Changes, Part 2

Aloha Friends. Welcome back. Part 2/2.

-July 10 HIRA Roadshow, Miliani

-July 31 HIRA Roadshow, Kailua

-August 2 HD17/18 monthly meeting

-August 8-10 RedState Gathering, Dallas

-August 21 HIRA Roadshow, Maui

-September 26-28 Value Voters Summit, DC

There are many strong and energy-filled conservatives and Republicans in Hawaii. Thank you.

One aspect of Bergdahl: “We never leave a soldier behind:” First, it’s not true (Hawaii is home to JTF POW/MIA which searches for long-missing soldiers). Then, it’s laughable when coming from liberals. Clinton, Obama and their administrations have absolute disdain for the military. I remember the Clinton’s – both – treatment of the military. Obama’s gutted the military. Warfighters are fired, sellouts are brought in to sit with Obama at the Correspondents’ Dinner (Dempsey is a USMA Battalion-mate, a couple years ahead). Hagel and the Joint Chiefs are sissies (with a ‘p’) who aren’t up to the task of even a peacetime military. There is a lot wrong with the Bergdahl, Guantanamo, terrorist negotiations, cover ups and missteps. Add lying when they profess their need to “never leave a soldier behind.”

-I don’t necessarily agree with ALL our readers: “I spoke to Ready and told him it was fine to register more voters, but please register those likely to vote Republican.“ About convention: “The demographics were like those of an AARP convention. If we embrace Saiki’s decision to keep the socially intrusive [issues] off the table, we might see some people of child bearing age at the next convention.“ Candidate “You’re right! Boyd is a bullshi**er!” Several readers asked the district chair about Saiki’s attempt to take over her district meeting “I have no comment on that little battle over possession of the microphone!“ Conklin’s anti-racist picks “At convention, it was disrespectful for Saiki to say that because she gives Ready orders, she could and should have been in the Army. That’s what she thinks the military is about?“

-Saiki’s job is party unity. There was no coordination in the candidate recruitment effort, there is none in the voter reg effort. Saiki’s update hammers Ready for slacking because “Under the leadership of [Ready]” only one of four county chairs is even TRYING to register voters, and she writes that the one is not successful. Ready’s response “Catholic churches, at the direction of the Bishop, are doing voter registration. I have been informed that the Knights of Columbus are not doing, nor have they been doing, any direct work on that process.“ Mormon’s are working, on behalf of their candidates; voter reg/GOTV handout. STEP 1: PRAY and ask for His help to arise in this hour. STEP 2: Register to vote.

-Republican Party of VA filed an ethics complaint against D Sen Warner. “Michigan Democratic Party is out with a web video parodying [R Sen] Land’s campaign.” NH Republican party attacked D Gov Hassan for her lavish lifestyle on “the taxpayer’s dime.” and HRP does…..?

-HRP website NEW, unimproved. District chair Kulbis last month on lies about why resos are not on HRP website “This goes with [Moses’] excuses why resos never made it to the website since 2010.  Which continues to be an issue now that the website is updated to show the Convention registration, but the District Chair listing has yet to be updated or corrected.” This month, reader “HRP ROLLS OUT NEW WEBSITE Ugh….Changed look of LLIFE.  No longer lists District Chairs.  Resolutions still not posted.  Link to (only) in their news feed.  Rules link not working.  Kinda low budget and plain.“ District chair “What happened to the web site? What happened to the calendar? More important: What happened to the Party? “

-Saiki report: Only one county chair doing anything and he isn’t able to register NEW voters. After one month, her goal of 25,500 new voter reg is unreachable. Lots and lots of “quality” candidates. Tell us how YOUR local candidate is doing. She lists candidate recruitment team: includes Walden (haven’t learned their lesson) and Marumoto. If Marumoto is recruiting candidates, who is doing her job as Djou manager?

