” earlier this year.” Not good for single-issue candidates.

-500. Delegates at IA congressional district convention. HI state GOP convention = 167.

-1857. Days (as of July 5) to Presidential election.

-Stop Common Core. Politico “Moms and dads from across the political spectrum have mobilized into an unexpected political force in recent months to fight the data mining of their children.” Following IN, OK, SC and MO approved measures to exit Common Core. With Lingle stumping FOR Common Core, Aiona may be glad his eight-year partner is chairing Djou’s campaign instead of his.

-OCare/Health Connector SA: Ige says Health Connector received $200M+ from the feds and enrolled 9,528, calling it a “disaster.” CB says he said “complete disaster.” Attkinson: “Assuming the most positive estimates, the newly insured would number only about 3.9 million.“ SA “Hawaii Health Systems Corp. told lawmakers that they won’t be able to cut costs enough to eliminate an anticipated $48 million shortfall in the 2015 fiscal year beginning July 1.“ Slom is the ONLY legislator to vote against Connector (which included Ward, Theilen, Fontaine, Johanson, Pine).

-Cruz (the father) in Alaska and DC “It is about time for us to stop being politically correct and we become Biblically correct.” I worked with him in Alaska, you’ll see his name again, soon.

-Schlafly “[U.S. Chamber of Commerce] hurled a challenge to Republicans. If they don’t pass amnesty for illegal aliens, they “shouldn’t bother to run a candidate in 2016.” Open Secrets: “Chamber has spent nearly $10million (so far) for establishment Republicans, and $1 million opposing conservatives.“ CoC is pro-BIG business, not necessarily pro-conservative.

-When pundits report that Iraq’s Maliki ruined his military by replacing the US-trained, war-fighting generals with militarily incompetent political appointees ….they can use Obama and the US national security team as an example.

-The media and liberals paint every R, especially conservative Rs, as TEA whether they are or not. Not as much talk about TEA being dead, even by FoxNews. MS McDaniels got the ball rolling then VA Cantor’s loss stunned. However, Brat wasn’t TEA-supported. Brat’s win was what the TEA party actually is, a grassroots uprising.

-HIRA’s for time & place. Get involved with conservative solutions.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.  Part 2 on the way.



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