-Rec’d email signed “Elevila B. Giles, Campaign Manager, Susan Halvorsen for [HD18]” and wondered who is doing Giles HD17 chair job? If she is fully committed to the district and ALL our candidates running in her district – Ward, Djou, Cavasso, Aiona, Ahu, Sutton – and fully focused on managing a campaign, that’s one “fully” too many. Same as when Hellreich was paid $80k as Lingle, then Aiona finance director, while nominally acting as your NCW.

Quick hits:

-Last month, Saiki lost a county chair (to Aiona campaign) & HRP secretary (canned by Hellreich).

-HRP has good North Shore grassroots event. Saiki, Hellreich, Lui again don’t show for Aiona.

-Theilen’s ad says she is pro-small business. Similar to Lingle claiming to be pro-life.

-Got it wrong. I said six former Rs pulled as Ds. It was seven. Plus, Berg as L makes eight to switch.

-Borecca SA “It was Thielen’s vote for gay marriage in the judiciary committee that guaranteed the bill would make it to the floor for a vote.”

-We told him to announce earlier. Djou “Unlike many of our opponents who have been running for months or even years, our campaign was launched less than three months ago.  We need to catch up .”

Djou used a photo with Obama in his email, followed by an email w/ McCain’s endorsement.

-Reuters speculates that Obama (she) could run against Kirk Sen-Il in 2016.

-Midweek Boylan “TEA Party conservatism already has won the struggle for the soul of the Republican Party, here and across the nation.“

World Cup.

-HR Zimmermann’s Veterans article

WaPo “[Groups] funding massive television blitzes have (already) spent more than $100 million to air general-election ads in battleground states critical to winning control of the Senate.”

-“China used more cement in the last three years than the U.S. used in the entire 20th century.”

VoteVets = Liberal SuperPAC. Concerned Veterans for America = Conservative.

-“21 groups of the Democracy Alliance intend to spend $374 million during the midterm election cycle … to boost liberal candidates and causes in 2014 and beyond.”

-Follow the squirrel

NRA got your $25?

-Most recent campaign contribution: Capelouto HI-2, Salmon AZ-5.

July 7 = 120 days to General Election

-SA writes ‘former R’ Arakawa endorses Hannemann, not Aiona. Another R, no longer.

-R leaders help Hannemann (after failing to recruit him). They’ll simply slow-walk Aiona support.

-’14 Candidates: Senate: Schatz v Hanabusa, Rs Cavasso (Sabato HI Safe D). CD1 Ds: Kim v Takai. R: Djou (Sabato Safe D). CD2: D Gabbard vs Rs Capelouto, Crowley (Sabato Safe D).

Candidates Gov: Abercrombie v Ige (CB says by 11), Indy Hannemann, Lib Davis, R Aiona (Sabato moved this to Leans D when Hannemann entered). Aiona, lost by 17 to Aber last time, is tied with either D in CB poll. Aiona working harder, drew 150 to Wahiawa raiser (not one of 14 HRP Exec cmte attended, Saiki & Hellreich came to district meeting to spar with me). Reinforces reports that Aiona is counting on non-partisan Let’s Do This Hawaii anti-SSM group and RGA, not on HRP. Totally uncoordinated HRP recruitment process. Many single-issue candidates trying to get to speed on everything else. Some Libertarians to watch. Tsutsui (CB by 12) vs Hee. HRP stuffed the candidate list at the last minute, diffusing their effort with people who are not prepared to campaign (or govern). With only four months, HRP: “For those of you who still need help creating or designing a walk piece, the Party can provide help! Also, if you are interested in learning more about effective door-to-door practices, .. We are planning a training soon.“ Campaign spending reports due this month.

-HRP emailed a poll showing Aiona ahead of Ige, but more ahead of Abercrombie, suggesting Rs should pull a D primary ballot to vote for Abercrombie.

-HRP anoints Ahu and excludes Sutton from events. Meanwhile, HRP’s recruiter Walden, warns “fake Ahu responds by ‘accusing’ Sutton of “My opponent is a life-long Republican, and I need to win the Republican nomination as your Lieutenant Governor.“

-Blair CB “There are a handful of Libertarian candidates seeking Senate seats – offering an alternative to our entrenched two-party system that is pretty much a one-party system.”

Watch: Sen Schatz v Hanabusa. CD1 Kim v Takai, then v Djou. LG Tsutsui v Hee. SD4 Solomon v Inouye. SD23 Fale v Meyer, then v Riviere. HD4 Hanohano v anyone. HD6 Lowen v Akaka. HD9 Woodson v Apana. HD27 Fowler v Ohno. HD36 Fukumoto v Lee. HD38 Aquino v Sonson. Most fun race HD41 Cabanilla v Jeremiah v Berg. HD43 Awana v Tupola. HD45 Cheape vs Magaoay. HD48 wide open. HD50 Theilen v Hood. Couch v 3 for Maui Council.

-If you didn’t read about our candidates here, or from HIRA’s updates, you wouldn’t hear of them at all. Ask HRP to begin telling us who are our candidates, why they are running and what are their platforms (in the absence of a party platform).

-Candidates continue to comment on HRP stonewalling of conservatives’ campaigns instead of forging Republican unity. Candidate “I got an email about the GOP forum at Waimea giving my opponent the only billing. I saw the Home Page website intentionally leaving my name off the agenda giving my opponent the only billing.“

Websites. Fukumoto, Cheape, McDermott, Thielen (no surprise), Ward: NO hint of being Republicans. Johanson’s photo scroll shows yard signs with a tiny circled “r” (like a trademark symbol), Cheape’s don’t have even that. Bios avoid the R-word (scroll three pages for Ward’s reference). Incumbents feel shame towards the R-word. Many challengers don’t yet have a website, almost none mention the R-word. HD27 Fowler is proud to represent real solutions for Hawaii. Take a look first at who is willing to tell that they are an R, Ds can contribute to the others.

-You can be a lot of things but you can’t be a fiscal conservative unless you “oppose the Akaka bill, oppose ongoing efforts by the Obama administration to engage in rule-making or an executive order to give federal recognition to a phony Hawaiian tribe, oppose the Kana’iolowalu process to create a state-recognized tribe, and oppose race-based government entitlement programs (there are more than 850 of them for “Native Hawaiians,” and oppose the Hawaii secessionist movement. Conservatives don’t support growing government, increasing taxes and shrinking the tax base, or race-based initiatives. Know before you support, contribute, vote.

One issue with HRP recruiting not-ready candidates, to the detriment of the party effort, illustrated by this reader using 2012 senate data: “GOP’s top three candidates Slom, Hemmings, and Meyer averaged $41,000 in campaign expenses and got a hair under 50% of the vote. The next three in funding, Larson, Smith, and Capelouto, averaged $18,000 in campaign expenses and 29% of the vote. The other nine averaged just $3,000 in expenses and 23% of the vote.“ “With so little money to go around and so clear what the results are with inadequately funded campaigns one has to ask why the GOP has made it such a priority to place their candidates in races where there is already a Libertarian facing a Democrat while leaving 11 races to the Democrats.“ Readers response “HRP lacks strategy, coordination, competence.”

Life, as a political issue. American Principles in Action. 2012. All five blue states with marriage on the ballot, voters were more likely to vote no on gay marriage than yes for Romney. Millennials (18-34) 57% for banning abortion in all or most cases, independents 59%. Gallop May 2013: banning abortion after the first trimester 64%; banning during third trimester 80%; 24-hour waiting period 69%; Parental consent 71%; Partial birth bans 64%.

-Life, as life. Miss Pennsylvania Gatto described herself as a “product of rape,” after her mother was attacked at knifepoint. “I believe God put me here for a reason.” The liberals attacked her.


ARE YOU SATISFIED? HRP needs leadership focused on HRP.



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